Remote Work: What Tech Professionals Want

More and more, tech professionals are looking at working remotely as a key and highly desirable benefit. Yet, while the demand for remote-friendly work is high, there is a gap in what employers are currently offering, meaning employers who do provide remote and flex options, even part of the time, have a better opportunity to stand out from competitors vying for the same tech talent.

Dice’s Salary Survey racked up over 10,000 respondents, with an overwhelming majority (73 percent) stating that that flexible and remote work options are important. In contrast, only 49 percent currently have these options.

In terms of how often professionals want to work remote, the overwhelming majority of respondents are offered options below their preference. Check out this handy graph that breaks it down:

Even at the lower end (one remote day per week), there is a 7 percent gap between what employees have and what they prefer. The largest deficits can be seen in tech professionals who prefer to work remotely at least half of the time. Of the 20 percent of tech professionals who would prefer to work remotely more than half of the time, only 6 percent actually have this option.

At the same time, Dice’s Snap Poll suggests that the demand to work remotely has grown so high that some tech professionals would be willing to take a pay cut in return for this option. Specifically, 33 percent of respondents said they would take a pay cut of up to 10 percent to work remotely more often.

As companies hit the upper limits of what they’re willing to pay tech pros—especially specialized ones—perks and benefits become increasingly important ways to attract top talent. Offering a remote work option, when done correctly, can prove a powerful differentiator to the candidates you want. Additionally, opening your recruiting to remote employees also gives your team the opportunity to recruit highly-skilled professionals who would otherwise be outside of a commutable distance to your office.

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