How to Recruit Like a Rockstar


The stage was shredded and rockstars were unleashed this year at #TalentNet Live in Austin. We caught up with a few at the #DiceUnlimited VIP Rockstar Party to find out their best rockstar move for recruiting tech talent.

Jorge Tapia: “Sell the great benefits that the organization provides.”

Curtis Rodgers: “To be in a downtown, desirable location.”

Larry Hernandez (@RecruiterLarry): “It’s real simple. Set the stage, paint the picture. That way the candidate or potential candidate knows exactly what’s going on.

Jim Durbin (@smheadhunter): “Make someone your Facebook friend. Then, join them on Words with Friends and play a game of Words with Friends. If you think about it, they will see you 20 to 30 times over the space of three weeks. It’s the same as going to dinner with them.”

Brooke Howell (@BrookeHowell): “Using great content and engaging on social media so that we can show off our brand and also attract people that want to be a part of our brand and that the brand appeals to them.”

Brenda Kirkland: “Connect with the individuals. Really get to know them, who they are, what they are about. Ask them personal questions.”

Craig Fisher (@FishDogs): “Go where the geek is.”

Crystal Miller (@TheOneCrystal): “Be different.”

Phil Rodriguez (@philrod): “Make sure that you engage talent early on in the process.”

Chirag Gupta (@ChicagoGupta): “Go straight to the source.”

Dwane Lay (@DwaneLay): “I like to take people to lunch. And I bring my team with me. Because if you can’t make it through lunch with my team, you are certainly not going to survive every day with my team.”

James Mayes (@James_Mayes): “I think you need to stop ignoring the younger kids in this world, the people that spent their teenage years gaming.”

Marylene Delbourg-Delphis (@mddelphis): “People are great because of their flaws. My whole purpose in life was to extract brilliance out of these flaws.”

Crystal Miller: “That’s a rockstar move. That’s Dice.”

If Dice had the chance to share a #1 rockstar recruiting tip, it would be: “Use Open Web”.

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One Response to “How to Recruit Like a Rockstar”

  1. Amber Shinault

    My favorite was Marylene’s statement. A lot of time, we are told to look for people that are near perfect and that doesn’t mean they will be perfect for the job.