New Dice candidate profile: Richer and better looking

Over the past few months, the Dice Product Development team has really zoned in on building features that are simple and intuitive for you. Tidying up the user interface, removing unnecessary words, and making sure the website does what you want it to do.

With that in mind, we understand your main goal on Dice is to find the best tech talent quickly – and our latest site enhancement improves on upon that objective. We are now going to start including social data from Open Web in Dice candidate profiles, making it easier than ever to assess talent at a glance. You will now be able to quickly evaluate a candidate’s professional skills, as well as their passions and interest – all from one neatly organized profile.

Example: Let’s say I’m searching for a Software Engineer experienced with Ruby Cucumber. Below is what a Dice candidate profile looks like today (resume not shown).

Current Dice Candidate Profile

Current Profile

While all the required information is there to make a decision, we wanted to make better use of space and efficiency by displaying a candidate’s professional AND social information. What we came up with is the new candidate profile below (resume not shown).

New Dice Candidate Profile – Coming Soon

New Profile

Same information, just easier to read! Also, did you notice the green dot on the right side of the new profile page? It’s a visual cue to let you know that this candidate has recently been active on Dice (updated their resume or made a profile change) within the last 30 days and is probably looking to move. Additionally, all the actions you are used to taking on Dice are still provided in the header, with the most used features called out with their own buttons.

Connect Feature for Contacting Candidates

I almost forgot, one other very cool new feature. You see the ‘Connect’ button? (Sample below.) When you click it, a drop down appears which will let you contact the candidate from any method we have available (not everyone has the same contact methods). All replies will go directly to your email inbox or social tool in which you contacted them.


New Profile Format Being Phased In
Eager to start using this new profile format? We are going to start rolling out the new candidate profile in phases with the first Dice customers seeing it on October 21.

Don’t like the new profile format? Don’t worry. You have the option to switch back to the old profile format at the top of the page. If you decide you want to switch back to the new format at a later date, you have that option as well!

NOTE: We will be permanently switching over to the new profile format at some point in the future. We’ll let you know when of course, so if you see anything that we’re missing or you need, please let us know.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Feel free to share in the Comments field below!

– Tam

13 Responses to “New Dice candidate profile: Richer and better looking”

  1. Looks good, I like the new format. I have always preferred Dice over other job boards because of it’s clean, concise look and intuitiveness that seems built in. Great to know that even though it’s a great product that you are still working to make improvements.

  2. John Vondersaar

    Looks good…

    However, I “must” have all of the following info on the first page:
    *** Travel %
    *** Email addresses
    *** Phone numbers
    *** Route resume capability
    *** Target position
    *** Looking for Contract or Perm positions
    *** Salary info

    *** Recent and Previous Employers (helpful)

    All employers with whom I work require this info…. And, more importantly, this is information that saves me time through the first evaluation and decision to contact them, or not.

    Thanks… John.