Dice President: How Tech Recruiting is Changing

From Yahoo to Dictionary.com and now to Dice, Shravan Goli has seen the tech space shift over the years. Along with that, he’s also seen the way hiring professionals connect with tech talent shift.

In this HRExaminer radio interview with host John Sumser, Shravan (@shravangoli) shares his take on tech recruiting now and in the near future. Dice’s social engagement efforts and technical innovations have Sumser (@johnsumser) taking notice.

Listen to Shravan’s tech hiring insights below:


One Response to “Dice President: How Tech Recruiting is Changing”

  1. Shanon Wynonna

    Things have been changing drastically when it comes to recruiting. If someone told me ten years ago that we were going to end up holding online job fairs on Facebook, I would have probably burst into laughter, because it simply just didn’t seem possible, the paper resumes were forming a too high pile for me to see on the other side. Shravan Goli’s opinions on the future tech recruiting are very pertinent, I have been thinking about some of the prognostics myself and we’ve only just begun to discover the social platforms’ potentials.