Got a Hilarious Recruiting Story?

Most of the time, recruiting candidates for a job follows a predictable pattern: You engage across all platforms, talk up the benefits of potential employers, and arrange meetings. But every so often, the recruiting experience gets a little… weird. Maybe it was the candidate who refused to show up to interviews in anything other than a toga. Or maybe it was that employer who accidentally spilled coffee on not one, not two, but three prospective employees in a row.

Whatever the odd/hilarious/heartwarming situation, we want to hear about it (hey, we can’t be serious all the time). Just shoot us an email, and we’ll post the best ones (with all names and companies redacted, of course) at a future date.

One Response to “Got a Hilarious Recruiting Story?”

  1. Remember one of my team mate talking to a lady consultant , “How much you charge per hour” instead to of asking what will be your billing rate for this project, after the call this lady calls up our company directory and somehow connected with our CEO and we got a call from him…… lol