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If you’re one of the millions of iPhone and iPad users in the U.S., it’s likely that you access your bank account, hail rideshares and use social networks across Apple electronics’ apps. But as a recruiter, have you thought about the mobile iOS developers that engineer them?

If you’re not currently searching for a mobile iOS developer, you probably will soon. The job outlook for mobile app developers is robust, expecting to grow by 31 percent through 2026 – more than any other occupation. Salaries are contingent upon experience and city, but a recent Dice study found a range of approximately $98,000 to $122,000 per year. For more specific salary estimates for the job title, location, and experience-level, you can also visit Dice’s Salary Calculator for Tech Hiring.

When it comes to mobile devices, Apple is the platform of choice for businesses. Its developers are hired across industries, by an array of employers. But despite the many different kinds of employers, the fundamental technical skills for a mobile iOS developer are the same. The core languages used, and that every candidate should be conversant in, are Swift and Objective-C. And, your candidates have to understand the Xcode environment, which is the suite of software development tools created by Apple to construct software for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Standing Out Beyond the Fundamentals

When hiring, it’s important to note that good mobile iOS developers are soft and hard skill multi-hyphenates. They’re effective, proactive communicators. They understand the practices around the platform, as well as its strengths and weaknesses, and are fluent in specific technologies used for employer verticals. Many companies also want candidates with Agile experience, who can pivot from one project to another.

Introducing the Role to Candidates

First, speak directly to your candidate’s interests and position this job as the solution they’ve been looking for.

You could begin with: “Every great tech love story starts the same way. Developer falls in love with mobile platform and the mobile platform plays hard to get. But if you’re seeking new professional challenges, greater involvement as a developer, and an excellent cultural fit, we are the relationship commitment you’ve been seeking.”

Present the challenge. For example: “Expect to be regularly challenged to build and maintain highly scalable iOS applications for large numbers of end-users.”

Provide specifics about the company, e.g. what the critical mission is, what the environment is like, and what the employer cares about most. For example: “As a mobile iOS developer, you’ll be a critical member of a small engineering team working on our new native iPhone and iPad apps (they’ll be in the app store soon). This isn’t an average position where you might be restricted to one small piece of the company’s technology, but one where you’ll have influence over our whole mobile program, from design to production.”

Responsibilities (this list can be modified per the needs of the role)

Be methodical when listing the immediate duties and responsibilities of the role, as well as its broader, long term ones. Begin this section with what is most important and continue the list in descending order.

  • Contribute to our native apps written in Swift or Objective-C (depending upon project needs)
  • Utilize Agile methodologies
  • Design, develop, code, test, and release to QA iOS apps in alignment with our business goals
  • Effective written and verbal communications skills
  • Work well individually, as well as in a highly collaborative team
  • Proactive in facilitating collaboration and innovative thinking
  • Ability to switch among multiple projects
  • Improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation and performing code reviews
  • Understand UX and UI design, so end-user requirements can be effectively translated into technical solutions
  • Problem solve and deliver results on deadline
  • Demonstrate an interest in learning new technologies

To give you an idea of the breadth of the role and responsibilities, here are a few other titles that are equivalent or adjacent to a mobile iOS developer:

  • Mobile iOS Engineer
  • Mobile Software Engineer
  • iOS Developer
  • Lead iOS Engineer
  • Swift Mobile iOS Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer

Attracting the right Mobile iOS Developer

What you bring to the table:

  • 2-7 years of building iOS apps that have successfully launched
  • Bachelors or higher in Computer Science or related degree and experience
  • Deep understanding of Objective-C or Swift (depending upon project need) using Xcode
  • Solid experience in native IOS development frameworks (API, testing, deployment, etc.)
  • Experience with iOS frameworks such as Core Data or Core Animation
  • Experience with offline storage, threading and performance tuning
  • Comprehensive understanding of Agile development process
  • Direct work in applications that serve large numbers of users along with handling secure information
  • A track record of projects completed on deadline
  • Evidence of self-motivation and creativity – we’d like to see your GitHub / BitBucket portfolio
  • Strong OOP and software design knowledge – you should know how to create software that’s extensible, reusable and meets desired architectural objectives

Finish by peaking your candidate’s interest in the company. List in-office perks, e.g. lunches, etc., educational opportunities, health and wellness benefits, time-off schedule and general compensation package.

For example: “We’re a big company with small company feel. Our robust team of innovators is always looking for bigger hills to climb, while developing our game-changing design features and functionalities. Our team is exceptional, and while we are growing fast, we work to maintain a friendly, collaborative environment where people really want to work.”

While the challenge to find and hire top level mobile iOS developer will remain, your odds of successfully filling the role will increase if you know who to look for and how to attract them. By posting the position on Dice and using this template to start the process, you’ll go a long way toward reaching your hiring goals.

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