Sample Job Description: Cloud Engineer

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Seeking: The Best Cloud Engineer in the Market

A cloud is forming over the home security industry – in a good way. Data gets transmitted in real-time from homes and condominiums to our command centers on a regular basis. We turn this data into safety. We’re looking to expand our cloud infrastructure and spread safety as efficiently as possible.

We’re a mid-sized e-retailer in Atlanta specializing in innovative home security products. Since being featured on HGTV’s Rehab Addict earlier this year, we’ve been flooded with thousands of new orders — and to keep up, we have to migrate our systems to the cloud. (And do it, like, yesterday.)

What a great problem to have, right? That’s where you come in.

You’re a tech pro with a business side.

You’re qualified and experienced in all things cloud. More than that, you want to stay at the forefront of distributed computing. (We’re pretty sure you start every question with “What if we…?”) You understand the LaaS technologies, platforms, and applications that we need to move — and can customize the pieces for our business.

You love the business impact of technologies. After starting your questions with “What if we…,” you end your spiel with “What we can expect is…” and you help your peers connect the dots.

So, ready to spearhead a migration? Because that’s the opportunity we’re offering.

You’ll be leading the way.

We’re betting you’re driven to build great things and get awesome results. We’ll also be looking for these things:

  • 5+ years of developing software with object-oriented languages like Java, C++, or Ruby (most of our software is in Ruby), ideally in SOA applications.
  • Extensive knowledge about APIs. You can design RESTful services and integrate with other data providers, and you know when to use JSON or XML.
  • Experience with cloud services (ideally AWS). You know the “gotchas,”
    potential problems, and how to setup a geographically redundant service in the cloud.
  • A solid understanding of networking and core Internet protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, and distributed networks).
  • Lots of experience with Linux/UNIX systems and the best practices for deploying applications to those stacks.
  • Experience with different databases, including working knowledge of SQL, relational data stores (we use Postgres) — and maybe even NoSQL databases (we hope!).
  • A commitment to best practices. We’ll want your opinions on operational processes, DevOps, deployment checklists, and more.

You’ll work with the best.

We won’t leave you hanging. You’ll have the support you need to make this migration — and all that comes after it — a success. Your coworkers are savvy, innovative, and (at least in our opinion) pretty funny. And, while we may seem laid-back when you meet us, just wait til you see us at work!

Here’s how you fit in:

  • You like being part of a team and enjoy working with other smart engineers.
  • You’re a great communicator and are capable of not just doing the work, but teaching others and explaining the “why” behind complicated technical decisions.
  • You’re open to good ideas, wherever they come from.
  • You aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves: This role will evolve over time, and we’ll want you to evolve with it!

You won’t want to miss out.

One more thing to think about: Your cloud solutions will help us transform our entire business operation. (You can live with that, right?)

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