Cut Your Developer Screening Time by 94 Percent


Recruiters and hiring managers know that finding the right talent is a challenge, and that making a bad hiring decision can cost you. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a wrong hire is a third of the employee’s first-year salary. For example, a $75,000 developer amounts to a $25,000 loss. That’s a significant number for any company, compounded by the fact that a mismatched employee can burn valuable time and resources until replaced by someone more suitable.

In October 2016, it took 28.4 working days to fill a position, according to the DHI-DFH Measure of National Mean Vacancy Duration; that lengthy amount of time suggests that, in a tight labor market, employers are competing hard to find and hire the right candidates.

Thanks to a new partnership with HackerEarth, Dice has two new solutions to help recruiters and hiring managers increase candidate quality and hire faster. As the world’s largest platform for skills assessments and hackathons, HackerEarth serves thousands of companies including Adobe, Intel Security, Target, Symantec, and VMware, helping them save hundreds of hours of manually assessing talent.

Skills Assessments

Employers can purchase tests for 32+ different programming languages to screen and qualify candidates during the application or interview process. Tests can be generated in as little as three minutes, and automated scoring makes developer evaluation easy; in fact, it can reduce screening time by 94 percent.

For recruiters and HR professionals without in-depth technical knowledge, HackerEarth’s pre-built library of 19,000 technical and non-technical questions simplifies the process of building tests. Or you can choose to add your own questions.

Once developers begin taking the tests, the system generates real-time reports that allow employers to see how candidates performed on various multiple choice, programming and subjective questions, and shortlist those who score the highest.

The HackerEarth platform offers a range of tools to ensure candidate answers are based on their own abilities. These proctoring measures include a plagiarism detector (for identifying similarities in code submissions, for example), disabled tab switching, candidate snapshots, and more.



Hackathons aren’t all about an endless supply of pizza, table tennis, and energy drinks. These caffeine-heavy sessions encourage and spark innovation internally. A hackathon can leave you with lasting ideas – and even viable products. They can promote your brand, and provide an effective channel for engaging, qualifying, and even hiring top tech talent.

Despite those benefits, hackathons often require a lot of time and human capital to pull off. That’s where HackerEarth’s hackathon management platform comes in. The platform allows employers to host their own in-person or virtual hackathons with minimal effort.

Alternatively, HackerEarth can do all the work, from identifying the scoring parameters, to judging, to even ordering the pizzas(!). HackerEarth and Dice will also take care of the marketing, promoting the hackathon to their tech communities.

With hackathons, what started long ago as friendly meetups have evolved into a recruiter’s secret weapon for hiring and evaluating talent fast. On average, 500 developers compete in HackerEarth’s virtual hackathons, and employers receive 30 candidate applications per event. You also get complete idea submissions, registration information, and more.

You can learn more about HackerEarth’s skills assessments and hackathons here.