Check Out the Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension Update

You may have heard of Chrome Extensions, which layer additional information onto Webpages visited via the Google Chrome browser. Lots of developers use these browser extensions to enhance Website experiences for their users, and Dice is no different with its Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension. When a recruiter searches for tech talent across hundreds of sites on the Web, the Chrome Extension will automatically serve up a candidate’s Open Web profile whenever a match is found.

The Chrome Extension is particularly valuable to recruiters because it allows them to quickly and easily access relevant professional and social data about the candidate, including contact information, without needing to switch tabs or pause their Web-surfing.

Now there’s an update to the Dice Recruiter Chrome Extension in the Chrome Store. Existing users will see their extension version update automatically.

New features and upgrades include:

  • The ability to search the Open Web database right from the extension—no need to leave your browser window in order to dig deep into profiles.
  • Resumé download, for those cases in which an Open Web profile has a resumé associated with it. No longer do recruiters need to log into Dice and find a profile in order to download a tech pro’s resumé.
  • In cases where an Open Web profile also has a Dice profile, there’s now a link to the latter in the ‘Social’ section.

For those unaware of Likely to Switch, it helps users generate better results (which leads to better ROI) by narrowing down Open Web search results to those candidates who are actually ready to switch jobs. Interacting with “primed” candidates helps streamline recruiting efforts and maximize response rates.

Dice’s engineering team also performed the usual tweaks and adjustments associated with any significant update.

Check it out!