Hiring Humor: The Meddling Grandmother

In HR and recruiting, you have the BEST stories.

You’ve lived through them to tell the tales (anonymously, of course!) We simply put them on paper for others to empathize – and enjoy a little hiring humor.

Share this with your colleagues who may have taken a call from Joe’s grandma.

3 Responses to “Hiring Humor: The Meddling Grandmother”

  1. That kind of thing happens to me alot! Since we are locally focused we get lots and lots of brothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, moms, dads, etc. asking us to find their relative a job. It gets tough when the person asking is one of our clients or prospects, lots of pressure there. People are always interesting.

  2. Back when I was in the semiconductor industry, we once invited a PHD scientist to our corporate office for an on-site interview/meeting. He shows up with his son in tow. He wasn’t interested but want us to interview his son instead who recently graduated from college.