7+ Benefits of Social Recruiting

Meet Terry Starr (@HRSocialStarr). She’s the Director of Social Media Strategy for Dice Holdings, Inc. and she really knows her social stuff.

If you – or perhaps your colleagues – still need some convincing that social recruiting is a need-to-have, rather than a nice-to-have, here’s some ammo.


Terry’s  7+ Benefits of Social Recruiting

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1: Brand Awareness/Reach
Social provides the opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand – and help separate you from the competition. “Ad recall” from homepage ad exposure jumps from 10% to 16% for those also engaged in social. (Source: Nielsen)

2: Content Knowledge/Sharing
Huge opportunity to build trust, credibility and gain loyal following from brand ambassadors. You are 12x more likely to believe something when a consumer says something, rather than the brand. (Source: Pew)

3: Fish Where the Fish Are
As part of your overall recruiting strategy, you can use social media to reach 80% of folks in the US using social media and blog site. (Source: Nielsen)

4: Engage Passives/Build Pipeline of Quality Talent
Social media is about connecting and having engaging conversations through sharing great content. This is a great opportunity to allow your audience to better understand your culture, key differentiators and true work experience, thereby attracting the ‘right’ talent.

5: Improve Referrals
Broaden your circles and connections. It’s just that simple. The more you build up influence, the more likely people are to follow you. A tweet will last 67x longer for those who have greater influence. (Mashable)

6: Increase Job Visibility
Using social media will allow you to increase the numbers of people seeing your jobs.

7: Integrate Social Recruiting Into Your Overall Recruiting Strategy
Social Media should be integrated into other parts of the recruitment strategy, such as a career website, employee referral program and your job board media planning.

Get your brand in the conversation.

2 Responses to “7+ Benefits of Social Recruiting”

  1. RealityCheckPlease

    Social Media Recruiting is just Passive Advertising in an Armani Suit. Few people are going to follow corporate tweets, Facebook Pages and Blogs. Those that do are probably just “liking” a commercial or post and forgetting about it. I’m not saying that it isn’t valuable. Advertising is advertising: like ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ in Hollywood, no job advertising is bad job advertising. But it’s not a new form of recruiting, just another way to post jobs. Passive candidates will not magically become active because of a tweet or blog post.