Hiring Humor

Hiring Humor: Optimism Gone Nuts

Kevin Studer,

Ever get the feeling that an applicant saw the salary in a job posting, thought to themselves, “Well, I’m completely unqualified but what the heck? I’d love to make that much!” — and applied anyway?

Hiring Humor: Ex-Boss Bashing

Kevin Studer,

You expect candidates’ best behavior in interviews, but sometimes their Scrooge-y side slips out. Have you ever interviewed a candidate who was more bah-humbug than best-foot-forward?

Interview Horrors, Just in Time for Halloween

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Every seasoned recruiter has experienced a nightmarish interview, so in honor of Halloween, here’s a collection of ghoulish tales from around the

Hiring Humor: The Meddling Grandmother

Kevin Studer,

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