Hiring Humor: Road Rage

The morning commute comes with horns honking, music blaring, exhaust fumes and idiots in the streets. In HR, your commuting co-workers may take their transportation frustrations out on you.

Hiring Humor: The Office Hamburglar

When your office mates are crunching on carrots all day, but later your bacon cheeseburger and fudge brownie leftovers go missing, there’s only one conclusion you can reach. It’s happened to us all.

Hiring Humor: Cell Phone Etiquette

It’s Interviewing 101: Turn your cell phone off. But occasionally you’ll encounter a candidate who missed that memo and takes a call on your time. And it never fails – those are the people who have an obnoxious ringtone.

Hiring Humor: Pesky Applicants

Sometimes it’s tough for candidates to grasp the idea that it’s not “third time’s the charm” but more like “three strikes and you’re out” with follow-up communication.

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