Careers in Technology E-Book

Careers In Tech E-Book

Job hunting can be stressful, demoralizing and frustrating unless you understand the process. When you do, you’ll be able to strategically focus your efforts on the activities that yield the best return on your investment of time.

We’ve created the Careers in Technology e-book to help you do just that. It details everything from how companies find candidates to which jobs are appropriate for your skill set. Whether you’re looking for your first job and choosing a specialty to focus on, or wondering what your next position should be and how to get there, we’ve got answers.

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6 Responses to “Careers in Technology E-Book”

  1. Hello !!

    I’m interested in finding information about your e-Book. I myself have been working in the IT Field for some years. Started as a Software Engineer/Developer. Currently my passion in the last 8 years has been doing work as a Sr. Software QA Engineer.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Calles

    • Mark Feffer

      Hi Amir –

      Unfortunately, we opted to provide the book only in electronic form. But it is set up so that it will print cleanly, so you should be able to generate a hard copy easily.



  2. Frencine Friday

    Mark, this book is a gem! I believe your suggestion that we have a ‘Strategy’ is the piece I have missed in directing my IT job search.

    Thank you so much,


  3. Tamilarasan

    I am a Computer Science Student from India.
    It is very useful for us.
    Please clarify –
    Different IT companies are used different IDEs to develope the
    Applications for Java/Android/ iOS.
    Ex: Eclipse, Android Studio, NetBeans, RAD Studio and etc…

    It is same for Web Development.
    Ex: ASP.NET, PHP, HTML 5/ and etc…

    So, How face this critical problems.
    Please guide me.

    Tamil Arasan