Kate Matsudaira

Designing a Flexible Schedule

Kate Matsudaira,

When I left my job as an executive and made the switch to small-business entrepreneur, I faced the challenge of


3 Key Skills of QA Engineers

Kate Matsudaira,

As a QA engineer, you know you’re doing well when your work goes unnoticed. It’s your job to make sure

Responsive Design

Skills All Front-End Developers Must Have

Kate Matsudaira,

Front-end developers go by many names. They are sometimes called front-end engineers, Web developers, UI engineers or even Web designers.

How to Succeed in a Changing Workplace

Kate Matsudaira,

There’s one surefire technique for succeeding in the workplace: keep learning. Technology changes at a rapid pace; the skills now required

Cloud Skills

The Key Skills Needed by Cloud Engineers

Kate Matsudaira,

To outsiders, cloud computing sounds like something lightweight, fluffy and full of rainbows. But cloud computing is actually very deep


Critical Skills for DevOps Engineers

Kate Matsudaira,

DevOps sounds more like a Special Forces division of the military than a technology role, but this position is mission-critical