Employers’ 10 Hardest-to-Fill Tech Roles Include Developers, Managers

Which are the hardest tech jobs for employers to fill? Based on a new analysis, it’s not always highly specialized ones like A.I. researcher; organizations everywhere are scrambling to find and hire software engineers, product managers, and other technologists who keep tech stacks operating. 

This analysis comes courtesy of Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country. We queried the platform for a list of technology jobs that took the longest time for employers to fill, and narrowed down our search to a mix of well-established and up-and-coming tech hubs:  

  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • Silicon Valley/San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Raleigh
  • Boston
  • Washington, DC

Here are the results; as you can see, software developer/engineer topped the list, with an average of 44 days needed for employers to fill an open role. It was also time-consuming for organizations to successfully source product managers, computer systems engineers/architects, and cybersecurity engineers:

Why is it so difficult for employers to find suitable tech talent? For starters, the tech unemployment rate hit 1.7 percent in January, according to the latest analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data by CompTIA. That month, there were 340,000 open tech positions, and the rate of open jobs tracked above the 12-month average by roughly 11 percent. With so many openings, it’s no wonder that time-to-fill has crept up to several weeks for many tech roles.

In a bid to hire and retain technologists, companies are offering generous compensation packages, including new and expanded benefits. For example, Amazon recently increased its maximum base pay for corporate employees (including technologists) to $350,000. But for many technologists, it’s about more than money—they want things like flexible work and a better work-life balance, and they know they can negotiate (and wait) for them. 

The demand for software developers and engineers isn’t restricted to tech companies. Organizations everywhere need developers and engineers who can do everything from setting up cloud-based architecture to designing new apps. For those technologists with the skills and experience, that means a plethora of opportunities across industries. 

8 Responses to “Employers’ 10 Hardest-to-Fill Tech Roles Include Developers, Managers”

  1. 12:52 PM 03/03/2022
    2022.03.03 THU 1252pCST


    If you really read blind , technologists are now using FAANG, and MANGA, and any of their jobs, to selfishy leverage a planned self-attrition career.

    These blatant opportunists’ aren’t about the jobs … they are simply about leveraging TIME so to jump from one company to another until they either become millionaires or at least collect enough $$$ to retire before they hit 40.

    Many of these are hadji H1B indians gaming the US IT industry and system for their own personal benefit … like we all always knew, while they always denied it.

    blind has finally brought to light the smoking gun evidence, from the perpetrators’ own pens, the criminality of the entire H1B s/h/y/t show, and how they could care less about the US and her tech future … all they give a damn about is $$$ and themselves. This is what AMERICAN STEM’ers knew and have been screaming to deaf-ear’ed bought-and-paid-for politicians since the inception of this H1B criminal monstrosity in the late 80s.

    Big tech, although criminal themselves, are caught in the middle in The Tholian Web of these cockroach opportunists.

    This is what the H1B was always all about … indian thieves stealing American IT jobs so they can steal American financial futures for themselves.

    Some of the stories on blind are so ridiculous, albeit true, it is obvious caste system’ers are illegally feloniously discriminatingly hiring their own at the expense of meritorious American STEM hiring.

    At the SWE (SoftWare Engineering/Engineers/Engineer) level, everyone is relying on the one source, LeetCode, to “cram” for their interviews, simply to get past the interviewing process, get the offer, and then coast on MASSIVE TCs (TC = Total Compensation) that, in many cases, make little to no sense, and are, in most cases, blatantly UNDESERVED.

    It’s like college. Don’t worry about RETAINING anything, just game the grades.

    IT has become opportunists’ paradise,
    at the MASSIVE expense of American STEM workers, and,
    American big tech, who are complicit, and, basically,
    the American Citizen, who also loses in the end to these thieves.

    SWE is a good field but it t’ain’t worth what they are paying these hadjis. Not at all.

    And the blind stories.
    My gad, the stories.
    Some are just so un-un-unbelievable.

    Mid 20-something Nigerian female with Poli Sci degree taking a 3 month IT boot camp and then being offered $215K TC from Google … and had a blurb about her on CNBC. When’s the last time YOU were on CNBC?! And, by the by, half of her STANFORD Poli Sci education was paid for by YOU, the US TaxPayer, through “needs-based” grants (whatever the hell those are), the other half of her tuitions paid by her 1st Generation right-off-the-boat Nigerian Family pooling their monies. Who paid YOUR tuition?! Did YOU get any .gov money?! I didn’t. I’ve THREE degrees. THREE. And my Old Man was unemployed the whole time I went to college. The WHOLE time. Oh, wait, I’m a white male US Citizen/TaxPayer by Birth. (/forehead slap) When’s the last time YOU went to STANFORD on the US TaxPayer dime EVEN THOUGH you’re from a different Country?

    Late 20s hadji lamenting that he “only” broke the million dollar mark in TC now. Lamenting.

    Some self-admitted underachiever loser failed Journalism (yes, JOURNALISM) undergraduate working in the veterinary (yes, VETERINARY) industry until he got fired ‘cuz he didn’t pass the drug test ‘cuz he’s an self-admitted pot smoker who refuses to give it up, then works some ~$37K to ~$47K loser jobs at temp agencies ‘cuz he needs to pay the bills and source his smoke, until one day, oh, wait for it, GOOGLE called and hired him in HR at $100K base to start … ~$47K to $100K base overnight, to a self-admitted pot-smoking underachiever loser. He now works at MicroSoft for ~$135K base. And, in the COMMENTs, he readily admits that, not only does he STILL smoke dope, but that he smokes it at work, and has NO intention of giving it up, even though it’s a Federal felony. Yes, a Google/MicroSoft HR person is literally admitting gladly, and without any remorse nor intent to rehabilitate, committing a Felony. And YOU just lost your job AND had to train your hadji replacement. Uh huh.

    Some late 20-something NON-TECH marketing whiner at a Denver IT startup bragging about her ~$210K BASE (does NOT include other TC) … for doing WHAT exactly?!?! She never says, except she DOES write that she’s entitledly worth every penny because of her “marketing” savvy. Uh huh. Again, mid-20s. NON-TECH in a tech startup. Marketing. Denver, NOT Silicon Valley. Uh huh.

    The blind stories are endless. Admittedly, many ARE legit AND offer hope to IT’ers, but MANY are too ridiculous to stomach.

    Information Technology is being gamed by opportunists while decent well-meaning American STEM’ers sit on the sidelines being discriminated against, reverse-discriminated against, or having their past jobs and future opportunities STOLEN by a bunch of opportunistic thieves in it only for themselves, their early retirements, their $$$, and NEVER for the greater good.

    Oh, and many blind stories are about FIRED H1B’ers who are running out of time before they’re shipped back to India, and “The Community” is colluding plans to help them stay in the US EVEN THOUGH they’ve been FIRED for NOT being THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST. You ‘member BEST AND BRIGHTEST? The NUMBER ONE CRITERIA any H1B’er supposedly needs to garner any H1B visa in the first place?! ‘member?! You ‘member!!

    H1B is a s/h/y/t show. blind is that proof.

    End H1B. Now.

    • JG Miller

      ‘…t’ain’t worth what they are paying these hadjis.’ You lost me right there. I agree the H1B is a problem for workers and beneficial to corporations and the rich.

    • those jobs at google and Microsoft were more than likely contracting jobs that’s why they jumped ship. They probably worked one contract at Google and were not invited back. They’re not working an 18 month at MS and more than likely won’t be invited back. Both were through their contracting agency. Neither MS nor Google would hire someone like this as an FTE but as a contractor? Sure.

      Also, pot might be a federal felony but it’s legal along the west coast which means that unless you’re on a federal contract? Most employers won’t do anything because there is no state law prohibiting it and there’s no federal enforcement. So they can brag all they want.

      I live in Seattle. I’m familiar with the “bragging about working at Google and MS” from people who are contractors. Both companies forbid this but people do it anyway.

      • @TJ: Thanks for the possible insight, but none of my examples were Contractors, all were hired permanent full-time. In fact, the Nigerian has her own YouTube Channel video-logging all about her Google perm job. She also has her own web site with the Google-owned special-only-to-Google “TLD top level domain” of “.dev” . I’m absolutely positive her YouTube videos are also “helped” (financially and otherwise) and “propogandized”-injected by her “employer”. Honestly, it’s blatant, obvious, and sickening.

        It is screamingly (if a word) obvious these are token hires within programs such the likes of Affirmative Craption, etc. I mean, both the Denver and Niger chics haven’t even hit 30 yet.

        I mean, c’mon.

      • The H1B’ers and H1B-cum-Green-Card Indians, and others, are nothing more than modern-day carpetbaggers.

        They seek nothing more than to come to America completely for themselves and their personal gain … to steal education, then steal jobs, money, financial futures, and eventually Green Cards and Citizenship, and to act as conduits and bridges to get all their Family(ies) over here into America as well.

        It is wretchedly puke-sickening, and impossible to watch, as American STEM are sold down the river by corrupt .gov and Politicians, and America is invaded by these carpetbagging opportunists.

        They could care less about America herself and the synergy beyond personal gain that built the greatness of this Country.

        In fact, on SOOO many Forums, Blogs, COMBoxes, web sites, etc, I have personally read thousands of diatribes to this effect, calling America and her native People stupid, ignorant, etc, and penning about how they are gonna steal our jobs with a smile on their faces all the while perm-invading the US via the H1B-to-Green-Card road, the H4 for their Illegal Alien non-Citizen Spouses, OPT, and so SO many other scams including on how to stay here in the US even after their Visas expire, including,
        simply disappearing into the US morass after H1B expiration,
        anchor-babying their hidden Illegal Alien wives tucked away in the back bedrooms of some apartments somewheres,
        real estate scams like putting their India-based Parents and GrandParents on home titles to avoid paying property taxes but still populating American schools with their brats,
        colluding with each other on how to hire each other, whether qualified for the job or not, simply to avoid deportation (these are felonies),
        simply illegally entering US via US Southern border if they are rejected an H1B,
        and soo many other scams WWAAAYY too numerous to list here.

        blind is rife with these stories/scams. “DM”-ing each other on blind for UNDESERVED and unearned referrals is an epidemic on blind .

        Again, the H1B’ers and H1B-cum-Green-Card Indians, and others, are nothing more than modern-day carpetbaggers.

      • I’ve been at and in this 38 years … that’s TWO Generations for you Millenial hippocampi-challenged sorts.

        I was moving and shaking when you weren’t even a gleam yet in your Mommy’s eye.

        I was around when the Vietnam war was still raging. Punk.

        How about you, Tayler, you punk?!

        You stupid brats ain’t got a clue what a “racist” is in American.

        You punk brats use the work “racist” when you got nuthin’ at all to add to the convo.
        You parrot back this bulls/h/y/t that has been drilled in to your herd mentality conformist man-boy-gurl beta male surrender.

        The hadjis are doing to IT what the Mexicans did to manufacturing in the 70s.
        Way to have opinions about things and people YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT.
        Only the Mexicans didn’t break the law.
        The hadjis do.
        All the time.
        To steal jobs and financial futures from American STEM.

        Carpetbagging opportunists.

        Taylor, go back to your spandex girly-tight blue jeans and your Ax body spray.

        Leave the real world to real men.

  2. So one of the reasons companies can’t hire is that despite their claims of good benefits? They’re attempting to force technologists back into the office when there is no reason to do so.

    Other companies are being more liberal with their WFH policy and they’ll steal candidates right out from under them.

    I’ve been sent job descriptions that have something stupid like 100% Remote in the subject and then when I read the body, it indicates that is only until COVID ends. So yeah, no thank you. I’m not moving to Oklahoma or Texas or Florida for some job.