H-1B Registrations Rise for Fiscal 2022 as Companies Source Overseas

In yet another sign that businesses are recovering from the pandemic, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received some 308,613 H-1B registrations for fiscal year 2022, selecting only 87,500 from that lot. Some 37,000 entities petitioned for H-1Bs, with 48 percent of them requesting consideration under the advanced degree exemption.

That’s a very different situation from a year ago. “For FY 2021, we received 274,237 H-1B registrations and initially selected 106,100 registrations projected as needed to reach the FY 2021 numerical allocations,” read the USCIS breakdown. “We conducted a second selection in August 2020 of an additional 18,315 registrations due to low filing volume from the initial selection.”

The New York Times recently used USCIS data to determine that, although the visa’s annual cap has remained largely unchanged since 2004, the number of applicants has steadily risen since 2014. While many H-1B applications are ultimately rejected, companies feel optimistic enough about the process to keep submitting—and for consulting and business-services firms, applying for lots of visas is key to their business model.

According to the H-1B Salary Database, which indexes the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL), the median salary for a software developer on an H-1B visa currently stands at $93,558. That’s based on data from 1,291 employers in 742 cities. 

Between 2016 and 2020, the Trump administration attempted to reform the H-1B; for example, USCIS instituted a more stringent review policy that increased the rate of application denials. Another proposal would have revamped the H-1B lottery system in favor of a system based on advanced degrees and higher salaries. In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic raged, President Trump even attempted to ban the H-1B visa entirely. 

President Biden declined to renew that ban. And it’s clear from USCIS data that companies have an interest in continuing to apply for more visas. The big question now is what, if any, reforms the Biden administration will take—including ones based around wages. Tech companies remain some of the biggest sponsors of H-1B applicants

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  1. jake leone

    We have to ask ourselves, why do we give H-1b visas to Offshore Outsourcing companies? Can’t Offshore Outsourcing companies use the U.S. Free Market system? Why are Offshore Outsourcing companies allowed to take half the H-1b visas? Offshore Outsourcing companies don’t sponsor people for Green Cards, which is first step towards become a citizen (and so become an actual immigrant, not a transient foreign worker).

    Offshore Outsourcing companies specialize in removing well-scripted jobs to India. They don’t innovate, they simple repeat the existing technology, there is no advancement. That means that half the H-1b visas go to companies that damage the U.S. economy, remove needed jobs, form a foreign competitive industry, do ZERO innovation… Need I go on? Nick, is it in your contract to simply ignore this? And write phony peices?

    We could kick the Offshore Outsourcing companies out of the H-1b program, fairly, by simply distributing H-1b visas on the basis of salary, instead of an idiotic lottery, which only benefits the immigration lawyers and companies like the Offshore Outsourcing corporation, that are simply gaming the system.

    We also cannot ignore, that the Green Card back log is Anti-Capitalist. Because it ties up workers with one company, for decades, until the Green Card arrives. What really has driven Silicon Valley, isn’t the foreign workforce. It is the fact that people could leave their current employer and help start a competitive companies. Intel, Activision, Apple (Steve Wozniak) all founded by people who left one company and started another similar company.

    And it is driven by college dropouts, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Steve Jobs at Apple. The power of a workforce that is free to start and/or support competitive/competitor companies is the reason for the great wealth in U.S. Tech hubs. That wealth generation, preceded the H-1b visa.

    And we can’t ignore that companies are doing phony/fraudulent Green Card Perm processes. That those same companies are finding 30x more qualified local STEM/IT workers. Better qualified than the foreign workers they are protecting from local competition, in a fraudulent Green Card Perm process. And they are committing racial ethnic discrimination, by not allowing local STEM/IT workers to compete for these jobs, Facebook did this 2600+ times over just a 1.5 year period (DOJ vs Facebook, read it at the DOJ website).

    One way to solve the fraudulent, anti-capitalist, green card issue, is to require that companies:
    – Advertise on all Free Website they have available (up to 10)
    – Allow only 2 retries for Green Card Perm approval, if failed, then a 10 year wait with that company.
    – Foreign workers, who failed the Green Card Perm process, would be allowed to leave and seek a Green Card at some unstable startup, no one in their right mind would want to work for anyway.
    – Require that HR forward all resumes of qualified applicants to the hiring managers involved in the Green Card PERM process.
    – Require that companies accept local STEM/IT resumes, for the Green Card PERM process, by Email and all other Electronic submission, that they use for other jobs ads.

    The only problem is that no one, with money, is willing to pay for these changes. And plenty of big donors (Silicon Valley gave Joe BIden 100 million dollars during election) are willing to pay for the exact opposite. Which makes us just as corrupt as Indira Ghandi was, just watch the movie White Tiger to understand what I am talking about.

    • Thou I see your points – I don’t think the author does any analysis of the data. It’s mostly an average table of – here are the numbers of the visas, and here are the countries that grab the most visas. Which frankly could just be presented to us in a table format instead of written out English. Sorry there is no real analysis here and no real usage of the brain cells. (Harsh and I am sorry to offend but I see it and call it)

      Analysis would take a lot of deep research and seeing the bigger picture – as what are the education levels of the candidates? How long do USA workers stay at a company and does a company going offshore prompt local people to leave? At what age do seniors tech workers get replaced/fired/lay off/ or do they decide to leave? Do workers offshore deliver same/better results as the local talent?

      For all those people who ranted on Trump – one thing he did well was he was really protective of keeping the workers’ jobs within America. There are so many talented local people – and so many resources for training people locally. But once a company sees the cost saving opportunity of hiring off-shore – they move entire departments overseas and that becomes a ‘deadzone’ – what you describe as not innovating and regurgitating the same existing technology.
      The highest paid worker is someone local in management position who speaks the language of the off-shore company.
      Just my two cents as a developer!

      • Jake_Leone

        The reality is the H-1b is a huge case of government picking the winners and the losers in the Free Market place. OPT, with its huge tax break for foreign students, is another huge market manipulation by the government. It isn’t capitalism that is creating the huge demand for foreign workers, it is the fact that the government creates a class of people that are tied to their employer or that are FICA tax free.

        Facebook and the rest of Big Tech are having no problems finding STEM/IT workers.
        DOJ vs Facebook, Facebook admits it finds 30x more better qualified (than their existing foreign workforce) local STEM/IT workers for every job ad Facebook puts on their website (and that local STEM/IT workers are allowed to actually compete for)
        . That’s 30 better qualified out of hundreds of resumes received.

        Foreign workers, at Facebook (and the rest of Big Tech), don’t face any competition with better qualified local STEM/IT workers. Because Foreign workers don’t have the same rights (13th amendment) or tax breaks (FICA OPT Tax break). And that literally meets the very definition of illegal discrimination according to U.S. Federal law, hence the DOJ lawsuit.

        Big Tech’s only problem is how low can you go with that salary and the tax overhead. They are not interested in the best, or the brightest. They are interested in merely expanding existing, scripted, operations to serve the most product.

        If Big Tech was interested in getting the Best and Brightest out of the H-1b visa or the OPT program, they would have lobbied the government for a salary based allocation of H-1b visas, decades ago. They would have asked for the OPT tax break to be extended to all students.

        No what they want is a tied down workforce, that can’t leave. And evidence for that is in the Email exchange between Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs in the infamous “No Poaching” scandal. Eric Schmidt had a secret agreement with several other companies including Apple computer, to not fairly hire the best qualified if they were working for a company participating in the illegal no-poaching agreement. Eric Schmidt knew what he was doing was wrong, he asked that the other participants not use Email as it leaves a prosecutable trail.

        But Steve Jobs didn’t care, he was dying anyway, he wrote Eric Schmidt and reminded him of their “agreement”. And Eric Schmidt promptly fired a successful female recruiter that successfully hired an Apple engineer, is that not the very definition of a criminal? And this criminal, Eric Schmidt, was actually being considered for a post in the Biden Administration.

        These guys don’t care about Capitalism or the free market, they abhor the free market. What they want is a big government handout of an indentured workforce, that can never leave until Green Card day (since they don’t want to go to jail under the Sherman anti-trust act and/or RICO with continued anti-trust No Poaching agreements).

        So realize that when Joe Biden took 100 million dollars from Big Tech during the election, he did so knowing he would have to give a big payback in terms of government handouts, worker rights, and your job.

  2. The free market has spoken. We are facing another record-breaking year where total application number is at an all time high, exactly at the same time Big Tech companies are getting their biggest revenue and productivity numbers. Top talent is coming and it would be stupid not to hire more of it.

    • What free market? These corporations have paid the American government to look the other way while they offshore and inshore American jobs. And, there is not one job lost, there are 2 jobs lost because these foreigners bring their wives once they go back and get their arranged one. I once worked with a company that had an offshore team in India and every standup was the VP yelling at them because they fixed one thing and broke two other things. It was ridiculous and it should have been embarrassing to them. They were not intentionally stupid but that was the end result.

  3. It has been repeatedly studied and proven that there is no shortage of tech workers and that H1B Visas are merely cheap labor for profit. It is harmful to our citizens, young people, people of color, and yet persists. The government uses contractors that work with foreign sourcing. Corporations are incorporated by the government/people, it is not a divine right. People have been made to forget that we can exercise our rights and power to undo Citizens United and other decisions that contribute to this flagrant abuse. HR1/For the People is an important step forward to secure our voting rights, which are constantly threatened. People need to band together and exert pressure on legislators. Write you representatives, educate others about this issue. It doesn’t matter if they say they don’t agree, don’t give up, or merely sit around complaining, take action. NumbersUSA.com, ustechworkers.com, check them out, get involved, your voice matters “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

    • Jake_Leone

      How true this is. Biden is a career politician and he has paid for elections by giving corporations what they want. Knowing full well he could cultivate an electorate that doesn’t pay attention, in the detail necessary, to fully understand issues around the economy and jobs.

      The truth about the h-1b visa is so aweful, that it is hidden in massive veil of lies.

  4. Defeat the EAGLE Act, it is another attempt on the lame S386 which would give the majority of visas to India for many years to come. Read the book the tech industy does not want you to: SOLD OUT (How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers) by Michelle Malkin and John Miano

  5. The h/l visa and h1 visa lottery system is a big scam. They candidates got to pay cash to get their visa application processed from India. It is a two way making money for staffing businesses and they invest a lot with that money in their home country.
    If you can’t stop importing visa holders and quick green cards now, the present and future of US Citizens will be like slaves and make them depend on unemployment wages. Strict election campaign funding rules to block direct and indirect funding to political parties can reduce favoring Asians. Otherwise not only IT industry, every industry can be corrupted just like Asia once they get Citizenship and eligible for any job.
    US is not shortage of talent or workers. Stop that wrong campaigning to continue fraud business.

  6. Nick, I read the first couple of articles and ignored the next 50. Not sure why I’m responding now. This is pure clickbait to fire up local US workers. I wish they would refer to India instead of Asia. Yes, I know India is in Asia. It muddies the waters. I have worked with some really bad tech workers from India. It’s their cliquiness that gets them their jobs. For all of the responders, check https://itserve.org/ and it’s board of directors. It’s worse than 100mm to Biden from tech companies. They’re the ones writing to congress. The only hope is to unionize, lol.