Top 15 Companies Sponsoring H-1B Workers Include Amazon, Infosys

Which U.S. companies are the biggest sponsors of the H-1B visa? Technology and consulting firms topped this list, according to data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) analyzed by the New York Times. 

In addition to that company-by-company breakdown, the Times article offers an interesting analysis of whether the Trump administration’s attempts to restrict the H-1B visa (amid other immigration policies) actually created American jobs. The short answer is “no.” The longer, somewhat more complex answer is that many companies, faced with Trump-era immigration restrictions, decided to offshore at least a portion of their hiring. 

The paper cites research by Britta Glennon, an assistant professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, who estimated that “for every 10 unfilled H-1B positions, an equivalent of three jobs were created overseas.” The remaining work was “spread around” to some combination of existing employees, outsourcing, and a limited amount of hiring American workers.  

Here’s a breakdown of the top sponsors of H-1B visas, based on initial applications in 2020:

Unnamed sources told the Times that workers who weren’t chosen for a visa during the H-1B lottery would have the option of working overseas until the next year’s lottery. The above list of companies shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s followed the twists and turns of the H-1B ecosystem over the past few years. Consulting and business-services companies such as Infosys are famous for submitting as many applications as possible. 

Some of the largest tech companies pay their H-1B workers quite a bit, while consulting and business-services companies (which often subcontract H-1B workers’ services to large companies) tend to offer lower pay. According to the H-1B Salary Database, which indexes the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL), the median salary for a software developer on an H-1B visa currently stands at $93,558.

14 Responses to “Top 15 Companies Sponsoring H-1B Workers Include Amazon, Infosys”

  1. It is obvious that these IT companies will keep hiring more and more H1Bs. Productivity is at its highest ever, revenues skyrocketing, prestige of these companies doesn’t get harmed for hiring H1Bs and IT unemployment is lower than ever. It would be stupid not to hire more foreign talent.

    • David

      They have sold out America. Americans are best able to produce quality work in the tech field. These companies are looking to hire cheap labor and not Americans. What really should be done is a boycott of these companies by Americans. It’s extremely hard though as Microsoft is a monopoly for example.

  2. Jake_Leone

    The headline would more appropriately say, “10 of the Top 15 Companies that use H-1b visas are Offshore Outsourcing companies”. By your own data.

  3. jake_leone

    The short answer is that Offshore Outsourcing companies were facing a 50% H-1b rejection rate under Trump. Silicon Valley companies were not affected by the Trump changes.

    Everyone knows that Trump’s changes greatly affected mobility in the valley, especially from smaller (more unstable jobs) to more stable companies. It was easier to switch jobs because the Offshore Outsourcing companies did not have reliable source of scabs.

    Immigration lawyers hated Trump’s changes because they were the kind of changes that would have caused Offshore Outsourcing companies to stop stuffing in a huge number of redundant H-1b visa requests. Implementing those changes would have cut the H-1b business for these lawyers by two thirds.

    Those same lawyers became very vocal, but they will never really admit that they don’t have their clients best interest in mind.

    No surprise Biden has elected to rescind those changes, despite a bipartisan letter from Durbin (D) and Grassley (R) asking that he keep the change to a salary based allocation.

    Trump’s change to a salary based allocation of H-1b visas would have made it easy for Silicon Valley companies to get all the H-1b visas they would need. At the same time, Offshore Outsourcing companies (which win half the visas in the current idiotic lottery) would simply have to use the U.S. free labor market, you know Capitalism, how shocking for them.

    Lawyers and mis-informed Tech Executives can lie all they want to the press and public. But the reality is Big Tech (DOJ vs Facebook) is finding 30x more fully qualified applicants than they can hire. Facebook’s HR people were not willing to lie to Federal investigators and risk a Federal obstruction of Justice charge.

    That’s why we know, the STEM/IT worker shortage is a myth and a continuing lie.

    Just go read the indictment, on the DOJ website. If you have any information that runs counter to the charges in the indictment, bring it to attention of the DOJ.

  4. 5:34 AM 05/20/2021

    @ Andy :
    Hey, hadji, your fake American posting name “Andy” t’ain’t fooling anyone.

    You’ve been cut-n-paste parroting this same exact drivel statement across numerous and multiple “Kolakowski-approves-of-H1B” biased yellow journalism “articles” forever and a day.

    Let’s set the record straight, shan’t we … hadji?!:

    LIE #1 productivity is at its highest ever:
    The Labour Participation Rate is at its lowest in over ~60+ years.
    There is a direct proven causal relation between numbers in workforce and productivity of a country.
    On an ~100 year timeline, the US is a shadow joke of what it used to be from a production standpoint.
    Productivity is NOT causally related AT ALL to labour costs.
    Just because you hire cheap stupid terrible curry munchers does not automatically translate to nor create high production.
    If you lay off employeees on a quarterly basis, all you’ve done is decrease labour costs, not increase direct profits nor production.
    Even if there is/was increased production, WHICH THERE IS NOT, there is NO empirical evidence WHATSOEVER it is directly NOR indirectly related to hiring more H1B hadjis.
    Since the inception of the H1B program, hiring H1B hadjis has been nothing but a political corruption of our body politik and an aggregate GDP and GNP additive failure.
    Hadji spaghetti code is world INfamous, from Australia to America, to be causing major production failures, millions of dollars lost, and even lives lost, ie, Boeing.
    Hadji spaghetti code is INfamous for having to be cleaned up by American STEM.
    In effective numbers, hadji workers have destroyed American quality, ingenuity, and, even, quantity.
    You’re a liar, “Andy” hadji.

    LIE #2 revenues skyrocketing:
    Are you high?! “Andy” hadji?!
    Can you read/analyze even the most embryonic simplistic basic economic report and interpret it?!
    Laying off employees, buying back your own stock, fudging accounting reports, and recreating numerators and denominators in financial analysis metrics are NOT skyrocketing revenues.
    These are quarterly criminal chicanery by equally criminal immoral amoral filthy executives running scared and greedy for their jobs and bank accounts.
    Hiring a bunch of illegal alien H1B hadjis has absolutely NOTHING to do with revenues.
    … and, again, even if there is/was increased revenues, WHICH THERE IS NOT, there is NO empirical evidence it is directly NOR indirectly related to hiring more H1B hadjis.
    In effective numbers, hadji workers have destroyed American quality, ingenuity, and, even, quantity.
    Once again, you’re a liar, “Andy” hadji.

    LIE #3 prestige of these companies doesn’t get harmed for hiring H1Bs:
    Hey, a/$/$/wipe, consumer confidence is the lowest it has ever been … ever.
    No one trusts CEOs.
    No one trusts American corporatocracy.
    No one trusts government.
    All the above the direct decision-makers in bringing in more hadjis to steal Americans’ STEM jobs.
    Prestige, goodwill, and reputation of corporate America is, and has been, in the tank, for decades.
    NO ONE trusts the American corporatocracy. NO ONE.
    Your pants are on fire, LIAR “Andy” hadji.
    Once again, you’re a liar, “Andy” hadji.

    LIE #4 IT unemployment is lower than ever:
    Over ~50% of all AMERICAN STEM grads NEVER find work in their field and end up working outside STEM simply because their jobs were given away by corrupt politicians and corrupt corporate America.
    Over ~25% of all hadjis working on H1B are illegal aliens.
    Hadjis are KNOWN liars, cheaters, and thieves when it comes to presenting their UNVERIFIABLE experience, education, and background.
    Hadjis hiring each other on some f/u/k/d up caste system versus true merit-based hiring is NOT low IT unemployment … it is cronyism, nepotism, discrimination, criminal, and, in many States, and at the Federal level, felonies. Which .gov refuses to enforce, treasonously betraying The American People, .gov’s bosses and superiors.
    Once again, you’re a liar, “Andy” hadji.

    “Andy” is a hadji. He/she is an H1B connected anonymous crony endorser posting gaslighting propoganda under an American assumed name. It is ridiculously obvious.

    This is the s/h/y/t that comes from opening the American doors to this kind of foreign puke from a third world toilet of a country. LIARS like this posting agitprop like this.

    … and Kolakowski is complicit.
    Every article he writes has an H1B acceptance bias.
    Kolakowski is a race traitor and a traitor to his own American heritage.
    Kolakowski is a stooge to American/IT STEM traitor DICE.

    Kolakowski: why don’t you, for once, write articles (MULTIPLE) RE the other side of the coin, and report the misery the H1B criminality has REALLY caused American STEM? And, if you knew the TRUE history of the H1B program, like I do, since, after over ~36+ years in IT, I watched its inception and followed its criminaltiy all the way don the line, you’d know that the H1B program was nothing more than a politically motivated and created boondoggle that was nothing more than a Benedict Arnold to America including the final crucifixion of the American worker when The Teamsters AFL/CIO, who was vehemently against the program for years, suddenly and finally betrayed the American worker by committing a 180 and endorsing the H1B program simply for political and illicit financial gain … they betrayed their own members, the American populace, and America, selling out finally, and financially, to the über corrupt politicains.

    The H1B program is nothing more than, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”.

    Yer a g/0/d/d/A/m/n/d liar, “Andy” hadji, and you, Kolakowski, are a traitor to the American IT/STEM worker.

    • While I agree with almost 100% of what you posted here, I suspect that you, SR are NOT an American. The giveaway was/is the spelling of “labour” using the British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Commonwealth countries written spellings of :labour, honour, etc. Or perhaps you’re a “Mick?”

      Also, you abbreviated version of shyt for “shite.” No American used that term ever. When we speak of shit, we say shit. Short i no y or e on the end of the word.

      I am actually surprised your racist rant was posted here, but then again, I agreed with the content, if not the spelling and syntax.

    • You are wrong in all points!

      When I talk about productivity, prestige and revenue, I’m talking about those big companies!. They get the benefits of hiring H1Bs. If the rest of the market doesn’t hire as many H1Bs then that’s their problem. Big companies will continue hiring more and more H1B because it’s good for their business. How hard is that to understand? are we speaking the same language here?

      And about your racist rant, It is funny to see all these racist, GOP, republicans and pro Trump always saying “we only want legal immigration, GET IN LINE!”

      ok, I will get in the H1b Line
      GOP: “no, not that line”

      Ok, then the H4 line
      GOP: “no, neither that line”

      Ok, what about the lottery green card line?
      GOP: “No way, Trump cancelled that line”

      Ehhhh…can I ask a family member to sponsor me?
      GOP: “No, not that line, that is only for Melania”

      You are a racist.
      GOP: “No way, just get in the line, if you can”

  5. Write you senators and representatives, sign petitions on Numbers USA. Keep posting the truth and educate your fellow citizens about what is happening. We have to make change happen!

  6. ITW, see SR’s comments. He is sugar coating our corrupt situation. What criminal Representative/Senator and I going to write. MY senators are both Democrats, they are part of this and on the take from big tech. I bet the Republicans will help us (Big Tech screws R’s for years), but I contacted my Representative (R) , and found out he SPONSORED the “Indian Green Card giveaway” bill. We are truly F-ed as a country. This is end-of-days/collapse time. Get what you can while you can. If they try to put you in jail, tell them they are “racists”. Have your passports up to date and an escape plan for when people start disappearing and the ovens fire up.

  7. Bruce Childs

    Top employers that sponsor and/or higher H-B1should get the highest tax rate. When I go into a company like Toyota and Citi Bank and I see 9 out of 10 workers from India, I will no longer use or work at that company. By giving an H-B1 a tech job, an American, born and raised, is bypassed. This is like the Mexican employment except at a much higher pay rate. Citi Bank and Toyota in Texas, way more people from India than American.

  8. @ jlo:

    I’M “sugar-coating” this MASSIVE problem?!

    Are YOU high?!

    WTF … !

    Even Kolakowski, who, I am sure, RESPECTFULLY loathes me by now, is, I am sure, scratching his head, like I am, on THAT retort.

    Other than that, @jlo, I agree w/ everything else you scribed.


    “Sugar-coating” my penned diatribed feelings towards and RE H1B?!

    Huh. That’s one for the cheap seats.

  9. It is pointless to contact Congress as they work for the corporations even though We The People pay them. It makes more sense to write Biden, perhaps if enough Americans write him, he may realize that American workers are being screwed by the big corporation lies that they can’t find qualified American IT workers and therefore, need to hire crappy offshore workers.