This Programming Language is Hot Among Buzzed-About Startups

What programming languages are utilized by today’s most buzzed-about startups? That’s a question Coding Dojo took a stab at answering in its latest report on the technologies utilized by IPOs.

For its report, Coding Dojo focused on five popular startups: Instacart, Nextdoor, Stripe, Robinhood, and UiPath. It utilized StackShare for insights into these companies’ technology stacks, and found that 40 percent of these companies relied on Python as their top programming language; Bootstrap was the top framework, used at 60 percent. 

“Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework used to create websites, applications, and many other tech products,” the report added. “It features plenty of HTML and CSS templates to adjust UI interfaces such as buttons and forms, as well as supporting many JavaScript extensions. One of its core use cases is creating responsive CSS designs to conform web pages or app views to different screen sizes. This helps ensure consistency across various platforms and eliminates cross-browser issues.”

While this sample size of companies is extremely small, it’s no surprise that Python dominates their respective language usage. SlashData’s State of the Developer Nation, which attempts a comprehensive look at how many technologists use some of the world’s most popular programming languages, estimated the size of Python’s developer community at 10.1 million, placing it just behind JavaScript at 13.8 million (and just ahead of Java at 9.4 million). 

Part of Python’s strength lies in its increasing use in highly specialized contexts, including data science and machine learning. Given how cutting-edge startups rely on those disciplines as the foundation of their products, perhaps it’s no surprise that Python would prove popular, as well. (If you’re totally new to Python, make sure to check out our handy guide on the language.)

Nor is the usage of ultra-popular languages such as Python likely to decline anytime soon. Earlier this year, GitHub Education released survey data showing that Python, HTML, and JavaScript were the languages most used by students—at least some of whom will establish the companies of tomorrow. “One consistent finding, across the board, is the widespread adoption of Python and related tooling. In the past five years, many, if not most, of the top computer science programs in the United States have implemented Python as a primary language of instruction,” read the accompanying report.