Are Technologists Thriving, Exhausted, or Feeling Totally Overworked?

For many technologists, this past year of COVID-19 lockdowns and remote work has been a difficult one. As vaccination rates increase and companies consider how to reintroduce people to the office, it’s worth examining how folks are doing—have they adjusted to the changes and stressors of working from home, or are they still struggling to balance everything out?

Blind, which anonymously surveys technologists about a variety of issues, recently posed that question to its audience. Specifically, the company asked: “Are you thriving, exhausted, or just overworked?”

The answers were… not good. Specifically, 54 percent of technologists said they were exhausted, and 29 percent said they were overworked. Only 17 percent said they were thriving, which is understandable (the past year has been rough for many) but not great news. 

Here’s the breakdown of how technologists responded at some of the nation’s largest tech companies:

“Overworked and exhausted. I have a problem; I work 5 A.M. to midnight with small breaks throughout the day,” one (anonymous) VMware employee shared with Blind. “I’ve done it for a year now, so I think I set the bar so high that if I let up, I’ll appear to be underperforming compared to my own standards.”

Some companies have recognized the impact of overwork and burnout on their employees. Google, for example, hasinstituted an employee-outreach program designed to educate workers in everything from good sleep habits to curbing anxiety. Throughout companies large and small, team leaders and managers have taken care to keep schedules flexible and workloads appropriately balanced.

Stopping exhaustion and overwork, though, is also up to individual technologists. If you’re feeling burned out, make sure to talk to your manager or team leader about what you need, whether it’s an adjusted schedule or a shifted workload. It’s also vital to get exercise, take breaks, and let your team know when you’re actually engaged and available.  

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    • Der Henker

      Are they not hiring more because they want to keep profits high? Realistic profits and balanced work loads are a good thing for any company overall. Actual business review are necessary to find out if you are understaffed