Top 20 Metro Areas Hiring Technologists Right Now

Which metro areas are hiring the most technologists at the moment? It might surprise you, but Silicon Valley and San Francisco haven’t taken the top spots this time around. Indeed, a number of smaller tech hubs are hungry for talent.

According to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, the Washington, DC area (including northern Virginia and southern Maryland) has posted the most open jobs for technologists over the past 60 days. The New York City area (including New Jersey and the surrounding environs) came in a close second, and Los Angeles a somewhat-more-distant third. Check out the full chart below:

In a pretty surprising twist, Silicon Valley (encompassing San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara) came in ninth, behind metro areas such as Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. This is a pretty big deal, especially after all the conjecture over the past year that technologists are moving out of Silicon Valley and San Francisco for cities with a cheaper cost of living (especially if they can remain at their current company, working remotely).

Washington, DC and Virginia benefit from a number of factors. The federal government (and its contractors) is a massive sponge for tech talent, employing everyone from cybersecurity experts to sysadmins. Northern Virginia is also home to some pretty massive tech companies, including Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and (soon) its huge HQ2 “headquarters.” (The “helix” design of HQ2, as seen above in an architectural rendering, is rather… unique.)

Texas is also doing its best to become the new Silicon Valley, with tech companies sprouting up in Austin (which has boasted a healthy tech scene for quite some time), Houston, and Dallas. Some 39 tech companies or venture-capital firms have established a presence around Austin over the past 12 months, including Tesla’s planned “Giga Texas” factory facility.

The prevalence of remote work will continue to impact the tech industry for quite some time to come. Many technologists enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere, including cities with cheaper rent and easier commutes—although a hefty percentage also want to return to the office at least part-time

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  1. Been a critic of Kolakowski for quite some time, especially RE his biased approach to writing/reporting about the American-STEM-job-stealing criminally corrupt H1B fraud of a program, but this article is actually pretty good and informative, enough so to give a jumpstart point for IT job seekers at whatever level your career is at.

    A companion piece would be the WORST cities. C-minus-rate socialistic crapholes like age-discriminatory and segregationist Milwaukee WI or commie/marxist Madison WI, Ohio Valley type “shoot me if I live and work here” places, forgotten health IT gems like Nashville, etc, would make for interesting deep informational dives.

    In any event, if I’m gonna RIGHTEOUSLY b/i/t/c/h, I, at least, should also kudos that which is value-add.