Apple, Google, Tech Lobbying Firms Praise Biden Immigration Policies

President Biden’s administration is only a few days old, but some of tech’s biggest CEOs have come out in support of his potential immigration policies. Those policies, in turn, could have a significant impact on how tech companies hire over the next four years.

Some of Biden’s first executive orders included rescinding the ban on travel from countries with a Muslim majority, as well as an extension of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). However, the administration has yet to announce the details of immigration policies that more directly impact the tech industry. 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivered his statement via Tweet:

Twitter also issued a statement praising Biden’s DACA executive order. “We’ll continue to advocate for policies that support and recognize the important contributions of immigrants,” it added.   

Not every tech titan used Twitter to deliver a message to the new administration. Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a statement asking Biden to reform the current immigration system:

We welcome President Biden’s commitment to pursuing comprehensive immigration reform that reflects the American values of justice, fairness and dignity. This effort will strengthen American communities and the pathways to opportunity this country has long fostered… In the weeks and months to come, business leaders look forward to working with the Administration, as well as Democrats and Republicans in Congress, to achieve bipartisan, practical and comprehensive solutions to fix our broken immigration system, including a permanent solution for Dreamers that includes a path to citizenship.”, an advocacy and lobbying group that pushes for expanded immigration, issued a lengthy statement that also pushed for reform (and echoed the term “broken immigration system”). Here’s the opening paragraph:

“We are thankful that President Biden and Vice President Harris are following through on their commitment to send a bill to Congress to fix our broken immigration system, centered on a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants with deep roots in our communities and who are vital to the response and recovery from COVID-19. This is an opportunity for the new Administration and for our Congress to restore the U.S.’ moral leadership, do right by the millions of hardworking immigrants who have helped keep all of us safe and cared for during the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep families safe and together. This is just a first step. What needs to happen in short order is the House and Senate must move legislation that is signed into law.”

During his campaign, Biden’s campaign website suggested that he would “increase the number of visas offered for permanent, work-based immigration based on macroeconomic conditions” and “exempt from any cap recent graduates of PhD programs in STEM fields.” How that will translate into actual policy, though, remains to be seen. His campaign also made a pledge to “protect wages and workers.”

At the very end of the Trump administration, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued a so-called Final Rule that raised the wage minimums for H-1B, H-1B1, and E3 visas. The DOL planned on phasing in those changes over a multi-year period, in order to minimize the disruption to businesses, but it’s clear that raised wages (if the Biden administration allows them to continue) could impact the business-services and consulting firms that hire lots of H-1B workers and then subcontract them to other firms.

The wage increases could end up impacting tech companies, as well. Whatever the Biden administration decides to do (and however much it listens to the tech industry’s advocacy), it might be years before its own policies begin to have an impact. One thing to keep watch on: The denial rate for H-1B applications, which spiked under the Trump administration and could potentially change depending on Biden’s decisions. 

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  1. Really, so now they agree that H1B visa is NOT a shortage of workforce, the whole proposition is to LOWER USA WORKERS SALARY :
    “…but it’s clear that raised wages (if the Biden administration allows them to continue) could impact the business-services and consulting firms that hire lots of H-1B workers and then subcontract them to other firms.”

  2. jake_leone

    Read the DOJ indictment of Facebook. Facebook lied, 2600+ times, on Federal forms, over just a 1.5 year period. Facebook finds 30+ more local STEM/IT candidates than it can hire. Facebook protects its foreign workforce from local competition, during the PERM process. Because a foreign worker, stuck in the Green Card cue, cannot leave the job until Green Card day.

    You cannot believe what executives say to the public about any immigration issue.

    The reality is the H-1b to Green Card process is actually used to deny workers their 13th amendment right to leave the job at-will. It subverts market capitalism, and disenfranchises the tech workforce, and in doing so drives wages down.

    You can believe that an HR workers, when told by a Federal investigator, that any deception could trigger a felony indictment against them. All the information gathered in the DOJ indictment of Facebook, was gathered under threat of such a penalty.

    Again this indictment clearly shows that there is actually a STEM/IT worker glut in the United States. Facebook admits, to Federal investigators, that it finds 30+ more qualified STEM/IT workers for every position. Facebook, gets hundreds of resumes per STEM/IT job opening, of those hundreds it finds 30 or more that it would hire if Facebook had more jobs.

    But, wait Facebook does have jobs. Jobs held by Foreign workers undergoing the PERM process. Facebook NEVER forwards the resumes these better qualified (by Facebook’s own admission in the Federal indictment) to their hiring managers. Doing so, would automatically disqualify the foreign worker undergoing the PERM process.

    Again, Foreign workers are protected from local compeitition, NOT because foreign workers are better than their local candidates (by Facebook’s own admission in the Federal lawsuit), but because those foreign workers, once in the Green Card cue, are stuck at the job forever until they actually recieve their Green Card.

    And you have to understand, this is going on at all the Big Tech companies. And it has been going on for decades, ever since Elaine Chao wrote the DOL PERM certification (which was written with massive loopholes). Basically, the whole Green Card process as become the de-facto American exclusion act (for tech jobs located on U.S. soil).

    That’s why there is a huge demand to H-1b employees. It’s not about skill, it is about self-indenturement. Something an American citizen cannot do, because of the 13th amendment, but foreign workers can, because of Elaine Chao, under Bush II.

    • Temporary workers should leave after their term. Convert all H1B to visitor visas and send them back. A million people waiting for green card is absurd. They are under the impression that they can work and stay here for ever and then call themselves Dreamers.

    • If you see something, report it. Don’t let them get away with this. If the H1b is not qualified – report it to the ICE hotline. If the H1b is not doing the work for which he was hired – report it. If the Indian manager is abusing them, report it. If the Indian manager won’t interview anyone except other Indians, report it. The ICE hotline can be anonymous.

  3. More than a million Indians are coming thru red carpet treatment and stealing jobs, illegally because there really is not shortage of people. I support DACA and people coming over the border, even illegally because they come here to work for survival. H1B are destroying the middle class and thru chain migration taking away entitlements – in my opinion this is beyond illegal. European countries strictly enforce laws, why not here? Keep track of every person, so there will not be any DACA in future. More than half of DACA are Indians again.

    • You must hate the poor minorities— you racist. Every one that comes across the border takes a job and lowers wages for the people on low end of pay scale — mostly minorities and the poor. Just like every H1-B,OPT and L1 takes middle class jobs and lowers middle class wages. Minorities know thus which is why they voted for Trump. The election was stolen by/for guilty whites so they virtue signal while ruining as many lives as possible. Biden has already eliminated between 20k and 100k good paying jobs — “they should learn to code”. USA experiment is over. Get what you can while you can…

    • Paul B Connors

      If you support illegal immigration, you are a traitor to this country and your fellow Americans. It is NOT our responsibility to be a safe haven and jobs provider for the illiterate, unskilled flotsam and jetsam from Central & South American and other 3rd World shitholes.

      As we saw just after DEMENTIA MAN’s inauguration, the leader of one group from Honduras told news Liars that “Biden gave us 100 days to get to the USA and he’ll take care of us.”

      These failed economies in Mexico and the rest of Latin America are NOT our fault, nor are they our problem! We should forcefully keep these ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS out of the USA and round as many of them up as possible and forcibly deport them. They are strain on the taxpayers, our schools and medical facilities.

      Immigrate to the USA LEGALLY or face the consequences and they should include FORCIBLE EXPULSION.

    • they want to hire foreign worker because they are better than you, they are more productive, they understand what is deadline and flexible to work day and night, Also all these are profit making companies listed in Stock Exchange, they are bound to take cheaper and better candidate, also in post job posting it is clearly mention they dont discriminate whether you are American and foreigner so dont Cry, also these major joints are more global companies and have more employee overseas so don’t relate American work force with Facebook,MSFT,Google etc

      • Paul B Connors

        @DREAMER: Foreign workers are NOT better than Americans, you delusional POS. I work with INDIAN CONSULTANTS from HCL, Wipro, TCS, INFOSYS, Cap Gemini every day and their language skills SUCK! Their writing skills in English SUCK, they communicate poorly and oftentimes they DO NOT get the job done correctly the first time.

        You have just shown a form of reverse racism by placing whatever ethnicity you come from ABOVE Americans. I don’t care if you were brought here as a child. You and your parents should be deported immediately.

      • Cheaper? Absolutely!
        Better? LMFAO!
        For 15 years as a consultant, I’ve worked with the “better” from the top three suppliers of off- shore workers. At least 150 people that were identified as “better”. Plain and simple, they were not “better”.
        But who am I to complain? The lack of (real) education, experience and technical knowledge keeps my practice in demand.
        If you want to say “cheaper” go ahead, but you can’t prove “better” because the facts will not back you up.

      • Josua Tree

        Unfortunately, the Anonymous Indian that wrote that Indians keep on taking power and control of this country is partially right if we don’t take prompt action. They way is to create a louder voice against the abuse of many companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook juts to mention a few, they make money from the American people and give the opportunities to the cheap indians (which are not good either most of the time). Our young people, stuck with thousands of dollars in debt while this companies collect ridiculous amounts of money for the CEOs and executives. I worked for amazon and I remember one e-mail sent about the company employees donating 5 million dlls for fighting poverty and then in the news Jeff Bezos buying one more 100+ million apartment in NY for his properties collection. He keeps on shipping the jobs to Mumbai and we keep buying from him. I’m sure if there would be a e-commerce company which had a real American spirit, would trive to this blood sucking companies. I’m not a Trump supporter but one good thing he did was to reduce the numbers indians coming into the country. Big companies, make all the money you want but play fair, don’t exploit poorly designed laws and corrupt politiciands influence to exploit and trash the country that allowed you to be born, don’t behave like traitors, you owe to the American people before anyone else.

  4. NOTICE:

    The SR COMMENTer above is not me, not the ORIGINAL SR COMMENTer, who has COMMENTed here at DICE before with detailed insightful TRUTHful COMMENTs.

    Be advised such COMMENTer has hijacked and stolen my handle.

    Nothing that thief pens has ANYTHING to do with or came from me, the ORIGINAL SR COMMENTer.

    The SR COMMENTer above is an imposter.

    Kolakowski, please post some kind of standards RE stealing COMMENTers handles.

    My SR handle has now officially been stolen.

  5. Larry E Breeden

    Headline on :

    “Apple, Google, Tech Lobbying Firms Praise Biden Immigration Policies”

    President Biden’s administration is only a few days old, but some of tech’s biggest CEOs of Apple, Google, Tech Lobbying Firms praise the new Biden Immigration policies and have come out in support of his potential immigration policies. Those policies,
    in turn, could have a significant impact on how tech companies hire over the next four years.

    And you wonder why? Why would these Corporations, whose leaders have enjoyed all the opportunities, privileges, benefits, protections and freedom that America offers. All paid for by the bloodied corpses of millions of their ancestors – citizens and soldiers alike – lining that long and winding road along the 2000+ year journey to the greatest civilization to ever exist on the planet. Where the shadows cast by their tombstones provide shade and shelter from the searing heat of tyranny. And paid for by the blood sweat and tears of honest, hard-working, tax-paying Citizens. And then betray the country and its Citizens?

    The “leaders” of these corporations are a collection of the most despicable, deplorable kind of inhabitant of this country. They are like the spoiled son of a very wealthy family who did nothing to create the wealth and who takes advantage at every opportunity of his
    unearned wealth.

    Yes they helped build the wealth of giant corporations but they did it in the only nation on the planet where that is possible. The real wealth is the nation that provided them – at zero cost to them – all the opportunities, privileges, benefits, protections and freedom,
    especially Freedom under which they could prosper. They did nothing and sacrificed nothing to create that world.

    What of the ones who did sacrifice? As the Declaration Of Independence says :

    “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the
    protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our
    Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

    And the fate of the signers is told here :

    None of these corporate moguls sacrificed their Lives Fortunes and Sacred Honor – in fact they in reality sacrificed and contributed absolutely nothing toward building this great nation. Building a giant Corporation is nothing compared to building a nation whereby
    one can build a giant corporation. None of them deserve our respect.
    They are Creatures of Moral Turpitude of the highest – no lowest order.

  6. It is not about whose administration. It is a fact that both republicans and democrats have not been thinking about the best interest of their population. Most western countries have been made an immigration paradise for the people from 3rd world. Yet the countries they come from remain their own. No one from the west wants to go there. Yet they come here and start putting demands because they are backed up my either administration which have been serving interests of global entity.

  7. The only thing we can do is keep them out of our companies. I had to interview one recently. Looked great on paper. Manager wanted To hire him. I was able to play to amplify the reservations of the hiring manager and keep it out. Because it soon as they get a foot in the door, they get in a hiring position, start bringing in all their Compatriots ( because we are the racists) then We are out of work.

  8. Trumpster

    Of course tech companies love Biden. He just allowed them to higher cheaper employees and eliminate “high paid” US employees.
    And allowing 11 million illegals to become citizens, that will help our struggling economy. Paying them unemployment now, emergency room visits, putting more pressure on our systems, etc.
    Not sure how this is going to get the economy started.
    Biden sure loves the US, not.

  9. Keystone pipeline shutdown results in 11,000 good paying union jobs lost.
    Defunding of law enforcement results in untold number of police to be furloughed, some of those jobs being union.
    Capitulating to China in regards to intellectual property resulting in losses to the US competitive advantage.
    Unskilled H1-b being allowed to saturate the US tech market, driving down demand for quality tech workers.
    Was it the Trump administration that hated the American working person?
    I say “No”.
    Then which administration hates the American worker?
    You can answer that question yourselves.

  10. Trial Error

    All the Democrats want is to take away civil rights and become dictators by any means necessary. This is one of many ways they are getting around the constitution and screwing over American citizens. Bigger government because us dumb peasants need to be taken care of.

  11. Anonymous

    No matter which party is in power, one thing is for sure Indians will keep flooding this stupid country and take up all the good jobs here, nothing you morons can do to stop it, deal with it.