H-1B Policy: How Trump and Biden Compare to Each Other

We’re just under a week away from Election Day, and it’s worth comparing the respective policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden when it comes to the H-1B. The outcome of the election could impact this visa in strikingly different ways.

Trump and H-1B

When he began campaigning for President in 2016, Trump vowed to curb the H-1B. “We shouldn’t have it, it’s very, very bad for workers,” he said on the campaign trail. “It’s unfair to our workers and we should end it.” His campaign surrogates also took a hard line on the visa, especially former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

After Trump was elected, though, his administration declined to push for the visa’s outright elimination, likely due to pushback from tech firms and various interest groups. Instead, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other government agencies launched a series of reforms, some of them significant and others relatively insubstantial. Among those proposals: Readjusting the H-1B lottery process in order to admit more applicants with advanced degrees. 

USCIS also pushed aggressively to end H-4 EAD, which gives the spouses of H-1B holders the ability to work in the U.S. That initiative, along with some others, quickly ended up mired in the court system.

By 2019, Trump himself seemed to have veered from “kill H-1B” to “reform it”:

The net result of the Trump administration’s actions: A rapidly declining H-1B approval rate. Business-services and consulting firms, which are regularly accused of misusing the H-1B visa to import cheaper replacements for U.S. tech workers, have been particularly hard-hit by this trend. 

Earlier this year, Trump veered yet again, issuing a temporary ban on the H-1B and other visas. That ban was shot down by United States District Judge Jeffrey S. White’s ruling in National Association of Manufacturers, et al. v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security,  

Even as legal pushback ended the ban, the Trump administration finally got around to launching the sweeping reform of the H-1B system that it had promised for years, with a Department of Labor (DOL) Interim Final Rule designed to reform the H-1B system from the ground up. Under the new guidelines, visa applications will undergo a stricter review, while companies will need to pay H-1B workers more.  

“We’re making good on President Trump’s promise that he made to the American people nearly four years ago, to restore the integrity to the immigration system, to protect Americans from those who seek to exploit our system for personal gain, and to never forget each and every hard-working American struggling to provide for his or her family,” Ken Cuccinelli, senior official performing the duties of the director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), said on a call with journalists.

If Trump is re-elected, what will the next four years hold for the H-1B? Certainly the reforms outlined by the DOL will go through. The big question is whether Trump will act on his occasional impulse to ban the visa altogether.

Biden and H-1B

Biden’s campaign website offers a straightforward position on work-based immigration:

“[Biden] will increase the number of visas offered for permanent, work-based immigration based on macroeconomic conditions and exempt from any cap recent graduates of PhD programs in STEM fields. And, he will support first reforming the temporary visa system for high-skill, specialty jobs to protect wages and workers, then expanding the number of visas offered and eliminating the limits on employment-based green cards by country…”

While on the campaign trail in July, Biden also stated that he would lift the Trump administration’s temporary ban on H-1B visas. “[Trump] just ended H-1B visas the rest of this year. That will not be in my administration,” he told a digital town hall meeting.

It’s unclear, however, what Biden’s campaign means by “reform.” Will he enact something similar to the DOL’s latest Interim Final Rule? Will he keep the current wage structure? Whatever decisions he makes, it could have a seismic impact on whether the H-1B denial rate stays elevated over the next four years, or whether it returns to pre-Trump patterns. 

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  1. The federal government has done a great job….of being an epic failure in everything it touches. Covid-19. Trade. the economy. Basically it is good at setting up systems that the unscrupulous can game for money and power, while those of us such systems were supposed to be help find ourselves locked-out. The H1B visa program is constantly being gamed one way or another, yet nothing gets done for American IT workers, be they computer programmers, software engineers, system’s analysts, or whatever popular job title you want to apply. By the way, the IT-field is not considered a ‘STEM-field’ in the federal government’s list of STEM-disciplines. I know that is phrased clumsily and full of holes, but it is essentially the fact.

    • Trump administration did several things superficially to curb H1B but less has changed. The recent Visa ban only reduced travel affecting the lives of those workers. It did not curb H1B. How is it possible that all the layers of employees under a Director are from a single country? If someone in such a position has a tree of 100 employees and over 95% are from one country, shouldn’t they be identified and fired? If I Work from Home, even during Covid, from a different state my tax liability changes, and employers stop me from doing so. Big Tech companies have allowed H1B workers to WFH from their homes internationally. Even their stay is not getting counted. Is it fair? What is the administration during?

    • Wrong on all points Stevew. Your opinions are not facts. Essentially, you sound like you work for Joe Biden. President Trump has absolutely helped the American worker, he’s made trade deals to benefit Americans, he’s forced other countries to put in their fair share of monies, his tax breaks have helped American families, etc. I am seeing more tech jobs become available to American workers at great salaries. These are facts.

    • The importing of foreign workers into the STEM and other fields should be outright banned. There is no need for it. Americans, in general, are not inferior to other countries’ people. The problem is that the H1-B program was started and maintained in the United States in order to curb the salaries for STEM workers; plain and simple. Companies and the politicians that were courted by the Companies lobbying groups wanted to reduce the salaries of technical workers in order to maximize profit. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to maximize profit, it should, ideally, not be done at the expense of employees. With the significant drop in salaries as a result of flooding the market with potential workers, came a climate where smart Americans are going to choose other, more rewarding fields. And hence, the decline in enrollments in the STEM fields. It’s as plain as day, and we have no one but the politicians to blame for this travesty.

  2. The federal government has done a great job….of being an epic failure in everything it touches. Covid-19. Trade. the economy. Basically it is good at setting up systems that the unscrupulous can game for money and power, while those of us such systems were supposed to be help find ourselves locked-out. The H1B visa program is constantly being gamed one way or another, yet nothing gets done for American IT workers, be they computer programmers, software engineers, system’s analysts, or whatever popular job title you want to apply. By the way, the IT-field is not considered a ‘STEM-field’ in the federal government’s list of STEM-disciplines. I know that is phrased clumsily and full of holes, but it is essentially the fact.

    • IdiotsForBiden

      >>of being an epic failure in everything it touches. Covid-19. Trade. the economy.
      Try watching something other than MSN and CNN and get the brainwashing out of your head.

      >>What Trump has done to Immigrants is exactly what Hitler did to Jews.
      Yeah? Where are the trains and concentration camps? I must have missed those on the way to work today.

      • the concentration camps are the slaughter houses. If they had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian. BTW, do you know they got this concept of slaughter houses from the concentration camps? Give up meat my friend. You dont need it. fruits and grains, they come from the Sun, soil and rain. Meat, comes from blood, pus and pain. Today you’re fighting about me and mine, I’m American, he’s Indian and what not. Tomorrow, who knows, we may take birth in America, but as a dog, or a cat. Transmigration is a real thing.

  3. John Doe

    As long as H-1B visa holders are in charge of the hiring process, nothing will change for US citizens. No increases in pay will help, no changing to any discrimination laws will help, nothing will make a difference. The US government has to insist all visa workers be sent home to their respective countries (India) and has to financially punish companies for all outsourced positions before it would make a difference, and that will never happen. Advise your friends and kids to avoid the IT and engineering fields. Trump made promises and reneged on them, so he lost my vote. Biden was in favor of the H-1B increases way back when and is fine with credit card companies punishing citizens with rates that are close to double what used to be considered usury, so there’s not a chance in hell he would ever get my vote, dementia aside.

    • I too am disappointed that H1-B and related was not cancelled entirely. However, Trump has to act within the law as written and all of Congress is corrupted. Trump did cancel this years wave of H1-B’s due to corona-virus – he could do that under the law, even though a democrat judge has overruled that decision. Trump did reform the H1-B system to make more difficult and expensive to bring one over. I think that is why I am seeing multiple job offers for more money and a college student I know is being paid as an intern. That is progress.

      Staying home because you did not get the total result you wanted is a vote for Biden. If Biden is elected, all that progress goes away. 85K H1-B’s turn into 185K immigrant crushing us again. The system will return to a free for all, this is why the Tech titans are suppressing the Hunter Biden/Pedophile; Joe Biden selling influence laundering the money through his family. Please get out and vote for Trump for your own benefit.

  4. Trump for Nation. He is not kind of ‘send millions for election campaign and get your people in, take away employment or business’. His records shows that he is for the nation. Nation first, not political gain or power.
    Nation watching why some leaders are quite on racism (should be investigated whether it is funded), violence, simply disputing stimulus package deal for months (don’t bother people suffering, we know how to blame Trump for it or media is there to manage it) which are targeted to disrupt and defame Trump.
    Any immigration rules to protect Citizens are welcome. 6.8 million leaves India every year per recent survey. It doesn’t mean that other countries have to change the laws to accommodate them. Permit visas for temporary work without option to green card and citizenship. stop chain immigration, diversity green cards.
    US Citizens have no other country to go for their survival.

  5. Biden would not take Americans needs into consideration and would try to reactivate US involvement in TPP to satisfy corporate donors – as did Obama. The strategy would be a continuation of the Obama and Clinton plans and attempts for bad immigration policy. The H4 EAD – allowing a flood of workers with no demonstrated labor need – would be quickly reactivated. The whole ‘staple a green card to the diplomas of foreign students (and we get what, 800k each year?) would be a horrible way for our students and children to experience the reverse discrimination that many already see in academia, especially grad schools . Nothing like being discriminated against in your own country in the job market, too.
    Biden does not offer any sense of confidence for anyone in STEM , and that will spread out to other areas.
    We cannot afford Biden – or Harris (and really, Biden doesn’t appear to be capable of lasting a full four year term so be afraid, very afraid.)

  6. Indians love their people back to home. one of best comment seen in India media about h1b post:
    Just like India wants to protect its citizens from Bangladesi migrants so does USA. The democrats are very much like Congress more muslim immigrants means more votes. 90% of Indian immigrants and non-white immigrants vote for Democrats, so Democrats like open borders from Mexico and loose immigration policy.
    Quite like Modi’s India first policy, Trump has similar policy and so many of struggling white Americans support him. The minorities support Biden, quite like our Indian friend who spent 13 years there. Chance of US citizenship is another 10 years away so be happy you made money and return to India. Serve the country that served you.

  7. Jake Leone

    We need to realize that our system ends at the border. Just past the border, the laws of other countries prevail. Countries use that advantage to lure jobs from the United States. We must be willing to respond in kind.

    China and India tariff (already expensive) American goods 100-300%, we should be prepared to do the same. If for no other reason then because we must have the tools to persuade other countries to cooperate on opening up free trade. Unilaterally giving up those tools, causes other countries to completely ignore their unfair trade policies, in fact it rewards them to ignore such trade policies, our trade agreements, and international trade agreements.

    When economic models on trade are presented by academics, they discuss the trade only with respect to the needs of the consumer. They don’t discuss the impacts on workers, worker skill building, and national interest. Somehow, those are irrelevant to economists.

    Yet those same economists will discuss the impact of monopoly, of an unskilled workforce, war as separate somehow un-relatable, isolated things. Never, not once, equating a lack of jobs and opportunity, in the country that is experiencing the effects of monopoly (including a defacto trade monopoly), the digression to an unskilled workforce, or eventual war (due to a natural knee-jerk switch to ultra-nationalism.

    China completely bars our Big Tech companies, yet we free trade with the?

    Europe was able to dominate world trade, because the European workers were more skilled and had better tools than all other nations. It is critical, that a nation develop, internally, a skilled workforce. Failing to do this, puts us on par with other 3rd world nations in Africa and South America. Business people sense this and are more than willing (when other countries make the opportunity) to move their companies offshore.

    Further, these changes Trump has made, merely reserve H-1b visas for the most advanced positions (by virtue of the salary ranking). That should actually be applauded by Big Tech. Yet they are against a salary ranking for the H-1b lottery, Against a long overdue increase in the salary requirements. Why??? Well the answer is because these big tech companies all have big contracts with these same Offshore Outsourcing companies to fill their starting positions.

    The same starting positions that could be used to train U.S. citizens and re-develop our domestic STEM workforce. They whine like drug addicts, without reason, without thinking, just feeling that it is wrong because Trump did it. What myopic, whining, addicts of government handouts we have at the top of these tech companies.

    And so millions die. Because economists present such overly simplistic models. Such models are often picked up as slogans, such as “Survival of the fittest”. I guess saying “Survival of those who develop a better workforce” just wreaks of too much communism for business propaganda to even consider.

    Yet here we are, the communists are going to grow at 5% this year. The cronies in India are continuing to suck jobs out of the U.S. economy, and soon (under Biden) with the full assistance of the U.S. Federal Government, once again.

    We became overly dependent on China for things such as PPE. We hesitated to close our borders because of the whining of the Globalists. News Flash, Globalism is a mythical idea, it simply does not exist. Other countries use our withdraw from thinking, our daydream, to continue to operate as countries and for the benefit of their own.

    Obama was easy going on the Offshore Outsourcing companies, during the Great Recession. And the result was that while Americans were losing their jobs and home to Outsourcing companies, India built 100 billion dollar per year service export industry, and the U.S. represents 80% of that export business.

    All the while, these 2 countries tariffed already expensive American goods 100-300%. And gave themselves an 18 year exemption from the Paris Climate accords (which Obama agreed to with a big smile, hey this was “his legacy”, what about the American workforce, Obama?

    The American workforce had to struggle through the slowest recovery in U.S. history, under Barrack Obama. And they remembered, and it cost Hillary the election (she also initially completely supported the Paris Climate accord, but toward the end, after actually talking to voters, and thinking, started to express some doubts (way too late)).

  8. Common_Man

    Many jobs postings I see say that they don’t hire folks on Visa. These are only available to only citizens or GC holders. Under Trump’s administrations, number of RFE’s and denials given for wage level 1 are huge and so already a lot of the low paying jobs have been eliminated. If the H-1B is eliminated, IT companies would simply outsource completely to India or set up offices in Canada. So its better to have H-1B and learn to live with it rather than losing most of IT to outsourcing.

    • Bob Gill

      This is the best outcome! Let it happen! I would much rather have them hire them in their own countries and keep them there then trying to change this country demographics overnight. This is a recipe for disaster and major upheaval. Plus indians think they are entitled to American jobs and dollars. No other country acts or behaves this way. Enough is enough.

  9. Jake Leone

    Before Trump, most of the H-1b visas went to Offshore Outsourcing companies.

    Patrick Thibodeau at Computer World laid this out a few years ago during the Obama administration, using data supplied by the Federal Governent.

    The Offshore Outsourcing companies would game the system and stuff in a huge number of H-1b requests, knowing that that alone would increase their chances of winning H-1b visas, and it worked spectacularly for them.

    The Offshore Outsourcing companies DO NOTHING BUT get Americans to train their H-1b replacements, as a prelude to moving entire departments overseas.

    Obama was very easy going on the Offshore Outsourcing companies. He did nothing to stop them from oversubscribing the H-1b system. The result was a record slow U.S. recovery. At a time when Americans were losing their homes and jobs, India built a 100 billion dollar/yr service export industry, and the U.S. was 80% of their exports.

    No, it is insane to go back to being easy going on the Offshore Outsourcing companies.

    Look, I started out in one of those low level jobs. And have paid millions in taxes to our State and Federal government (consider this carefully Democrats). The worst thing you can do is “Learn to live with it”. No, it needed to be changed. But corporate lobbyists prevented that for decades, until they met with an Un-Buyable President.

    These changes will actually make more H-1b visas available to companies that are originating technology. This is because half the H-1b visas were going to Offshore Outsourcing companies and a significant number of others went to companies simply wanting to cut Americans out of starting jobs.

    Also, people leaving for Canada, or frankly any other place than the Bay Area is actually good for the local workers. This in turn relieves the housing crisis and freeway clog that is costing California workers and taxpayers immensely.

    What makes the Bay Area great is the liberal laws that allow people to leave and start competing businesses. And the educational institutions that feed in people at all levels in the business economy.

    Americans have rights, one of those rights is the right to leave your job and start another company. Unfortunately, the H-1b to Green Card wait prevents this, for H-1b workers from India (who have no choice but to return to abject poverty). A lot of those H-1b visas were going to people from India, who have a huge Green Card wait time. But now, the dynamic will change, as salaries are allowed to rise to market rates, technology companies will have instead turn to filling positions that actually require rare skills… Instead of using the H-1b visa to fill positions such QA engineer, build engineer, DB system manager.

    With a greater diversity of candidates the H-1b to Green Card wait will slowly unclog. More people will obtain Green Cards, and simultaneous to that, be able to leave their employer and start a competing business.

    But I will say, we need to unclog the India H-1b to Green Card wait time. That one change is a good thing that needs to get done. Just don’t pollute the bill with riders, pork, and hidden agendas that put current Americans at risk (unnecessarily). I say this because government should work for the people. It should work for business only so that it can serve the people.

    Intel, Apple and many other great tech companies were founded by people who left their current company and started new ones in the U.S. You can’t do this so easily on the East Coast, because of non-compete laws that protect businesses.

    I believe many Big Tech companies don’t like the Trump’s H-1b salary reforms, because many big tech companies actually have contracts with Offshore Outsourcing companies. Frankly, if Offshore Outsourcing companies were removed from the H-1b system, we would never have seen a shortage of H-1b visas. Frankly, our American tech companies don’t know what to do with an excess supply of H-1b visas, other than to lobby on behalf of the Offshore Outsourcing companies, so these Outsourcing companies can in turn bring in cheap labor.

    Offshore Outsourcing companies pay the lowest salaries of all the companies that use H-1b visas. They have in the past used more than half of the H-1b visas.

    The H-1b visa scam and propaganda by the tech companies has been a huge lie.

    But no one at these Big Tech companies, no one at Twitter or Facebook, will EVER BE FACT CHECKED on their lies regarding this program. They control the narrative… And that is actually our biggest economic error.

  10. It looks like most of the comments recognize what Trump has done FOR us – instead of TO us. By crippling H1-B, my wages have gone up and I am fielding multiple offers. How many of you will BE OUT VOTING FOR TRUMP. Make sure you take friends and family to do same!

        The clown in the White House just brokered four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.
        The buffoon in the White House is the first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower.
        The clown in the White House has had the greatest impact on the economy, bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to the Black and Latino population of ANY other president. Ever.
        The buffoon in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties.
        The buffoon in the White House turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues.
        The clown in the White House neutralized the North Koreans, stopped them from developing a further nuclear capability, sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US.
        The clown in the White House turned our relationship with the Chinese around, brought hundreds of businesses back to the US, and revived the economy. Hello!!!!!!!
        The clown in the White House has accomplished the appointing of three Supreme Court Justices and close to 300 Federal Judges.
        This same clown in the White House lowered your taxes, increased the standard deduction on your IRS return from $12,500 for Married Filing Joint to $24,400 and caused your stock market to move to record levels over 100 times, positively impacting the retirements of tens of millions of citizens.
        The clown in the White House fast-tracked the development of a COVID Vaccine – it will be available within weeks – we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations.
        The clown in the White House rebuilt our military which the Obama administration had crippled and had fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office.
        I got it, you don’t like him. Many of you utterly hate and despise him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names and laughing about him catching the China virus ?????
        And please educate me again as to what Biden has accomplished for America in his 47 years in office?
        I’ll take a ‘clown’ any day versus a fork tongued, smooth talking hypocritical corrupt liar. Please let it be known, I am not sure I would want to have a beer with him (if he drank, which he doesn’t) or even be his friend. I don’t care if I even like him. I want a strong leader who isn’t afraid to kick some ass when needed. I don’t need a fatherly figure – I already have one. I don’t need a liar – that’s what Hollywood and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and the New York Times are for.
        I don’t need someone to help me, but I also don’t want an obstacle or a demented, senile washed-up Swamp Monster.
        The world is a dangerous place – history has proven that. If the ‘world’ loves our President- its probably since he and our country is a chump for admiration.
        God bless Donald Trump – the most unappreciated President in history.

  11. If you want to know how we got policies like “bring in foreign workers to suppress Americans wages”, go to nypost.com (4th largest paper in US) and find the Biden/Corruption stories that are blacked out by Twitter/Facebook/Google/Microsoft. You can read a documented tale of a typical Washington politician laundering bribes through family members-like they all do. The twist, is this one took bribes from nuclear armed US adversaries. This story is NOT a disinformation campaign, as they have a receipt with Biden signature, letter from Biden attorney requesting laptop (after abandoning it) , sworn testimony, Joe bragging on tape (idiot). damning emails and texts that are all consistent with known facts…Biden is known to have taken bribes from China, India, Russia, Ukraine. what do we not know? Find the story at nypost.com as it is blacked out, you won’t hear about as CBS/nbc/abc/cnn/et al plan on dragging Joe across the finish line.

  12. “ Under globalists like Biden, the neoliberals have destroyed of hundreds of thousands of good middle-class and upper-middle-class jobs. That is what killed the American dream. The American Dream is, if you want to find it, you go to the cemetery. That’s where you’re gonna find the people have actually lived it. If you’re a millennial, looking to get into the job market, or you’re a boomer getting ready to retire, you’re very insecure right now … I wish Biden would be more concerned about the body.”

    • The politicians didn’t kill anything. The rich killed it for the middle class. Place the blame where it really is. The politicians work for the rich, not for the middle class. We pay for everything but what the rich want is what actually happens. Publically held companies march to Wall Street expectations and they will attempt to make those expectations anyway possible including bringing in cheap labor from other countries, offshoring, layoffs, environmental shortcuts, etc. America runs on capitalism. It’s entertaining to read these comments where people say vote for Trump and then others vote for Biden. Neither candidate is impressive. As usual, voters get to choose the lesser of the 2 evils and not voting is the same as voting for Trump. Don’t think that your high principles remain intact just because you aren’t casting a vote. You can’t vote on 1 issue either. You have to consider the larger picture.

  13. Removing greencard cap per country under Biden is unbelievable! You know what that means? That means country will be flooded by Indians and Chinese. Not only it threatens US Citizens jobs, it also won’t let any other countries citizens to get greencard! Because Indian and Chinese each have 1B population, no more diversity because they won’t have a chance.

    Also Trump’s H1B policies were great for US tech employees. It’s Chinese and Indian government’s responsibility to create job for their people! If we can then we do but not at the expense of our own population.

    And Kamala Haris is half Indian, don’t be surprised if she follows pro-India policies like that!

  14. SaitoRyan

    What Trump has done to Immigrants is exactly what Hitler did to Jews. Find a scape-goat for all economic and social issues. And German people had cheered/supported that move. History never changes.

    • Jews did not flood into Germany and caravans and waves. Jews were not present in Germany illegally. Jews were German citizens and has lived there for generations. If you had actually studied history, you would realize that the Hitler parallel is antifa and BLM Serving as the militant wing of the Democrat party. The bolshevik parallel (Soviet union) is the targeting of police by BLM and antifa. Read about The techniques Bolsheviks and Nazis Used to come to power — you should be terrified.

  15. The reason I am saying “vote for Trump, not Biden” is because he is the first one to hold office who has NOT been purchased by “the rich”. The decisions he has made have benefited American workers – – like crippling the H1B system. Biden on the other hand is not only purchased by the rich, is also purchased by our nuclear armed adversaries. You can read about it in the New York post ( the fourth largest paper, nypost.com ) , But to prove my point, “the rich” (silicon valley oligarchs) Are blacking out the story in the media they control using the same techniques they sold to the CCP.

    • In the summer of 2016, recruiters called me often – mostly from overseas. You could tell because you could not understand most of them and the call sound quality was so bad. Every month the rates went down. I was fielding calls as low as $45/hr, no benefits. I made that in 1993 when I started in IT. In pandemic 2020 I am fielding multiple offers in the range of $100/hr with benefits. This is a perfect example of Econ 101’s supply and demand. Limit supply (cheap indentured foreign labor) and prices go up (my wages).

      The shame is the worst hit by H1B are the idiot millennials who will vote for BIden. Graduating seniors have to compete for the entry IT jobs( ie Helpdesk, Junior Devs, etc) with cheap indentured foreign labor. If you want to get out of your mom’s basement, wake-up and realize this is your pocketbook issue.

      The #2 shame is the worst hit by illegal immigration are poor un-educated minorities. The entry level jobs they need to get started in life are taken by illegal immigrants suppressing American’s wages. I used to work in high school, that was not possible in 2016 due to illegal immigrants taking those jobs. Before the pandemic hit, people in that demographic saw wages rise approximately $5000/year. Employers were even hiring those with prison records because getting workers was so hard. If you want to get back to work, wake-up and realize this is your pocketbook issue.

      The #3 shame is that both of these groups are to ill-informed to realize “the rich” used these programs to get richer while the victims get poorer. Democrats wanted more “voters” and Republicans wanted cheap labor. TRUMP is the only one making decisions that benefit these two groups.

      If Biden is elected, these policies will be reversed and millennials will be back in their mom’s basement and the un-educated poor will stay poor with no hope.

  16. Johnny The Line Grunt

    The graph speaks for itself. Trump promised a drastic reduction in the H1-B abuse and he has delivered. Promise and delivery. Wow, what a concept.

    Joe Biden’s word means nothing. The Tech Billionaires Boys Club wants that H1-B curve reversed. Joe’s 40 years cash-and-carry speaks for its – for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

    • Joseph P Longo

      Thank you. I felt like I was hollering into the wind. Make sure you get out and vote for Trump and educate you co-workers to do the same. We can still turn this around. If Trump loses, it is the end of America and the beginning of one party rule. To paraphrase the Jews, when someone says they want to destroy our country, believe them.

  17. Sumon Sarkar

    I am a registered Democrat. However, I would like to share a very alarming story of myself. At the end of Obama’s last term I didn’t have job for almost two years. I consider myself as highly skilled Telecom/IT engineer. Whenever I applied for a job I got return call from recruiters with Indian accent. I sent my updated resume and I never received a call for interview. It happened until Obama left White house. By this time I burned my retirement/pension savings already. One month or two after Trump become POTUS everything changed. I got several interviews and subsequently 2/3 job offers in very short time. Thanks God I am working since them. Pres Trump did not do what he promised to curb H1-B numbers and abolish EAD for H4. But, his directive to intense vetting of H1-B applicants stopped a large numbers of fake visa applicants from India and created much needed job opportunities for the Americans like me. Biden already declared once he becomes the President he will open up the flood gate for the H1-B again. Obama was a disaster for the Americans who needed a good job. Obama created and supported a situation where Americans lost job to make room for the mostly Indian H1-B visa holders.

  18. I have worked contract jobs in silicon valley. Some of the hindus that worked there are racist. Because they joke about other ethnicities which I heard them talk to each other as I was in my cubicle listening.

  19. What can be done about scam indian employment recuiters? Have any of you gotten waves of job offers by people with indian names and up to five of them at a time scrambling and harrassing you to offer you a job over the phone/email but insist you quickly give them your personal information such as last four digits of your social security number, passport number, driver’s license number, etc because time is of the essence. Once they get what they want, they disappear. A lady that I worked with one time told me her husband that works in google had seen how Hindus (indians) steal peoples personal info and re-use it among themselves to extend their stays in the USA.

    • @Rio that’s identity theft and fraud which is a felony. You and your husband should report who you can to ICE/USCIS and get the company banned from operating in the US. I truly hate how big tech whine like worthless junkies demanding taxpayers subsidize their incompetent management skills.

  20. Here is another question? The H1B visas are supposed to be for so called “highly skilled workers.” Why are the “highly skilled workers,” only from India? Supposedly there are people in other countries that have better education or can be “high skilled workers” better than hindus who have a lower quality of education system.

    But here in the San Francisco Bay area our locals are educated in high quality universities like Standord, Cal Berkeley, the Cal State Universities, etc. I am sure our schools here are much better than the schools in India where the so called, “high skilled workers,” get their education from.

  21. I too am disappointed that H1-B and related was not cancelled entirely. However, Trump has to act within the law as written and all of Congress is corrupted. Trump did cancel this years wave of H1-B’s due to corona-virus – he could do that under the law, even though a democrat judge has overruled that decision. Trump did reform the H1-B system to make more difficult and expensive to bring one over. I think that is why I am seeing multiple job offers for more money and a college student I know is being paid as an intern. That is progress.

    Staying home because you did not get the total result you wanted is a vote for Biden. If Biden is elected, all that progress goes away. 85K H1-B’s turn into 185K immigrant crushing us again. The system will return to a free for all, this is why the Tech titans are suppressing the Hunter Biden/Pedophile; Joe Biden selling influence laundering the money through his family. Please get out and vote for Trump for your own benefit.

  22. anony.sufferer

    Few idiots think IT jobs are not a part of STEM field. He should read the abbreviation of STEM in first place. Indian H1b worker life is equal to slavery in USA for most. He/She cannot raise their voice towards anything in the company, cannot ask for raise, cannot change jobs, pay taxes for 12years+ and still be a temporary worker with unstable life who owns a house, car etc and pays everything as per law and still gets hated from unsuccessful people. Imagine a equally or less talented other country national who gets green card in 2 years and Indians waiting for 12+ years? Insance isn’t it? Why do you see so many Indians in h1b? Because they were never given green cards like other country nationals. Kicking out Indian employees will fix this? NO. Think practically, if you do not want Indians, limit h1b per country. Then you will see GC wait times increase for other countries as well. Every government left this broken system for decades and now you all start crying because you only see Indians in h1b visa system paying huge fees every year or other and get no benefits compared to other country nationals who get GC in 2years.If you do not understand this concept, you are retarded.

    • BeenThereDoneThat

      Today’s problem with H1B is that almost 90% of the quota are occupied by Indian workers most of which have contracts with Indian companies or teachers of universities or employers to bring them over in US for a fee. The contracting company receives kickback bonus/payments often in overseas banks. This was confirmed on numerous occassions where hiring managers got fired when caught. The H1B quota was designed to have a talent pool of people who get degree locally in US but that has been tossed around. Almost all tech companies’ hiring and promotion managers are from India who favor to hire their own kind and promote their own kind. Outsourcing jobs to India and then again giving the entire quota to Indian opportunists prevent local foreign students who made investment to study through the legitimate process. Favoring the ready-made overseas employees over these foreign students is not justified and are against the value or motive of the H1B program. The H1B program has been abused to the extent that companies’ work culture is changed as favoritism has become rampant clearly dominated by Indians. Often times projects, assignments and critical information are isolated from a non-indian employee in a team by his/her indian team-mates. The issue becomes very problematic when an entire chain of commands immerse in to the culture. Who ever wins presidential election has responsibilities to address the problem to make it fair. Giving high salary to the H1B workers of India will make it even worse since first job needs to be guranteed for a legitimate foreign student worker who made the investment going through a legitimate process. Americans know the abuse of H1B very well now. This need to be addressed in a neutral manner.

  23. Jake Leone

    Switching to a higher salary bar and then later, making the Green Card process more efficient will help. The higher salary bar will weed out H-1b workers that are basically beginners, who take QA jobs, or other starting IT positions (that you can learn to do without a degree, with some course work at a community college), and then hire a lying lawyer to fake their resume and perm ad.

    I agree, the long wait for the Green Card is insane. One of the big problems with H-1b is that it leaves us with workers that can’t take advantage of their full 13th amendment right, to leave without any repercussion for some other job. Employers love it, but it is just a case of the Federal government picking the winners and losers in the Free Market place. And workers in this country (be they Green Card holders or citizens) (and just like in any other country) enjoy franchise rights (it is not some sort of entitlement, just normal for any country on this planet).

    We reserve franchise rights for workers for a lot of reasons. Citizens will are draftable. Other workers, with permits, often can take advantage unemployment, workers compensation, pay taxes, so Yes, giving those workers the same protection (from a massive an overwhelming possibility of having to compete for job in the U.S. with every other worker the world). Makes total sense, if for no other reason than to simply get them off the unemployment line, should they be laid off.

  24. Every Dice article I read about H1B mentions the declining approval rating, but it doesn’t actually tell how many foreign workers received employment. If there are now 2x the number of applications, then the raw number of H1B workers would have increased! Please, publish the raw numbers and not the approval rate of applications.

  25. Before Trump came into office, I was out of work for almost 2 years because I was 57 years old with 20 years managing SAP projects and support organizations and apparently paid too much for my experience. Less than 9 months after Trump took office and started correcting the rampant H1-B abuse by Tata, the Big 4 consulting houses and the humdreds of boutique firms, my phone was ringing off the hook and my email was loaded up with inquiries about my status for perm and consulting gigs. Biden will throw the doors wide open again to abuse because his pockets are line with tech and staffing firm dollars.

  26. Frankly this policy is not an issue to me and I would not put the president down for this policy just because I don’t think it is the best.
    Which person we elect should be based on who would be best for US citizens first not international students!

  27. Arnd dixit

    Let me tell you the true fact on skilled labour. How the labour skills itself, in India especially, is not going to an elite IT institution but around the corner side training school who dont have any specific standards of training. They cant speak proper English and install illegal softwares and call themselves a training school. Bachelor degrees can be bought and not completed. The CV is lied by stating 10 years of experience and the fact being is not more then 1 year. All these facts allow them to still qualify for H1B and replace a local job? An individual who has gone to a University by paying for his studies and getting a degree through honest means? is that what we call a fair system? This is how the government has supported the H1B for all these reasons and giving the Firms an upper hand. I would say we need really set standards of who should come to the US. Question remains who is good enough to work in the US.

  28. This Menace created by Global Companies gotta stop.
    The mess needs be cleaned and the whole system needs be revamped.
    The Problem is Global and governments have worked in favour of these companies so far.