Radical H-1B Overhaul Will Change Visa Pay, Requirements

The long-anticipated revamp of the H-1B and other visas in here, and the changes could have a seismic effect on how technology firms utilize the H-1B going forward. Those companies will have to pay their H-1B workers more, and visa applications will undergo a stricter review.

According to the Interim Final Rule issued by the Department of Labor (DOL), the lowest possible wage that a company can pay an H-1B worker will rise from the 17th percentile of a profession’s income distribution to the 45th percentile. Meanwhile, the uppermost tier “will increase approximately from the 67th percentile to the 95th percentile.” (Interim final rules can be implemented without having to go through the usual government review process, meaning this is going into effect within weeks.)

The DOL also faulted the current wage structure for allowing companies to substantially underpay specialists on the H-1B visa, potentially undercutting U.S. workers in the process. “While the prevailing wage levels the [DOL] sets in the H-1B, H-1B1, E-3, and PERM programs are meant to protect against the adverse effects the entry of immigrant and nonimmigrant workers can have on U.S. workers, they do not accomplish that goal—and have not for some time,” reads the runup to the rule. “For starters, the [DOL] has never offered a full explanation or economic justification for the way it currently calculates the prevailing wage levels it uses in these foreign labor programs.” 

Indeed, the rule continues, the current wage levels “provide an opportunity for employers to hire and retain foreign workers at wages well below what their U.S. counterparts,” leading to “downward pressure on the wages of the domestic workforce.” This wage floor ultimately “allows some firms to use H-1B workers as a low-cost alternative to U.S. workers.”

The Department of Labor estimates that H-1B workers are 10 percent of the “IT labor force” in the United States, and 22 percent of the current software developer workforce. Other changes proposed by the agency, including shortened visa lengths for certain kinds of contract workers, as well as tighter education requirements for anyone applying for an H-1B, could drive those percentages substantially lower over the next few years. 

Going forward, the DOL wants H-1B applicants to have a college degree in their actual field; someone with an accounting degree would be rejected if they applied to become a machine-learning specialist or mobile application engineer, for instance. This could reduce instances of consulting and business-services firms hiring H-1B workers for one set of tasks, then subcontracting those workers to a different company for other tasks.

Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, told CBS News that the DOL’s sweeping changes might have gone too far: “There are many problems with the H-1B program, including that there are instances where H-1B workers are replacing U.S. workers. And that’s a problem that needs to be dealt with… But the Trump administration is dealing with it by punishing all H-1B workers, and especially those that are working in third-party worksites.”

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is framing this as a protective adjustment to a controversial program. “We’re making good on President Trump’s promise that he made to the American people nearly four years ago, to restore the integrity to the immigration system, to protect Americans from those who seek to exploit our system for personal gain, and to never forget each and every hard-working American struggling to provide for his or her family,” Ken Cuccinelli, senior official performing the duties of the director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), said on a call with journalists.

The DOL’s new ruling comes the same week as a decision was reached in National Association of Manufacturers, et al. v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, wherein United States District Judge Jeffrey S. White shot down Trump’s temporary ban on the H-1B and other visas. 

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  1. This is such welcome news!
    The one thing missing from this is the per-country cap on H1b, L1 and B1 visas. The absence of a cap led to the huge numbers of H1b holders trying to get green cards and the creation of the horrible S386 which would negatively affect people seeking work-based green cards from every country other than India.

  2. Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, told CBS News that the DOL’s sweeping changes might have gone too far: ………….. But the Trump administration is dealing with it by punishing all H-1B workers, and especially those that are working in third-party worksites.”
    Whatever Trump does to help Citizens, this is how it will be presented to misguide people.

    Radical moving up of India’s EB2 and EB3 priority dates for 1-5 years just to give financial aid to self funded USCIS will cause unemployment rise to highest level as thousands of H4/dependent EADs or green cards will be issued. If H-1B ban was exceeding authority by Trump as court said, moving up of India’ priority dates too can be exceeding authority to just get financial benefit. The same court has to put back priority dates. USCIS system has to be fixed first not to depend on fees will help entire nation in long run.

  3. This is great news if it actually happens. American workers may be surprised if companies still prefer H1B workers regardless of cost. I hope that isn’t the case. Companies will not absorb this cost; they will pass it to the consumer.

    • John Doe

      I don’t think this will help unemployed US workers except if they apply to one of the few companies that have not already flooded their desks with H-1B, if there are any. Most interviews I have had over the last few years have been with Indians almost 100 percent of the time. They want to hire another Indian, and they want to hire an Indian of a caste and religion they prefer. Hiring an American citizen is their last choice. And since education and experience is of little matter, they will find someone. It would have to come from the top for there to be a change, such as the law requires a visa worker to be paid double the average salary of a US worker, since that would get the attention of the CEO, who can overrule the desire of the 28 year old visa worker conducting the interview. As long as the interviewer is thinking “a new H-1B will cost 50 percent more than what we want to pay an H-1B, but no more than what a US citizen would cost”, he will go with the H-1B. Every time.

    • rudi ratlos

      The same happened to me. I applied for the job that i had several years of experience with master’s degree in IT management. The hiring manager was an Indian and I was told by someone who knew him that he did not want even talk to me since he was looking for another fellow from India. I am a U.S. citizen and I thought what happen to this country. My citizenship and my qualification is not even worth a dime .
      They are looking for a A.. kisser like them . A submissive person .

    • They’re only asking for citizens or gc holders for security purposes. If you’re a citizen or permanent resident, you’re less likely to commit industrial espionage, or sell state secrets. And as a citizen, you’re eligible for a security clearance.
      This has nothing to do with new visa rules.

  4. But the problem is companies are okay paying H1-B unqualified folks higher salary than paying Citizens. In fact I had to train H1-B guy who also got Paid training for new tools. I am happy they are raising bar for education with the same field but then their are so many coming from an institution that sell degrees Ah but company will displace us by training them. It’s a myth H1-B gets low pay. They make more money and bring whole family, friends and relatives join them by removing American citizens. And President Trump being a business men knows how this visa is abused and so ya maybe he can’t please everyone but atleast doing what’s important for the citizens. Happy DOL and USCIS is also putting some effort in fixing.

    • In addition, these wage levels are never enforced. The hiring companies just pay what they consider is a good deal for them. No one ever checks what the H1B employee is actually making. Of course, the employee would not complain either.

  5. They need to get rid of the consulting firms and force the companies to hire H1-B as full time employees as well forcing them to shoulder the burden of full benefits. One of the reasons H1-B is attractive is because contractors are cheaper and easier to use even if the salary itself is higher. The contracting company still has to shoulder the burden of the benefits (health insurance, 401k, vacation etc). Also, it is easier to hire/fire contractors. Companies will think twice about replacing full time employees with contractors if contract H1-B labor isn’t allowed.

  6. My Company has 90% H1-B employees and all of them are full time. They are in different levels of positions. More than half of them even bought their wives as developers, DBA’s. They reject all the GC, citizen resumes. They make sure not to interview any non-indian person. So Hiring H1-B’s full time is not a good idea.

    • Indians are some of THE most racist and bigoted grpup of people I’ve ever seen. Not only do they mock and undermine American workers, their behavior is even worse if your Black. In this case, they treat them like untouchables in their own country.

      And then there’s the misogyny. God help you if you’re Indian and female. The men bend over backwards to sabotage female professionals who, in my experience, have far better skills than any of the men.

      The twisted thing with this is that the men know how to kiss up to female American management. Surreal. I’ve seen enough of this nonsense after 20 years to hope that I never have to work with another group of indian men… EVER. Who needs to deal with an Asian version of The Klan? Seriously. Go back and stay there.


    This is a joke. In the last weeks of this administration they made this changes jut to get some votes from the audience. After almost 4 years they didn’t do anything significative. If the companies have to pay more they will charge more to the client.

    • I don’t care that it is close to election time – it was done. The effort to put the brakes on H1b during the pandemic actually was done The greater effort to check the vaidity of the H1b visas with more requests for evidence was started.. This administration is doing something. Calls to senators, representative and the White House for years before this did not get us anything. Maybe YOU didn’t call and send emails but others of us did. And, by the way, the Indian body shops and the Indians wanting to be here were doing the same. Speak up and do it effectively – we are the ones who matter and we are the ones who vote.

  8. Alejandro Villegas

    H1B has to disappear for all IT , there are a lot of USA citizens that have more skills than most of the offshore people brought into the country under an h1B, for every 1000 that came from India 1 or 2 are worthy and know what they say they know, the other 998 Don’t know what they say but they lie right on your face, by the time companies find out they are worthless they already invested time and money, so they keep them since they are super cheap. This has to end

  9. Cartomancer

    During an HR presentation at my company, I was actually handed a document detailing the salary structures for all of the Indian contractors on H1B visas at my company. It was unbelievable. Most of the salaries were actually higher than what I’ve made most of my career. There’s definitely some corruption going on here.

    I’m also seeing that focusing on changing H1B is, for the most part, too little too late. Once this administration indicated it was going to modify the Visa program, the Indian contracting companies started working on domestic companies, selling them the benefits of off-shoring. I’ve lost most of my current team as a result of this. Indian contracting companies are working aggressively to take over software development markets and ensure that American workers are left with no job options. That is utterly enraging … particularly since most of the coding I’ve seen from them has largely been crap.

  10. Yes, I agree 100 %. They should reduce the time for H1B visa from three yeas to 2 years and should have limited equal quota for every country. Every Indian boss wants hire another indian guy. It should stop.

  11. Minuteman

    H1B visa program is heavily overused and corrupted. Despite of the fact, it is temporary visa for just 6 years, people work on them for over a decade. American IT specialists are replaced by cheap Indian workers, which are in majority just mediocre and not brilliant talents. I was also replaced by them, after providing detailed training on doing my work as IT analyst. I believe that current system is CORRUPTED as promotes nepotism, “casts system” and the lack of trust in American IT industry. Corporations prefer pay less money by hiring Indian outsourcing companies, without paying attention to needs of American IT workers. Stories about the shortage of American specialists available to work are simply NOT TRUE. Almost 95% of Indians contractors have very limited IT experience and/or education, with small percentage of real brilliant talents. Based on my experience, they are also quite limited with “thinking-out-of-the-box”, innovations and problem solving. Additionally, don’t see any reason why almost all H1B visas go towards Indians applicants, instead of giving chance to people from other countries. In order to fix it, H1B visas should have 7% cap, per country, as it is present with “green cards” to make sure that citizens of NOT only one country will be represented. Also, H1B applicants, especially for STEM, should have PhD degrees from RESPECTED universities to avoid current situations of applicants having degrees from “degree mills” universities from India and/or other places. Americans are tired of loosing jobs and their well-being future to H1B holders !! I do not understand, why it took about 30 years to figure out that firstly we should provide good jobs to American people, as they are obliged to pay taxes and protect our beautiful country !! By eliminating American middle-class by greedy corporations, less American people have good jobs and money to pay taxes for supporting the local communities. Simply, if you have your house with own children/family members, you should FIRSTLY take care of them, instead of looking for someone else, right?. Otherwise, you loose your significant others and completely devastate their loyalty. But who will be defending this country against enemies: American people or H1B visa holders ??? We must think strategically in long term, not just for short time to increase quarterly ROI for stockholders !!! In my understanding, any corporations preferring still outsourcing should pay corporate tax of 81%, instead of 21% OR moving overseas, like to India or other places and having 81% tariffs on their products and/or services in USA. This would teach them lesson that greed IS NOT good !! After returning well-paid jobs back to American people, corporations, if needed, would still look for REAL talents overseas ( for PhD degrees holders etc.) from all over the world ( with 7% cap per county for H1B visas), not only almost from India. The new reality would help have good jobs and prosperous future back for all American people, regardless to their race, gender, religion and/or ethnic origin. This really would help our country grow and rebuild after pandemic as well. God Bless America and American people !!!

  12. I feel this is not a US problem but a Global problem caused by Global Consulting companies who tend to move their resources as Intra Company Transferees and dump them at cheap prices in the target country. No one is talking about that yet. As long as the Global Consulting companies are given an upper hand they are going to exploit it. I myself have faced inumerous times this being a local from Germany. I have since 2007 increasingly found difficult to return to my clients who I have delivered my Services and this has been due to the policy used by company to hire offshore resources bring them onshore and replace my bread giving them theirs. There is no justification or justice why I have been out of jobs for years and months and nobody has been able to compensate me the loss. On one hand companies hire from offshore directly not because labour is scarce but it is cheap and they play this card and get away.

    • Minuteman

      @andy: Perfect comment with excellent point about global outsourcing “sweat shop” companies offering cheap labor, not brilliant talents. I have EXACTLY similar experience and lost opportunities for my family too. Globalization is the real evil here and hopefully after pandemic it will be gone, as supply chains will be local and madness of outsourcing will be trashed in the garbage of the history. Always wondered how people in Germany in 1930s could support lunatic to get into the power, but after my own experience of last ten years, I am not shocked any more. Greed of global corporations make vicious circle of history to repeat itself and currently we are going to the same direction like in 1930s. If Indian IT specialists from H1B visa program are so incredible smart, let them work in India to make their country become developed and strong, instead of ruining the future of American middle class as well.

      • Well, we need more stories and facts and experiences is someome afraid here to speak out loud. Its time we shed light on the facts and let me tell you something this is not populism or rightist thinking this is real life experience and not a PROPAGANDA !
        Guys, you in the US can do a lot as the world ecomomy depends on US and if you did not raise the issues, voices which effect us all, rightfully, we all around the world are going to loose. We need the best, honest, brains coming to the US and not any Tom, Dick and Harry. This is for me alwaya have been the American Dream !

  13. Tech worker

    Almost everyone commenting here has come to the US from a country other than India, used the same H1B, got GC in 1 year, and became a citizen in 5 years, and now blaming the program. Or they might have come on Diversity lottery or Family-based GC.
    Yes, 5-10% of total H1Bs may be abused, but I have never seen a qualified skilled American losing their position to an H1B.
    If there is anyone who is affected by H1B abused is the new college passed outs, but not people commenting here.

    • Mitchell Parker

      Just look to the Disney Corporation in 2014-2015 they replaced over 200 IT workers with foreign nationals, those workers were then given 90 days to train their replacements, who were hired to perform the exact same jobs that the employees were already doing. This was not and never was the purpose of the H1B program, however the original intention and purpose of the program got lost in the legal speak of the programs law and allowed Disney and other firms like Pfizer, Molina Healthcare, and Southern California Edison. There are others. However their primary purpose was to artificially cut their costs, not because they could not find qualified STEM employees. The wording of the H1B regulation allowed this, so while it was immoral, it was not illegal. The regs. are finally being looked at and need to be changed. I had seen these effects first hand when I worked at a large securities firm, we first outsourced to Ireland, costs grew we brought in people from India and they got outsourced by H1B people from the Philippines. Did they have special skills that domestic workers didn’t have or we needed, no the only criteria that set them apart was the cost per hour they got paid.

    • Minuteman

      @Tech worker: The problem with Indians is MAGNITUDE of Indian people flooding through H1B is program. In India we have 1.5 bln people and if ONLY 10 percent move here, we change social structure of American society for ever with bringing here cast system etc., like we didn’t have enough other problems here. If only few thousands Indian IT workers came here on H1B, like Germans, nobody would care.Instead we have corrupted system with exporting thousands of mediocre Indian IT workers as new way of making money for Indian economy. In order to fix it, PhD degree should be required and 7 percent per country annual cap applied to give all IT specialists worldwide the chance to get H1B visa, instead of having almost only Indians, as currently.

  14. Mitchell Parker

    My apologies, bear with my long comment H1B visas are a big issue and important and their are many aspects to them…

    I welcome these changes, however I think there should also be a 30% income tax surcharge to H1B employees as well as a 30% payroll tax surcharge to the company for each H1B worker. This should also include a 30% discount or credit to the payroll tax/income tax to citizen and GC holders as well as companies employing same.

    This incentive will make sure the company truly needs an H1B employee as the skills needed are not available domestically.

    The company should also need to have HR do H1B compliance, they need to provide proof of their need to utilize and hire H1B employees or remote off-shore workers, much like USDA inspectors insure our food supply.

    This position should gather the following data:
    Specific job requirements, if an item is language, why a language other then English is necessary; Where and how long job was posted; Paid invoices; Responses to posting with resumes submitted, number of people interviewed, reasons resumes or applicants were rejected or refused offers.

    The companies should also have to pay a fee that allows the government to bring in auditors to verify the information provided as well as for them to randomly reach out to a percentage of applicants that were rejected or refused offers to verify compliance.

    ALSO as this Covid-19 pandemic has shown, this program in order to be effective MUST also be available regarding REMOTE employees as well, since a company could hire someone overseas without their need to be domestically located as well.

    I am not being xenophobic, just realistic, the H1B program was created to allow companies to to bring in technical experts from other countries, WHEN the skillset needed was not available domestically. This program has been co-opted into companies being able to bring in foreign workers at lower costs and displacing domestic workers who have the skills required, but the prevailing wage is higher.

    Another item to consider are ‘consulting’ firms who are used to either supplement a companies workforce or design and deliver custom solutions to customer for specific ‘one-time’ tasks. A good percentage of these firms are primarily made up of H1B employees who are then temporarily placed at a client’s site or works at their firm’s offices, these companies have even less reason to be allowed to bring in H1B employees are there to supplement a client’s bench for a particular project, not to provide a replacement for employees. It would be the equivalent of a supermarket or any retail store using a consulting firm to bring in stockers, check-out people and deli, seafood and butchers who are not employees.

    That is not to say that consulting firms do not have a place, when a companies IT needs are such that they need a continuity of knowledge or they have approached some to be determined threshold, the benefit of having an in-house IT department becomes not only cost efficient but necessary, as the IP and ability of an in-house team for support, enhancement and creation becomes necessary in order to stay relevant, efficient and not totally dependent on a third party to provide timely assistance even when they are contractually obligated to do so. Again, let me reiterate consulting firms have their place, as supplements to a companies workbench during times of big changes, or for companies that have limited resources or are relatively static with their IT needs, but as a way to outsource an entire IT department to save money in the short term.

    Finally, H1B employees should be an interim, temporary solution after at most three years the company should be required to search for a domestic replacement or provide training to internal personnel to replace this individual.

    • Agree 100%. I strongly suggest you send a version of this to your Senators and Representatives as well as the government agency or agencies working to address these issues. Keep I mind that the Indian ‘consulting’ companies are handing over a lot of cash to ensure they have the access they need. Tara, for example, was originally in the retail auto sales market. Now they’re dominating tons of areas unrelated to autos. There’s a huge amount of business knowledge in these companies. A large portion coming from the decades where the British ran the country and established bureaucracies still active today. They use that knowledge to navigate Western countries to their benefit. And ONLY to their benefit.

  15. Ajay Gupta

    Indians – and Asian males in general – account for some 50% of the professional workforce of the global economy. Unless and until the US workforce exceeds 50% Asian – particularly lighter skinned Hindus – Americans will continue to promote an inherently racist system of exploration and white American rule.

    Most of the major financial service firms (management contusing-capital markets-investment banking) have set up an inclusive-first policy of recruitment and HR management. ALL Indians ALL the time ALL the way to 100%. NO 51%, not 98% – but 100.00000%. We will continue until we see the end of white skinned red necked employment – and justice and equality for ALL Hindu males!!!

    To those bitter, racist while males we say to you: Uber and Lyft awaits you! Their recruiters are standing by for your call.

    • As I’ve commented before, it’s the Indians who are the aggressive racists, as well as misogynists, working for American companies. Let’s no pretend that you’re a victim of oppression. The only oppression going on is generated by Indian ‘culture’. Modi has established his Hindu First stupidity in an attempt to make the boys feel like their men. And then there’s the predilection for gang-raping of innocent women unable to defend themselves against a dozen losers who can’t deal with intelligent women… especially in tech areas. With the Indians working in the US, I’ve heard ‘team leads’ tell their managers that they don’t want anymore women hired for their teams. And, if you want to see real racism, listen to how they talk about minorities… particularly Blacks. It’s worse than how they talk about their untouchables. We don’t need this kind of ignorance in the West. Let them go back to the Third World and stay there. It won’t be long before the Han Chinese set their eyes on the subcontinent and claim it as their own.

    • Minuteman

      @Ajay Gupta: Thank you for your honesty, but since MAJORITY rules, it will realistically never happens, unless Indians will be the majority of American society. History thought us that every situation has its solution, sometimes unpleasant. I ffeel sorry for people that didn’t learned the lesson from Germany in1930s as some unthinkable politically things today can be very realistic in the future as Vox Populi Vox Dei. If you will wonder how come it happenede, recallH1B

    • The next thing is to drop the H4 EAD – granting the ability for those family accompanying the H1b worker the right to work. There is NO established labor need for 200k+ to be given the right to work in the US. In a pandemic it is simply insane.
      Then, drastic cuts to the OPT – it allows employers to skip paying some taxes so the foreign “student” pay is automatically cheaper by about 8%-9% – this is also abused. And the CPT which is also abused.
      Also, UBER, LYFT, GRUBHUB etc need to be doing E-verify – all currently used to earn money by people who don’t have the right to work here.
      Call your representatives to demand 100% enforcement of E-Verify.

  16. Let me tell you the true fact on skilled labour. How the labour skills itself, in India especially, is not going to an elite IT institution but around the corner side training school who dont have any specific standards of training. They cant speak proper English and install illegal softwares and call themselves a training school. Bachelor degrees can be bought and not completed. The CV is lied by stating 10 years of experience and the fact being is not more then 1 year. All these facts allow them to still qualify for H1B and replace a local job? An individual who has gone to a University by paying for his studies and getting a degree through honest means? is that what we call a fair system? This is how the government has supported the H1B for all these reasons and giving the Firms an upper hand. I would say we need really set standards of who should come to the US. Question remains who is good enough to work in the US.

  17. I am surprise why everyone talking about the changes on H1B Visa.
    U.S president can do a little things only.This is globalist agenda.
    INDIA(socialism) vs USA (capitalism}INDIA .has a long history of Socialism.
    I don’t want to go to History now.
    Here is short and sweet stories.Big danger is coming into USA very soon.
    MODI want to destroy America –
    Rest of the World is well educated – India and China are becoming top one.
    Every American need to KNOW –
    Trump Administration is doing remove H1B VISA – which is good for American and bad for BIG corporation.After modi become PM of INDIA things have changes.
    MODI VS TRUMP now.
    MODI want more H1B VISA given to Indian if denied then BIG corporation can’t do business in INDIA.
    MODI has upper hand than TRUMP – due to USA and CHINA conflict.
    china was interning in US policy ,trump change it to USA and INDIA conflict(with support of TRUMP INDIA is escalating of border issue with China).Modi government is taking advantage of it by showing the WORLD it is like a super power of Asia.The modi government is also doing lots of things.
    1.modi(BJP) government is also modeling INDIA as replacement for USA.
    2.Modi(BJP) government is also pushing trump administration for more Indian should be involved in policy making and in higher position -like Indian Americans in politics,Indian American judges(www.americanbazaaronline.com).
    3.Modi (BJP) government want to control Dem and GOP ,past 2 decade china was controlling both parties.
    4.Modi (BJP) government wants USA to be socialist country so that all BIG corporation can be moved to INDIA.
    5.Recently INDIA court has announce – UGC declares 24 universities as fake; maximum from Uttar Pradesh,Delhi,Karnataka,Maharashtra,West Bengal,Uttar Pradesh ,Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.
    US should not hire person from above state.
    6.MODI(BJP) government is run by RSS ideology – Which is dangerous to WORLD.
    7.MODI is compared with Adolf Hitler.
    8.MODI(BJP) government is run by RSS ideology want to have conflict with white and black ,christian vs musilm in USA.
    9.They steal everything and rename it.

  18. Joe Mama

    Kamala Harris is of half Indian descent. Do you think she wants to bring more or less Indians in. Joe Biden (Joey China) is owned by the Chinese. Do you think he wants to bring in less or more Chinese H1-Bs?

  19. While the end result of this remains to be seen, I believe it is a definite step in the right direction. Not only does it help American workers, but it also helps foreign H1B workers, by not allowing companies to take advantage of them by paying them ridiculously low wages. To me, this may be a win-win for everyone. As for the lamestream media, for them anything Trump does is bad for everyone, so I don’t listen to that noise anymore.

  20. TimothyBart

    My company already moved 80% IT positions to Glasgow 2 months back for cheaper workforce in better timezone. They figured if Work from home is possible for 6 months why not for years from other location. That country dont hv no tech skills so the local co hired ppl from india and china! Global corporate care only about money. I still hv job but my colleague was managing 7 tech now dont hv anyone to manage here and probably will lose his. Just like my uncle losing manufacturing job , people were going wild about jobs (just like here) and corporations did it anyways. Capitalism has its demons. Regardless of what happens with rules and laws , these jobs will move out to cheaper places. Indian IT companies moving out of india to mexico. Google that and you get investors hailing that as good news! I trained my sons to be skilled electricians so their jobs are not work from home and probably future proof. This a is Deja Vu of the manufacturing industry.

  21. I am an Indian on H1b. I did my master’s here in mechanical engineering from a good university. And this rule is affecting people like me as well. Even though I paid for my full education here in US and just an FYI: tuition fees for international students is higher than it is for locals. I don’t know anything regarding IT sector but in automotive/mechanical it is US citizens who represent major portion (In my team of 10 I am the only one who is an outsider). Also I get paid standard salary which same as my peers who are citizens. So I would not agree with many people here saying H1b workers are always cheap to hire. There are many exceptions like myself. Also I would disagree that all H1b workers are less skilled. I am myself quite skilled and on same level as any US citizen in my profession.

  22. Discussion is not on individual experiences but on the general trend what corporations use as tactics and this is industry specific being IT majorly. We dont know and or hear about corporations doing price dumping also in the automotive industry. From experience which is from the last 25 years atleast the corporations are doing price dumping in the IT industry which has set a precedent.
    This is a Global nuisance and menace and needs be dealt by governments firmly and stop it and guarantee local workers protection.