Top 25 Employers and Metro Areas for Tech Jobs, August

We’ve entered a stage of the pandemic where more companies are thinking about their long-term plans. It’s no longer about figuring out how to enable all employees to work remotely; executives and managers are turning their focus to what they need to accomplish over the next few quarters.

In other words, it isn’t exactly a return to “normalcy,” so much as a collective attempt to align longstanding corporate roadmaps with the current reality of remote work and nationwide shutdowns. The bottom line, though, is that companies are continuing to hire, especially within many of the nation’s largest tech hubs. 

Using Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes job postings from across the country, we crunched job posting data for the 30-day period between July 12 and August 10. As you can see from the chart below, the companies hiring the most technologists are also some of the largest: Anthem Blue Cross, Amazon, IBM, General Dynamics, and more. In addition, these companies represent a select handful of industries, most notably healthcare, technology, and defense:

It stands to reason that the nation’s largest companies have the money and capacity to hire amidst a pandemic, especially if they’re involved in keeping people healthy (Anthem Blue Cross), delivering packages to people in lockdown (Amazon), or collecting lots of federal dollars (Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon). Subcontracting agencies and consulting firms such as Deloitte and Infosys also made the list.

This data on companies dovetails with Dice’s broader findings about hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the unemployment rate nationwide is high, there are pockets of optimism for technologists, with job postings for positions such as data specialist and software developer growing significantly between May and June. Although the virus has proven devastating for many businesses, many are in a position to hire. There are also signs that layoffs among startups are leveling off as we head into late summer

But which areas are hiring the most technologists? It should come as no surprise that the biggest tech hubs, such as New York City and San Francisco, are putting up the most job postings, even if their growth rate is surpassed by smaller metro areas. Take a look at this analysis of Burning Glass data:

Although all the cities on this list have endured quite a bit over the past several months, it’s clear that their local companies are still anxious to hire technologists. That’s a spot of continuing good news.