Apple, Google, Twitter React to Trump H-1B Visa Ban

In his new executive order, President Trump temporarily froze new work visas, including the H-1B, through at least the rest of 2020. That creates some issues for tech companies that rely on the visa—with the CEOs of some large firms speaking out against the suspension.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to express his displeasure over the move. “Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength in our diversity, and hope in the enduring promise of the American Dream,” he wrote in part. “There is no new prosperity without both.” 

Google (and Alphabet) CEO Sundar Pichai chimed in with a similar message. “Disappointed by today’s proclamation—we’ll continue to stand with immigrants and work to expand opportunity for all,” he wrote, adding:

Meanwhile, Salesforce Tweeted out a similar statement:

And Twitter, not to be outdone, did the same: 

All of these companies, of course, rely heavily on the H-1B visa for specialized talent. Not only do they source these employees directly; many also rely on consulting and “business services” firms to subcontract H-1B workers. For example, according to a dataset from the U.S. Department of Labor, Google hired 7,604 H-1B candidates directly in 2019—and outsourced an additional 889. Here’s a breakdown of how some other prominent firms hired and subcontracted H-1B workers last year:

When you crunch data from the H1B Salary Database, which indexes the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL), you also find that these firms pay their H-1B workers quite a bit (on average):

However, the median H-1B salary at consulting and subcontracting firms such as Capgemini, Tata, Accenture and IBM is generally much lower, suggesting that subcontracted H-1B workers could end up being paid a lot less than those sourced directly by the big tech companies. 

Trump’s order won’t affect those H-1B workers already in the U.S. The impact on tech companies, however, will hinge on whether the suspension extends beyond this year. In theory, a longer ban will drive these firms to hire more workers already in the country, as opposed to sourcing talent from overseas. And that’s exactly the White House’s intention. 

“In the administration of our Nation’s immigration system, we must remain mindful of the impact of foreign workers on the United States labor market, particularly in the current extraordinary environment of high domestic unemployment and depressed demand for labor,” the order states. “Historically, when recovering from economic shocks that cause significant contractions in productivity, recoveries in employment lag behind improvements in economic activity.” Any visa suspension, in other words, could readjust demand for labor in favor of domestic workers. 

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  1. These idiots have forgotten what the H1B visa program is about. It’s not about immigration; it’s about getting workers and there are plenty to be had in the US right now.

    • Jason Sanchez

      I agree, it’s basically greed for all these tech companies, why don’t they just outsource to India instead. It’s hard to feel sorry for these companies that are paying 0 taxes, in addition with 47 million Americans on unemployment they have a very weak leg to stand on.

    • HossCartwright

      What a joke, Its all about low cost workers. These tech executives have no interest in diversity – walk on to any campus and see how diverse they say they are,

      • Yughred

        The cost is not necessarily lower if the company directly hire the H1B workers, instead of using staff companies to hire contingency workers. The reasons why some tech companies favor H1B workers over local ones at the same salary and similar skill level include: 1) they prefer master and higher degrees, which there aren’t enough locals who possess. 2) hiring managers who are also immigrants prefer to work with people from the same country for reasons like higher efficiency, easier communication, and in some cases, nepotism. (Refer to the recent law suit California versus Cisco, in which two Indians of higher caste discriminate against the one from lower. ) 3) information asymmetry. Certain H1B workers does not necessarily have higher skill levels and experiences than local counterparts, despite their resumes say so. It’s hard to verify the oversea experience, especially with the help of ICCs.

    • Couldn’t agree more. They are so way up in their perch earning millions that they can’t see reason anymore. H1B is also what is contributing to the soon Student Loan fiasco we have in the U.S. Young americans pay outrageous Tuition Fees through Student Loans which they could hardly afford to pay for because the jobs are given to cheap H1B workers who are mostly ‘factory’ prepped and ready to answer interview questions.

      • Bevillard

        “H1B is also what is contributing to the soon Student Loan fiasco we have in the U.S”
        I can certainly concur. It should be called an epidemic, for it affects not just the borrower, but the economy where monies are diverted not to the general economy (housing, vehicles, families), but to the pockets of school administrators and the loan departments within our government. Rich fat cats who benefit giving students (includes adults who returned after a job loss) empty promises. I am so tired of the system.

    • Exactly – think of how stupid these CEO’s are to equate this to a immigration path … it was always about specialization and american worker augmentation … the objections they voice actually articulate their infractions and abuses …

      • Janine Wolf

        Not even “augmentation”, replacement.
        As a 30 year software developer I saw the lie in action. I witnessed many super-smart dedicated and hardworking software developers forced to train their India sourced H1B replacement worker and then get walked out the door. I also saw the software systems reliability falter due to inexperienced and monumentally UNINVESTED temp workers going through the motions. (Boeing maybe? Makes me wonder)
        VPs were “goaled” with and financially rewarded for outsourcing IT to get the labor costs down for the stock-holders. (Outsourcing costs are expensed differently I was told.)
        I’ve witnessed a laid off workers job falsely “posted” for a period of time so that they “met” the guidelines for outsourcing. All the while she frantically looked for another job to support her family.
        It’s a longstanding sham that has NOTHING to do with talent scarcity not immigration and SHAME ON THEM for pretending. And SHAME on the LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA which will undoubtedly report this falsely to the American public because of their shameless commitment to the RESIST movement – no matter how negatively it impacts the well being of Americans who swallow most of their lies whole.

        • Janine Wolf
          Exactly! You are right on the money. Let me add that politicians were paid small donations from these corporations to get up on the platform and say that Americans don’t have the skills. ALL LIES!

          Remember the train wreck Windows Vista? All written in India. It took years to patch that OS.

    • Ashle Hasan

      Tim, Piracha talking about diversity! Go to any of their works places, it is full of Indians and see the cigarette butt every where around the building.

    • Mehdi IMENY

      hey know it exactly that everyone knows it is about having cheap labor and making more profit . The only things that Those CEOs or CsomethingOs care is their own pocket .

  2. Paul Deleo

    US may get the student loans payed back, if the graduating students were groomed for these jobs. I also hear some immigrants get Masters from a paper-mill and come in as highly educated. WTF?

    • Anonymous

      Due to a restructuring at a very large Pharma company, I was laid off in February 2020 and have been looking for a job ever since. I posted my profile on the tech sites Looking for SAP BW on Hana jobs And all the recruiters who call me are Indian. These recruiters subcontract to IBM or Accenture who places directly with in the client. What does this means for me, $10/hr and no benefits because there are too many hands in the pot…I’m an American born and raised here and I can’t even get an interview due to the Indian wall within the USA. Just think of the reduction of the unemployment rate if companies hired home grown.

  3. Mitchell

    This is a complex problem that can be viewed from the company or employee perspective. To simplify, with just from the employee view, we have full time and contract positions. Many head hunters (and many employees in the tech field out their) are not US citizens and for them to have a better chance to land the position, you need to have a low bid, thus you need a lower cost person. Many of my past co-workers shared 4 or 6 per 2 bedroom apartments with no autos. It is hard to compete when you own a home in California or other high cost living areas. Many jobs have listings that specify 1 to 3 years, so they are targeting junior people, just out of college and many technical interviewers don’t understand a technical answer. This happened with me with Facebook. I have also interviewed with people so junior, they didn’t understand any valid answer, and don’t know how to do a follow up question and don’t know how to paraphrase your answer. They are just making poor notes. So, with or without a H1B program, it is difficult for a US citizen to really get a solid interview if you have more than 5 years of experience. Technically, for instance, if you want to invalidate the assumed average search speed through say a doubly linked list, I can binary search through it. Many junior people believe that can’t be done. To halve the speed just have a ordered list and have a pointer halve way through the list. Thus, you segment the list into 2 segments and you have halved the number of items to walk. So, yes, I agree partially with a unknown period of suspension of the H1B program, and force the companies to see if a higher paid person’s productivity can compensate for their higher salary.

    • husain ottoman

      when more and more Americans behave so much like Homer Simpson, and cannot differentiate between “their” and “there”, what skill can you expect them to have?

  4. How does one rationalize why democrats are taking money from Indian company’s and California software companies that hire low cost employees in the form of H1b and L1. Only way I can rationalize it is, one needs money to be successfully win. But the Democrats lost to Trump so now what ? We continue allow the Tech CEO’s and Indian Company’s to rape us while they dole out money to the Democrats but the question is can the Democrats beat Trump ?

    Same think with police union’s they are functioning because of the democrats get money from union’s who protect their members but in the case of police union’s they are protecting the bad cops so the Democrats again responsible for this mess. Reason I blame the democrats establishment is because of their inability to make systemic change to the way they collect money to run their political aspirations. Instead they are riding on the backs of the public by allowing abuse to perpetrate and will not make any change and what worst is leave the door open for Trump to win.

    • This has nothing to do with the Democrats or politics. This is simply about the greed of American companies particularly those mentioned in the article. Bringing in foreign workers and making the ridiculous claim that there are no qualified Americans and then paying these workers low salaries depresses the salaries of all American workers. And, it’s not just 1 job; usually, the wife needs a job too so there are 2 Americans not getting jobs.

      • Don’t you just hate how people throw party in as the evil. Crap is just that and corruption has no party or loyalties, it’s just greed at any cost, all parties are guilty and no, it has no nationality either. We let our government rule without regulation, well that’s what you get. And complain too much and they might just use the patriot act to put you in your place.

    • Goodness


      The issue is money in politics. Only a fraction of the Dems talk about eliminating big money but most Dems and all Republicans (unless you know different) want lobbyists’ money and Super PACs to remain. Campaign donations are our version of legalized bribery.

      For instance, did you know in the 1920s when lead was becoming well known as a toxin in drinking water a lobby for manufacturers of lead products was started in 1928 and it existed in the 1970s. That lobby kept restrictions from coming into place for decades through money. The same thing is happening with every industry. All the big IT firms now have their own Lobby.

      Corporations andRepublicans have long been pushing Right to Work laws at the state level. They genuinely don’t care about you. If you think Right to Work benefits you, I think you should do some reading.

      Campaign contributions, lobbying, Right to Work laws, it is all related. So if you vote Republican you deserve to loose your job to a foreign worker.

      Trump has been dragging his feet on the visa issue and is only now doing this because it looks like a tight election. He actually doesn’t give a s*!t about workers and this is all about the getting votes.

  5. mathew joshua

    I am a naturalized Citizen, I worked in India for $100/month because India has millions of students coming out of college with less jobs since supply is more, demand is less and wages are low, which is the same in many other countries, these CEO’S say if they have more h1b visa employees who won’t get green card until they are 80 years old and they can’t create any job with that visa, these CEO’s say if we flood US IT market with workers, there will be more jobs for Citizens and salaries go high, CATO and NFAP skew statistics and create analytics reports for corporates, they add salary of computer technicians who don’t have any degree requirement to US IT workers to lower average salary of US IT engineers, median h1b visa salary is lower 2 wage levels between 65K and 80K but they add senior managers who are on h1b and don’t even developed any code in last 10 years , say average salary of h1b is more than Citizens, these fake economists also add jobs created by children of immigrants and immigrants like me who became Citizens and say h1b create lot of jobs

  6. Outsourcing H1b

    Over 47 million unemployed, out of which over 5 million are US citizens having software, AI, contact less payment, critical to US economy skills that are actively looking for work. There is ample skill in US when economy comes back that US does not need to import foreign labor. There is no need of H1B Extension even. What is wrong with CEOs ? These CEO never raised voice why H1B wage levels are still 1989 wages ? H1B at 1989 wages is what these CEO like. But they make it as if H1B is high talent, , keeps america competitive is all BS. Fact is H1B is cheap, low level program and CEO can exploit them easily at cost of Americans. To test these CEOs – Just make H1B salary minimum 175 k. You will see all these CEOs will magically find all the talent in America. Ha Ha. Immigration Lawyer Incorporated always mislead people telling as if H1B is some sort of rocket scientist.
    Innovation will still happen US will be fine without H1B, Just ban Outsourcing, slap TAX on companies indulging in outsourcing, reward with tax break companies hiring US citizens.

  7. Tech2000

    H1B is a scam. Only people benefit is corporate managers. I worked with H1B works from decades. They don’t know sh8t. They will find loopholes. This will not do any thing to American workers. As they won’t let H1B workers go. Only way is suspend H1B visas all together. They are 3 million H1B visa holders. I thought only 65K should be in the country at a time?

  8. Apple, Twitter, Google everyone knows that US grads can do IT and US is not shortage of IT people. They have stop that ‘shortage’ slogan. They want to save $ using non immigrants and probably want to make their CEO’ and other’s salary 30 times more than the average in the market.
    A recent USCIS memo was issued because of court decision which opens up the gates again for H-1B fraud as no in depth details are not required for an approval of the petition. File it and Get it.

    Blame game, racism, riots, protests everything in recent months to defame Trump administration. Without Trump the H/L denial rate never been higher.

    • Can u someone tell how to wts d solution for this to IT of foreign employees like India and China

      Can I tell wts d mumble mumble what the hell are you saying?

  9. Nancy

    Can someone explain why all (9 out of 10 at least) of recruiters are Indians and are owned by Indians? Americans are beholden to these recruiters because most US companies will not recruit contractors directly but go through the Indian outsourcing company that they deal with? With or without the suspension of H1B, we are at the ‘mercy’ of these recruiters? It is normal to suspect that these recruiters will give priority to their fellow Indians because they can low-ball them and gain more? It also is a cycle that pushes our salaries/rates down. How can americans show evidence of their availability and capabilities to USCIS to make all this transparent?

  10. Prashant Dickbig

    This policy is such a fail. With more and more dumbass americans dying due to covid 19 (wear a mask, stupid), America needs more h1b workers to fill those lost workers. Its as simple as that. This policy lets the american businesses down. No wonder why the best and brightest american CEOs are against it. You think you know better than them? Show me your billion dollars buster.

    • Your comment about Americans dying from Covid points directly to the mishandling of this virus by the Trump administration but that is not the topic of this article. The only reason for H1B is to improve the bottom line of these publicly traded companies to please Wall Street and H1B workers help them because they don’t have to pay a fair salary, you’ll take anything. America has many qualified workers but they aren’t given a chance because these companies can get cheap labor by using H1B workers. I know that it is very difficult and expensive to try to become an American citizen but why do you think that is? They don’t want you to become an American. If your skills are in such great demand then you should be welcomed with open arms to become an American citizen but that is not the case.

    • Chuck

      Here’s your nickle……
      Interesting that it takes at least two H-1Bs to replace one US worker. And the two combined get paid less than the one US worker.
      As far as wearing a mask? My freedom doesn’t stop where your fear begins (see amendment 1). If you are afraid to be outside or in a store, stay home.Better yet, go home.

    • paul bevillard

      Calls us Dumbass Americans, yet his last name is Dickbig. Yeah, there is a sense of irony there. Anyway, according to Covid 19 stats in India, it is rising. So, who the hell would want to import workers from India and risk increasing infection levels. We already have enough clowns here in the US contributing to another rise in Covid 19 cases, thanks in part to lax restrictions and BLM protests. We don’t need more contributions, especially from India.

  11. Chuck

    “Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength in our diversity, and hope in the enduring promise of the American Dream,”

    Sure Timmy, but it wasn’t done at the expense of US workers to the degree that it’s being done now. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  12. Chuck

    All of these companies, of course, rely heavily on the H-1B visa for specialized talent.

    I call Bull Plop.
    I work on the front lines with H-1Bs. The only specialized talent most have is the ability to lie on resumes and get away with it.
    If the visas were truly for ‘specialized talent’ there would not be an issue.

  13. Scott Spurlock

    I have grown so sick of the “our strength is in our diversity” chant. It is an outright lie. Our strength lies in immigrants wanting to be AMERICANS – to join the existing society as full citizens. To celebrate and contribute constructively to the existing heritage. To ASSIMILATE. Our strength does NOT come from immigrants refusing to learn English, instead setting up their own insular ghettos all over the country as “victim” communities of the majority “oppressors” who can be manipulated as voting blocks for Marxist political movements. The diversity scam demands that we embrace those things that separate us – not those things we share in common. And if you don’t? Why you are just xenophobe and we will get you fired from your job!

    • Prashant Dickbig

      Oh shut the fuck up. The people you are talking about are illegal immigrants. You wont get an h1b visa if you refuse to learn english. Such a dumbass you are.

      • Just letting you know how misinformed you are. Our church is thankful to have an undocumented immigrant who is a highly educated professional IT, Certified SQA Engineer, was speaking an almost grammatically perfect English when first came to our country that some of our parishioners would like for our own kids,
        Teaches Spanish to children, teens, adults,, very polite, respectful, and with an amazing ability to teach and learn. She became ill and ended with an expired visa. Now is going back to country of origin and maybe you would say “Yes, go back” but we recognize it would be crazily hard to find such a valuable person. Nobody can learn from scratch and then teach to anybody as this person does. Never seen anyone like that. Only very few people in this world worth being anywhere they would want!!

  14. Scott Spurlock

    Is this the same obscenely wealthy Tim Cook who stands at his pulpit, hypocritically preaching that the dirty masses must be taxed into bankruptcy to pay for the luxuries of those who prefer not to work, while unincorporating Apple in the US and reincorporating it in Ireland so that HIS company doesn’t bear the tax burden of his Marxist politics?

  15. As this article mentioned there are many firms that pay below market value. Since when does immigration mean driving down wages? Why aren’t these idiots advocating a minimum wage? Maybe 125k or more.

  16. Bill Shaker

    I’d be in favor of removing the annual cap on H1Bs.

    Let companies bring in as many as they want.

    Now for the catch. They would have to pay the person the going rate for the position, but they would ALSO have to pay the US government the same amount as the salary annually, as a tax.

    This would reverse the current situation where employers usually pay H1Bs less than they pay Americans, so hiring H1Bs is the low cost option.

    Now H1Bs would cost twice as much as American workers, every year that they’re here, and Americans would be the low cost option for employers.

    This would allow companies to continue to hire H1Bs with extraordinary skill, or fill talent shortages, which is why they claim they need H1Bs in the first place. Companies should be eager to get such high quality workers, even at a higher price.

    But there would now be a financial incentive to find an American replacement, or even train an American if the skill were rare.

    It would also be an interesting experiment to find out who’s telling the truth. Are H1Bs really about hiring people with rare skills, or cheap labor?

  17. You mean…..a US politician actually did something that benefited the citizens???

    Quelle horreur……

    I know I’m asking too much, but the law authorizing H-1B needs to be repealed.

  18. Keith Kane

    I find it hard to agree with Trump on anything, but this one is Right On!
    I was squeezed out of a programmer position 15 years ago. Those guys were getting India news on their computers while I was working. I guess their families were back in Pakistan or India while I was supporting my family in high rent houses in the suburbs of NYC. These are not immigrants in the old way my people were, several generations ago. My great-grand father moved the entire family on a boat with 2 diamonds in his coat and a willingness to work hard and become an American, not keep one foot in Russia and the other in Brooklyn.

  19. Tom B

    If there is really a “shortage” of tech skills and labor, then all of the H1-Bs should be paid MORE that what an American engineer is paid. But they are always paid less by WIPRO, Tata, IBM etc etc.
    I would support the H1B Visa program if the following conditions occurred:
    1.) All of the H1-Bs will be paid MORE that what an American engineer is paid
    2.) All H1-Bs can move to another company after 6 months if they can get a better deal with another company and they can take their H1-B visa with them. It is portable.

    Right now these people are “tech slaves” to whom ever had the H1-B visa on them. They cant complain about working conditions, about low pay, long hours not paid etc. etc or they will be threatened by their bosses that they will be sent back to India, China or their home countries.
    I know this from personal experience.
    3.) The H1-B visa should only be 1- 2 years long. It should not be 3 years long with extensions given.

  20. 6:55 AM 6/25/2020

    Go, first, here, and read article, and COMMENTS:

    This was my response to TK at the above article and is ONE of my many thoughts on this article, subject, and situation.


    GDhadji = goddamn hadji = filthy Indian H1B

    I have a story to pen. A story of a lifetime in IT, a story ~36 years running, a story of devastation. I am NOT going to pen that story here and now. However, I AM going to relate an incident within that story. One small but extremely compelling incident.

    TK, I am also a Wisconsinite. I own a home and live ~10 minutes from KOHLS world HQ in Menomonee Falls WI.

    I was “invited” to KOHLS to interview for an SENIOR INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT MANAGER position … contract … possibly to permanent … although we all know that means jack.

    I arrived at the “INNOVATION CENTER”, that ridiculous massive football fields (plural) long building housing KOHLS “IT”, ~20+ minutes early, like you’re always taught. Nobody cared. Eventually, the interviewers themselves would actually be LATE. It’s their world and we just live in it … the eff’ers. What the eff a junk “shoppe” like KOHLS, that peddles candles and blankets and underwear and shoes and “parfumes” and mens’ imitation leather belts and all the other CRAPOLA wares that KOHLS hacks, needs with some eff’in “state of the art” “INNOVATION CENTER” multi football fields in size is WAAAAY beyond comprehension.

    I arrived ~20+ minutes early. The “reception area” in this “INNOVATION CENTER” is the size of a small gymnasium and is all open space populated only by an reception desk and flat TVs on the walls hawking the “grandiose genius and absolute deity and deism that is KOHLS”. It was stomach turning. As I waited for my interviewers to arrive and my interview to begin, I spent over ~20+ minutes watching courtesy bus after courtesy bus drop off loads and loads of GDhadjis coming in to work at KOHLS “INNOVATION CENTER”. Wave after wave after wave of GDhadjis. It was maddening and incensing. In the ~20+ minutes I watched this crime, and that’s EXACTLY what it is, unfurl in front of my eyes, I counted over ~200+ GDhadjis slaking in to work while, in all that time, I saw only 2 white men and 1 white woman come in to work … and NO blacks and NO hispanics and NO asians (I DON’T count GDhadjis as asians here) and NO other ethnicities. It was a filthy filthy crime scene.

    I was born, raised, and have lived a lifetime in this Milwaukee area. I attended grade schools, high school, and college, all here in and around Milwaukee. I have given a lifetime to this area … and this invasion is how I am paid back. A lifetime devoted local citizen is looking for work and a bunch of GDhadjis from halfway around the globe have stolen those jobs courtesy of treasonous traitorous KOHLS.

    When my interviewers finally showed up, ~7 minutes late, they were an middle-aged GDhadji and an middle-aged white woman, both with severely and obviously entitled attitudes. Eff’ers. Surprise, surprise. EEOC and Affirmative Craption and corrupt illegal VISAing all rolled in to one and in all its eff’in glory. White man be damned. We’ll hire a goat with four schlongs before we’ll hire a white guy. THAT is RACISM … and massive reverse discrimination … both federal felonies, by the way. KOHLS is a traitorous treasonous criminal enterprise. Absolutely no doubt about that.

    The interview was me doing all I could to keep the conversation going with these two fly larvae slugs. The GDhadji had a personality like the sH!t that is crapped in the streets of the Indian third world sH!thole where he squirted from. He barely ever said a word. The white woman wasn’t bad, and she did almost all the asking and talking on their side, albeit I got the distinct impression she was actually uneasy, dare I say it frightened, of this GDhadji manager she was with. I have been in IT ~36 years, been all the way to IT Director levels, have managed dozens of employees and millions of dollars of budgets, have hired and fired 100s of people. I know people. I read people. This middle aged white chic was scared of something … probably losing her job at the hands of this GDhadji that she identified as her boss. I’m not a guy you want to ever piss off or eff with physically and, I’ll tell ya, I wanted to take that GDhadji into the parking lot and teach him the ways of American bikers. I never EVER felt that kind of emotional angst and animosity in an interview before. The arrogance emanating off these GDhadjis is just astounding and so almost physically palpable you can cut it with a knife. I have been a ladies man my whole life and have dated, been with, and had girls from around the world, from Brazil to Nigeria to England to Denmark to a crapload of American sweeties, and I have NEVER experienced arrogance like I have experienced it from GDhadjis from India. Never. Ever.

    The interview ended, I didn’t get the gig, surprise. GDhadjis hire other GDhadjis. This is a known quantity. To top all this off, they were seeking CCIEs (me) for ~$27/hour. CCIEs get paid, on average in America, ~$125K/year. I mean, these GDhadjis are eff’ed in the head and bent sideways.

    KOHLS is a treasonous traitor to the United States, the American People, the American STEM workers, and American technology. KOHLS should be indicted, investigated, and prosecuted. I have been in IT over ~36+ years and I have watched KOHLS pulling this crap since the early 90s.

    Do not patronize nor purchase from the treasonous traitor that is the KOHLS junk “shoppe”.

    At the very least, if you ain’t gonna do anything else about this H1B invasion atrocity, at least vote with your dollars. Don’t patronize ANYTHING that supports or uses H1Bs.

    • SR
      Exactly! You are right on the money. Let me add that politicians were paid small donations from these corporations to get up on the platform and say that Americans don’t have the skills. ALL LIES!

      But I’ve noticed that too, they only hire workers from India.

      Remember the train wreck Windows Vista? All written in India. It took years to patch that OS.

  21. These companies are traitors to the American people who are most in need of jobs right now. Boycott all Apple products, Google, and Twitter. The American people are the biggest consumers and we can hit them where it hurts: $$
    Don’t support companies that overlook the better US citizen workers for cheap slave labor. There is no shortage of US tech workers.

  22. Sam Rudd

    We need to push every single person – man, woman or child who is not TRULY American out of this country! Only then will we ever make America great again. I will vote for my president Trump again!!!

  23. Anonymous

    H1b was meant to get the best, crepe de la crime, from ALL over the world, instead it has evolved into mainly getting trash by the thousands, all from one sewer of a country, India. America is crazy stupid for allowing this to happen even as millions of its citizens sit unemployed and hurting, sad really.

    • Those unemployed and hurting are unemployed and hurting for a reason. They waste half their worthless lives partying and waste the other half complaining that they don’t have a job. Pretty sure that even if the H1B program is gone 90% of “Americans” will be flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s. Excellent way to make America great again.

      Also, I bet not one of you here are actual Americans. You butchered the natives who actually lived here and claimed their land for yourselves. Think about that next time you point a finger at other “immigrants”. At least they’re here legally. Peace.

  24. David

    Anyone who has actually worked in software development, business reporting or anything involving computers and business knows that the H1B visa program is designed to hire lower wage Asian (mainly) worker to replace US born citizens. My whole career there were 50-70% Chinese and Indian coworkers. They don’t get along because they are competing for the same jobs. Both taking jobs from US born. Wamu had a official program where managers got bonus points on their annual review if they off-shored a job. Unbelievable. That was the same managers that bankrupted a 100 year old bank in just a few years. Short sighted profits over the very fabric of US society.

    Another loophole is Asians get into any crappy university in the US. Often a small town in the midwest. They get a degree and move to SF or other tech hub and have an automatic F-1 work visa for 12 months. Again employers exploit these for lower wage workers.

    We need to invest in US high school technology programs. A university degree is a waste of time and money for most students. We need options for non-college bound students to make a living wage in the USA.

    We should do zero trade with countries that don’t have the same labor and pollution laws found in the west. Of course they can produce cheaper. It is a race to the bottom. Before 1990 there was very little trade with China and guess what we did fine.

  25. SpeaKTruth

    “Tim Cook”, “Sundar Pichai” and “Bill Gates” are total corrupt. They just want to show PROFITS $$$$$ to INVESTORS so they can pay H1B and set up software companies in third worlds countries like India, China, Thailand.
    Look at what happened to Apple after the Chinese boycotted and stopped producing products for Apple. I DO NOT KNOW Why Google, Apple and Microsoft only care for tax benefits and care less of US citizens who don’t have jobs in USA? YOUR MORE THAN WELCOME TO HIRE DIVERSITY EMPLOYEES – BUT ONLY US CITIZENS.!!!!

  26. I have not seen any H1B person lost their job in this COVID19. All I am seeing just US citizen losing their jobs.
    If you go to interviews they H1B does not want to hire US citizens and want to hire their friends, family, or community people. It is very bad system, which these people are creating. Here is a lot of talent, but they H1B very let others learn and get a chance.

    And all the big company does not care about the country and look for all help with taxpayer money.

  27. CorporateSuckers

    Culprits in this whole system

    1. Companies – Cheap labor, use and throw, get employees and keep using them in same levels for decades showing carrots..GC

    2. Attorneys – they feed on these employees keep enjoying billing these companies and in case of contractors suck money directly from immigrants

    3. Dirty Contracting Companies – these suckers just keep making money just because they are in between doing all paperwork and dirty insider deals with the people in power giving contractor work.

    4. Stupid government – They allowed all this to happen all these days. What reforms were done for decades.. nothing!!

    Victims – Americans and Immigrants who get caught up in between. Good that finally the shit hits the fan now and gets cleaned up…

    Can’t wait to see the outcome !!!

  28. Its simple h1-b have been around since 20 years, Seantors and presidents love companies lobbying them for cheap laber, this country calls it self democratic company, but it never represents the people, it only represents the rich.