Are H-1B Visa Workers Overpaid or Underpaid?

Are H-1B workers underpaid, or does their compensation match industry standards? That’s a key question debated by the Economic Policy Institute and the Cato Institute, both of which have done deep dives into H-1B salaries over the past several weeks.

The Economic Policy Institute issued a lengthy report at the beginning of May that insisted the Department of Labor (DOL) allows employers to undercut local wages via the H-1B. “Among the top 30 H-1B employers are major U.S. firms including Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Apple, and Facebook,” the group wrote. “All of them take advantage of program rules in order to legally pay many of their H-1B workers below the local median wage for the jobs they fill.”

The issues with H-1B pay, the report continues, stem from DOL policies regarding H-1B minimum wage levels. Although DOL has broad authority to set four H-1B levels, based on wage survey data form the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics survey, it has chosen to “set the two lowest levels (of the four) well below the local median wage.”

That decision has a ripple effect, with employers “taking advantage of a flawed H-1B prevailing wage rule to underpay their workers relative to market wage standards.” The Economic Policy Institute also questions whether the top 30 H-1B employers “use the program solely, or even mostly, to hire workers with truly specialized skills,” which is the visa’s stated intent. 

The report’s analysis found that, for computer applications, salaries are 17 percent to 34 percent lower than local median salaries. Overall, “three-fifths of all H-1B jobs were certified at the two lowest prevailing wage levels in 2019,” with Amazon and Microsoft assigning 75 percent (or more) of their H-1B positions to these levels. Walmart, Uber, and Google assigned roughly half to either of these two levels, while IBM assigned three-fifths. 

“There is a large existing U.S. labor pool for Level 1 and 2 types of positions that could be expanded even further through private investments in training,” the Economic Policy Institute states as part of its conclusions. “U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents have been graduating in record numbers with bachelor’s degrees in computer science and engineering over the past five years.”

Two weeks after the Economic Policy Institute’s report, the Cato Institute pushed back with an analysis of its own. “EPI confuses the median wage—the statistical midpoint in the entire range of market wages—for the singular ‘market wage,’” read its report. “A market wage is just whatever an employer would pay a worker in an open market—which depends entirely on the characteristics of the job and the productivity of the worker.” 

Crunching the numbers itself, the Cato Institute insists that 78 percent of H-1B employers “offer wages, on average, above average market wages—20 percent above” and that “the vast majority of H-1B employers pay at least some employees more than they are required to pay.”

In other words, although the Economic Policy Institute suggests that the nation’s largest tech companies are assigning numerous H-1B workers to the two lowest pay levels, the Cato Institute believes the average pay for H-1B workers at those firms is nonetheless quite high: “For major companies like those EPI calls out in its report—such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google—the average increases over the prevailing wage were substantial: 17 percent for Microsoft, 19 percent for Ama​zon​.com Services, and 64 percent for Google.”

According to the Cato Institute, the DOL data also shows that many companies are also paying H-1B workers in those lower pay levels “the prevailing market wage for U.S. workers at the workers’ skill levels in 2019,” with many workers paid higher than the prevailing wage. It backs up these assertions with some charts that are well worth reviewing. 

“If employers carried out EPI’s recommendation, it would result in H‐​1Bs being paid far more than comparably skilled U.S. workers in the same occupation,” the Cato Institute concluded. “Obviously, this is an untenable result, and instead, the policy would effectively ban hiring nearly all H-1B workers.”

Which side is right? The Cato Institute has some strong words for the Economic Policy Institute’s analysis, branding some of its assertions “false.” As with many reports of this type, it all comes down to the underlying analytical model, including which inputs and outputs to focus on. If you’re curious about H-1B wages and their impact on the broader economy (and tech), both reports are well worth reading back-to-back. 

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  1. Cato Institute is the conservative shill for the Romney and Bush mold of republicans solely catering to interests of corporations. Numbers and statistics can be manipulated or selective presented to advance a particular narrative. And this “study” seems to be the Exhibit A. In this “study”‘s statement “…offer wages, on average, above average market wages—20 percent above” What exactly is the average? How is it calculated? This study also does not shed light on impact H1 pipeline has had on prevailing IT wages over the years. IT pay has been range bound since early 2000s in spite of supposedly huge demand for IT workers. I know many IT contractors who made better rates on their W2, 1099 and C2C assignments in 90s just fresh out of college than they can do now.

    • Carl C

      I’m no fan of “right-wing Libertarian think tanks” – but in this case they are correct – just as a broken clock is correct twice a day. The H1B was for a foreign “genius” (ie Linus Torvalds, inventor of Linux). It quickly devolved into a cheap (usually IT) labor source – and has been like that for 20 years. Instead of “genius” it’s for any mundane web developer or sysadmin I have seen it all the time on the hiring end ie upper-management encouraging me to hire a “cheap” H1B etc.

  2. Jeanette

    I would like to know what underpaid really means….. I bet this unemployed STEM worker would take that job! “They can’t find american workers for those jobs” what else do they lie about?

  3. Good luck finding 500,000 US born IT professionals to replace the current population of H-1B workers.
    No H-1B workers? No Problem. More offshoring. Currently Apple claims it supports 4.8 million jobs in China (with many hard to find IT and Engineers). with less IT support in the US perhaps apple will support another 4.8 million jobs in another foreign country, like India, which is the true tragedy.

    • When you hire, entry level positions from HB workers, or OPT, or bring an l1, of course you are going to train flooring workers to fill those positions.
      But if you stop relying on them, The market will fill the gap. but the problem the employers have is they don’t want to pay the higher wages, so they want to manipulate the market with foreign workers.

    • If we end h1b the jobs will go overseas?

      Fear, uncertainty, doubt?

      If this was better for US companies wouldn’t they have done it already? Seems less expensive to me than paying for travel, red tape, higher US wages.

      How many US stem grads are working at Starbucks now? This system has put generations of US stem workers at the back of the line because the entry level jobs are being filled with h1b.

    • Its ok. No problem with H1, L1s etc. They can come in for whatever limited/ stipulated the have, but then please leave back home. No need to start popping babies as soon as you land in US. . Nowhere else do outsiders have the first call/ call dibs on jobs within a country. American jobs for Americans only first..

    • Don’t be pessimistic. If there are truly talented H1b visa holders then they should be paid appropriately. If they are not we have plenty of Americans who can do the work. At one time – pre-H1b – employers would actually provide training for new workers. And, frankly, I would rather hire and train someone than have to deal with a foerign workers who exaggerates skills – plus, we should not have to be training H1b visa workers at all.

    • Jack Bullard

      You don’t have to hire but about 50,000 good usa tech workers to replace 500,000 h1b workers because only about 1 out of 10 h1b workers actually know anything or can do anything. Several companies hire h1b workers as a group with the stipulation as to the average cost per hire. That means the ones who can do anything usefull get paid more than the ones who are totally useless. The grab bag ploy. And no one gets fired and the manager of the group gets a bonus for meeting his/her budget. And if things don’t work out, then the manager hires an expert (usa contractor) to work cheaply and for a short period of time until work product shows progress and usa contractor trains h1b people how to do something the h1b people couldn’t do in a million years.

  4. Rururaj

    As per what I have seen Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Apple, Facebook and many other big companies pay slightly above average annual salary actually, but they pay a lot more in RSU, bonuses (sometimes more than salary), as people go up in level they don’t get much more pay but the reward range boosts exponentially.

  5. I have seen many many unemployed tech workers, often 40 years old, who rigorously keep their skills updated but can’t even get a job. I’ve seen foreign workers getting paid well and some getting paid half of what it should be. I thought part of H1b was that they were required to look for domestic workers for the positions first but it appears they aren’t even looking. How about requiring them to submit a list of applicants who applied for the job before granting them the visa option? And the H1b employee should be renewed annually, going through the job advertising in several major job banks and then submitting the list of applicants every time.

    • It’s difficult for us Americans to even get a job because there seems to be an organised mafia of Indian IT recruiters. It’s like they have been given the keys to the kingdom.

      • Agreed to some extent. I have seen Indian origin recruiters ask for resume and never reply back even after making repeated follow-up. Seems like system requires overhaul. With many things going around, I do not think the tech job market will get any attention any time soon.

          • I am beginning to suspect this. I get a ton of calls from Indian Recruiters and then no follow-up although my capabilities are 1-1 with the job description. Weird.

          • I have seen big companies (from my own experience) doing that. They post job ads at their website, then reject the candidates after dummy interviews, just to build up their case that they didn’t find any eligible worker here in USA market and hiring h1b workers to fill the gap

  6. The wage on LCA usually very less but actual wages are higher as employees demand 80% of bill rates with small employers. So the LCA data and W2 is no way matched. Visa numbers should be limited to hundreds and approved only for direct client requirements and stop green cards and chain immigration to save future of US Born Citizens.

  7. From a displaced workers point of view..
    They are GROSSLY overpaid!! Vast numbers are being brought in where we need to train them, then to have our company throw us out like trash.
    I have applied for multiple IT positions, only to be ghosted, or if they bother, tell me I’m “over qualified” AKA too old.
    They then ask for people with little to no qualifications (especially the law) and use them as the scapegoats when all they did was do as they were told.
    I trained my replacement, just before I was escorted out, he violated NERC-CIP rules by trying to hack into a data transport terminal using other engineers credentials.
    Instead of firing the perpetrator, they fired the one who followed the law he swore to obey.
    SCE is still abusing the H1-B system.

    • yup, totally agree. Companies abusing H1B system. Instead of hiring “Foreign Genius” , it has turned into “hiring cheap labour” shit show. People who are under impression that by restricting H1B, there will be a lack of skilled workers in the market, unfortunately, i am not on the same boat as they are. There’s plenty of folks out there, skilled but unemployed. Companies hiring new grads or foreign workers from unknown “X Y Z” engineering colleges from India and paying them less salary.
      I will only agree with them if it is related to any rocket science or research and development related work. Govt. Should limit the h1b cap to a small number and start from there.

  8. It’s not a question of overpaid or underpaid, managers will always see if the resource is paid according to the Job description (+ mkt availability) cause they have budget and cost constraints. As most of the comments pointed out the demand and supply gap converted immigration opportunity to fill up job positions. There are always greedy managers who are willing to pay less if work is getting done, no one will think about national interest at that time over his/her own promotion. And I don’t think H1b is for attracting “genius” as there is other ways for companies to get “genius” if they want, by definition h1b is a temporary work permit for skilled jobs, and greedy corporates will always abuse the system, not to blame fully on policymaker, there are always loopholes, visa or weapon technology transfer.

  9. Sandy boy

    I will call these H1B people as ‘CHEAPO’s. They go to any level to get staffed. Doctoring resumes, giving phone interviews using ‘different’ individual are some of the tactics they use to get staffed. I have seen this happening on some of the projects I have worked on. Do not have any sympathy for these people any more…Sorry….

    • From your username I believe you were someone who immigrated to US on H1 or some way and now a citizen. There are two things one new H1bs and the other folks on H1 for more than a decade and waiting in green card queue. What about them ? They have US born kids, growing in that culture as americans. I have seen this from a lot of folks who have got green cards or became citizens suddenly be against H1 and start calling them cheap. Most of these folks came here through consultancies and the same cheap labor route now suddenly acting like this. Again if you all are talking about completely new folks coming in to the country on H1Bs ..sure let’s put some rules around that but this is impacting folks who are already here for a long long time.

  10. Funny Sunny

    It’s funny that people think like, the moment these H1B visa gets cancelled, like a Thanos snap, all those engineers will some how disappear… so that, all their positions can be handed over to everyone who wants one (good luck clearing those easy interviews).

    First, for the matter of fact, more than half of them are experienced in their respective domains and will go back with those knowledge to compete… Unfortunately at a lower cost from their homeland. And this pandemic made one thing clear that almost any computer related job can be done remote, with right infrastructure. Believe it or not, when it happens, they are going back with their jobs.

    On top of that, even if they had paid 5k tax every year, this country is gonna loose 500k * 5k like 2.6B. Since they take the job, another country is gonna gain, say, atleast 10% of it, like 200M. This is on top of loosing local revenues.

    Funny part is, these are law abiding people who go by book. Their kids gonna go to the countries that accept them for higher education. And kicking them out doesn’t mean getting rid of illegals (who comes back just like that). Already there are tons of them along with people from middle east.

    Good luck.

    • Govt. Should reduce the number of h1b workers entering US market every year … it has turned into a shit show lately, from hiring a genius to hiring a cheap labour. The amount of training US employers give to a low paid h1b worker, if given the same training to a folk here, work can easily be taken cared off.

  11. Maha Guru

    The H1B system is rife with fraud and we see mainly Indian IT companies using it to their full advantage. The result has been massive flooding of people of all kinds, often low or average skilled. But the age discrimination that has resulted in just too sad. Try getting a decent job in tech after 40. But our rich tech will fight for the system and given how the 2-party system is beholden to them, I dont expect any reform in Congress. Not one bill has passed since the system was conceived way back in 1990!!! In effect, Congress feels the system is perfect in spite of all the documented fraud, American worker replacement, and resulting age discrimination. But one good thing has come about: Unlike earlier times, no one can get away with the “STEM crisis” baloney. EVERY worker knows it is BS used by rich greedy tech along with immigration lawyers and politicians to perpetuate H1B flooding.

    • This would be a perfect time for Trump to keep his 2016 campaign promise to end this stuff.

      If the tech world starts falling apart they could always reinstate some more stringent form of h1b.

      America first-what a joke. I’d like to know how much Jared Kushner is getting paid by foreign lobbyists to keep telling the President we have to keep the program.

  12. It really does not matter what this study comes up with. What matters is that H1B has put a downward pressure on American IT workers’ wages. It’s as simple as that.

  13. Joseph

    In a time of mass unemployment, even ONE H-1B employee is ONE too many! End the H-1B program. All American citizenship entitles you to is the “privilege” to pay heavy taxes and be lectured to.

  14. I don’t see white Americans fighting for anything these days much less 3rd world IT workers flooding in. The media has defanged whites with fear of being called our favorite Marxist term “racist”. We have become spectators of our own nations destruction. Their plan is working as intended.

    • Maha Guru

      Very true! Anything is called racist.. The Indian H1B who FLOODED the system now find that the GC system is “racist” because the queue is long! They want relief through the lousy S386 bill, and just because Senator Durbin thankfully put a hold on it, he is now being shamed constant by Indian people as “racist”.. Ridiculous! Trying to keep your job is “racist”!

  15. William

    I’ve been working in the field since 1984, and I’m still working, mostly because I have an Engineering degree in addition to Computer Design and Software Engineering degree.

    In general, America has outsourced it’s work since the 90’s and “hugely” since .com failure of 2000.

    Corporations have helped to create the current crisis in America that you would call lack of funding for _everything_ healthcare/infrastructure/policework/social-services……anything that has to do with paying taxes. How? They have by and large eradicated the middle class who historically pay the taxes in the United States. AND CORPORATIONS HAVE QUIT PAYING TAXES as they hoover up the money and keep it offshore and send it overseas by paying foreign workers to do American jobs.

    H1-B workers replaced Disneyland workers in Florida a few years ago…….like that’s genius work?

    Corporations will take advantage of any situation and shirk their responsibility to US Citizens with no thought to the future…….what seems to be a BLM / Covid moment is in fact what happens when 70% of United States of American Citizens are not financially stable and so when a crisis happens they can’t survive……..especially those on the lower end of the wage system like service workers in Grocery Stores, Gas Stations and Restaurants…..

    GDP is no longer GDP and that was changed in 2004 to hide the outsourcing of American jobs…….because there was no “D” in Gross Domestic Production. It was purposeful and it was meant to hide the shifting sands of the economy………it showed up in 2008… the last recession……. Stripping the United States to the bone and making it vulnerable to foreign takeover is what is happening……the only saving grace right now is that Covid has made all of the Global Powerhouses in the economy vulnerable and unable to continue that route.

    Citizens that are well off is the key to a stable economy. Corporations that realize this are the key to a stable country. Denmark epitomized this during the Covid Crisis. The United States looks like a bunch of senile good old boys selling out of the back of their car trunks to whoever will buy whatever they are selling……..

    Each country should think of their own citizens first, then outsource extra-work or domestic products…..

    Corporations tend to think in the same way as warlords and w/o laws that make them responsible, they don’t pay their bills or contribute to their hosting country…….but they do use the services that the country provides and grease the wheels of the politicians that use them to pay less to get more.

  16. Most often I see H1B and other visa worker types arriving in the workplace and the FIRST thing that happens is they angle for and always get “training” … over inflated resumes and dunce US Managers that are infatuated with winning PC points at the office are a big part of the problem.

    • William


      Some years ago, the most common thread on “how do I” questions to the tech groups was from people that couldn’t do simple things in the IT world. It’s gotten a little better, but an American job usually also offers access to training.

  17. Ban HI1

    The H1B is abused and should be banned or re-written to only get Einstein level candidates. What is being imported are “commodity” kids who went to a shopping district diploma mill and were then sponsored by a “coyote” who is generally an Indian recruiter. The Indian H1B is beholden to him and, in the event one finds a good H1B they want to bring on a perm, he will charge a kings ransom. It is worse than the Korean nail salons. The candidate have to pay the ransom. Many of the kids want to go home but they have represented to the families a good life when they are actually living with five guys in an overcrowded but decent looking apartment. They lease a BMW, sometimes a beater. They take pictures of themselves standing beside all their riches and now showing how successful they have immediately become. Now they are too embarrassed to tell their parents the real truth. They cannot go home. On top of that, their parents start asking them for money. They have lied so they have to come up with it. Their whole life is a big lie. The recruiters have fabricated certifications and resumes which indicate a 23 y.o. person who has the experience of someone who is in their late 30’s . Many systems, foreign clients that you cannot verify. They get jobs by having someone older answer the phone screen. They show up with a cellphone. Then it become “group think”. They phone a friend and sometimes allow that person to Teamviewer to the company”s workstation and they both try to figure out how to do the newly minted H1B’s job. This is total fraud but companies are allowing them to get away with it because the Indians who could wait it out now have green cards and are managers of other Indians. They know the scam and support it. They will never hire an American of any race. Fact is they make fun of us and talk about our stupidity. They only associate with other Indians so as not to expose their bigotry. The H1B should be terminated and any credits toward a green card should be extinguished. I know I am right because I have been on the inside and know their scam.

  18. From my experience the program has promoted underpaid workers. I worked with both sides, foreign and national. It is not a clear cut answer. There is an assumption here that unemployed want these jobs and locals are as hardworking as foreigners. Unfortunately that is where the imbalance lies. I think there are arguments on both side of the story. And unfortunately we live exceptional time when each one of us matters.

  19. William

    Competition from India or China if we get rid of H1B workers.

    A fallacy where India is concerned, they don’t have the infrastructure…

    China? Difficult to guess.

    POINT: knowledge is important, giving it away is really kind of cool

    if you’re an oligarch/global-tech-family-based-company and don’t really have a country……because you have no allegiance to a country or continent….so that you don’t really care about espionage….theft is what you’re doing anyway…..whoever has what you need you pay the price and manipulate the system for the most gains… worries…’re a criminal… take advantage of everyone.

    The countries that are sending their citizens to work here, will get back citizens that have insights about how to make things work in their own country… of this countries dime.

    Countries that actually care about the next 200 years ought to start thinking a little more long term and start sealing their intellectual borders, and create a world where people hold allegiance to their home country because they are being treated well. The only way to buy loyalty is by giving loyalty to the people that you employ, and a fair income along with healthcare and a working system of support networks for Citizens and companies that behave like citizens and pay their taxes….and act responsibly……stop acting like criminals/pirates…’s not the 1700’s.

    Get a grip. We have air-conditioners/furnaces, sewage systems, roads……because a good economy requires predictability……….CORPORATIONS NEED TO BECOME ADULTS and start paying taxes and start hiring in-country….whatever country you are……make your country a better place to live in.

  20. Ban H1 comments are very informative. I have seen this in the pharma industry many times, they immediately start working with some lawyer (usually Indian) to get them a green card. I can tell you from personal experience they are damn hard to get rid of once they are here. Ban is also right, they only talk to each other and when they get let go from one company their friends get them into another. In short just get rid of a program we don’t need no matter what the corporate shill Cato says

    • There’s plenty of Indian recruiting agencies that will run false paystubs to keep their Bro’s in shape… haha. Its hard to get rid of them once they are here. Infact, I have seen people that went back to India because h1b didn’t go through, came back again after couple of years with h1b

  21. Deepak fullofitsobad

    Dice Is my most reliable source for providing misleading and disingenuous info on STEM visa programs And their impact in the US job market and everywhere else

  22. William

    We are all modern day indentured servants….

    There are old world definitions of reality in place that need to be redefined……not because of morals but because of science.

    The way things are done now is inefficient. Hire locally, from the local population. Build locally with the local population… wages based upon the cost of living locally… all countries.

  23. Allison

    It’s interesting the Cato Institute has such strong opinions against the EPI conclusions, given that immigration and jobs are two big conservative policy issues. In fact, I started hearing about this topic a few years ago, while trying to understand the maze that modern hiring has become. I came across a video from Lou Dobbs who was showing how companies went out of their way to make sure qualified Americans did not get hired for jobs and instead the jobs went to H1-B workers. I am guessing the Cato Institute is showing their true colors by sticking to the side of industry, privatization, and capitalism at all costs.

    I think there are examples on both sides of this argument, for Cato to argue that EPIs conclusions are incorrect is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

    It’s unreasonable to ban all H1-B visas. Ignoring China or India is not a plan. Maybe a solution is like those gentrified apartment buildings that have to allocate a certain percentage of the housing to low-income residents.

    Side note: Most of these large companies have appalling ratios when in comes to the diversity of their workforce. Many well-paid jobs get filled by white or Asian men, then white women and Asian woman, H1-B or not. The full-time Latino and Black workers end up in the very small minority of professional roles, or they end up working in the facility as contractors in food service, security, janitorial services.

  24. Within I.T. consulting (which they almost completely control) they recruit nationwide at 30-40 year ago local rates. They expect the recruit to absorb the $2000-3000 per month in expenses. Their excuse is that the client directed them at a certain rate. The greedy clients expect cheap rates from them. Last week one of them attempted to recruit me for a NYC contract at $40 per hour. NYC, where the allowable cost of living Per Diem rate is $338 per day or $42.25 per hour. It appears they want you to live in a cardboard box with the homeless. I have contacted Trump many times regarding this issue. He just sits on his posterior and does nothing. He is in bed with the foreign consulting companies, as they met with him in early 2017. It was never revealed their discussion. You can rest assured that he approved with their continued operation in this country. They place foreigners first and hire Americans as a last resort. Their organization charts are almost completely filled with foreigners. NTTData separates Americans out into a subordinate organization structure (we can’t have Americans cluttering up our main organization structure) Is it time to throw the tea in the harbor and play cowboys and …………?

    • Unfortunately, what we have seen is that Bush and Obama did NOT help at all. Obama tried to expand H1bs. Joe Biden plans to expand H1bs and increase immigration. Because record unemployment must be a good thing for Democrats! Trump has put some changes through already – he is our only hope at this point.

  25. Nuance

    The scam is hiding right in front of you. Most people are unaware that they are NOT living in a SERVICE-ECONOMY, it just seems that way because soooooo many tech jobs of al kinds are being given to H1B workers. Electronics, IT, Chemistry jobs, even Accountants are being replaced.
    Companies hire PR firms to spread the myth that there are not enough American STEM professionals when in reality the HR departments are using completely different criteria between an H1B or OPT candidate vs. the U.S. candidate.
    For instance the HR department will include an exhaustive list of qualifications for a position that the American candidate MUST have in order to make to the first, second, or third level interviews. If the U.S. candidate is missing even one of these requirements then they are eliminated from the process, the HR/legal/talent acqusition etc. then file an LCA which then allows them to petition for an H1B or OPT(student) now here is what most people dont know, the H1B candidate that is ultimately brought in for that position may not even have HALF of th ose qualifications that were mentioned in that job description. Instead HR and the third party sourcing (infosys, cyntel, cognizent etc) will work with the H1B candidates to “reconcile” those differences on the resume/profile of the H1B candidate. In otherwords they will lie to the HR department and the HR will go along with it in order to onboard an H1B candidate.
    This is why you see so many H1B holders at a workplace who dont really have the qualifications for the job. HR representatives will rationalize this practice by saying that the H1B holder is not really an employee, that they are a contractor and can never be a direct employee, and in order for someone to be a direct or permanent employee they must meet a “very high” standard.

    This is how companies are running 50-80% H1B workforce.
    Write your representatives, talk to your friends (use discretion)

  26. Mukoena

    The system needs an overhaul for sure. I was a victim of a lay-off after my job was outsourced to Mumbai. It took me over 10 years to reach the experience level I am at. But I was asked to train the overseas folks in less than 3 months. I never had the same people to train every week because of turnover. The wheels came off less than 3 months after being terminated.

    • Nuance

      The fact that you have to train your replacements indicates that they are violating the rules of the H1B. The H1B workers must be ready to hit the ground running after they have had their onsite orientation and paperwork onboarding. The EEOC, USCIS, and DOL need to be contacted. Many companies will make you sign a non -disclosure once they inform you that you are being outsourced. This is to keep you from contacting the the above agencies who are supposed to watch for abuse of the system. Contact them anonomously. Companies that knowingly hire under-qualified H1B/OPT etc candidates are considered “willfull violators” and can be banned from participating in the program.
      Remember the H1B program was intended to provide a venue for that one in a million genius that might have something very unique to offer the organization, not a wholesale replacement of Americas tech workers.

  27. Armand

    How many US stem grads are working at Starbucks now? Probably none, or just the bad ones. When a foreigner applies for a job, some companies automatically reject them because they do not sponsor. That is not a legal impediment any citizen has. Therefore, it’s extremely hard to believe that an engineer is working at Starbucks. How much is the entry level for a Computer Science? 60-70K in lower price markets, and more in higher priced cities, and that’s the VERY minimum salary H1B’s are required to make. Even some of them make that and their applications are still rejected.
    You are telling me that the recent grads are not willing to accept jobs for 60-70K and prefer to work in Starbucks? Haha.

  28. Fred Anthony

    I have seen both sides of the coin. I work in IT. I have seen some amazing foriegn workers and others who were ok (no geniuses for sure) and had no communication skills. My wife works for real estate agency. Since the influx of foreign workers we have seen rise in construction of homes, markets and even more schools have opened up. My point is h1b workers are better alternatives than jobs going to other countries. Don’t even think for a second that banning h1b will secure your jobs. These guys who come here have to eat, need home, bank accounts and other goodies. They help our economy in other ways. What good a job in Beijing doing for us. I even had a foreign worker teach Stem subjects to my kids. At least American kids are getting educated. My kid’s public school education is sub par as many of you can guess. I know IT people are furious with increase in foreign workers. But service people need them. If you wanna ban them, please at least have a conversation how will you replace their flow of money. The fact of matter is very few people see bigger picture. My brother in law did, he started figuring out what do these foreign workers need and start selling stuff to them. He even opened ethnic shops and I thought he was full of it. Now he has invested in real estate, Ethiopian restaurant, Chinese market.
    I feel so envious but I have started on the same path. Please people dont forget We are Americans. We can sell sunglasses to the blind.

    Jesus made me found my path. Jesus will save you as well. Be blessed.

  29. I’d be in favor of removing the annual cap on H1Bs.

    Let companies bring in as many as they want.

    Now for the catch. They would have to pay the person the going rate for the position, but they would ALSO have to pay the US government the same amount as the salary annually, as a tax.

    This would reverse the current situation where employers usually pay H1Bs less than they pay Americans, so hiring H1Bs is the low cost option.

    Now H1Bs would cost twice as much as American workers, every year that they’re here, and Americans would be the low cost option for employers.

    This would allow companies to continue to hire H1Bs with extraordinary skill, or fill talent shortages, which is why they claim they need H1Bs in the first place. Companies should be eager to get such high quality workers, even at a higher price.

    But there would now be a financial incentive to find an American replacement, or even train an American if the skill were rare.

    It would also be an interesting experiment to find out who’s telling the truth. Are H1Bs really about hiring people with rare skills, or cheap labor?

  30. If you are Black or Latino American or Green Card in ANY technology career all these “HB1’s” are taking jobs. Stand up over cubicle and look left, look right, you really don’t see Black or Latino workers. Though we are here….