JPMorgan Targeting Google, Facebook for A.I. Talent

JPMorgan is busy growing an artificial intelligence (A.I.) team in California. The bank is currently advertising seven A.I. roles in San Mateo (down from 17 last time we looked). These include openings for an A.I. platform senior cloud engineer, as well as a full-stack A.I. engineer. Those selected will work on a mysterious new A.I. platform for the firm that has yet to be launched. 

JPMorgan is deliberately targeting big tech for its new roles. It says the ideal hires are “the best from Silicon Valley,” and that it’s already recruited from the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

In fact, JPMorgan’s Silicon Valley A.I. presence is run by former Googlers. For example, Apoorv Saxena left Google in August 2018 to run JPMorgan’s global A.I. efforts out of San Mateo. Saxena subsequently recruited Rich Merz from Google in January 2019, followed a month later by Daryush Laqab.

Merz is an executive director in A.I. product strategy and transformation at JPMorgan; Laqab is an A.I. product manager and head of the firm’s machine learning products. Both men say they’re hiring. Other big tech recruits include Irina Max from Apple (lead data scientist), who joined in June 2019, and Yang Wang, who joined in September 2018 from Facebook (just after Apoorv). 

Unsurprisingly, many of JPM’s new hires have a cloud background. The bank’s new A.I. platform, which is being built from scratch, is designed to work in multi-cloud environments (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud). The intention is that it will accelerate the work of data scientists across the bank.

Most banks are busy moving applications onto the cloud. Bank of America said in October that it has built its own internal cloud, and reduced its data centers from 67 to 23. The plan is to start migrating to external cloud providers once their cost-efficiency and safety is confirmed.

This article originally appeared in eFinancialCareers.