These Companies are Hiring the Most Software Developers Right Now

Many software developers and engineers have a dream employer, but most are just trying to find a great job that pays well. Good news: we know who’s hiring the most software developers!

We dug through Burning Glass’ NOVA platform, which collates and analyzes millions of job postings, to decipher who was hiring the most software developers and software engineers in 2019 so far. Our search was nationwide, and limited to the software developer role (which encompasses the “engineer” designation, too).

Burning Glass data shows an expected growth in software-developer roles of 30.7 percent over the next decade, and 940,702 jobs posted for the role in the past year. It takes 39 days to fill software developer jobs, which is surprisingly average compared to other professional designations. The data shows median annual software developer salary is $98,854, which is slightly more than Dice’s 2019 Salary Survey indicates is “average” for technologists.

A look at which firms hire the most software developers and engineers reads like a who’s-who of financial institutions and defense contractors. Amazon is still the most prolific hirer of technologists, with over 9,000 software developer and engineer job postings filed over the past 12 months, but tons of banks and financial firms hire for tech roles.

IBM is a distant second in hiring software developers, but ranks ever-so-slightly ahead of U.S. Bancorp. JPMorgan is in fourth place, slightly ahead of military contractor Northrop Grumman.

Of the top ten, only two (and the top two) are companies we can point to as dedicated tech firms. Of the remaining eight, three are financial firms, four are defense contractors, and one, Accenture, is a consulting firm.

What this data doesn’t tell us is what those developers and engineers do at these various firms. To get a better understanding of that, we examined the skills companies were looking for, which also projects how in-demand that skill will be over the next two years. AngularJS and Python have the most positive projected trajectory of any language, with growth estimates for these skills at 26.8 and 24.1 percent, respectively.

The most highly anticipated skill is DevOps, which data suggests will see a 39.9 percent growth amongst hiring companies in the next 24 months.

9 Responses to “These Companies are Hiring the Most Software Developers Right Now”

  1. These numbers mean nothing to Americans. What we need to know is how many of these jobs went to Americans and how many went to Indians and Chinese. For example, most of IBM’s staff is overseas. And here in America, their buildings are filled with Chinese and Indian employees. I know. I used to work there. American based companies are more than happy to sell out their own citizens and hire foreigners.

    • Amen to that. Every company I’ve worked for in the last 10 years has been well stocked to the point of super majority with H1 visa holders and offshore contractor. Too many American companies selling out the American workers.

      • I’m a software developer since 10 years and I’ve seen the same in these companies, nationality doesn’t matter, I worked for companies in Latin America, Europe and now in US, every single company I have been working had people from anywhere, specially from India and China, it’s vary unusual (at this time) if you find an unemployed Software Engineer, so Indians or Chineses are not “stealing Americans jobs” is just that there are fewer in America than those countries. (I’m Mexican)

  2. We are hired due to our technical knowledge ,skills and hard work.
    The priority of these companies is to earn profit and improve their technology and we Indians and other Asians provide them what they need.
    Remember, your good economy and wealth is due to our skilled workforce and large market , where the MNC’s sell their products and services.

  3. wageSlave

    “The data shows developers’ median annual salary is $98,854, which is slightly more than Dice’s 2019 Salary Survey indicates is “average” for technologists”

    And both are much lower than Robert Half’s estimate which are based on actual placements not the offering prices of the bottom feeders. Especially software developers who are proficient in Angular and Python. Try $125,000 to $145,000. There are shortages at $98,854. It is interesting that there are no shortages at $125,000 to $145,000.

  4. Amazon is trying to hire Software Engineers in Northern, VA while they are still building the 2nd headquarter in Arlington, VA. The interesting part is that I was invited to apply for the role and I did. Shortly after I was given code challenges suitable for senior Engineer. I only have 2+ years experience. Any thought or comment on this senior engineers?