Top 10 Tech Jobs in Silicon Valley in 2019

Silicon Valley is the center of the tech universe in the United States, and plenty of technologists want to live there. It’s an expensive place to live, so you’re going to need a job if you want to stick around. With that in mind, here are the top ten tech jobs in Silicon Valley right now; these are the positions with the most job postings, indicating a very high rate of employer demand.

For this list, we dug through Burning Glass’ NOVA platform, which tracks job postings across just about every category. We isolated the San Jose metro area, which encompasses Silicon Valley, and distilled our findings to the technology sector. Some jobs were excluded; a marketing manager may work in tech, but they’re not a technologist per se, and their position isn’t one we consider a “tech job.”

We also isolated the data to 2019. In the chart below, you’ll find the tech job designation, as well as the total number of listings for that role this year, all within Silicon Valley.

Software developers are the most in-demand tech job in Silicon Valley by a wide margin. With nearly, 49,000 listings this year alone, they outpace the nearest competitor (web developer) five times over. Across Silicon Valley, app developers are simply the most in-demand job there is in tech.

Web developer is second on the list with 9,602 job openings in 2019. If we’re taking a wide-angle view of the top two positions in Silicon Valley, we find developing apps (native and web) still carry the day.

To underscore that point, we’ll note the combined number of job postings for those two positions in 2019, 58,437, outpaces the rest of the top ten combined. A closer view highlights just how critical software developers are to tech: there were 48,835 software developer jobs posted in Silicon Valley for all of 2019 to-date, and 51,937 for the rest of the tech jobs on this list combined. The percentage split between software developers and everyone else in tech (at least as job openings are concerned) is nearly 50/50.

Those two roles don’t tell the whole story of tech jobs in silicon valley for 2019, though. Computer systems engineers and architects were a very close third place, with 9,111 jobs posted in 2019. This is a bit of a catch-all role, and we’re not going to assume these openings are directly relatable to software or hardware entirely, but it is nonetheless critical. So is computer systems analyst, which ranks fourth with 5,871 job listings in 2019.

Winding our way down to the last job on the top ten: information security analyst, which had 2,693 jobs posted in 2019. Comparatively, that’s low; ninth place ‘business intelligence analyst’ had 4,240 jobs posted in 2019. But when we consider the 2,693 jobs more directly, that’s nearly 300 jobs posted per month. Almost 10 jobs per day. In the dense gauntlet of Silicon Valley, that’s a healthy number.

We’d be remiss not to remind you that Silicon Valley isn’t all cool tech jobs and fast cars. It’s expensive, housing costs are through the roof, and you’ll probably go into debt just breathing the air. But, if you want to be at the epicenter of the action in tech, the jobs are waiting for you!

2 Responses to “Top 10 Tech Jobs in Silicon Valley in 2019”

  1. Kevin Brand

    Now compare that list to the top H1B LCAs filed… You’ll soon figure out where those jobs are going. The titles mean nothing as long as they get their cheap foreign servants. They live 10 to a room, bring their immediate and extended families over and put them to work on H4 visa filling more of these tech positions over qualified Americans every day.

    • @kevin Brand :Have you visited any 10 a room apartment where H1b lives, i havent in past 10 years, however i can show you there bigger and better houses in USA,instead of illogically critisizing H1B holder, get to know some facts:
      1)CEO of microsoft and Google came on H1B here..
      2) To be competitive in global economy you need hard working individual
      3)H1B employee get average salary of more than 100K which is good number at lot of places
      4) They are Flexible and fast in adopting new technologies.
      5)Even if company save some money hiring them there is no harm because most of the companies are global and public listed and they need to save cost in order to provide decent return to shareholders.
      6) As doctor marries Doctor so same goes with Engineer , so there Spouses are equally qualified.
      7)Now amazon/google/Oracle have bigger offices in offshore centres,and these companies will continue to expand overseas.

      Get your fact right and im sure your Grand parents have also migrated from some other country.