H-1B Software Engineer Pay at Google, Apple, Microsoft

It’s no secret that some of the largest tech companies use the H-1B visa to fill software-engineering roles. But how much are they actually paying those software engineers?

Let’s take a look at some numbers from the H1B Salary Database, which indexes the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL). For this walkthrough, we chose Apple, Google, and Microsoft; in a future piece, we’ll break down other firms.

Some caveats here (as some readers have helpfully pointed out): These numbers don’t include the perks and payments that H-1B workers at these companies may receive in addition to their salary. For example, if they have a deferred stock award that may result in a lot of money in a few years, provided they accomplish certain project milestones, it seems unlikely that will end up as part of these calculations. When dealing with things related to H-1B salaries, we’re often forced into a bit of guesswork.

Now let’s look at the “average” compensation for entry-level software engineers at those companies, courtesy of crowdsourced compensation data from levels.fyi:

Salary-wise, software engineers on the H-1B seem to be earning a bit more than “average” entry-level software engineers at those companies, which certainly makes sense—companies are only supposed to use the H-1B to secure specialized talent they can’t find within the talent pool of U.S. citizens, and presumably that kind of specialization is worth more cash. (These entry-level workers also receive compensation in the form of bonuses and stock, and at least some H-1B workers might, as well, which alters the calculus; but let’s stick with “pure” salary figures for right now.)

No matter what their specialization, though, it seems like the typical H-1B software engineers at these firms make far, far less than software engineers with a ton of experience. Let’s take a look at “average” compensation for some of the most senior software engineers at these firms (also from levels.fyi):

Of course, in any analysis like this, there’s a little bit of wiggle room. Some of these most senior engineers are no doubt on the H-1B (since it’s crowdsourced, levels.fyi no doubt has some H-1B data thrown into its overall “pool”). But if we take the average salary data at face value, it seems like software engineers who arrive at these big firms via H-1B are making a bit more than entry-level software engineers, and a whole lot less (on average) than the software engineers who climb to virtually the top of the heap at these companies.

This is interesting because H-1Bs are supposed to go to those technologists who have highly specialized skills that are hard to find; presumably, that specialization is worth a lot of cash. But the “average” H-1B salaries at these firms don’t reflect that kind of substantial premium. It’s the sort of data reinforces the arguments of H-1B critics, who insist that companies use the visa to save money, not lock down the one-of-a-kind talent they actually need. Beyond software engineers, are those on the H-1B visa making less than other technologists?

How H-1B Software Engineers Compare to ‘Average’ Tech Pros in Pay

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a dataset of H-1B visa applications for FY2019, displaying everything from sponsoring companies and targeted roles to projected salaries. It’s well worth checking out (although you’ll need a powerful PC, since the data comes in a huge Excel sheet), especially as it provides insights into things that many companies previously did their best to keep hidden, such as their subcontracting activity.  

Via this DOL dataset, we’ve seen an imbalance between “average” and H-1B salaries. Using the dataset, we found the average H-1B salary is $89,779. But the average salary for tech pros, according to the most recent Dice Salary Survey, is $93,244; and on top of that, the Dice Salary Survey recorded the average income for software engineers at $110,989. 

Even as companies continue to apply for H-1B workers, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has been systematically cracking down on the visa. For example, since President Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American” executive order (signed two years ago), the government has suspended premium processing of H-1B petitions (before resuming it), signaled an intention to kill H-4 EAD, and planned to completely change how the H-1B lottery is run. Despite those measures, however, it seems like the H-1B itself isn’t going away in the short term.

Editor’s note: This article’s conclusions regarding senior software engineers has been slightly updated.

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  1. It really is pathetic.

    You should take a look at all of the Indian recruiters and staffing firms out there. I get anywhere from 25 to 50 emails per day looking to fill American jobs at ridiculously low rates rates!!!

    I also get at least 10 follow up phone calls per day. Most of the emails are for the same roles at the same company.

    They lowball the hourly rates to the extreme down low.

    Americans really are getting the sh-t end of the stick with the massively huge list of recruiters and staffing firms.

    • Hidden For Privacy

      We really need to get organized into a group and stop the H1-B gravy train. These people have screwed the market hard. All the dirty tricks they use have ruined this field. Fake papers lying. They set people up for bad interviews so they can claim they were not able to find a local candidate. Pure lies! I am Indian I was sponsored here and when I was eight years old and I am a citizen. I have insights on how this shops are operating. They are ruining the local job market most people are able to fill these roles and this is cheap labor for the tech companies.

    • True, we Americans have to contract at meager 30 year ago rates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Many H1-B holders of expired visas assume American names so they can’t be tracked for overstaying the max 6 years allowed by the H1-B program. There is an estimate that there over 1 million holders of H1-B visas that are expired. A research of Linkedin indicates that only 1 in 10 go home. Many work for the worldwide monopoly, Microsoft, this should be resolved using current anti-monopoly laws.

      They have complete control of I.T. contract consulting. Rarely do I receive e-mails from American recruiters. Still, they will fill the positions with their own people before Americans, because they fear being found out regarding their expired visas.

      I have e-mailed “President” Trump many times informing him regarding the abuse of the system and to trash the Trojan Horse H1-B program. No true results yet. There never will be results, because of the under the table money received by corrupt members of our government. The swamp runnith over.

      Do you want to know the direction the U.S. is going? Research ancient Rome (our system of government is patterned after that of failed Rome), mass corruption (Roman leaders would have been proud), devaluation of the currency (Let’s print some more money) and over extension of the military (Let’s have a 9/11 so we can go to war – Bush II knew about the pending attack – he was safe in a classroom in Florida). After massive corruption, all governments fail.

      In regard to the next post, There was an Indian in my location, that had to leave, because he didn’t “get the job done”, an American took over.

  2. Dihfahsih Mugoya

    Here in Africa where technology is just at the infant stage, most of the tech start ups are owned by foreigners and Americans in particular, so getting a top well paying job in such start-ups you have to be extremely good at software development. Applying in such start ups takes God’s grace to get there cos they want top cream software engineers now we who have just adopted software engineering we are left out to die debugging in small dying out software locally owned hubs working for longer hours yet getting pennies at the end of the month. I cant believe at the end of the month I receive only $170 as salary without any allowance or bonus yet under tight deadlines from the hub owners. If you are talking about H-1B scheme for software engineers at the helm of tech, consider also us in Africa with staggering tech where there’s no difference between a software engineer, a software developer, a coder and a programmer but rather a mix.

      • Vishwas

        Fair comparison would be to either compare median h1b income to median income for US citizen or average income same level for same dataset. Instead writer picked some data not related to each other, to lead to conclusion. Reader seems to have made up the mind, not recognizing the issue with the article. I would ask same same salary for h1b if the data proves otherwise.

  3. the line “it seems like software engineers who arrive at these big firms via H-1B are making less than the “average” senior software engineer ” does NOT make sense!… and showcases the ignorance of the author about pays in these companies..
    A company like Google has 10+ levels of Software engineers (levels start at 3, 3-5 are titled “software engineer”, 6 – “senior software engineer”, 7 – “senior staff software eng…”, 8-9 – “principal engineer” and 10+ “fellow / senior fellow”). H1B are recruited at all of these levels with the highest levels even eligible for O visas (people with extra ordinary skill set – like the Turing award winners – Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun). It is not like software engineer is a title for new employees and senior for tenured… you can join directly at level 10 if you have the chops….there are H1B folk with $1M+ salaries at Google, Apple, etc. All you are doing with this ill informed article is spreading hate against foreigners! instead of encouraging a fair and forward playing field.

      • I believe the author and the one sided commentators have what I call Obsessive H1B Disorder. People need to understand that there will be always fraud in any system. And only pointing out that small percentage is completely wrong. Most of fin tech is driven by non Americans at least at the ground level and things are running as expected. There are bad apples and they get thrown out. Regarding comparing salaries here… the levels.fyi is a new site live for like 3 years. How can we compare data which is coming from a government agency with some startup? 100% chances that levels.fyi might be inflated a lot as everyone wants more salary! This article and author clearly dislikes H1B contribution for past decades. I hope the dice insights team concentrates more on helping out the job seekers instead of spreading conspiracy theories.

  4. Kishore

    Pretty bad article. Not comparing apples to apples. It starts off nice as a click bait trying to compare high end companies instead of IT services companies, but author does not have clear idea of what he wrote. I work at one of these and had offers from 1 other. Issues with article
    1. H1b data is base salary. H1b lca filling only declares base salary, he did not consider all the other components like stock, bonus etc which he does in levels.fyi
    2. Levels.fyi has h1b people’s data also, he did not eliminate that.
    3. Google apple are cash rich they care only about superior talent, and all h1bs know the salary of each level, do you think a smart h1 guy to get into Google and doesn’t know how to get his worth. Do u think Google wants to discriminate and have poor moral?

    Dumb article.

    If you are comparing IT services then there are different points

  5. This story is stupid that it makes me sad , this guy is taking h1b salary data from the filing , it don’t report stock and bonus . This you can were that it roughly match others are paid , also most of the senior software engineers are also on H1b , regardless of the visa type every full time employee is paid the same . Get this right .. I am on H1B and my h1b filing only report my base salary

    • Maybe in your dreams there are Indians running 2 -4 trillion dollar companies.. I currently work as a contractor for a 15 billion dollar who outsourced to the supposed best outsourcing company there is. The outsourcing company is all Indian and they don’t know the hardware or the software, they guess most of the time. There have been more outages in the last 2 years than there where in the prevision 10 and they are doing about 70% less work than the previous group. The problem with American companies is that they are greedy and our leaders are easily sold the “Jack and the Beanstalk – Magic beans”. The company regrets their decision and is going to start in-sourcing.

  6. Well, 2 out of 4 trillion dollar companies are run by H1B Indians. Again, just brushing a broad stroke of hate isn’t helpful… One can also argue that this land of the free and the home for the brave has gotten infested with lazy, fat, unskilled, fearfull and hate mongering second gens… You may have lost the fight your immigrant ancestors had in them.

    • Maybe in your dreams there are Indians running 2 -4 trillion dollar companies.. I currently work as a contractor for a 15 billion dollar who outsourced to the supposed best outsourcing company there is. The outsourcing company is all Indian and they don’t know the hardware or the software, they guess most of the time. There have been more outages in the last 2 years than there where in the prevision 10 and they are doing about 70% less work than the previous group. The problem with American companies is that they are greedy and our leaders are easily sold the “Jack and the Beanstalk – Magic beans”. The company regrets their decision and is going to start in-sourcing.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah no, level 63 and 64 is senior SDE at Microsoft and 65 and 66 is Principal SDE, which very very few people can achieve. Comparing that with the average H1B salary is just being ignorant.

  8. fred mertz

    This article forgets to mention payroll taxes due by both the developer and the company. Both of which get refunded should the H1B person go home for “family emergency” for more than a few weeks per year. Which of course they all do. This is the real scam.

    • Not ill eagle

      Fred, you are misinformed on payroll taxes. Those are a percentage of payroll and must be paid at the time the salary is imbursed. There is no refund unless someone ends up paying too much. Definitely no refund if the H1B employee goes on a vacation. I would challenge you to provide a reference for your claims.

      In fact H1B employees fund the entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicaid etc.) through taxes just like any citizen would but can’t take advantage of any of these programs. Plus the employing companies pay for the legal overheads of maintaining H1B which can be quite significant. Yet the H1B employees continue to be paid respectable 6-figure incomes. There is a clear market for talented, motivated, hard-working people that the American talent pool has not been filling for several years now. That gap will close some day – I see Americans focusing increasingly on getting the right degrees required to get these jobs – computer science and not liberal arts. But today it is still really hard to fill tech job spots if one limits the applicants to American citizen talent pool. The average time-to-fill has been steadily rising on these jobs for the past 10+ years despite the influx of H1B talent. What America needs is more, not less.

  9. Legal Indian

    This is very sad that how most Americans don’t like Indians through we work hard and try to go above and beyond at work, where are most Citizens I have seen either do not want to work hard or don’t care about work(especially in govt sector). Who do you think handles the work at the time of thanks giving and Christmas holidays? There is no one at work and we are the only ones sitting at office and finish the work. The reason why the young generation is not getting the good jobs are baby boomers don’t want to retire!! Most of them do not contribute much to the work and isn’t that a wastage of tax payers money? I have seen citizens using fake skills on their resume!!! Because of Some bad apples, you can’t paint whole Indian community with same brush!!! some hate illegals and here people directly saying they hate Indians. We keep our head down and pay taxes, and contribute to your economy. If that is wrong, then only god can help you. If you have so much problem with Indians, then suspend the H1B program!! Then see how badly it hits the economy. companies can’t survive without H1B, you cancel the program, and the companies will shift their offices to overseas(already doing that. Thanks to fear mongerOrs like that guy who hates Indians). Because, people here just don’t want to work hard, mostly lack the skills!!!! Companies have to depend on H1B talent because we do the dirty work which you refused to do(citizens just leave at 5, where as if needed an immigrant stays longer to finish the work (even work remotely) and do not expect compensation(some companies pay overtime some don’t), and that is what companies like about us!! Do you know that people on H1B pays social security and Medicare taxes and don’t even get any benefits? Do you feel better now?? Does this satisfy your ego? Especially to the gentleman who mentioned about the taxes!!!

      • Harry FU

        You just told about your whole life . The author should take a look at these comments and can certainly understand the reason . Its ok to depend on Indians for Tech work , Mexicans for Normal work but why do you have to depend on AA’s for you know what … Cant you do that as well ?

  10. Mr Cuccinelli’s comment the other day was perfect! ” I want it to cost more to use non-American workers because if you are willing to pay that amount, that’s actually the truest test to me that, in fact, in that particular market, we really do need temporary foreign workers.” USCIS is going to slam dunk this soon. They know what is going on and they are going after them despite Congressional theatrics. We all have to help them though. Write to the White House and Senate. Refer to the quote above.

  11. Just about everyone has heard about the “Tech Talent Shortage” and the need for STEM education. But most people aren’t aware that it’s a scam.

    I’m a software engineer having trouble getting a job. People wonder why and when I explain how the scam works, they look at me as though I told them I was abducted by an alien and anally probed. They hear about the “shortage” on the local and national news and believe it. When one person that they’ve just met states the opposite, they don’t believe them and think there’s something wrong with that person.

    We aren’t being heard. The only people that read these comments on Dice are the ones that already know about the scam. Writing letters to congress doesn’t get the attention of the media. We need for it to become common knowledge that the “Tech Talent Shortage” narrative is fraud. I think we need to do a march on Washington D.C.. Seriously!

  12. Comparing H1B salary at all levels against overall entry level average and senior level average (which includes the H1Bs) is illogical. You cannot draw any reasonable conclusion based on this.

  13. N Shankar

    Wow! So much hatred towards Indians cool!. Once Indians are done next whom will you blame Russians or Chinese or African’s … ?. People like this author will always find people to blame , so that they could make a fortune out of it. These Guys are never going to provide you solution and not good at anything except spreading hatred towards other’s… i can clearly see that this author feeding on your Fear’s..Anyway Go ahead build your own fear and spread your Hatred just like the religous s**t going … As some body said “It is tough to make people to realise that they were scammed rather than Scamming them”.

  14. Heights of ignorance :

    The whole premise of this article is wrong : The Data on Salary is a base number . NO I am not mentioning about perks/stocks and all . Even if there were no perks/bonuses the salary reported is based on the LCA certification process . For ex for level 4 in my MSA we need 104k , so if you were to look up the salary data of my firm you would see 104K , but I consistently made 160 K per year in the past 3 yrs . No govt is not looking at my ADP payroll data and reporting in the data set . Before you draw conclusions from the Data , you have to understand the Data set .

    Secondly : “Chinese are stealing our manufacturing jobs ” ” Japanese are stealing our automobile jobs ” ” Companies are moving away from Newyork/california and setting up shops in Ireland and so on ” . You can either keep crying at everything or realize that , regulations cannot control Global Markets . Even if the whole H1B is abolished , these companies are not going to send a Limo to your house , they will figure out a way to get their job done in the fastest and most economical way . If you think all the companies are stupid to employ H1B folks , then you should start a company and provide services , hire American , Indian or what ever nationality you want and come back and show us .
    And its ridiculous that you feel the H1Bs are not competent enough and so they are doing a dis service – So you think the 2008 recession is also caused by H1B’s . Lehman brothers collapse , giving loans to people who cant even qualify – are all caused by H1Bs?? All I am trying to say is – Incompetence will be there in every sector , irrespective of their nationality or industry , but to paint a broad picture and say all H1B s are incompetent exposes your bias .

    Every industry in US has major issues , US pays 10-20 times more for the same drug so if you just increase the cost of something , it will have an impact somewhere . we dont operate in vacuum . If H1B s or outsourcing firms dont exist , may be the salaries in this sector would be 10k more , but companies dont take loss to give you that 10K boost . You and every other American will pay indirectly – for ex your amazon prime subscription would be 160$ instead of 100$ , infact the net impact may be negative for all americans .

    If you still feel that , this whole outsourcing and H1B is wrong , then make sure you buy everything american , which means you cant shop at walmart , target , Ikea , kroger etc . Many generic medicines are made in India / Korea and so on . Its very easy to see the manufacturer on your prescription bottle . Only buy American branded . Only buy American made cars – jeep , ford , Dodge and so on . If an american implements this – then you will quickly realise that your salary has to be increased by 100% for you to survive .

    On the other hand , if you say , Those rules dont apply to me , I want other industries to bring the prices down by outsourcing so I could buy cheaper goods , but as I am in software industry , I should earn more money and hey the grocery shop guy , the pharmacist and so on ..have to pay more for software services . I think that is teh definition of hypocrisy.

    Now , unlike the author , I will also talk about the downside of the position I am supporting . Like everythign , there are many things in the Immigration policy which are completely ridiculous , have no conenction with the reality .These are decades old regulations which became stale . So may be you should question your Govt representative and ask them to fix this . I think this might happen in another 50 yrs , because there are much more crazier issues , which seem to not have a chance of getting fixed because of the current political environment , I am not talking about a specifc party . for ex: a guy who got deported 5 times , came back to US and shot an innocent american , normally you woudl think this is a clear case , no there are people in the government who are suggesting policies that would help this sort of illegal aliens to enter . May be you should worry about that before you worry about an incompetent H1B who is paying close to 40,000 Taxes , who already spent 25,000 $ to do masters and bought a 500k home paying another 18k in property taxes .

    I am just restating again – just like there are incompetent cops , bankers , judges , “senior editors” – there will be incompetent H1Bs. You can talk about how to reduce the occurrence of this or you can stick to your rhetoric to abolish H1Bs and increase your salary . I can confidently say , you are not going to see any changes before you complete your 100 yr life quota on this planet .

    Summary :

    Stop whining , dont be hypocrite , provide value , compete , demand respect and earn money .

    • Peter White

      Take care of Americans first. End the current H1B program and start deporting all the fakes.
      Unionize the Tech Industry and remove all Temp.Contracting Agencies. It’s time these multi- billion dollars Tech. Corporations are held accountable for the American peoples.

  15. Salemst

    I’m a 40 year Executive Recruiter/Headhunter. From 1983-2003 in I/T
    Everyone knows we brought in enormous numbers of H-1B’s in the 1990’s to fix the mainframe software bugs in fear of Y2K. These visa holders learned our business. After Y2K came and went they went back to their countries of origin. In the 90’s Corning dropped thousands of miles of fiber optics on the ocean floor overseas to access these people heading back to their countries–the work came to them with increased bandwidth.

    After 2000 came the March 2000 NASDAQ crash. 2001 saw pretty much hiring freezes due to economic uncertainty. 2002 saw the massive H-1B insourcing and offshore outsourcing as my once US clients turned to predominantly Tata, Wipro, and Infosys Indian consulting firms making them all Billion dollar companies, 70% due to US business. My clients’ staff was being replaced by Indians. Instead of 80 here the Director now had 250 in Bangalore India with an analyst in the States to oversee. I switched my recruiting discipline to Defense where employees in classified work had to be US citizens. They came here living 13 to an apartment sleeping on floor mats, renting a couple of cars sending their money home for when they returned 6 years later spending zero money in the US.

    Bottom line. In the early 2000’s I was told by my clients they could hire 5 Indians and 10 Chinese there in India and China per American worker here. They could hire them here at 40-50% of an American worker here. Had nothing to do with special skills. It was cost savings meaning increased corporate profits meaning increased stock prices meaning those at the highest levels of the company making obscene bonuses on profitability/stock market price.

    We were sold a bill of goods. Told our educational system had failed. Told our workers were inadequately skilled. Told we had slovenly work habits. Too much sloth.

    We were screwed when technology advances enabled our companies to render us obsolete.
    And let’s not forget anti business government policies of higher cost of doing business with increased taxes, government regulations, government mandates, and crony capitalism free trade pushed by globalists including both Bushes, Clinton, and Obama.

    ‘Americans will do the high level design jobs, Offshored work will be low level maintenance repetitive’ clamored Al Gore and Bill Clinton in 1993 ramming NAFTA/GATT through which was George HW Bush’s baby.

    In the end it was government and bib business using technology for their own wealth/power at American worker expense. I don’t blame Indians. I blame American globalists and big government progressives for setting up a business environment where it became profitable to them to screw Americans. We must look in the mirror as to who screwed us, and our complicity in voting for those people allowing them to do so. Shame on us for allowing this to happen.

  16. Tina J Emam

    HR calls this workplace diversity. They recruit from both Mumbai and Chennai. Can’t wait for the inter-office cricket matches! I am practicing and training on defecating in the street to better fit in with all my new H1-B co-workers. MAGA

    • John Galt

      Don’t forget Bangalore – particularly big one for tech. Most multinationals have sourced (or are in process now and I’m observing how things are being shifted now at one such place) ALL dba, dba support, tech support, software development (aka software engineer) positions overseas. What remains in the US and other countries are analyst, management and other jobs that may be seen or interface with the public – for the moment. Those companies have begun shifting those overseas as well because when your workforce is 12 hours ahead, communication and actual management becomes a challenge. Will be interesting to see how businesses operate when such a massive amount of their workforce cannot be reached – such as new laws either here or there, network traffic disruption, regional conflict over there (which always seems to be on a simmer), etc.

  17. Richard

    Why cant we spend the money here in the U.S. training our young people to do this and even train older workers to get better jobs? That would just make sense so maybe not a good idea LOL

    • Anonymous

      Thats a cool idea . I would suggest you do a simple experiment ? Nothing elaborate . Pick up the yellow pages or some online search engine and try to get a quote for building a basic wordpress website with 5 basic pages . Make a note of the price quoted , their explanation of the features available and come back here and report your experience .

      Now extrapolate that experience to finding a consultant for a million dollar , piece of software implementation which was released in to market 2 years ago . All it needs is Masters level knowledge in the subject Matter , ability to understand the language of business , willingness to constantly learn new cutting edge and successful softwares and oh by the way , Travel across the country 4 days a week to various sites. It would be a piece of cake …We can train for these , except that , a whopping 5% of American college students even consider STEM degrees , and may be 2 % get Masters , and may be 0.05% want to keep learning new technologies and 0.00005% can survive the 4 day travel . But thats fine , lets train our young students .

  18. Hmmm…
    H-1B abuse?
    On the rise?



    “Enforcement actions…
    On its part, the Donald Trump administration has cracked down hard on H-1B malpractices.
    Among other things, it has launched targeted on-site visits to discover fraud and abuse.”

    “targeted on-site visits” actually occurring in Silicon Valley?
    Other repeat offenders?
    I wonder how many other businesses out there haven’t been caught, yet.

  19. anonymous

    Its bilateral trade. US sells (India buys) Indians computer sw/hardware, services (google/FB) defense products, airplanes, medicines/healthcare equipment…even gas today… This trade is only bound to grow in all dimensions and directions… together they are 1.3 +.3 billion people market …and 3+11 trillion dollar economies and growing….

    In return, Indians export IT services/leather/textiles/metals to US….Now US can stop Indians edge in cheap labor, but then Indians will also look towards EU or Japanese for all imports…..
    There are irregularities/corruption either way …and that stems negative sentiment…
    It is not that one side is losing it all (US through H1b)…Its purely trade negotiation at highest level….I think either side kind of understands the pros and cons in such bilateral relationship
    You can’t have it all …even if you would like to….

    • anonymous

      Recent example…. US asks india to tag along and stop importing oil from Iran (India biggest customer)… India obliges and in return signs billions of dollars worth of contracts with Saudi Arabia and US suppliers in Houston (despite distance of travel) …….however illogical and financially not beneficial (not loss either) ……but then you do such things under a broader understanding of the framework…

      You make noise here about H1b exploitation issue involving few thousand irregularities…in one shot…Houston gained billions… Advantage everybody !

    • The Indians do not import anything from US out of the goodness of their hearts. My Indian friends were explaining to me how India was playing the US against the Soviet Union. All only power games.

      We do not need the Indian workers (including the H1Bs either).

      • anonymous

        The US did not call Indians out of goodness of heart either..whether its Y2k times or later…neither did they call chinese (rail road) ….
        If you dont need H1B …just stop it …
        middle east never invited US..nor did Vietnam or Korea of Philippines…
        The buddy europe has declared war twice on US..so did Japan…you are confused..

        • The US did not call any of those at all, goodness of heart or not. Our congressmen are too corrupt to stop the H1B (for now).

          I do not need a history lesson from you, you are too bad at history.

  20. anonymous

    haha.. the European peasant class migrated here not on any invitation either..brought in africans..and we all know what happened thereafter….people like you have a platform to irresponsibly incite hate today (on public media here) because they might have been personally affected, although It shows history is not your cup of tea nor is tech…ranting is fine !

    Quality if not panacea of success, as american substandard machining/tooling equipment outran European (exports) due to being cheap (mass adopted) and thus agile (evolve), compared to euro obsession with quality and thus their heavy investments for achieving it, It made them extremely repulsive to change/cost…

    Quality eventually came…Japs proved you with cars/electronics, then koreans and now chinese are evolving…so will Indians eventually on mass scale (the top ones already run best of your companies/academia)…its a learning curve…The good thing, they also created markets/co manufacturing for same american products back home…have you ever wondered how out of blue Taiwanese today have all fabrication (silicon) labs !

    another ex. MS windows (low Quality) vs Apple quality obsession earlier…A lot of post war industries of US were anyways derived from Europeans, esp escaping asylum seekers (Fermi, teller, Einstein…) WW II pow german or italian expertise ( read Nazi..von braun — rockets) …

    The H1B should be curtailed, thats re-calibration…so should be chain family migration….but not in the language you use above….”its takes a delusional idiot to shoot a gun (as happening everywhere these days), but a physicist/ to make a decent one today! ”
    Your congressman are corrupt ! So are in rest of the world…they just cater to sum of self interests of their supported base…
    so kindly use public forums judiciously…. You can rant in person anywhere 🙂 ….even I get frustrated…

  21. anonymous

    yeah…the trash full of diseases, plague and rodents…infecting and infesting all locals of new worlds.. australia was even penal asylum ..
    Indians still send you “legally” their middle class graduates…they r aristocracy for you … 😀
    This is just realignment …deal with it…sole losers can’t compete…they rant !

  22. The “aristocracy” (the Indian middle class) should first learn to build an outhouse, my ancestors passed that first test thousands of years ago. We not only rant, we vote too. Cheating and lying is no fair competition, that is “Indian competition”. In fair competition you would stand no chance.

  23. anonymous

    Well,,the west’s loot of 300 years (new worlds and old) is coming to an end…the party is over…
    Chinese already took back/earned their fair share of ~3+ trillion dollars (trade surplus) –like it or not…so will rest of asia…
    The thing is that asians still are doing it in hardworking peaceful and collaborative way…unlike your greedy ancestors ..too much blood on hands !
    Wars among major powers are out of question today.. (MAD) …. its simply redistribution of wealth and resources …. either collaborate or perish ..only choice for everybody 🙂

  24. anonymous

    and …….everytime you get out of outhhouse…u still leave a little shit on your ass…wiping is not washing and you still have not learned that basic fact…thats the reason…you carried all those diseases everywhere….keep clean !
    Indians were much cleaner since centuries and disease resistant than plague ridden Europeans 😀 😀 ….

  25. Every time you wash your ass, some of that shit remains on your hands. Then when you eat, that goes into your mouth.

    No place is more disease ridden than India. They are in a way more resistant to disease than the Europeans, like the cockroaches, because they have so many diseases to begin with. On the other hand, few countries on Earth lose more people to disease than India, and no European country gets close to it.

  26. anonymous

    Europeans have killed and butchered each other (2 WW…german russian french jews ..later even americans.) more than anyone else..its cannibalism at its worst..based on some derived and confused Indian concept (aryan…swasthika…) !
    To enlighten you on technical expertise…the modern toilet has a water tank above ground…how does water gets pumped there…its a very 20th century concept post running water (needs electricity) … technical competence is not your forte…
    Then you have spread like a parasite virus world over scavenging on indigenous populace (also exploiting/bringing africans) rather then being friendly guests…australia to canada..(think of all these lands as if you are living on lease..not own).. you are still stuck in history…..future does not belong to you…..frustration shows….look at greece and italy (rest of euro going bankrupt)…already beggers ( germans can’t keep holding all forever) !

  27. You do not make any sense with that toilet thing… Unless you have never seen an outhouse… Are you just another child left behind? Did you come directly from the fields of India, where you have never seen or used an outhouse or heard about one?

    Maybe the Europeans are just better warriors, just the way they are better artists, workers and everything else. I always found interesting that India has a whole warrior caste, but they never win a war. India has a caste of farmers, but their agriculture is primitive, a caste of priests and teachers, but their school system is terrible.

    Anyway, let’s agree with you, the Europeans and their descendants are bad. Why don’t you go back to the Indian paradise, help Make India Great Again? We will be happy for you.

  28. anonmous

    well….asians cleansed all asia from aeuropeans despite 200 ears of interference…africa has done same (south africa last one)… not a single one remains!
    Infact…europe has to deal with its huge (asylum) problem in future (good luck with that ) ….

    Yes..small/mediam arms/artillary was what led europens to hold their ground for 200 years …better warriors for brief histroy…but everyone had its time….you interfered in other lands….its time for payback….
    wherever you interfered…. they came back to you…africa..asia .south america (turmoil)….no one “now” will let you eat it all…so ..no one will get back to India or China…..they will take it back here.. deal with it 😀 …you can go to your polish/euro rat hole…where your ancestors came from….and meet your arab brethren there or Londonistan ! 😀
    India will become paradise anyways again (columbus n vasco both headed there only) ….so will they wish the rest of world….
    Infact…you should visit India ( and China) sometime..else you can get caught pants down (awareness empowers)….you might see mountains far more majestic…backwaters more lush (than florida) and deserts far historic….. and yes…they (civilization) know how to survive and flourish again…and will do so here…… 😀

    • Asia and Africa did not cleanse anything. The Europeans left alone when they lost all hope of civilizing them. India and paradise. Please go back to the paradise! India was never a paradise, only in your dreams.

      No, I really should not visit India. Everybody I know that visited India told me: “Thanks God I was not born there!”. I already visited China. I was not impressed.

      The Europeans were always the better warriors, for thousands of years.

  29. anonymous

    Now..toilets…well…city .drainage systems have been exisitng world over since time memorial …
    Its only the running water/flushing that is the modern form (gravity flush)….try an experiment…use your outhouse without city water connection and see the fun ! Fields will feel like fragrant luxury…. 😀

  30. anonymous

    Now…..well…city .drainage systems have been existing world over since time memorial …
    Its only the running water/flushing that is the modern form (gravity flush)….try an experiment…use it without city water connection and see the fun ! Fields will feel like fragrant luxury…. 😀

    • “city .drainage systems have been existing world over since time memorial …”

      Only India cannot figure them out yet.
      When you are eating and you smell the shit on your hands, or when you are taking a stroll in India and you are stepping in shit, try to figure out why India has such high levels of infection with taenia, ascariasis, dysentery and others.

  31. anonymous

    Well..if you go incompetent..your own will desert you first ..as your rant suggests blaming your own capitalists, politicians ……(then why would outsiders want you ! ) …
    Second about warriors…well…your Europeans (esp Brits) were mere traders in India till 17th century (from 15th— 200 yrs) busy ransacking rest of the world …using rockets (mysore) they faced in Indian Karnatic wars (google congreve rockets). They very effectively used them against much larger natives including euro settlers (in US) world over…. ….the reason they never fought or won in India till that time (18th century). …..so…thats FYI… for you !
    They mastered it to small/medium arms and by mid 18th even turned around in India (indians never developed small/medium arms )…

    Leaving asia on their own ..haha…asking safe passagge to vacate India and not get butchered the way they did in 1857.. (indians ended up in civil war butchering each other) …
    now if you think the cradle of your civilation is outhhouse..plague..smallpox….good luck to you…u wont get it….

    Arabs converted Mesopotamia and egypt in less than 50 yrs…European missionary africa/americas and Australia in 100…. stayed in India and Chine for 200 yrs… not a single…80% hindus…its a very pondering question even today for your vatican/mecca….
    Now …future….5G ( US fears) …advanced manufacturing…semiconductor physics…its all in asia today….u keep sucking your thumb about glory days…just the brits and french (legendry cowardice WW2) do today ..no one lasts fore ever…. good luck 😀

  32. anonymous

    your European brethren have massacred jews every 18 years…yet your significant military industrial complex today and science/tech can be attributed to these middle eastern folks/migrants….. in short….you guys are competitive but bad losers 😀 …. thinking that yours truly is superior most brain is kind of funny ignorance … our lifetimes are going to be exciting shift…


  33. The Europeans left Asia on their own, there was no point in fighting for such a shithole.

    If the European missionaries were massacring everybody of other religions in sight (like the Arabs), they would have converted everybody fast in India. The Arabs are not a good example for conversions. Anyway the Europeans converted people of other religions on other continents peacefully. I do not remember Indians converting anybody ever.

    Yoursore was good for nothing. Rockets were effective only beginning with World War 2. Until then they were fireworks. The Indians were not the ones who made them effective.

    The French lost 600 000 soldiers in World War 2. You have the right to call them cowards only when India quits after losing more than 20 000 000 soldiers. So far India surrendered in every war it has ever waged, after at most a few hundred soldiers lost their lives. Therefore the Indians deserve the title of “legendary cowards”.

    You are off with the massacres of the Jews. There were at most 2 or 3 of them in Europe as we know it today. There were quite a few in Russia and many more in Northern Africa and Middle East.

    Some of those high-tech might be done in Asia (in countries who accepted the European civilization), but none of it is done in India. India is a third world shithole country like always.

    Anyway, I agree, the Europeans are terrible. You should go back to your country which is so much “richer” and “nicer”.