H-1B Visa Program: U.S. Cities That Use It Most… and Why

When you think of the H-1B visa, chances are good you’re also thinking of Silicon Valley as the place with the densest concentration of H-1B workers in the United States. We dug through U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) data and found that just two Silicon Valley cities pop up in the top ten zip codes with the most H-1B activity. Companies in other states and cities leverage (and possibly abuse) the visa much more.

First, some details on our methodology. Within the DOL’s data (all 412,000+ rows in a downloadable Excel sheet!) is a list of zip codes where the H-1B visa is used. We parsed those zip codes, then ranked the ones with the most H-1B applications/usage. We strongly recommend not trying this at home; the dataset is likely too large for your home or office computer to adequately process (thanks, Dice Data Science Team and your massive workstations!).

College Station. Texas, is the main user of H-1B visas, if we’re breaking things down by zip code; according to the U.S. Department of Labor, this city had the most H-1B visa applications approved. If you’re wondering why a seemingly random place like College Station ranks highest, it’s not all that surprising: it has long reigned as the top city for H-1B, which likely has a lot to do with multinational tech company Cognizant having offices there.

College Station had 15,927 H-1B visas approved in fiscal year 2019. Cross-referencing that with immihelp data, it seems Cognizant was awarded 15,670 of those visas.

Second on the list was Richardson, Texas. Unlike College Station, Richardson’s H-1B use seems to be a catch-all. The main user is a company named Tech Mahindra with 575 H-1B visa recipients. Infosys used the program 121 times, while Fujitsu used the H-1B visa program to staff 105 professionals. Most other firms used the H-1B just a handful of times in the zip code.

Mountain View, California, is third on the list, and has the same sort of scattershot H-1B activity as Richardson, Texas… but Google is far and away using the program most. Of the 9,151 H-1B Visas awarded to Mountain View companies in 2019, Google was awarded 3,760, according to myvisajobs.com. A smattering of other big-name tech companies appear (such as LinkedIn, Intuit, Nokia, and Symantec) as do research firms such as Tech Mahindra. (Santa Clara is another city that pops up on the list, albeit in tenth place.)

Seattle is dominated by Amazon when it comes to H-1B. Of the 6,324 H-1B visas awarded in the city, the e-commerce giant landed over half of them. Interestingly, Amazon uses its various arms uniquely. Myvisajobs.com says “Amazon.com Services” accounts for just over 3,000 H-1B visas in Seattle, while “Amazon” commands nearly 700. AWS snapped up almost 500, and still another “Amazon” pops up further down the list with another 131 visas. Facebook, Google, Starbucks, and Zillow are also heavy users of H-1B in Seattle. (The “core” DOL dataset also broke up Amazon’s H-1B usage into different Amazon subsets, including “main” Amazon and AWS; clearly, the company is trying to source a broad range of skills here.)

The data dump itself (which, again, is massive; over 100MB!) is part of the U.S. government’s ongoing goal to provide transparency and insight into a program it claims to be in the midst of fixing. Despite some uncertainty and chaos in the program, there’s still quite a number of H-1B visas being awarded, and some companies are responding by simply moving operations to Canada.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to show that Santa Clara is, in fact, in Silicon Valley. We regret the error.

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  1. While there are lots of technically-talented foreign workers, the majority have mediocre language and technical skills. I worked to two giant banks that used Linux-based applications. The dozens of mostly-Indian hire-ons knew practically no Linux. My Indian friends say that most of these types lie like crazy on their resumes. And the many corrupt contractors create fake shell companies that are used to “verify” applicants’ employment and education credentials. Let’s give these IT jobs to the truly-talented. Raise the salary level required for the incoming workers. Fraud is a crime, and it should be called out.

    • May be India needs US $ to pay for F15 or for smart weapons. it is too expensive. That’s is why America needs to outsource to India. The whole world is connected. It is just take and give. To pay for weapons purchased from USA require lot of H1 visa for India.

      • Maha Guru

        I agree fully that there must have been an agreement between the US and India when the H1B was put in place. Essentially, we will accept your people and you keep your nuclear arms in control (or something like that). Initially, the best came and then there was the rush due to the famous Y2K scam using STEM crisis baloney. Now all know that the STEM crisis nonsense was invented by greedy rich tech to bring in thousands of Indians.,..

          • If you said buy excellence, hire excellence, you wouldnt have sounded biased. If your view, from your side of the prism, is that Americans are the most intellectually sound on earth, then your side of the prism needs to be…..”corrected”.

          • Valjean16

            While I don’t necessarily think every H1B applicant is unqualified, it should never be at the expense of an equally qualified US worker or even worse, an already employed US worker. However, your remark about President Trump’s wife is not correct. She didn’t enter the country on an H1B. You would do well to have facts before name calling. Not doing so causes you to appear as the moron.

    • I disagree that its a majority of people who have mediocre abilities. I had to alter my interview methods to sift the bad ones. When we were looking to offer a small salary, we ended up with no-goods, but when we bumped up the salary (thus, making the interview more rigorous) we ended up with highly qualified candidates that amazed us. With a small salary offering we didnt have the resources to look for the best candidates.

      • Given that India’s population outnumbers the US by about 4 to one, even a tiny fraction of good candidates will likely overwhelm our talent pool. But is that good for talented Americans who aspire to IT careers?

    • I agree. We often have to train the offshore people to do the jobs AFTER they get hired on as experts. My close friends all lie on their resumes and take pride in it. They get the US jobs, then the remaining US employees need to do their work for them or train them on what they’re supposed to already know. At IBM this happens regularly and often and is frustrating. Our engineering group had 9 US resources, all of them extremely busy and valuable. All but 1 US resource remains as the rest of the roles were offshore so the client could get a better support price. The 1 US resource is so overwhelmed because he’s got to do the work and train the “employees” on how to do their job. One they get trained, they live the cheap IBM contract and go work for someone else who pays a quarter more (or continue to “work” for IBM but double dip and support multiple accounts). It’s maddening. Then IBM lays off the people over 40 with the good experience. So they’re going to have millennials that lack experience, trying to train offshore people who don’t know what they’re doing. This is a recipe for a good company?

    • Don’t forget Chinese, when they come here on H1 visa not only they don’t have that much skill but also most of them do not speak English well or at all. They come here learn while getting paid, steal our technology and then go back to their country and copy it there. I know cause I worked at many high tech companies in Bay Area. for many years.

    • Antony Ankrose

      Oh boy … may I know why should an application guy have to know Linux ( No matter where his application reside ) when he know his coding language? Totally a crap comment….

  2. Pereira Pereira

    US Senators ask Google to hire 120,000 H-1Bs and OPTs from India and China, while most US Banks openly outsource all Middle Class Jobs to India!!!

    Why do we need these companies, if they take away American Jobs and ship them overseas!? They bring in H-1B and OPT Foreign workers for the jobs that have to stay in America! These companies also ship all OUR PERSONAL DATA overseas, so they can sell it later for BIG PROFITS and create millions and millions of jobs in Foreign countries with cheap labour, to store and “massage”/manage OUR American Data! All that, while having generous government tax breaks and protection, and EXCLUSIVE access to the American Capital Markets!

    These companies should be only traded on the American stock Exchanges as ADRs – American Depositary Receipts! OR, give them NO ACCESS to the American Financial Markets AT ALL!!! They are Foreign Entities – these companies BRING NO VALUE TO AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE! Only AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT FOR THESE JOBS!

    American Data is American Treasure! For America to lead in this data-driven revolution, we will have to migrate the control and ownership of American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American! Data of American Citizens should be handled by American citizens and stored on American soil! Foreign citizens, such as H-1Bs and OPT, SHALL NOT TOUCH IT! DON’T EXPORT IT OVERSEAS!!!


    Jpmorgan Chase & Co. has filed 1613 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 0 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

    Citibank, N.A. has filed 2207 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 344 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

    Bank Of America N.A. has filed 3164 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 529 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

    Bloomberg, Lp has filed 1552 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 730 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

    August 5, 2019:
    “A group of Democratic senators has demanded in a letter sent to Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that the internet giant convert its more than 120,000 temporary and contract workers to full-time employees.”

    “The senators pushed for a number of changes to how the company treats temps and contractors, including moving them to full-time status after six months as well as equalizing their wages and benefits with permanent staff.

    While many of the temps and contractors sit in the same offices as Google employees and often do similar work, they usually make less money, have significantly worse benefit plans and do not enjoy the same rights.”

    “Though Silicon Valley companies are among the richest in the world, they have embraced employing temps. And while the pay for engineers and executives in Silicon Valley continues to rise, a growing faction of workers at many of those companies are not sharing in the success.”

    “Google Inc. has filed 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.”
    “Google Inc. has filed 120,000 + 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card for fiscal year 2019?” GOOGLE (1,501) <—
    Microsoft (1,022), Facebook (798) and IBM (633) were in 2017 top OPT employers. DHS data showed that Amazon earned nearly $25 million in tax breaks for hiring foreign nationals instead of U.S. tech workers."

    Students and White-Collar American Workers – SIDE WITH AMERICAN WORKERS! Join OUR MOVEMENT!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/HireAmerican/


    • The US congress is just filled with a bunch of old morons who are just out of touch with reality. Most of the H1B jobs could have been filled up by the associate degree holders in the USA with a little training. These people in Congress are funded by special interests and the lobbyists and don’t care about the people in the USA. People need to wake up asap.

    • The middle class is disappearing and the corrupt US politicians are doing it. We’re turning into a 3rd world country with a huge gap between the very wealthy and the very poor.

      • Exactly correct on that Russ – I’m no fan of Michelle Malkin but she was on CSPANWJ years ago talking about a book she wrote with John Miana (Sold Out) about a corrupt bipartisan DC are screwing us over – I have a Computer Science degree and was forced to train my H1B replacements – computer world also wrote an article.

  3. The expressed purpose of the H1-B visa is to allow individuals with special skills to be temporarily employed in the US.

    These numbers ensure that these are not individuals with special skills, hence the hiring companies are perpetrating fraud on the American public, and should be prosecuted!

    Sorry, Cognizant, Gooogle, Amazon, et. al, but you are defrauding me and my colleagues of decent rates for our expertise by hiring the Mongolean Hordes from India or wherever thus taking away jobs of Americans and depressing the market.

    Prosecute them!

  4. We can bitc- & complain all we want!!

    US companies, Indian companies, business lobbying, immigration lawyers, will simply turn the other cheek. The history of all the complaints have largely fallen on deaf ears.

    They can make the wheels of progress move very very slowly or not at all.

    US companies know what they’re doing and so do the immigration law firms that are paid humongous money by businesses.

    C’mon… you guys know all this!! I don’t know what will make this change faster, but it’s way beyond us making comments here! That’s for dang sure! It’s going to take something that will make companies perk up and take notice.

    • I am sorry to hear concerns of those who think “American Jobs” are being transferred abroad. Sure the same dog whistle is being blown by politicians to rile up a lot of people. Fun fact – only jobs which can be called “American” are Government jobs. Private jobs these days are multinational unless it’s for a mom and pop business. IBM has its major workforce in India and Apples manufacturing is in China. But IBM also has the largest contracts with Indian gov and Apple sells more products outside of US now. With IT anything can be done anywhere in the world. So the only way to get ahead is to make sure you bring some value to your job and stay ahead of competition. It is the reality and if you fail to adopt, you will fail. Blame everyone else but in a connected capitalistic world everyone has to fight to survive. It may not even be fair but it’s the reality!

  5. The entire H1B program is a big hoax and at the centre of it are few Indian based companies. Their main goal is to get the Indians in the USA, and nothing else. The people come here with H1B visa use fake experience and degrees when they apply and these companies know it very well.
    Over the decades, every year over 60,000 H1B holders came here and most of them are not technically qualified enough. The companies fooled the US congress which is pretty much run by the lobbyists. The big US tech companies, immigration law farms working for lobbying, and these Indian companies fooled the US people and the congress. Most of the jobs these people were hired for the routine IT jobs and these positions could have been filled up by the students with an associate degree from the community college with few months of training. The US congress is just out of touch with reality and blocked every attempt to streamline the process. There are many corruptions with this H1B business too.

  6. Econ Data

    > College Station. Texas, is the main user of H-1B visas, if we’re breaking things down by zip code; according to the U.S. Department of Labor, this city had the most H-1B visa applications approved.

    You need to distinguish between employer city and worksite city. The former is usually the city in which the headquarters is located and the latter is where the actual workers are located. They are not necessarily the same, especially in the case of consulting companies like Cognizant. I’ve posted the top 20 employer and worksite cities in 2019 at http://econdataus.com/h1b_cities_2019.htm . Looking at the employer cities, it lists 15,619 certified applications for Cognizant in College Station, TX. Starting in 2019, however, the data also includes the worksite city and name of the employer at the worksite location. For Cognizant as a worksite location, the data only lists 5,634 certified applications for Cognizant in College Station, TX, just 36 percent of the 15,619 applications listed above. Hence, the great majority of the applications are for H-1B who work in other cities.

    Looking at the two lists at http://econdataus.com/h1b_cities_2019.htm , you can see that College Station, TX is listed as number 3 as an employer city but as number 10 as a worksite city. Of the 20 employer cities listed, 9 are in the Silicon Valley Bay Area (Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Redwood Shores, Menlo Park, San Francisco, and Mountain View). Of the 20 worksite cities, however, a full 13 of them are in the Silicon Valley Bay Area (the prior 9 plus 2 additional companies in San Jose and 2 additional companies in Santa Clara). Instructions on using the app that displayed these numbers can be found in the section titled “Finding the Names of Companies where H-1B Holders are Working, even if they’re Employed by a Another Company, FY 2019” at http://econdataus.com/h1b_states.htm .

    By the way, this app can be easily run on my personal computer which has just 16 GB of memory. If anyone is interested in the original code so that they can run it themselves, you can contact me as described at the bottom of http://econdataus.com/h1bdata.htm .

  7. There is simple solution to this. Limit H1-B approvals to graduates from top 20 or even top 40 Engg schools and cross check records submitted with the universities during approval. This would weed out 90% of the fakes.

  8. I have to assume that many anti H1 posts here are from folks who were never in HR.

    I am in HR with about 20 + years of experience. The fact is you get monkeys if you offer peanuts.

    In spite of the allegation of so called fake certificate, fake resume poor language skills etc the reality is many of these H1 guys end up doing a decent job -. Some of them are let go when found incompetent but a significant % stay and thrive.

    We dont go looking for H1 people Given a chance, I would prefer a local person who is born and brought up in USA due to the cultural fit and language skills. But where the hell are they? I would be lucky to find 5% of my candidates from this catagory.

    So it is a reality that h1 fills the gap and with all its problems still they help our IT dept work with reasonable efficiency.

    • Well said. It took my current company 6 months to onboard me paying more than $180K including benefits. The reason it took that long is they tried hard to find someone locally. They gave me $25K relocation as well. I am on an H1B. One real advantage with an H1B is that we are willing to move from location to location. Due to the green card delays, we can’t call the shots in terms of where we want to work. We have to move where the opportunities take us even if it calls for a coast to coast move. Armed with a green card, we can even setup companies and hire locals. Part of my job duties is to train a lot of individuals in the company. I feel proud to teach my colleagues and help the company.

      • The Last American IT Guy

        Adding to this thread only because it fits my experience. Been in IT in various companies since 1995. Currently manage a team of excellent H1B IT engineers. At peak, back in 2004 I was in a 24+ team supporting a large company, and at the time that team had a minority of H1B engineers – the rest were US citizens. The company, as many others at that time, decided to outsource the team to a company like Infosys. The people replaced were then on the market that offered fewer and fewer positions and lower and lower salaries, to a point at which many got out of the IT field altogether (or went into management like I did). Those people told their kids not to go into the IT field unless it was on the scientific end (Masters of Comp Sci field), and that was a big effort to pursue, and kids had seen their mothers and fathers suffer from job losses and retraining and were not eager to get into the field. So after the early 2000’s the pool of American IT engineers dwindled even as the demand skyrocketed. At the same time, the H1B folks who had taken over those jobs became more and more valuable, until their salaries attained a level that would be attractive to citizens. However, the pool of legacy workers in the US had aged out, gone elsewhere, and without a second generation to replace them. Now this left companies with no choice but to hire H1B candidates at US level salaries + the costs of maintaining a foreign based workforce. It wasn’t the American IT engineer that failed at the task, it was the companies who took a short-sighted approach and outsourced their IT workforce for short-term profit but killed the US candidate pool in the process.

    • Well Said, H1 candidate interview twice or thrice also these H1 candidates support day and night and they did not get ugly hours payment. most of the IT departments rely on them, you can keep counting names tho. sometimes they work minimum wages to stay on H1b. So-called anti H1 here they should know the reality check ground level.

    • AmyInNH

      Dear I’mInHR,

      My experience with H1Bs are markedly different than yours.
      – they’d haggle overhead which nationality the next hire had to be (Indian versus Chinese)
      – I’ve never seen an incompetent H1B let go, ever.
      – I’ve never heard a citizen engineer say either they don’t want to, or can’t, to an engineering problem, which I heard prolifically from the H1Bs.
      – I’ve never seen an American given 1 month off to “go home”, off the books. Annually no less.
      – I’ve been apologized to twice, by HRs who were well aware I more than competent enough, but apparently not meeting the MustBeAsian requirement.
      The shenanegans were incessant, and being as they were cheap, my company did nothing about it. And went bankrupt.

    • AmyInNH

      ” I would be lucky to find 5% of my candidates from this catagory. ”
      And you’ve never looked into that?
      One of my former coworkers called to say she was only getting H1B resumes, despite her HR saying the job was posted at the 3 local colleges. It came to her attention when a neighbor approached her about an opening in her department, and she told him to submit his resume via the normal company interface, and she never received it. I called the colleges her HR said she was sending the job to, and they said they never got anything from that company.

    • @Vulcan
      That is BS. I had American colleagues working in IT for $15/hour, in the NYC area. That is how desperate many American engineers are.

      The only reason why someone does not find American engineers is because he does NOT want to find them.

  9. My wifes boss is a very tough guy. He is an american. He makes people work really hard, over night and also on weekends. Slowly his team is full of Indians. All of the american left the team. And this is an IT job. And the salaries are over 6 figures. You guys figure out why H1B’s are preffered

  10. My wife’s boss is a very tough guy. He is an american. He makes people work really hard, over night and also on weekends. Slowly his team is full of Indians. All of the american left the team. And this is an IT job. And the salaries are over 6 figures. You guys figure out why H1B’s are preferred

  11. “”The U.S. Cities Using and Abusing H-1B Visas”, abusing? really Dice?, I would like to know what was the criteria used by the writer to decide that “a city” was abusing H1B visas. First, cities don’t request visas, but companies. Secondly, the use is given by what the market needs.

    • AmyInNH

      Prior to 2019, applications were rubber stamped, and congress restricted scrutiny to form content accuracy.
      The public was told foreign workers are hired due to “skills shortage”, and not only was that not proven when the program was created, it’s never been proven at all.
      “The market” doesn’t “need” foreign workers, “the market” is avoiding competition for labor.

  12. Most of the contractors in the US belong to Indians. They have monopoly over this area. They only hire Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalis because of the way they do business; they lie and cheat to get a contract. They fill out bogus resumes. If you are an American and apply to them, they will most likely deny you. They charge 30-40 percent from the the applicants every time they find a job the them. Indian contract business make millions/billions of dollars every year.

  13. Tom Allen

    Small point: There are *two* Silicon Valley companies on the top 10 list — the tenth city is Santa Clara. Santa Clara is home to Intel and has contributed far more to the silicon part of Silicon Valley than Mountain View has.

  14. Tom Allen

    Small point: There are *two* Silicon Valley companies on the top 10 list — the tenth city is Santa Clara. Santa Clara is home to Intel and many other tech companies and has contributed far more to the silicon part of Silicon Valley than Mountain View has.

  15. Dinesh kumar

    Being born and brought up in US, I completely oppose H1-B, agree with most of the writers here Indians most of them lie in their resume to survive in India they have to be street smart. There’s so much poverty, unemployment is extremely high, entire country wants to come to US, they are cut throat will do anything to survive. Once hired gets promotion, after they are in management they prefer their own ethnic community team, I have noticed across various companies a Telugu will prefer Telugu to hire, Tamil prefers only Tamil basically they are creating a monopoly dominating staffing and hiring agencies which is not good for local US graduates and for local born candidates. Government needs to look into Hi-tech companies hiring practices investigate who the interviewers were and many only Indians that person is hiring. Under the table bribe or paying his/her a parallel company for every job req per hour $5-10 maybe going on as well. There’s so much going on, it needs to be investigated in order to save US graduates jobs. US graduates are more smarter but they are not tricky not fraudsters they don’t lie in resumes.

  16. These H1B workers work long hours and also on weekends compromising personal and family life which in turn increases companies vaues and that in turn grows USAs gdp. Can locals do that?? Remove the H1B program and see what happens to the country. People handling immigration are not supid, they know what they are doing and they also know whats happening in the h1b program.

    • AmyInNH

      Who do you think did that work, and on those terms, before you showed up?
      Yes, we’re well aware the H1 workers are being bilked, for “record profits”, aka GDP.
      And Modi more than willing to export unemployed population for remittances.

    • You act as though they do long hours and weekends because of a good work ethic. They do it out of fear. If they don’t, they’ll be sent back to India. It sounds like you would be good with bringing back slavery.

  17. If you go to metro areas in many cities you would feel as if you’re in a foreign country, like in India. Do people realize how many jobs have been snatched away by foreign workers due to those so called H1B or whatever program? And 95% of recruiters who call me nowawads are Indians.
    For example, companies hire an Indian manager or CIO, then that manager or CIO starts importing large numbers of foreign workers through consulting firms set up by foreigners or recent immigrants, or move projects and the whole IT department to off-shore locations claiming to save cost…etc. They even only hire Indian applicants locally if there is a job opening that must be locally based. If a U.S. citizen tries to apply for a job, they would come up with all kinds of excuses to reject him/her by giving a different set of interview questions with impossible answers. It’s a vicious cycle all together.
    And by the way, don’t believe what the CEOs say about their patriotism, they are the ones who make moving hundreds of thousands of white-color jobs offshore possible!

    • It looks like more H1B visa workers and other types of visa (nonworkers) compared to the caravans at the border from south. With chain migration added, there are more noncitizens than citizens in this country and citizens are paying for their educate, healthcare, and all kinds of entitlements, Lot of money is going out of the country too. I think the situation is beyond repair.

  18. To be honest, its not just H1b. Indians have choked the entire immigration system. From work visas to green cards, every category is bursting at the seams with Indian applications. Coupled with resume fraud companies like Beta Soft, US IT solutions, Mahindra Tech and such that give undue extensions to low level or no talent Indians which prevents them from going back to India when they fail here to find a regular job. Not only that, their high numbers have prevented more talented people from other countries to apply for these visas. I think the best solution is to limit H1b visas for India to only 5k-7k, and let other nationalities with genuine talent have a chance to apply.

  19. von Shirak

    Young talented school graduates in USA are not sticking careers in computer and electronics technologies. It is because after that graduating from university they are not able to pay the loans that accumulated while in university.
    If this trend continues almost all professions in USA will be outsourced.
    Globalism will work if all countries have same political and economic laws and the competition between people in that instance will be fair.
    Our politicians should create laws that will stop outsourcing our scientific knowledge and Jobs.

  20. It is all about corporate greed, laying off middle class American workers and immediately replacing them with H-1B visa workers willing to work for peanuts and no benefits. People trying to get into IT from college cannot even compete with them.

  21. I think I will forward this conversation page to President Trump. The president needs to be aware of this H1B problem. And it is a problem. Many American born and raised and educated people are losing their chance to get it on these career opportunity jobs. I have no problems with foreigners prospering but please take it to your own country. The USA should take software development, test, and management off the list of H-1B driven immigration. We have plenty of smart native born Americans here to fill those positions. At the same time, we need to ensure the dirty and underhanded tactics of some business executives do not undermine this effort – this means no more moving operations offshore using the ‘cost saving’ excuse. There has to be a way to level the field in this area too, the same way we are enforcing equal/comparable wages in trade agreements.The H-1B is a NATIONAL disgrace. It must end. I work in the defense industry which requires citizenship and substantial clearance credentials. My job is safe. I can NEVER be replaced by an Indian or a Chinese or a Pakistani. But it breaks my heart to see so many Americans born and raised and educated having so many problems landing a good jobs. The biggest sham in all this is try getting a job in Germany or in Japan if you’re not a German or Japanese. Good Luck! Governments ALL OVER the world protect their own citizens well being and well fare by foreigners, except the United States! Except the United States! This is extraordinary! How is this possible? How did we get to this point? We need to fix this problem, and the first step is to eliminate the H-1B program.

  22. Ramesh Koppisetti

    India does not allow talented people to leave in india for work. They have hidden barter system in place. Only doctrinated ones and pro ideology ones can leave India. Those with holy connections are preferred. If you are pro US
    I. E freedom they crucify you. They are anti US. They have a system in place to put money in pre defined pockets.

    Above scam is global.

  23. It seems that most of the American tech workers who express their opinions here know the truth and agree on what it is. The people who deny this are the Indians themselves or Americans with ulterior motives, or Americans with “one world” values.

    Indian managers get hired, and then hire all Indian staffs. Indians who apply for the jobs don’t need to have the jobs skills to do the jobs because they’ll be coached along by other Indians or a few key Americans.

    It is true that it feels like we are in a different (foreign) country now. I live in Plano Tx., a high tech hub close to Richardson. Seriously, the Richardson Indian tech workers must all live up here. In my neighborhood there are large apartment complexes, 1000+ people each, and they are 95% Indian. They typically have 3 generations living in one apartment; the worker, his wife and kids, and the grandparents. We see them walking every day in the neighborhood. They do not associate with Americans, they just stare at us, even if we say hello. It’s quite a dramatic demographic shift, and quite strange really. LoL, I know self described pro-diversity liberals who have moved away from areas flooded with immigrants to neighborhoods with people more like themselves. Suddenly the majority of your neighbors look different, dress different, speak a different language (though the younger ones mostly do speak English, but not to each other). With regard to our history and culture, they don’t know or care squat about Washington, Jefferson, and the unique founding of this country or our culture. Why is it that we must accept this? Would people in any other culture like it if their culture was suddenly buried in a sea of immigrants who are very different in most ways. (Of course all humans want peace and love and prosperity in our own lives, that’s not a commonality we need to consider.)

    I am not xenophobic. I have traveled extensively and have friends from all over the world, but you have to call a horse a horse. It’s about the numbers. We can assimilate people only at a certain rate, and with motivation. Increase that rate, and decrease the motivation to be assimilated, and you have a flood of foreigners and a culturally fractured America. Indian workers are here to inhabit our land, procreate, and escape the overpopulated formerly socialist ally of Communist Russia. How many could recite the Pledge of Allegiance? I wonder if they would join the US Army to defend America (given the chance) if there was a war and we needed more soldiers, or if they would run back to their real home. It is a dangerous thing to have America being filled by people with no allegiance to our country. This is part of what leads up to the collapse of an empire. It irks me when I think about our ancestors who fought and died to make America what it is today.

    In many people’s eyes, America is just a place, not a country with a cultural history and specific values. American history is hardly even taught in school anymore. Liberals with their “anything goes, and America belongs to the human race, not American citizens” value system have pushed this idea. Their support of “no borders” and illegal immigration is also born by this philosophy. And they have played straight into 1%ers greedy hands who want to depress American wages and keep most of the profits to themselves and their shareholder friends.

    Building a company is no longer about building a community and strengthening a country, it’s about funneling more wealth to the top 1% and enslaving the population. Our standard of living has declined in the last 40 years, and the over supply of labor is a large part of it. One person used to be able to support a family of 5 with a house, 2 cars, and maybe a swimming pool. That middle class achievable dream is gone now, thanks to so much competition in the job market that people will work for effectively lower and lower wages.

    It’s time to call out this BS on both sides of the political isle. I never liked Trump, but at least he is actually taking steps to slow the trend of selling Americans out to the lowest bidder.

    • Tam,
      I want to do a point by point rebuttal on the issues you raised.
      1. You talked about english language. I want to tell you that since last eleven years a boy/girl of indian origin has been wining the english spelling bee in america. First generation of immigrants generally speak their native language when talk among themselves but future generations speak english. I do not see if somebody knows more than one language. You talked about grand parents. it would be a rarest of rare chance that an h1b immigrant’s parents would get citizenship because even for h1b worker, waiting period is in decades, leave alone parents. These parents come here to visit them and return. Most of these parents would be in their sixties. you want them speak fluent english like you, it may not be possible.
      2. You are certainly a xenophobic and ill advised in indian history. India never aligned with any country, infact it is the founding member of non aligned movement which has 120 countries as its member. How many could recite the Pledge of Allegiance? my child studying in usa, in third grade, recites it by heart, though we are not even american citizens. Indian workers are here to inhabit our land, procreate, and escape the overpopulated land?: Indian h1b workers are not swimming across atlantic or crossing mexican border to come into america. They come here with approved visa from usa gov. If usa gov does not want them, they can deny visa, its very simple. indians on h1b can not work in army. By the way, do all americans work in army? if being an army man is the only criteria being patriot/working for the nation. people on h1b are hired for IT jobs mostly, not for army. If usa army start hiring indians in its army, let me tell you, thousands would join, we are overpopulated, we want jobs, right? American indians are most well read community in america and so they prefer to go in engineering/doctor/business/law/research professions where more well read people are required. there are Indian americans in armed forces but very few, there population is less then 1% of american population by the way.
      3. Our standard of living has declined in the last 40 years: H1b visa holders are not responsible for it, they are tinniest of the fraction of american population.
      You are certainly living in an area where IT companies have come recently and so you see lot of indians. It would happen my friend because a large pool of IT professionals is indian. No h1b holder is an illegal immigrant, he/she can not be, dont add up them with illegal immigrants. There may be a certain degree of abuse in h1b system but calling all of them cheap/rogue is like calling all whites racists, calling all hispanics as illegal immigrants and calling all muslims as terrorists. H1b holders are not illegal immigrants, if america does not want them it should not grant visa to them. Abusing them after entering legally is like inviting someone for a dinner and kick him on the b$tt. Your hate is visible in this post sir please check it. because when such hates go uncheck, somebody goes out and kill nineteen people in a mall. Peace

    • Fun facts:

      1. “It is true that it feels like we are in a different (foreign) country now”
      –> That’s what the native Americans felt when your ancestors came here.
      Atleast Indians aren’t killing and physically abusing you guys.

      2. “Suddenly the majority of your neighbors look different, dress different, speak a different language”
      –> Guess what? Exactly what the native Americans experienced when your forefathers decided to illegally infiltrate a land that did not belong to them.

      3. “Indian workers are here to inhabit our land, procreate”
      –> You mean just like your forefathers did?

      4. “In many people’s eyes, America is just a place, not a country with a cultural history and specific values”
      –> Surprise surprise. That is *exactly* what America looked like to your ancestors – they didn’t give a shit about the cultural history and values of the native Americans.

      I could go on and on, but you catch my drift.
      Quite whining about Indians doing to you what your forefathers did to the native Americans – ‘cept Indians are doing it peacefully, legally and without hurting or killing anyone.
      Do you always cry about others taking away what is not yours?
      This isn’t your land. Never was, never will be. 🙂

  24. Arturo D Ruiz

    All human beings on this Planet Earth must give us the freedom to work in the country we like. I worked in the USA and sometimes my wife and sometimes a son accompanied me and it is not easy because sometimes I or both were depressed. Now I am happy because I am in my country Mexico with my family in my house but if I would like to have a green card to work 1 month USA and one week in Mexico and again 1 month in USA and another week in Mexico to avoid depression. what is the process to have a green card or 1HB

  25. Arturo D Ruiz

    All human beings on this Planet Earth must give us the freedom to work in the country we like. I worked in the USA and sometimes my wife and sometimes a son accompanied me and it is not easy because sometimes I or both were depressed. Now I am happy because I am in my country Mexico with my family in my house but if I would like to have a green card to work 1 month USA and one week in Mexico and again 1 month in USA and another week in Mexico to avoid depression. what is the process to have a green card

  26. James A

    I’ve been in IT field for 10 years now, but I was unemployed for 1 years and took me another 3 years to break into IT field after graduating and completing a bunch of certs. Apparently I wasn’t doing it right. I met a Indian guy who was on H1 visa making 3 times money I was making busting my ass in Retail, this guy let in on a ‘secret’, that secret was to lie on resume; take a job description and add all key words to resume along with 5 years of fake work experience, and memorize everything around that resume or have a friend in the industry take the phone interview, and that’s it! So when companies say they can’t find enough qualified candidates locally, either they lie (Like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and 100% true for TCS, Cognizant etc.) or they don’t have resources to find the right candidates. Reality is most of these jobs are not posted on open job boards but go to either recruiting companies or are contracted out, and these companies (especially Indian or Indians run companies) kink the H1B system to get their own candidate in instead of finding the right person. These recruiting/consulting companies pays dimes on dollar to H1 employees and pocket big profits. They can’t easily abuse local/American candidates and so they don’t even look at their resumes. Less then 1% H1 candidates are actually above average and are honest, 99% of them lie to the teeth to get jobs. They create fake degrees, fake references and fake experiences, and apparently its an open secret. Over the years, this system has solidified and as many of them have found their way in to management, its becoming very hard to break away from this abusive practice.
    I don’t hate anyone for any reason as I’m an immigrant myself (27 out 43 here in US) but do have a big problem with this blatant systemic abuse of H1B visas and when jobs are being stolen from people who call this place home, by either exporting jobs out or importing work force from outside to take those high paying white color jobs. H1 visas are open to all countries but 99.9% H1 people are Indians, this should tell you how massively they are defrauding the system.
    All I can say is if you agree, write formal letters to congress and Senate asking them to revoke H1B policy. And no matter how influential some lobbies are, in the end elected officials come to us for vote. Don’t hate anyone, but raise voice against this abuse and corruption.

  27. there is this joke/reality interview.. the company guy is interviewing an indian guy, where he started talking about his resume and his work as an electronic engineer, and all the projects he had completed and so on.. after sometime the interviewer says:” but we are interviewing for a civil engineer!” so the indian guy pauses a little bit then he says: “ok.. I’ll come back tomorrow..”. They apply for all kind of jobs and have 10 different resumes for different roles, and all they have to do is google role requirements before the interview.!!

    • John Doe

      A recruiter (a US citizen) once told me a state-run agency was looking for IT contractors and received 10 resumes with 10 different Indian names on them and they were all the same resume with the exception of the names.

  28. I have worked as a recruiter/manager in the IT Consulting industry for over 30 years. I am highly educated in the immigration systems and personally have prepared and filed hundreds of H1-B petitions, TN visa apps and greencard application for my employers. Here are my H1-B observations:
    1.resume fraud is rampant, you have to be a detective to determine whether a candidates experience is 100% accurate
    2.client company’s have forced rates and salaries down to the bare bones so most US workers (those that are left) can’t make a decent living so only H1-B are left to do the work.
    3.For many years Americans have not be going to colleges to major in Computer Science. Most of the Computer Science students at US colleges are from India and China here on F! visas which they then convert to OPT once graduated. They don’t go back home.
    4. At the software level it is very difficult to find a qualified US worker. Believe me, I spend every day at work searching for those folks so don’t anyone try to tell me they exist in any volume. There are plenty of Americans in the Project Management ranks so finding them is never an issue.

    The US needs to wean itself off of its dependence on foreign labor but that has to come from the hiring companies and government immigration policy. For every H1-B application the hiring company has to pay a $1500.00 fee to provide training programs to US workers. Where is all that money going?

    I could on and on about this but I think I have said enough. I hope to retire from this business eoy.

    • HR hiring people are contributing to this problem! You don’t need a bachelors to work in IT. There are MANY US citizen workers who are smart tech workers and HR people do t even call them for interviews because they look at education. I don’t have a bachelors and work for a top 5 fortune company. My boss always said, in IT experience matters more than a degree. He is right. US citizen workers with only an Associates are well qualified for these jobs and learn very quickly.

      The H1Bs you are hiring, lie about their experience and some even lie about their degrees. Do you know how easy it is to create a fake degree from India? Pay off someone at the university and verify for you.
      So when they get hired, they are clueless and on top of that don’t grasp difficult concepts. They call their other qualified Indian friends and they help them complete the work so they can keep their jobs.

      HR is part of the problem!

  29. So sick of these IT companies that make excuses about not being able to find a good US citizen tech worker. I worked at a big name company in QA and they had a whole team of Indians from Cognizant. These guys worked all day and night like slaves. I was so surprised that they didn’t have normal hours like us. While we worked with them, I found them to be hard workers, but they couldn’t communicate properly. When I found some errors on their part, they had such a hard time understanding and were very arrogant. They should learn to listen and not act overconfident. They also bring their wives and children here and their wives work under the table for cash. Then they send US dollars to their parents and siblings in India, taking money out of our economy. Truth is they aren’t paid much or get good benefits because the companies use them for as long as they like. It’s a win win at the expense of American workers.

    Now I’m starting my own IT company and will only hire American.

  30. BS, BS, BS, American corporations laid the ground work for what we have today. After Y2K many American companies brought in hordes of programmers from India displacing the American programmers once the business knowledge had been transferred.It didn’t matter that projects took much longer since they had reduced full-time head count, i.e. American programmers.To survive you could move into a PM role or a BA role. Why tell your kid to go to school for IT?

  31. American greed.
    They sold out America that use to be the best country in the World. Now it’s the best country for indians. The handfull of elites thrown middle class Americans under the bus.
    Why it’s hard to find americans to work for IT? Because they dont stand a chance to get in if they’re not indians.

  32. James A

    Companies outsourcing IT jobs is an whole other beast. I work with overseas Indian companies all the time, and in all honestly their work is usually subpar at best. Their whole mentality of somehow making things work in short term so the clients are happy (only temporally thou), screws up the methodical work that’s required to design and code a good application for long term use. On top of that time difference makes small issues weeks to resolve and majorly messes up project timelines. They don’t understand importance of data security like we do here (eg. HIPPA, PCI etc.) or actually care about it. They also have no concept of QA’ing their work, most of the QA is done by developers themselves. Now you may ask why is this a problem; keep reading this till the end and you will find out why :). Companies started outsourcing certain work because it used to be cheaper, quicker and these Indian companies worked US business hours so it was convenient. Now a days it’s different, they have enough business so most of them either don’t work US hours or charge extra money for working outside of Indian 8 to 5 hours or holidays. Once SOWs/contracts are signed, client companies are usually on hook and can’t easily switch vendors, they start asking $$$ for every little thing.

    Not sure if a lot of people heard about it, but the recent crashes of 2 Boeing 737 MAX jet crashes that killed 300+ people was due to software programming error that automated flight control and override the manual control. Guess where that particular piece of code of written; yes you guessed it right, in India by companies that Boeing signed contracts with in hope of selling some planes to India. I worked at Boeing back in 2011-2013 and saw sudden surge in Indian work force. Most of Boeing engineers who worked there are retired, retiring or are directly and indirectly forced out of jobs and these jobs has been be transferred mostly to India. No major news media has picked up on that detail and chances are you won’t know this unless you do some digging. Here’s couple I found when I googled:



  33. Dump dimper

    Great article pointing out the stats.. But the article is missing the why part!! Or they do not want to show that or have no clue on that? I am sure the reders do not have any clue!! Its full of hate here.. Its evident these guys know nothing about economic evolution and its future!!

  34. Looking at all the hate in here, I would like to add few things.

    I am currently working on a H1B visa, before joining here, my inherited wealth was more than 3 billion USD (that is more than enough to retire and live rest of the life even in US, I am sharing this to clear my motive). I came here to do master, completed it with a good GPA and with courses I loved and took the job that I wanted. I am working in one of the top 5 companies (in my organization there are 3-4% Indians and in my team I am the only Indian and we have 9 US citizens). I have interviewed with 3 of the top 5 companies, and it is impossible to get hired by them directly without being skilled (they usually have 4-5 coding interviews where the problem statements are not generic).

    Google being the focus here, their directly employed software engineers are very smart and google hold the top talent pool. Try getting a job there, interview with them and you will learn how difficult it is. All big 5, do background checks as well.

    There are many unqualified workers utilizing H1B visa, there are also unqualified US citizens working as Software developers (my definition of qualification is not a degree but ability to understand and solve problems). The root of the problem lies in management where they want to hire as many people as they can within set budget and no one is good at (problem solving) interviewing.

    Companies which are looking for talent should have freedom to hire anyone from any country.

  35. I’m from India and I trust me I know how to code better than anyone here claiming to have huge amounts of experience all you have is a huge amount of white privilege and cry baby syndrome. Go get a job and stop crying about the fact that we are smarter than you and have superb technical abilities. All of you are lazy if you don’t have a job. Stop blaming everyone and anyone if you are unemployed you need to blame yourself. Go get your diaper changed little billy boy.

    All you do is sit here and cry about how your life sucks while I’m taking your jobs and Armando the pool boy is banging your wife, your daughter is dating Shaka from South Africa with the big man dingo and you son now uses pronouns. You are a Bunch of man babies.

  36. I’m such an insecure crab that I will never be happy when I compare myself to the humans. If only I knew anything or someone that would add value to my net worth.

    Thanks. My crying required two lines!

  37. If you’re a fresh-out-of-college, how can you earn $60 per hour? Fake it. Add 7 years of experience in your resume. Survive. As SIMPLE as that.

    Don’t worry as Indian IT Consulting Companies will help you make a fake resumes, a fake H1B approval, help with your fake interview, arrange fake reference and job support. They created a perfect ecosystem of forgery and fraud.

    Maybe stop doing this!!!

  38. .. .. we have been importing 85,000 “the best and the brightest” H1B tech talents from abroad for the past 10 years.. then, where are the AIs ?? where are the AI tools to make coding easier ??? .. now that we need these AIs most that can help alleviate our anxieties especially during COVID19 pandemic, especially students, and get educated “at home” ??? .. lets share these AI tools just like China sharing cheap technologies to the poor..

  39. .. as you can see, social media can analyze our behaviors through their Artificial Intelligence (AI).. but i am looking for a simple AI that teaches JAVA “only”.. just a simple AI, no emotions, specific AI that teaches JAVA only.. you’ll find none.. that means, they use these H1Bs in using their AIs in hacking us, and they dont develop AIs that educate us, they want us locals dumb, so we cannot compete with the tight-knit circle of H1B mafia, that has infested our computer departments, that make fake resumes, fake interviews (inside job), etc !!! .. and who are these H1B lovers that have big companies here in our country, India!!! .. now China has developed exponentially, China come to our schools and study then go home to apply what they learned, and we are now complaining that our technology is being stolen.. now, who is the culprit? India or China? ..