H-1B Chaos Means Tech Firms Looking to Canada for Offices, Workers

Facing the uncertainty of U.S. immigration and H-1B policy, many tech firms are turning to Canada for their foreign-worker needs. With processing delays at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on the rise, tech firms claim that opening a Canadian office and importing these workers is the most effective way to keep their strategies on track.

“Talented international professionals choose destinations other than the United States to avoid the uncertain working environment that has resulted directly from the agency’s processing delays and inconsistent adjudications,” Marketa Lindt, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, told a U.S. House of Representatives hearing during July testimony about those USCIS delays (hat tip to Time for the quote).

According to a study earlier this year from Envoy Global, some 80 percent of employers expect their headcount of foreign nationals to either increase or stay the same in 2019; even more (95 percent) think that sourcing foreign talent is a “extremely, very, or somewhat important” to their overall talent-acquisition strategy.

Envoy’s data also shows that 65 percent of employers consider Canada’s immigration policy more favorable to their operations than U.S. policy, and 38 percent are thinking of an expansion into Canada. Meanwhile, 21 percent say they already have an office there.

“I was a serial entrepreneur and I spent most of my career watching a brain drain from Canada,” Yung Wu, the CEO of Toronto-based MaRS Discovery District, a tech-innovation hub for startups, told Vox earlier this year. “This is the first time in my career I’ve seen a brain gain.”

For tech firms based in the major tech hubs of Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Boston, it also helps that Canada is a very short plane ride away; executives and staffers in those cities could be meeting with their Canadian counterparts in a few hours (or even less, if you take a seaplane between Seattle and nearby Vancouver). 

Canada’s ultra-fast visa processing stands in stark contrast to the United States, where the Trump administration has put tighter controls on the H-1B visa and the H-4 EAD.

For example, USCIS has reportedly begun asking companies about the type of work that H-1B visa recipients will engage in, including vendor agreements and projects. These requests for evidence (RFEs) seem particularly targeted at outsourcing firms, which must place workers with client firms. The number of H-1B rejections is also up, and USCIS has periodically restricted premium processing, jamming the pipeline still further. In May, a handful of U.S. Senators sent a letter to USCIS complaining about the processing slowdown.

In May, President Trump introduced a sweeping immigration reform plan that could fundamentally alter how tech firms in the U.S. source highly skilled foreign workers. Under this proposal, the nation’s immigration system would become “merit-based,” with an emphasis on selecting immigrants who exhibit “extraordinary talent,” “professional and specialized vocations,” and “exceptional academic track records.”

The U.S. currently selects 12 percent of immigrants on the basis of skill and employment, 66 percent on family ties, and 21 percent on “humanitarian/diversity lottery/other.” The Trump plan would shift that to 57 percent of visas issued due to skill and employment, 33 percent family, and 10 percent humanitarian.

How that will align with the attempts to squeeze the H-1B visa is anybody’s guess (consistency of policy across agencies has not been the Trump administration’s strong suit). In the meantime, Canada—along with a number of U.S. tech firms—seem to be taking advantage of the USCIS delays to pull in more foreign tech professionals to their Canadian outposts.

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  1. Anonymous Nerd

    Or they could just hire Americans. I don’t see what the problem is.

    There isn’t a shortage of Americans with technical skills. There is a shortage of Americans with technical skills who are willing to work for $7.50 an hour. After almost thirty years of seeing that going into tech is a guaranteed one-way ticket to cutthroat wage competition against the poorest people on Earth and a lifetime of poverty, insecurity, and never knowing where your next meal or rent payment is coming from, the bright young people who used to go into tech are now going into law and business instead. So there are fewer CS grads willing to work seventy-hour weeks as unpaid interns. This was predictable, and it was at the time predicted.

    Big Business made its choice and can deal with the consequences. The least the government can do is ban work visas and put tariffs on services performed outside the US to bring those jobs back.

    • John Crowley

      I agree totally, I’m an unemployed Sys Admin/Sys Engineer with 20 years experience and a US Navy Veteran have been for a year now. I’ve seen tech jobs stay open so businesses can find the cheapest workers.

        • IT Canuck

          Canadians are already tired of IT Third Country Nationals (TCNs) flooding their country. Conversely, Canadian IT workers don’t mind working along Americans who contribute to same to the same lifestyle, taxes where the money stays in the country to keep the economy going. I have seen backfills for projects on both sides of the border and that is what the trade agreements are for. TCNs disrupt this balance greatly.

      • Totally agree, H1Bs were suppose to augment the workforce due to the lack of skill US workers. What really happened was businesses taking advantage of cheap labor using H1Bs and downsizing the US citizen headcount. Now there are more foreign labor consulting firms and service providers. These firms funnel the majority of work to foreign tech, cutting the US professional out.
        The initial regulations for H1Bs back in the 80′ and 90′ has been taken advantage of by big business and now the abuse is considered common practice. I’ve always looked at it as giving away our technical skills and knowledge. Something the US excelled at during and after World War II.
        I too a veteran, US Marines, Semper Fi

    • gianni

      There isn’t shortage of Canadian IT workers to serve the Canadian market.. Question is why the Canadian government doing this? Is it to disrupt the American market with cheap labour ? Really a slap in the face of the closest trading partner. Ohhh Canada, shame on you!

      • Anonymous

        It’s not all about the US. Get over your center-of-the World attitude (in response to your, ‘shame on you Canada,’ comment.)
        First, Canada’s population, is roughly 10-times smaller than the US (smaller than California) – so, it’s not like Canadian’s are going to FLOOD your job-market anytime soon. Plus, Canada’s lifestyle is pretty good, as well as, its healthcare – which can be a concern for workers with family and relocation. Not to mention, overall, education standards are higher and better than the US (last I checked, your IVY school education is pretty costly – the exact same can be had at good, globally accredited universities, in Canada)… So what is the lure – or should I say, what used to be the lure of the US? Simply a bigger economy and bigger market, and possibly higher wages (being paid in US $) – however, most of that is eroding (hence the comment of brain-gain).
        Secondly, it has been proven inside Canadian governmental policy and studies, that without immigration, Canada’s population will decline; so, it has to maintain and “attract” individuals from around the world – and, like any other ‘foreign’ country, it desires to do so, by attracting talented, well qualified individuals who will contribute to the country.
        Third, it is of no fault of Canada’s, if your silly present government cannot see its arse from its elbows… in terms of its own future… study history. There is ample evidence of countries that decline and marginalize themselves overtime, when they inact trade and immigration barriers (in contrast, let’s keep in mind for example that the “US space program” was PRIMARILY and solely successful by foreign talent! E.g. Germans like V. Von Braun and many other great scientists and engineers, who were given the equivalent of H1-B’s and ultimately US-citizenship).
        Don’t shame other countries and call the kettle black… Global ignorance and your general lack of historical knowledge (or forgetfulness) are YOUR shame.

        Thank you.

          • TruthSeeker

            True, I agree. But now more jobs have gone offshore than H-1B. Offshoring hurts the US ecnomy more because every single cent is gone offshore. It’s not just the help desk, even IT manager and director level jobs have gone offshore. We have to look at both side of the picture. Offshoring, plain and simple is hurting more than the H-1B.

        • Thanks you so much. Very apt!!! So many audaciously ignorant comments show up anytime there’s a post about these h1b visas, OPT, CPT, even green cards. Such self-centeredness and hate, the US has a lot of immigrants in its roots, developments and innovations historically. It is purely okay to stop it in everyway but one thing is certain, the policies will be abolished once the negative impact becomes obvious in the nearest future… Even Canadians tell me i must be brave to love being in the USA, they talk about such hostility and unfair system and it amazes me because these are supposed to be the closest set of people belonging to same race as Americans.

          • Activity of every H1-B worker can be tracked, fro minimum wage in LCA, to pay stubs, bank account details, tax returns etc.

            Are American agencies so stupid that they cannot do a basic check on salaries earned.

            Atleast one country is smart in H1-B system. Indians are not cheap. If agencies do a thorough audit like I said in previous paragraph, the offense rate will be less than 5%. But the foolish people are arrogant as well, since average population is capable of believing anything thrown at them via magazine articles.

            The minimum wage for most of jobs in IT is anywhere between 75,000 to 125,000 USD. If 95% of them are making that kind of salaries in US, how do you say they are cheap.

            My son was born here, class valedictorian. He graduated Sumam-cum laude and works for $60,000k, happy kid. Why us a citizen paid less? Because he has only two years experience as internships. Fair enough at this point. All H1B workers are earning more (95%). As I said, Indians are not cheap.

        • wageSlave

          Moving to Cannada? That is a great idea. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. In my opinion, that will be great for American tech workers willing to move. National health care means employment into your late 60s and a much much higher lifetime earning potential. That is if national health care extends to everyone present within the borders including foreign workers. The “I don’t want to pay for that” raciest in this country will never let that happen here. Especially the ones in congress. Congress has been ignoring the health care problem for way to long and it is dragging the lifetime earning potential of US workers down a cliff.

          When I go abroad, I purchase really good health insurance for about $2,400 a year as opposed to the $24,000 I have to pay here. It is worldwide coverage good in every country except one. The United States. For obvious reasons. We pay more and get less than you get in any other nation. One of the worse healthcare systems in the industrial world. Yes, that’s right the 27th rated health care system is on the bottom of the list of industrial nations. Congress = not working

    • Pro-immigration that is about the fabric of this country. Anti-outsourcing that has ruined best promises of tech career for Americans.

      But I want to remind the American haters here, what other country allows and even welcomes you to flood it, to the point of damaging American social contract and capitalistic promises, and then berate the natives who speak up about it?

      Good luck everyone.

      • I believe that outsourcing HAS ruined the best promise of a tech career for many Americans (including those capable of constructing a sentence that correctly incorporates the use of the definite and indefinite article!). My guess is that outsourcing from the same country (along with its inherent nepotism and racism) will now be achieved through the Canadian back door.

        I have requested previously that Dice not send me these H1-B “begging letters”. I, along with the majority that post on these articles, am not interested in joining their campaign to drive cheap nails into the coffins of citizens’ tech careers.

    • I completely agree. I have several friends who are Systems Engineers who are US Citizens looking for work. Myself, I am finding that the “advanced degree” requirements are becoming hard and fast. Asking an engineer to have an MBA is a bit of stretch. There are a lot of degree mills both here in the US and abroad that do not provide the years of experience a lot of US workers have. This is a case of:
      1. Hiring offshore people to “save” money – it does not by the way in the long run, I have two offshore teams, the amount of overhead this is causing the overall organization is not worth the “salary” savings they are supposedly making
      2. Overly educated applicants with minimal experience expecting to be paid top salary OR employers expecting overly educated people who lack experience to work for less than the market rate salary
      HIRE locally (regardless of what a person’s race is) – and stop it with the ridiculous degree requirements. Unless someone is a doctor, nurse, surgeon, research PH.d…etc. expecting someone to have an MBA or a Master’s degree for a job that does not require that extensive of an education is ridiculous.

    • Chris Blackstone

      I totally agree with uyour comment. However I think that Canada should also tighten their visa restrictions. I find it so darn annoying when I call any company and the person I get on the phone eithr is walking me thorugh the same steps in troubleshooting a problem I am having with a product even though I have already mentioned that I did those steps or their english skills are so bad I just can’t even understand what they are trying to tell me. I think a 100 percent end to all work visas and requiring everyone coming to this country to be able to read and speak english fluently before they can even work in the states would be great. I mean seriously we would have to learn french and be able to speak it if we wanted to work and live in certain parts of Canada or in France. Why should we not treat foreigners the same way. I find it absolutely rude when I being a native english speaker hears from someone that they don’t speak english. On top of that this I honestly think all current work visas shold be invalidated and those workers rounded up by ICE and sent home to their home countries.

    • Janice Jones

      One way to combat this problem is for every unemployed worker to apply and get housing, food stamps, free medical and every social service they can and retire and enjoy your life…at least you will be getting paid to job hunt or get trained or retrain for different work all at the governments expense (up to $60 K sometimes even more)…you can now get married and have children because your benefits will only increase…and the government will be forced to recognize the 10%+ of long time unemployed, highly skilled workers…and maybe policies will change…if not…at least you won’t have stress in your life anymore and you won’t have the risk of becoming homeless or having psychological problems or a drug addict…if they can give these benefits to illegals just because they have a US born child or generationally to Americans who have learned the rat race is not worth it…then you can too…and this method is recession proof…no reason to think about it…swallow your pride and sign up…this government had no problem signing people up to go to war but then doesn’t support them properly when they come back…this government shouts out about the American dream…but then finds every way possible to pull the rug right out from under us…sign up for your right tfor basic survival…good luck to all of us.

  2. Shahid Siddiqui

    I agree. Our biggest trading partners will hurt themselves and USA by flooding the foreign workers. When Canadian will be replaced by outsiders with the cheap wages. they will feel the same pain

  3. tobias

    Sure, there are people working for lower salaries. But there are also actual bright engineers with PhD and Masters’ degrees working at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon who face the same humiliation and RFEs and delays from USCIS. And these people pay more TAXES per year than an average American household EARNS (yes, this is a fact and not an exaggeration).
    The ‘tech firms’ referred here are such big companies having diffiulties hiring people in the US. These are not people who know how to operate a computer or work with excel. These are people specialized in distributed systems, machine learning and multitude of programming languages. If USA cant respect such people, cant differentiate between smart and hardworking and abusers then the fault lies in the system. A lot of countries have merit based immigration system suitable for 21st century.
    This was inevitable. As other countries grow their economies and start getting ahead of the USA, that is when reality will strike.

    • no one important

      Don’t care. Foreigners aren’t party to the social contract. A government that doesn’t act on behalf of its citizens to protect their interests is not a legitimate government and cannot claim to have any authority.

      If a surplus of low-wage labor made a nation wealthy, Guatemala and Zimbabwe would be superpowers.

      They have to go back.

      • tobias

        Yea you dont have to care. Similarly for-profit companies also dont care about you.
        When you say “citizens”, what do you mean? Anybody can become a US citizen if they enter the country legally (even illegals become citizens here).

        Why are you so conveniently ignoring the fact that a lot of H1B workers are actually highly skilled and the companies pay way over 200k to those employees. And these people pay a large amount in taxes, spend in the economy and keep a lot of americans employed. Why would you want them to fail and suffer? Some kinda sadistic pleasure maybe?

        • Alan Grimes

          I’m too hungry to care. If I had a job, I would have food, and if I had food, I wouldn’t be hungry, and if I weren’t hungry, I might care, well just a little. So until companies can be forced to consider hiring a 41 year old long time out of work guy who CAN CODE, then all these visa and illegal immigrants (both!) can go packing.

        • Sorry, I worked with dozens upon dozens of H1B visa holders from India and one jerk from New Zealand, some of whom were making A LOT of money, but were totally and completely incompetent. Some had advanced degrees but were unable to even correctly use most simple software programs or write English or code properly. The only thing most (not all, most) H1B Indians & others have over US born workers is arrogance, sneakiness, back stabbing, and boss butt kissing ability (just bosses mind you—they call it “being humble,” we call it brown nosing). We do NOT need any more foreign workers in this country and should not allow one single addition until every American who wants to work is working. There are THOUSANDS of highly skilled, smart, hard working unemployed and underemployed born tech & non-tech Americans. And if any lack the damn skills a company is looking for?? TRAIN them! This is common sense. Immigration is one thing, allowing India to take over our country by letting lazy, greedy, checked-out US business leaders turn over our jobs, banking, credit, and healthcare information to them is pure stupidly.

      • US Politicians want their election campaign fund…Greedy CEO’s and chief executives wish to tens of millions of dollars in bonus from the profit which result in employee layoffs, cost-cutting etc. finally US jobs end up in body/sweatshops of the 3rd world countries over the fiber optics or forced to hire H1Bs body shops as bounded labors. Trump should stick to his campaign promises to help US workers. Wall St and US Chamber of Commerce also promote H1b’s because they believe their charts will depend on h1b hiring.

    • There are a lot of Americans with PhDs and Masters looking for work. I haven’t put my PhD on my resume in many years, so that I can compete better with the Indian workforce. And yes, I do not do Excel.

      Send the H1Bs back to their country.

      • Just look at the number of grad students in US schools. Majority of them are foreigners. The reality is out there and you can believe it, if you want to. Or, be like a paranoid freak..

      • tobias

        Are you really saying you have a computer science PhD and yet you have to compete with low cost contractors from third world countries and having a hard time finding job in an economy that has been expanding for a decade and has an unemployment rate of like 3%?
        Who are you kidding mate?

      • I am sorry but not being able to find a job in IT in this economy is total BS. I bet most of these so-called unemployed ex-marines and PhDs are just lazy network admins spending days in forums. Too lazy to help others, too lazy to educate themselves on the latest tech, too lazy even do their damn jobs. Work more. Educate yourselves. Blaming H1Bs for that is just pure BS. H1Bs may have one thing that is hard to find: enthusiasm. You fail, you get deported. It is very motivating.

        • wageslave

          Nobs, just because you are not experiencing something doesn’t mean it is not happening. It is just not happening to you. You need to get out more.

          Network admins? No, I’ve been studying this problem of decades and the prime demographic is software engineer/developer over 40. The problem is systemic and structural. The causes range from too much noise/expense in the labor market TO the business behavior of minimizing health care costs TO employers who just don’t want to pay for the learning curve. Then there is the political agenda of a certain group of business sociopaths that just want to drive down wages nationally.

    • Why not stay or go back to India and make your country great? Remember, India is a Third World country. India is rank at the bottom tier in the world when it comes to startups

      Also, a lot of people from India have fake degrees and no way for U.S . Government to verify if the degrees are legitimate. There is a farm system ran by tech and Indian sourcing firms that are training people over in India how to do American jobs

      • jerome

        Check the title of this very page – that is exactly what is happening. People are moving out of the country and taking those jobs with them. If companies want to sell and grow in foreign countries, they also want to hire foreigners who will work to make that happen and so those jobs are going away, with just the person you drove away.

        Sure buddy, the US government can unearth all types of tax scams, national security issues and fix thousands of other loopholes.. but somehow a fake degree scam is so difficult to tackle that they wont even try. This makes no sense at all.

    • Thank you. Very well said, it is purely the government’s fault. If truly, the whole idea of h1bs is to secure cheap labour (not that i agree), the government certainly is smart, they have policies around this which compels employers to renumerste such roles according to the acceptable or stipulated salary band for such specialization. If this isn’t been adhered to or monitored for compliance, then whose fault? Otherwise all i see here are lies, hate based on race. If you are really qualified for a job you would certainly get employment, under Trump so many jobs have been created, i know of a lot that have switched jobs twice or thrice within a year and half except of course you consider yourself beingnof more worth than the pay.

  4. GDWitt

    Most of my graduating class in comp sci could not find work in their field. They were lucky enough to find other work, but they didn’t need to pour 4 years of money and time into a field with no future.
    I have a comp sci degree and 1 years experience. I have interviewed Indian managers at over 15 companies. I have yet to receive a job offer.
    In reality, these are mostly Indian body shops upset that they can’t keep importing more bodies to the US. Or US companies who believe their Indian IT manager when he says he can’t find qualified candidates. In India that means he can’t find lackeys or people to bribe him.
    Join the movement:

  5. Skip in GA

    H-1B is a scam that traps the workers in at low pay. If you quit you get deported. Plenty of people with solid I-9’s available to work, but you have to pay them and treat them decently.

    • You need to be updated. As of November 2018, the USCIS has greatly increased the salary requirements to petition for a H1-B based on US region. Currenly the minimum salary requirement in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area is $90,000. The H1-B scam traps you mention are a thing of the past.

  6. I am fortunately a retired US citizen but I heard that they are workers in Google in H1B for who Google pays the Indian company $45 per hr but the Indian company pays $16 plus medical insurance and those workers live illegally 10 in a 2 bedroom apartment or some such insane number. If we mandate that $45 is the rate to be paid to the workers and if they are hired through an agency, then the agency has to pay Soc security, medicare and their markup which makes it $70 perhaps and for $70, I am sure that we have many locals.

  7. David Schmidt

    Good, let them ruin the job market in Canada. They sure have ruined it in the USA with the help of these career politicians who never did a honest day’s work in their life. Not enough STEM graduates in the US they say? That’s because the salaries for IT and engineering positions have been depressed due to bringing in cheaper labor. The greedy CEO and their politician pets can choke on it.

    • tobias

      Really? Because I work at one of the top tech companies close to a trillion dollar valuation and we get a lot of intern each year, a lot of them americans and a lot of them foreign students. Many of them dont join back as full time employees because they het 5-6 offers from different companies and choose to go for the best one. We have a hard time filling all our open positions.

      Again and again, let me emphasize.. H1B is NOT just low cost labor.. all masters and phd grads with intense algorithms and distributed systems and machine learning expertise are also on h1b and they get paid way way over h1b CAP.

      Just use your brains and do simple math:
      – FAANG tech companies grow at a rate of 30-50% every year
      – unemployment rate is 3% in USA

      and you are saying there is no shortage.. makes no logical sense.

      • I love your contribution. Thank you, as a foreigner i get many interview calls and the pay also not bad at all. As a conputer science graduate with 9years work experience i do not see how anybody in my field is unable to get jobs, you might just need to upskill yourself… think about it

  8. This is great:The U.S. currently selects 12 percent of immigrants on the basis of skill and employment, 66 percent on family ties, and 21 percent on “humanitarian/diversity lottery/other.” The Trump plan would shift that to 57 percent of visas issued due to skill and employment, 33 percent family, and 10 percent humanitarian.
    Per news this is a great plan invented by Trump’ son-in-law to get 5 or 500 billion in USCIS fee. Did they calculated how much will be paid back in benefits once these became Citizens?
    Is this called made in USA by Trump? With this shift in policy is there any benefit to US Citizens except Attorney’ business?
    I think political funding by other national companies forcing these leaders to favor other nationals. First step to protect US Citizens is, System should allow only US based and US born Citizen owned companies to fund political parties to stop these parties to benefit outsiders.

    • Umm what? Who is more likely to work in low skilled market and takr american jobs, pay less in taxes and directly get into medicare/medicaid? The 12% who are actually educated and some sort of degree or the 78% who are not?? Wow! The lack of logic baffles me.

  9. Incease salary of h1b to 160k or Scrap h1b and give green card instead for these so called high skilled immigrants. Then these M-effing tech COs(especially ‘faang’ a$$holes) stop crying over visa shortage. They just need bonded labor(h1b) that accepts stressed 60hrs work week while no questions asked. I don’t know whats their problem, they are already mis using master degree students under OPT big time. What else they need. Let the adopt some american universities and produce tech slaves in house, why cry over immigration.

    • Your suggestion – give them all green cards – will simply cause MORE collusion and lies. They’ll give away most of that proposed $160k so they can get into the US and have a green card.

  10. Incease salary of h1b to 160k or Scrap h1b and give green card instead for these so called high skilled immigrants. Then these M-effing tech COs(especially ‘faang’ a$$holes) stop crying over visa shortage. They just need bonded labor(h1b) that accepts stressed 60hrs work week while no questions asked. I don’t know whats their problem, they are already mis using master degree students under OPT big time. What else they need. Let the adopt some american universities and produce tech slaves in house, why cry over immigration.

  11. nunyabusiness

    If we really need these folks from offshore, set the minimum salary equal to the salary of a US Congressman + ALL benefits, increasing automatically every time Congress increases their salary. That’s $174,000 + federal benefits. If these lying executives need people so much they can PAY FOR THEM.

  12. Your DeBlasio

    Con Edison IT Department is getting outsourced to India. People who worked there all theirs life getting up, take package and just leave. Angree and …..Who would of thought.

  13. Of course, American companies can’t do the right thing like pairing with local universities to produce the workers they need. That makes too much sense. Due to automation, a lot of people will be out of jobs in the near future and many of them can be trained to be web developers. There’s probably a small percentage who could be trained as software engineers. Why aren’t there apprentice positions available in companies like there are in plumbing or electrical professions?

    What I have seen is that even though companies say they can’t find qualified workers, what they really mean is that they can’t find qualified workers to work for the low salary that they wish to pay. And, age discrimination is alive and well in American business. When a 50-year-old is being interviewed by a 35-year-old, chances are not good that an offer will be extended unless that candidate can blow away candidates half their age and there are developers like that. Companies only want to pay for 5 years of experience and no more.

  14. Pajeetwillscamu

    Our Govt and some tech companies are selling Americans out quick….Theres entire cities of foreigners (mainly Indians) in some tech heavy areas around the country. This is all planned..while the spotlight is on the Mexican border…these “highly skilled 3rd world tech workers” are flooding in under the radar.

  15. Don’t buy the 3% unemployment rate number. The rate is based on people collecting unemployment. After 6 months, you fall off the radar. Many of us have been out of work for over a year.

  16. These requests for evidence (RFEs) seem particularly targeted at outsourcing firms, …..
    Yes, and they should be.

    In May, President Trump introduced a sweeping immigration reform plan that could fundamentally alter how tech firms in the U.S. source highly skilled foreign workers. Under this proposal, the nation’s immigration system would become “merit-based,” with an emphasis on selecting immigrants who exhibit “extraordinary talent,” “professional and specialized vocations,” and “exceptional academic track records.”
    — Trump 2020

  17. Good. Canada can have their “talented” asses. Too often companies will sell out the American workers who helped get them where they are in favor of low cost H1Bs that were herded through a subpar tech workshop so that they can “be aware of” the technology that the American worker was proficient in.

    The article’s writer is obviously a liberal Trump hater based on their one-sided view of the situation.

    Here’s another view, most H1B’s I’ve personally dealt with professionally LIED about having the skills they did, or at least exaggerated them greatly, and actually learned the skill on the job instead. They did this while displacing an Amercan worker who could or did do the job.

  18. Con Edison IT Department is getting outsourced to India. People who worked there all theirs life getting up, take package and just leave. Angree and …..Who would of thought.

  19. Again, I don’t understand why is it “right” for the large companies to just overlook American talent because they want cheap labor. I’m like others around the country, I have experience and credentials but no one will give me a chance.

    It’s really sad that the tech firms are allowed to do this. We have more than enough veterans, recent college grads, and people in general that can do the jobs, but not for the cheap labor the companies are offering.

  20. SickOfThemAlready

    American corporations and their ignorant ‘leadership’ have allowed themselves to be sold a fantasy story for decades. That Big Lie is that the Indians and Chinese are ‘geniuses’ and the best experts in quickly evolving tech. Management of the huge ‘consulting’ firms in India (TCS, etc.) use their mastery of navigating bureaucracies they developed during the British colonial period and basically know how to play the system.

    But it’s largely b.s. I’ve done countless tech interviews of ‘off-shore resources’ and consistently find that they lack the basic skills to do the work. They get rejected by competent developers but are then hired anyway. We then end up having to do twice th he work: our own, and theirs… because they send back shoddily analyzed code.

    There most certainly is NO deficit of competent domestic labor. To say otherwise is simply unsupportable by the facts.

  21. “The U.S. currently selects 12 percent of immigrants on the basis of skill and employment, 66 percent on family ties, and 21 percent on “humanitarian/diversity lottery/other.” The Trump plan would shift that to 57 percent of visas issued due to skill and employment, 33 percent family, and 10 percent humanitarian.”

    Everyone is rightly focusing on the tragedy of H1B abuse, however I think this is the bigger issue. I don’t know that the current ratio is correct, but the new one seems totally incorrect.

  22. I got a position last October at a large healthcare company. They just announced several teams are going to be off-shored, probably more to come. Without strict regulations, this will continue to happen. They have gotten away with wage suppression, stolen the productivity of workers, and gorged themselves destroying companies for decades. Employment is good now? This is the result of the attacks on labor/unions since Reagan and corporations and oligarchs ruling this country. Just remember that capitalism has no moral component. Radical change is needed if regular folks and their descendants are to have decent lives in this country.

  23. In the end, regardless of the various dimensions of this issue, when boiled down to its most basic essence it illustrates what my late father said to me as a small child long ago. Unlike today, there were vanishingly few foreigners in our suburb of DC then. My father pointed to one and said, “If I help them, they’ll take my job. If you help their kids, you won’t have one.” He knew I couldn’t comprehend at the time all the various economic, social and political reasons why, but after 20 years in the IT field I am forced to recall that bit of wisdom with no small degree of bitterness, for that is just what has happened. Only it was the US government and US corporations that did the ‘helping’, by the USG funding IT schools in foreign countries courtesy of ‘foreign aid’ paid for by US taxpayers, with the corporations supporting that becoming the ultimate beneficiaries by those schools producing literally scores of thousands of low-cost workers to undermine US worker’s standard of living.

    The inevitable backlash has produced events like the 2016 Election. If we get another Crash like what happened in ’08, which will almost certainly be orders of magnitude worse, given the original problems were never dealt with, then it might become distinctly unhealthy for H-1Bs and other such foreign workers in this country as the competition for the remaining jobs might literally become cut-throat.

  24. USWorker in High Tech, looking for work!


  25. I’m an IT pro & an independent contractor. I get 10 calls per day from both India and from Indians here from so many recruiting / staffing firms it’s mind boggling!! That around 50 calls per week.

    In contrast, I get maybe one call from an American recruiter once every other week.

    That’s 1%!!!

    Obviously, Indian recruiters have our system beat.

    Typically, almost 100% of calls I receive from Indian recruiters are for very challenging roles that require massive skill sets. The rates??? Between $55 and $75.

    Those rates are ALL INCLUSIVE!!! Can you afford to pay travel expenses with a $75 per hour rate??? I can’t.

    Average travel expenses run $1,350 per week. That’s (round up) about $34 per hour. That comes out to $41 per hour. I’m someone with 25+ years of great experience and up to date in many of the most cutting edge areas!!

    After taxes, I might as well work at McDonald’s.

    So, the H1b (and L1) visa programs have so severely abused, that Indian companies have become super strong, propelled by US companies that have so beaten down their fellow Americans along with expert guidance from US immigration law firms and US lobbyists, that these US & Indian companies have an iron grip in the majority of IT fields.

    If you’re a tech professional, how do you fight back?? What can you do??

    Do you just give in and eat sh-t?? Do you organize and form a union?? That sounds good but usually doesn’t work all that well. Do you shame companies that hire Indians first for cheap rates? That only works to an extent. It’s not enough.

    If there are any types of choker collars that are applied, politicians, immigration lawyers, US companies and others will almost always find workarounds.

    This has been going on for decades!! Why haven’t the major news networks come to the aide of their own countrymen??

    What’s going on beneath the surface. We need to shine a very, very bright light on the inner workings of how Americans are getting screwed!! Then, pound on and pound on it until it goes away. The H1b visa started out as a good idea. Then, immigration attorneys, politicians and US companies abused it and turned it into a malignant tumor that is severely infected and needs to be removed!!

    How do we do that??

  26. Since all of the above are accomplished by rigging the system-
    Some Suggestions:
    1. Fight corruption in Washington
    2. Know the records and where the people you vote for get their money
    3. Repeal of Citizens United and McCutcheon
    4. Support the Electoral Compact/Get rid of the Electoral College
    5. Vote for candidates that support labor and working people

  27. SidSidSid

    I agree one hundred percent. A lot of American citizens with good education and experience are unemployed because the employers hiring the cheap worker from outside the country and CEO’s minting the money for themselves.

  28. Because of the cheap H1-B visas (members of the government receive under the table money from this program), we who were involved in the creation and evolution of Data Processing must work at 30 year ago rates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why did Cornyn, turn down an appointment that Trump offered? He would be missing out on the corruption money. Don’t forget, our governmental system is patterned after that of old Rome. Old Rome, who had mass corruption, removed precious metal content from their currency and over extended their military, Old Rome F E L L. Does this sound familiar????????????

  29. There is an issue here.
    What: Shortage of Tech People.
    Why: Due to the shortage created Artificially by the system.
    When: Couple of years ago.
    How: Tightening the Barriers to Entry and Easing the Barriers to Exit.
    Where: In the United States.
    Who: H1-B, H4-EAD, OPT, L1, and all the work visas that 80% used to go to India.
    Resolution: Microsoft, Google, and the likes MUST look at other countries Tech workers as legit. Start speaking American dialect. Improve hiring process. Hygiene conditions. Better incentives.

  30. Everyone has valid views from where they sit or stand. But we all must understand that the US Immigration policy is just like all the laws that concerns this country. They are rooted in policies that benefit the wealthy among us. When will all of you learn it’s not about race, education or immigration. It’s about the rich finding ways to become richer and protect the riches that they already have. Most members of Congress, especially those from small poor states are the riches in those states. They are not making policies for the citizens that put them in office. They make policies that fatten their pockets. Stop pointing to people from India as the problem, they are NOT the problem. The way they socialize is the result of colonialism placed on them by wealthier countries and individuals. The same is happening here in the US. People wake up, stop blaming immigrants for our problems. It’s the wealthy idiots that we think know better because they are rich that are walking over and crushing our lives in every area. Wake up and look at what Congress is doing. The blame resides in each of us, the voting public!!!

  31. US Politicians want their election campaign fund…Greedy CEO’s and chief executives want tens of millions of dollars in bonus from the profit. Which result in employee layoffs, cost-cutting etc finally US jobs end up in body/sweatshops of the 3rd world countries over the fiber optics or forced to hire H1Bs body shops as bounded labors. Trump should enforce a fiberoptic TAX to those companies outsource US jobs. Wall St and US Chamber of Commerce also promote H1b’s because they believe their Wall St charts will depend on h1b hiring.

  32. tryingtohire

    I would love to hire _anybody_ but I have yet to find someone that can meet simple requirements, and we’ve interviewed dozens of people. I could care less where they are from I just need people with the right skillset or aptitude. I have 4 open positions that I can’t fill. The recruiters don’t filter on college degree but degree and/or experience, but I still can’t find the people.

    I agree with the comments about age discrimination – it is definitely there in my experience. I’m 58 and happen to have degrees in Physics, EE, an MBA and a masters in Statistics and Data Science, the latter I completed in 2016 at the age of 55, after which I quit my job to find a new one doing something completely different. Did I experience discrimination? Absolutely. I was even told the only reason I was talking to them was because they were impressed that I did a masters at UC Berkeley at the age of 55 – so you can see how biased it is. Regardless I had no problem getting 3 job offers – but I had to really work hard to get there to make sure I was better than anyone else they talked to AND had incredible experience to boot. If the job market wasn’t so hot that would have been a lot harder.

    Everyone’s experience and capabilities are different and thanks to the strong desire to steer away from anything that even resembles helping its citizenry lest it be labeled “socialist” our government (and population) has I’m lucky that I was in a position to pay for that masters at Berkeley. We’re all on our own in this so-called “greatest nation” except when it comes to national defense or regime change (because war is where the money is).

  33. Tony Winters

    I worked as a technician for government contractors for a long time and the wages were always above or at least on par with civilian jobs. I started doing a lot of Technical Writing and again the wages in the civilian arena were still very good. Then things began to change. At one employer, where I was a contract employee, I was in a mid-level writer position along with five writers all from India. We were all making about the same except for the one writer that was supposed to be the lead. About a month into the project I was called into the Project Manager’s office and he asked me to edit some of the work being done by some of the other writers. Being a nice guy, my mistake, I agreed. Soon I was re-writing more of the other writer’s work than writing my own. Then I was sitting in on meetings instead of the Lead Writer and handing out work assignments. I contacted the recruiter that got me the job and complained and told him that I needed to be paid as the Lead since I was doing that work. I was told that my rate was fixed and that I could only renegotiate my hourly rate if the project was extended. The three month project went into the fourth month and I contacted the recruiter and told him that I needed more money. He told me that since the project wasn’t over I needed to wait. I told him that since I was hired for a three month project, I would be leaving at the end of the week which would be the 31st day. The Lead was demoted and I was made Lead, he quit because his feelings were hurt. It has been down hill ever since. I got a call from a recruiter about a job in California, I live in Texas, at a rate of $22.00 per hour. I asked if there was per diam or if the company was going to pay for my travel she said no to both. I declined the offer and she was shocked, because she felt it was a good opportunity. This has a direct connection to obama’s Socialist Regime and the Open Borders talk of the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists. they are more concerned with Illegal Aliens then American Citizens.

    • Those are what the companies propose to pay the H1b workers – it is not what is actually paid. Investigations have shown the LCA forms are not exactly accurate in all cases.

    • unemployed

      Good job Dice. Political parties must read and understand Citizen problems. I am not sure any country is hiring foreign workers and giving them same rights as their own citizens like US. Now these foreign workers wanted to sue the government for faster processing of their green cards or change the entire system for their benefit (Probably British took over countries like India with local’ help the same way in the history). These kind of demand be acceptable for foreigners in their country? They don’t let people in but when they go other nations they need equal rights.. green card, citizenship and birth right citizenship for their kids. WOW.