Immigration Bill Could Change How Silicon Valley Sources Foreign Talent

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019, which eliminates per-country caps on green cards.

Under current U.S. law, each country is limited to seven percent of all green cards for foreign workers. For example, if the total number of green cards issued to foreign workers for a fiscal year was 100,000, workers from a particular country like India could only receive 7,000 of them.

The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act kills that notion. Conceptually, it’s designed to allow talented professionals to secure visas regardless of where they’re from. By removing per-country restrictions, it’s easy to see how Silicon Valley, which leans on immigration programs extensively to secure talent from India, would benefit by securing even more foreign-born talent.

Richard Burke, CEO of Envoy Global, which specializes in making the immigration and visa process smooth for companies, tells Dice: “Our customers are happy to see bi-partisan recognition and support for legislation attempting to modernize our immigration system, as they have long said they want to reduce the long wait times that foreign national talent from certain countries face. Against a backdrop of policy memos and increased government scrutiny, employers expect their foreign national headcount to increase or stay the same versus decrease in 2019.”

Peggy Smith, CEO of Worldwide ERC, adds: “Immigration policies that promote global employee mobility help employers build a solid workforce. So we’re encouraged by the passage of the High-Skilled Immigration Act: it offers employers more flexibility when deploying talent. It emphasizes skills at a time when we need to solve a deepening skills shortage. And it broadens options as to which of their employees, regardless of their current country, can potentially relocate to the U.S. Facilitating immigration to ease the movement of an entire global workforce is a continuing journey, and this is one of the forward steps along the way.”

A pragmatic view: The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act still needs to pass the Senate, and be signed into law by President Trump… who has expressed reservations about immigration programs in the past. However, Trump has also said that the United States should accept immigrants on the basis of talent and skills. He’s also suggested that H-1B visas could provide a route to full-on citizenship:

The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019, should it become law, is likely a first step toward broader adjustments to the U.S. visa system. Despite Trump’s attempts at immigration reform, we’re still missing the pieces that declare what “high-skilled” means in a more open, merit-based visa program (and how visas might be awarded).

Update: This article has been adjusted to note which visas are potentially affected by this bill.

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  1. Very nice bill which indirectly tells.. get a green card quickly so Americans don’t scream to stop H visas because this bill will automatically brings down H1 stay to few years just like how L visa to green card . Well, all these kind of bills makes good business for attorneys and benefited to other nationals. Future of US born citizens life is going to be very difficult. If there is a rule like only US based local companies to fund for the parties then these kind of rules will not come in to picture.
    Did Trump forgot his election promises to save US citizens? Is there anyone to protect US Citizens?. It is time to step up to save US Born Citizens.

    • I agree. Everyone knows H1B is like illegals invading the job market to lower the wages down to 30-50/hr so this bill is going to create a very large amount of supply such that the tech jobs will be down to 20/hr from 80-90/hr. Essentially, they are bringing in 100,000 H1B along with another 100,000 GC so that’s 200,000 cheap labour plus if we count the spouses then that’s another 100,000 atleast

      • I am an India ,run a product with Americans ..we recruit the best guys irrespective of color etc …i guess Americans should repent the guys who say cheap without understanding that software can be developed if you are good in maths .This stupid billing business should be replaced by outcome business …American managers who outsource do not understand software and that is the problem..they think that if they pay somebody 100 dollars per hr ,they can replace that guy with 20 dollars donkeys ….blame American managers not all Indians or Chinese …

        • DB Cooper

          I blame the Cultural Marxist Globalist Oligarchs who are raping America & Off shoring it’s resources & talent!
          The likes of Zuckerberg & Gates tell Congress they can’t find American talent; even my 1st grader calls BS on that! How about Zuck & Gates partnering with the MITs & Georgia Techs of America to develop these programs? How about developing programs for displaced older tech workers instead of spending 5 billion on illegal aliens flooding our borders??
          Why haven’t they?
          Because they’ve invested in these ‘tech’ factories that churn out exactly what they need but at much lower wages!
          This is how Revolutions are started which is why the Oligarchs all have homes in New Zealand & other remote destinations, they know it’s coming!!

          • Julius

            I’m 100,000% in support of your comment. We have plenty of individuals in the U.S. that could be trained and employed to do the same jobs.

            The rich are getting richer!

          • Its called corporate greed. Companies should provide training programs for individuals to pursue careers in the latest technologies. There are loads of talented individuals in this country within these colleges – poor excuse Bill Gates and their associates!

        • John Mak

          I agree, having been in the IT industry for 40 years. I remember the Reuters article in the 80s that that outlined the projected IT professional shortage that was coming. That’s when Microsoft and the the other tech companies started seriously giving away jobs and free training . They even had laws written to keep tech people from unionizing. Keep America Great .. Hire a Fricken American

          • CPA-89178

            Trump voters were motivated to vote out Democrats and Republicans who allowed outsourcing. There was no shortage of workers, only shortages of jobs and skills. The globalists pushed for immigration to replace more American workers. This is all about votes, cheap labor and socialist power controlled by the UN. Poor populations can’t fight back.

        • Michael

          You are correct, this is a corporate management problem. Labor costs may be cheaper with Indian nationals but this does not necessarily mean better quality. The educational system is also to blame due to its failure to offer vocational skills in larger quantities. As in previous years, we are asking our congressional representatives for a stay or reduction in work visas granted to allow for assimilation of the current populations. This will allow for organic growth in domestically sourced skilled labor. The adverse impact so far has been substantially higher property taxes and a an ever widening cultural disconnect with the populations with less than 5 years residency. They seem to think that the Indian caste system applies here. They must assimilate to our culture and customs OR face further alienation or rejection by the established population – which includes fellow Indians whom have assimilated over a period of 10+ years.

        • I agree with you. I can’t trust any of these guys. They all are sellouts. Who works for Americans now? It seems that all these politicians have sold us out to cheap labor. We have not had a pay raise in over 20 years. No one is talking about this.

      • Nop, the H visas are sucking the $$$ like vampires they make way more far way too much more because of their “skills “ they train them in boot camps for few days make up bachelor degrees all of the mechanical, electrical and energy engineers they don’t have computer Science degrees,men and women, fake, fake! They cannot speak fluently and they just gather together to help each other they arrange their interviews to pass and get hired they are all superior none is a first time employee all of them lie but they love to come to US work 10 years with salaries above $100k and then they can retire, that is why men and wives come together so they double their $ to retire in less time like 5-7 years. They don’t want to become US cause they loose their India citizenship, all of them are in healthcare, vampires sucking US systems and liars, they know nothing, they learn here cause they always work in groups.

    • Maha Guru

      The country cap is the last stop against any country flooding the country. The same cap could have been placed on H-1B itself, but greedy rich tech would be up in arms if that was suggested. What is strange is that not one of the so-called pro-worker Democrats have tried to do anything to improve H-1B. Lofgren has done a lot of lip-service but only 1044 is the one she came up with! Most Democrats in midst of fervor of being pro-immigrant have stopped being pro-worker… Only Senator. Grassley (R) and Senator Durbin (D) have tried something (I refuse to give a title to useless Lofgren) to prevent mass H-1B abuse. Trump seems to be wavering and this was the only issue I would vote for him. If he sings 1044/386 into law, no more Trump for me!

      • Boris Galaev

        It is absolutely right – unfairness happened because EB greencard process is not in sync with H1B(and H4) processing. Limit in GC processing created huge blog in H1B->GC conversion. Now they try to solve this issue and create new issues for immigrants from other countries than India and China ( if you read details in this bill it is preferable for this TWO countries, leaving some chances for 2-party competitions in IT). If you have limit in GC process the same limit should be in H1B visa processing too. President if he wants to make this “fair” can request money for additional one-time volume of new greencards to minimize current blog, but not change the system at all. or provide better solution. – Situation is the same as electoral college in US elections – there are currently big states (Like California and New York) and small by population. They are equalizing by predefined votes – 55 to CA, not really proportional to their population. So there should be some decision how many quotes should be provided to different countries so big by population countries (India, Pakistan, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mexico,..) and small like New Caledonia will get fair part(percent) of total green cards (and h1b visas) number. It will remove questions about more talented than other nations and races, but will solve problems with huge backlog of promises in obtaining citizenship for programmers.

      • why do u think these greedy rich tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. are hiring mostly Indians ? is it because of cheap labour? definitely not, all these companies pay way more than prevailing wages determined by labor office. They are getting hired purely based on talent.
        If this reform doesn’t happen, these tech companies will open nearshore office like canada, Brazil and relocate business there.

      • You can say that again, jeesh!! If the people posting these almost unintelligible messages are high tech workers, I guess they were playing with gadgets and computers instead of paying attention in English class.

        You can say that again, jeesh!! If the people posting these almost unintelligible messages are high tech workers, I guess they were playing with gadgets and computers instead of paying attention in English class.

      • I am Kenyan, Indians control most of our economy, They are very crafty, only loyal to their.. most CEOs of big tech companies in USA are now run by Indians.. Before you know it USA will be India B

    • jonnybGood

      So, we will have more recent grads with tons of debt competing for jobs. And against foreign labor with no college debt, at much LOWER wages.

      Guess our kids will get sold out again by D.C.

  2. What!!

    Dude!!! Did you do any research before writing this article ??? The change that was passed in the house is for green cards not visa!!! Nd in particular not H1B, currently there is no per country cap for H1B!! Articles like these are getting into my google feed! Glad i read newspapers and follow news!! This is journalism at its worst!!!

  3. Ashish

    Yes the bill passed only in congress. It is still an uphill for the bill to be passed. The bill should be passed currently the wait time for an h1b worker from India is 151 years which is not fair. Yes if the bill is passed it will flood the market with h1b resumes but they should control the concept of how outsourcing works and if they raise the minimum wage for h1b to 100000 then it will be fair everyone. Is it fair to allocate the same number of visas for a country with 1.3 billion people as equal to coutnry with 20000 population. There are so many qualified h1b people who are just waiting to get a green card so they can set up a business. Do you know how many jobs it can generate . currently for every one h1b visa it creates 2.4 indirect jobs in USA. but there are flaws in h1b that outsourcing companies use as loop poles. These loop poles should be closed.

    • Maha Guru

      Of course, we will see Indians flood the market the day the cap is removed. You make it seem that all H-1B are so qualified and waiting to open businesses!! The truth is that more than 90% of H-1B take jobs and open no new business! Some H-1B businesses only hire Indians (H-1B) too. So don’t make up things… The country cap could have been relaxed, but removing it is absolute disaster. In fact, Lofgren the Congresswoman (who I detest) should have first worked on passing a stringent H-1B law before moving to this issue.

      • Kathryn Glaser

        If the bill is so great why are American Tech workers so against it. I wish someone would inform us of who looking out for American workers and what can American citizens do to stop this?

      • Kathryn Glaser

        If the bill is so great why are American Tech workers so against it. I wish someone would inform us of who looking out for American workers and what can American citizens do to stop this?

    • Dont worry about how many jobs it will create in US when they get all these H1B’s. Let Americans worry about that. U just stay in your country and make your country great. As such more jobs/companies are movin to India, vietnam cause of US 25% tariff in china. So work there, stay there……..

      • The only way to neutralize, is americans start their own consulting company by bringing cheaper labor from vietnam, bangladesh, Pakiz, srilanka, nepal, bhutan….etc…Start a bidding war and pay them $10-$30, pay $10 and keep $20 like retail jobs. Eventually pay them in local currencies. They would rather work in their country than coming here. After all, its the dollar value VS their currency value, that drives this greediness. for India $30-$40 X 70 RS is very attractive. same thing for chinese Huan

      • The only way to neutralize, is americans start their own consulting company by bringing cheaper labor from vietnam, bangladesh, Pakiz, srilanka, nepal, bhutan….etc…Start a bidding war and pay them $10-$30, pay $10 and keep $20 like retail jobs. Eventually pay them in local currencies. They would rather work in their country than coming here. After all, its the dollar value VS their currency value, that drives this greediness. for India $30-$40 X 70 RS is very attractive. same thing for chinese Huan

        • A,C. Com

          This law is forgetting that Americans can do the work if the companies that are importing workers pay higher taxes to support American education. Instead they lobby congress for tax loopholes which results in lower taxes for themselves which results in drastic cuts to education budgets. The shortage of qualified people can be solved in less than 5 years by each multinational company which import workers is required to partner with a college or university to support a program which train American citizens and legal residents for those jobs. They can offer scholarship funds to support those students and require those graduate to work for those companies for at least 2 years after graduation. This will increase the number of special skilled tech workers substantially and would result in a lack of need to import foreign workers. This would be the patriotic thing to do.

          • This is so true. Silicon valley techs together hold more than a trillion-dollar in Cash yet they have done nothing to curb the perceived shortfall of Tech Workers in the US. Most coding jobs does not require a 4-year college degree — all it needs is a Vocational training or couple of years at local community college. The state colleges can be made free of cost. Many kids dread to attend colleges solely because of unaffordable tuition. They graduate with adebt that haunts them for ever dimishing their quality of life. The tech companies if truly want can allieviate these pains.

  4. after this bill implemented, i strongly suggest local IT professionals (specially non-indians) to buy a tow truck and start practicing so that you are ready for the next phase in career after layoff as a result of this. its already happening in Canada.

  5. bangash

    The system was not designed for one country to flood it with applicants.Why is no-one asking why 70% of H-1 visas go to Indians ? Is it because they are specially talented or something ? All of us who have worked in IT industry know some Indians are indeed very talented and hardworking but most of them are simply average. Once this “Keep india first” bill is signed into law, next year they will introduce a bill to abolish or greatly raise the current limit of H-1 visas as well and when they is accomplished, Silicon valley will have an unlimited supply of cheap Indian IT workers.

  6. Thinker

    Indians already dominating IT in US and around the world, it will become very easy to have more control on IT for Indians.
    There will be strong Bollywood in US in future. more songs and more dance.

    • Maha Guru

      Seriously, having Bollywood song and dance become prevalent is not as scary as nuclear war! It may be hard to watch, but not a serious cause for concern. But yes, Indians will flood the market and tech workers will lose jobs in bigger numbers – that is a serious concern.

    • San T

      “Indians already dominating IT in US” (really?) Not when you come to work for us…US companies lol. I am all for “talent” but we here in the US that is not the reality. The reality is that foreign nationals come with baggage. They are looking for better wages compared to

  7. According to this bill Indians will take over the US with this high backlog population. The US needs diversity, not only people from one country. Indian consulting companies ( so-called IT companies) already involved in h1b abuse and frauds. They make fake resumes and fake experiences of indians and market them to get IT jobs, this is not called Merit. Majority of indians don’t even have IT experience but because of fake resumes, they are stealing American citizens jobs. Instead of removing cap why not just stop taking new applications from Indians until they clear the backlog……??
    Don’t forget India is so close to Russia, and our leaders are allowing a big number of indians to enter our country. Later or sooner they will take over our Economy, House, and Senate if we didn’t stop this high number of indian population.

  8. here is what i can foresee.

    Once this country limit is removed from Green cards. millions of Indian will be in the job market for IT jobs that have not increased at the same pace for this flood on candidates. so for the next few years, the pay of IT professionals will come to half of their current pay and millions of local people will loose their jobs throughout US as companies will be looking for cheap local labor by replacing their current employees. at the same time, offshore companies will continue to bring thousands of their employees to US on H1/L1 and then immediately filing their green card….for filing green cards for all these new employees, these offshore companies and also US based companies will advertise jobs on different job boards…so we will see millions and millions of open positions but no US local will be getting hired as these advertised positions will only be for Indians. US immigration lawyers will be very busy.

    Finally…..As a result of all this mess, there will be zero job security and local people will not be able to meet their financial responsibilities and home prices will sky rocket and all this might cause recession in US. in my personal opinion, US must put country limit on H1b so that this Indian green card backlog is brought down. putting country limit on H1b can only force companies to stop flooding US with Indians. this is the only appropriate way.

    • nirvana

      How will it flood the job market. ? This is a law for green card not h1b and applies to workers who are already here on h1b and part of the “job market”. Total working population on h1b is not even 1% of working population . Point is to have a separate law where h1b abuses by out sourcing companies are removed which is already happening. h1b visas are capped anyways.

      • That will never happen in USA, there’s only a handful of socialist regimes in the world and they are dictatorships mostly.

        But the USA is much more socialist that many other countries in the world, look at this:
        – free and excellent public schools
        – free food and clothes programs
        – free books in public libraries
        – free public swimming pools, public parks everywhere
        – medicare and medicaid that not even Socialist countries have.
        – Social security that not even socialist countries have.

        I could go on…USA is more socialist than many socialists countries, but you didn’t even noticed.

        • CPA-89178

          Social Security is paid by an employee and employer for the employee benefits. The other programs like Medicaid are paid by all taxpayers and given only to those who qualify. I don’t get food stamps and Medicaid but I’m paying for someone else to get it. I don’t have kids but illegal aliens kids are getting free education at our expense.

    • Andy – these are people in the House of Representatives – Democrats – who set up this and passed it in the HOUSE. It has to get to the SENATE for review and voting and then it would have to go to the White House… Trump has not had a chance to do anything on this.

  9. If US lowered the costs of a college education and provided incentives for americans to study engineering/science there would not be a reason for all these H1B1 visas. But then again, you want the market segregated and non-unionized by bringing foreigners who dream of working instead of giving a damn about one’s country.

    • Agree that college costs should be lower but just like health care, it’s a business and the colleges are in business to make money, at our expense. Companies say there are no qualified American workers, then make us qualified instead of bringing in foreign workers. I don’t believe that Americans are not qualified; that’s just a justification for bringing in foreign workers. Foreign workers bring down wages for Americans. There should be more caps on H1B and no spouses allowed to automatically work.

  10. I moved to Canada 4 years ago. About to get my Citizenship. They gave me a Permanent Residence while I was working in the US. At my current employment, there are 3 other ex H1B’s working and also applying for citizenship. I lived in the US for over 10 years studying and working in Tech. It is a painful and expensive process. Forget about the H1B, give people Green Cards immediately so they don’t leave.

    • Joseph

      I came to work in us from Canada with a promise of Green Card. Sold my home and moved with my wife and kids. Once in the US the compa y and atorny played a dirty game of “protecting the company” putting me and my family in difficult time for 5 years. They only applied for some crazy lottery to get me HB visa. In my opinion was a complete scam. Of course my wife or kids could not work. And when I asked them to convert the TN directly to Green card, the refused. Then they increased the work load on me three time to get me to leave. I had to go back to Canada with all this craziness.. the worst thing, when I am back I found the real state went high rocking from half a million to 1.5M. Me and my family lost big in this. While we canadian allow smooth immigration to American. I ask the Canadian government immigration to stop all US immigration and makes it difficult. Its two way street falks.

    • On behalf of most U.S. tech workers may I congratulate you on your move to Canada and your citizenship. Three other ex H1B’s is impressive, but 30,000 would be helpful.
      We can apparently look forward to not seeing you until you need quality medical treatment in a reasonable time frame.

      • Sonya Varadin

        Quality medical treatment??!! I lost my vision and half my face is crumbled after a surgery at “the best eye clinic in NY state”! Thanks, but no thanks!
        You don’t even know how many better working people and better working things are out there in the world, outside the US. The only thing you care is to get more money, but you don’t care of becoming a more decent person. How low has humanity gone in your part of the world!

        • Well, you sure seem to think you know me, which I find interesting since your name isn’t familiar to me.
          Regardless, there are a lot of people trying to get into this country illegally because they have experienced “better working people and better working things” (whatever it means because I can’t understand your sentence).
          As far as me being a decent person, if being a capitalist makes me indecent (deplorable?) I can live with it.
          As far as your surgery, if you thought that you would have been better off getting it elsewhere, why didn’t you? The hard reality of life is that it isn’t risk less. That’s the challenge. Some would say that’s the gift. And before you get all righteous on me, I too had a surgery go South on me, but the benefit outweighed the result.

  11. RobinHood

    Good. Let Silicon Valley & all the greedy tech companies hire all the sub-par and mediocre “foreign talent” they want. I’m looking forward to watching them get what they deserve. Soon all that cheap plastic crap they cheaped out on, while screwing over their fellow Americans, will implode creating a Karmic disaster of epic proportions. Meanwhile, the citizens at home that they didn’t hire will be starting companies to replace them & will hire only US workers. Big Dog SV Co’s days are numbered. If they don’t change their ways people in their own country will stop buying. Turnaround is fair play.

    • Some of this great “foreign talent” was used to build the Boeing 737 Max. Wonder if some of that talent is also used on the brakes of cars, trains, etc. Maybe even the pills we’re taking.

  12. Lt. Dan

    You want to ensure Trump doesn’t sign this bill? Contact Fox and Friends, Tucker or Hannity, and have them run with it. I guarantee El Presidente will be railing the next day about building an H1B wall. Target his influencers on Fox News, and ignore the ineffectual rest, i.e. White House staffers and acting agency appointees. Fox establishes Executive policy in this Administration.

  13. I have already noticed that. The engineering field is being occupied by Indian and Chinese willing to do the job for $30.00/hr
    Companies like Tata Consulting are flooding the market with Indian nationals.

  14. onthe wall

    BULLSHIT! I am a High-Skilled natural borne American Citizen. I have had my livelihood pulled from me in the middle of 2001 when many US based companies started to outsource work overseas to say India, after 20 years, so companies could pay foreigners $ 15 an hour instead of paying me $50 or better. Went till 2008 before getting back a high skilled mainframe programming job again. How the company said their contracts with municipalities required the work be done by Americans in America, I said great got my job back. After 1 year let go again because work was again outsourced and I questioned management WHY? Their answer Contract only called for American workers in America for first 5 years after that, well what do you know bingo outsourced again. So from beginning of 2010 till about a year ago I had 4 or 5 consulting jobs none lasted more than 1 & ½ months. About a year ago I start getting calls again to see if I am looking for work, OK, YES I AM LOOKING. I am finding out for every opening I am told about sometimes there are between 3 a 4 THOUSAND APPLICANTS, still difficult but job action definitely picking up. I am inclined it is due to changes President Trump has accomplished so I am hoping for the best. If you guys start changing things now you will probably screw things up a gain. LEAVE EVERYTHING AS IT STANDS. By the way THEY NO LONGER HAVE TO BRING FOREIGNERS TO THE USA TO WORK THEY JUST USE THE FOREIGNERS OVER THE INTER NET, NOW IT’S CALLED OFF-SHORING! So don’t worry about being fair to foreign country workers keep being fair to AMERICAN WORKERS FROM AMERICA IN AMERICA!


  15. GC lottery for EB applicants

    I would suggest a lottery system to these GC applications as well which will be fair to all the people? If H1b s can take lottery system, then they should take GC lottery as well for these EB1,EB2,EB3 categories?

  16. Agreed, these so-called indian IT companies already abusing our system, they sponsor people directly from india on fake work experience and majority education is not equivalent to the US education system. They want this bill because india is the only nation who can accept any job on any low wage. I saw some are working on $17000 per year. This is a clear abuse of our system. They did so many layoffs of US citizens and hired cheap indian labor with no experience. if somebody has doubt just call any indian consulting firm and ask them for a job. if they know you are from india , they will offer you free training and placement with food and accommodation where you need to share a room with 5 more indians. How somebody lives in this kind of environment but indian accept that. This is why our Tech giants outsource their work and save taxes and high-cost salaries. STOP THIS BILL!!! SAVE AMERICA!!!

  17. The truth

    So white blooded Americans, and let’s be real, that’s who all the hooping and hollering is coming from.., so white blood Americans are up in arms over something they’ve been doing to people for hundreds of years.., taking advantage of others in the worse ways. Such comedy coming from such jokes of human beings.

  18. Credentialed Up The Gazoo

    Since 2004 this influx of IT people has killed my job search except for small contracts where the foreign workers had no clue. I compete with cheap labor from countries with nuclear capabilities and have incentives to breach national security. (Think Imran Awan and his family). They laugh at Americans of all colors and party affiliations. My resume is second to none. I lowered my rates to the point that after commuting expenses (tolls, gas, wear and tear, wasting 4 hours in my car). I became a cashier at a retail location less than five minutes from my residence and started a small business based on my love for music and photography. Good bye and good riddance to the corrupt IT industry after 30 years. Sure I make less than I used to but I deal with everyday people on my job, a lot of beautiful children and seniors and in MY business I have no prima-donna clueless bosses, no know it all staff, I deal with happy clients directly, work the hours I want and have quality family and leisure time. Wouldn’t change a thing. Made lemonade and I can enjoy it on my porch in my modest house on the Jersey Shore instead of my gorgeous expensive house in rat (both rodents and human versions) infested NYC.

  19. I’m curious how many of you actually know anything about the H-1B program. In order to receive that you/the company must follow certain guidelines setup by the U.S. government including (but not limited to) a minimum wage set for by the Department of Labor. If a U.S. company hires a foreign national on an H-1B they’re not doing so because they can get away with paying them $17,000 yr. They’re doing it because that’s the best talent out there. On top of paying a (generally) high salary, companies must also pay legal fees, and filing fees to the U.S. government. Please stop acting like these tech companies, or any company that hires a foreign national, is doing so to try and save money. If you’re going to comment at least know what you’re talking about. This bill would not take away jobs from American Workers and the fear that it would shows ignorance and lack of understanding.

    • @Sara… should know that L1 and H4EAD doesn’t have min wage requirement.

      even for H1….the min wage required is way below market standard.
      you said, the companies are doing it because that’s the best talent. how it becomes the best talent when the selection is by lottery?

      Do you think its fair that these outsourcing companies get a project here in US and then instead of Hiring local jobless people, they go all the way to india and bring them here in US in thousands in number….and then since there is no country cap on h1b, these people get stuck when applying for green card due to GC country cap. The answer to green card backlog is to have country based cap on H1b…..this will bring down the india green card backlog with the passage of time and there will be correct mapping between h1b and GC Plus this will help local jobless people to also get jobs easily.

    • Sara – yes we know and we know it is abused. And we know it is not audited enough. And we have worked with H1b visa holders who don’t have a grasp of much in IT, completely unqualified.
      Sure there are some who have some education but those are outnumbered by bad and mediocre developers.
      You’re either trying to provoke arguments or you have not been using critical thinking skills : the H1b is abused and should be stopped.

    • @Sara, it seems we know more than you about the H1B program. A few years ago, I was working in a bank in NYC. They hired an H1B from India for 60001 dollars for the trading floor (which is where most money were made and spent). Why 60001? To be higher than the minimum salary of 60000 required for an H1B software developer. His skills were bellow average for an American developer though, and that salary extremely low for NYC, for profession and for the industry.

      I was there for a short term contract, for a very specialized role. In more than a year, I have not seen them hiring even one American.

  20. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I already blasted my representative in the house with my opinion on this. The cheating and lies that have made the use of H1b so abused will not stop and will increase in order to get an advantage in the green card process. This is overwhelmingly from two countries and it is NOT in our interests to yield our immigration policy to foreign interests.
    CALL and EMAIL your representatives and ask them exactly WHY they voted against YOUR interests. Make it clear to them that their actions are contrary to their actual voting constituents – per country caps are GOOD for us.
    Then – calm down. This was voted by the Democrats and there is very little chance it will get past McConnell and up for a vote in the Republican controlled Senate. Note that there are organizations funded by foreign interests which are donating to the re-election campaigns so it is not a sure thing.
    Make sure your senators are aware of this huge concern – per country caps are GOOD for us.
    Then, call and email the White House. Per Country caps are GOOD for us.
    Do the ‘needful’ – especially if you hate that phrase as much as I do.

  21. Guys, I work in IT , I have worked with many American born It professionals.
    H1b program has lot of checks and Auditing and its not easy for one to survive if he is not skilled.
    Having said that. If you notice there are handful of indian companies that Exploit the H1B visa workers , They pay just minimum wage to meet the h1b rules and no room for looking for better opportunity with right pay for their skills.
    and it becomes even worse when one is on the greencard wait list ( they turn h1b to mordran day slave) if an indian he will be slave for another 20 years ( may be his retairement age by than)
    if that dependency is removed this wait time created slavery will go and Skilled people will work for right pay.
    and most amaericans who feel impacted by h1bs will realize problem is not with h1b or greencard process.
    If this bill is passed indian greencard wite list workers will be happy. But the cunsulting companies like infosys will worry as they cant make skillied worker to work on lowskilled /unrelated role and less pay.
    real victim would be copanies like infosys , Wipro , TCS and a few who will loose cheap labour and out of market.
    Hope American consulting companies better with opportunity that get created.

  22. i am amused by the paranoia created by some of the comments here. The bill is about relocating the existing number of green cards rather than increasing the number of greencards. it is not going to increase the flow of people and it’s just going to change the mix of the people based on the origin countries ‘ population

  23. Adrian Laws

    There is too much saturation in the IT field from Indian’s who do not know what they are doing and bad at his or her job.

    When the economy was bad back in the day companies like Microsoft and others only hired Indians and not Americans. They don’t really bring any specialty or talent besides a nuisance to the economy and public and most have criminal records back in India.

  24. Adrian Laws

    I want to add that I work as an infrastructure engineer and lost my job because of the outsourcing.

    The Indian recruiters are terrible and while I was looking for another position after I got laid off I was sorry I thought you were Indian and they would not hire me.

    This whole outsourcing thing needs to stop and when the economy was bad it was worse, companies would only outsource to India because it is cheaper not because they are talented or useful. In my experience with 20 years working in the IT field Indian’s are the worst to work with and have not any better than Americans. They are just cheaper that is the only justification to hire them.

    • Hiring only Indians; It’s disgusting. They should all be exposed for the anti-American pieces of you know what that they are. It’s hilarious to me when people call America a racist country, when we have millions of people of color trying to come here anyway they can, and then when they do, they practice racism and ethnic selectivity in every aspect of their lives. My neighborhood is now 90% Indian/Asian, and there is no affiliation between them and the remaining people who have lived here for generation, and no loyalty to America. If a war broke out between American and India, they’d all go back and fight on the other side. We’re being PUNKED!

  25. It’s simple. They need to throttle back the number of HB1 visas, in particular those for high tech workers. These jobs in America are supposed to be the jobs of OUR future, because WE have been paying for all of the infrastructure over previous decades that made these companies possible. It’s called building an economy and community. There are millions of American citizens who need these jobs at strong middle class wage levels so they can support the real estate values and tax bases required to keep the good thing we have in the US going. If we want to turn this into a 1 billion person ghetto, then by all means, flood the country with foreigners and lower all workers’ wages to minimum wage and tell them “tough, that’s global competition, this country really isn’t yours”. And by the way, don’t ask us or our kids to fight in wars to protect it anymore if that’s the case.

  26. AmericanSTEMWorker

    I hope that this does not pass the Senate and President. I have interviewed many times in the Bay Area, as well as around the country… The problem is widespread and profound. One country should not dominate immigration. The USA can maintain competitive advantage without turning the Indian minority into a majority.

  27. These employers who cry about shortage of CS graduates here in the US, can provide scholarships for a 4 year bachelors degree. They can even lobby the US government to providing funding for that scholarship. Instead of doing that, they are deliberately trying to get folks from India. Within a span of 4-5 years, few thousand CS graduates can come out of US schools. All these CS graduates are OK to get the same salary that an Indian IT worker gets which is around $70-80k PA. This also supports President Trump’s slogan, make America great again.

  28. That's the way things are

    Firstly, people should know that the purpose of Congress is to support corporations and the Stock Market. The needs of the “citizen” are secondary (if considered at all). This is evidenced in the poor education, tax laws, etc. More money is spent on the Prison Industrial Complex (traded on the Stock Exchange) than in public schools. The PICs are really Labor Camps whereby corporations can hire people for little to no money.

    • Adrian Laws

      And if you wish to pursue one you should have adhere to strict requirements not just you are cheaper and taking jobs from American’s. I was in the USN during 9/11 and have a Navy cross so I served my country but Indian’s they have no idea what they are doing and they have no talent. American’s have more talent and business savvy they they do.

      I don’t get this? Why are we hiring these people?

  29. anonymous

    Its bilateral trade. US sells (India buys) Indians computer sw/hardware, services (google/FB) defense products, airplanes, medicines/healthcare equipment…even gas today… This trade is only bound to grow in all dimensions and directions… together they are 1.3 +.3 billion people market …and 3+11 trillion dollar economies and growing….

    In return, Indians export IT services/leather/textiles/metals to US….Now US can stop Indians edge in cheap labor, but then Indians will also look towards EU or Japanese for all imports…..
    There are irregularities/corruption either way …and that stems negative sentiment…
    It is not that one side is losing it all (US through H1b)…Its purely trade negotiation at highest level….I think either side kind of understands the pros and cons in such bilateral relationship
    You can’t have it all …even if you would like to….
    For ex….Now recently US asked india to ban all iranian oil imports, no matter how much uneconomical this request might sound….. and instead import oil from Houston (economy)…India obliged and in one shot you have billions pouring in US… Now ….in grand scheme of things …H1b sounds meager ….