Survey: Is Your Office a Toxic Workplace?

There may be nothing worse than a toxic workplace. No one individual can eliminate it, and getting buy-in from everyone to help end the toxicity can prove next to impossible, depending on the circumstances. But how many of us feel our workplace is actually toxic?

Maybe more to the point: What exactly is a toxic workplace? Wikipedia describes it as a workplace “marked by significant drama and infighting,” which is still pretty subjective. The truth is, “toxic” is ultimately defined by each individual. Some folks thrive on gossip and rumor mongering, for instance, while others consider it a major factor in workplace toxicity.

A toxic workplace has lasting effects, and companies should take more care about cultivating a pleasant office environment. In a previous survey on Dice Insights, we asked about productivity killers. Toxic work environment tied with distractions for the top spot, with both edging out meetings. The office cliques, infighting and rumor mills prevalent in toxic work environments can be draining for nearly everyone.

Many symptoms of toxic culture can be identified before accepting a job, too. In our guide to job-interview red flags, we pointed out a disinterested interviewer or a company that only wants to hire you for one unique task is a sign of toxic culture; if they just want you to fix their issue, they’re not concerned you’ll be the right fit for their office because they may not even care about that sort of thing.

In the 2019 Dice Salary Survey, 47 percent of respondents said they want to quit their job for a place with “better working conditions.” While that could mean just about anything related to your office environment, we should appreciate that tech companies are usually not bad places to work. Nonetheless, this group seems to indicate toxic workplaces are more common than you may think.

But we want to hear from you: Is your workplace toxic? Does the drama of your workplace make you hate going into work daily? Let us know in the anonymous survey above. We’ll publish results next week, so stay tuned!

4 Responses to “Survey: Is Your Office a Toxic Workplace?”

  1. This is why people call in sick so that they don’t have to go into work because their workplace is so damn toxic!!

    Company politics, personalities, chemistries, group dynamics, conflicts, arguing and bickering make many people cringe at work. Dealing with it day after day after day wears people down and can make you sick. Yet, some people thrive on it.

    Until there’s a way to stop this crap in its tracks, it will become increasingly problematic and will cost companies billions until it is!!

  2. Unfortunately, many managers believe that toxic environments are better in that it’s easier to control their employees. Instead of Virtuous Cycles, these managers create Vicious Cycles, using fear and abusive behaviors to “motivate” their subordinates.

  3. Joann berezney

    I have the toxic environment I have endured the last 2 years. Will be retiring after 34 yrs in 2 mths cannot wait. I have been through eeo , inspectors and because it’s the good ole boys club they seem to think they are teflon. So said when I have postmaster of generations of family. I pray that there will be revisions. I am trying to get the grievance last year owed to me property. Since so much incompence I will end up going Washington d.c because union officials up to business agents are always vacationing. Peace freedom of speech