This is How Much Tech Companies Profit From Employees

Have you ever wondered just how much money tech companies such as Google and Apple are making from each employee? Now we know.

PostBeyond crunched the data, surfacing the profits reported by Fortune 500 tech companies, then balancing those against how many employees they have.

Leading the per-employee earnings is Facebook: With nearly $16 billion in total profit last year, it made $634,694 per employee.

Apple is second on this list, profiting $48.3 billion last year, for an average per-employee earning of $393,097. Microsoft raked in $21.2 billion in 2018, which averages to $171,000 per employee.

Google parent company Alphabet made $12.6 billion in profit for all of 2018, which is about $158,000 per employee at the company. This is a bit of misdirection, though; Alphabet has Google, which makes the lion’s share of its income, but has companies like Calico, which generate losses. So, really, Google is making Alphabet $158,000 per employee.

Rounding out the top five is Cisco: It made $9.6 billion last year, or about $131,810 per employee.

It’s not all gold, though. Hewlett Packard, which reported a profit of $344 million last year, earns a paltry $5,212 per employee. SalesForce isn’t far behind; the behemoth profited to the tune of $128 million last year, which is only $4,397 per staffer.

Motorola lost money, unsurprisingly. With $155 million in losses during 2018, the Lenovo-owned company lost $10,333 per employee. Dell, which lost $3.7 billion last year, can chalk up a loss of $25,710 per person it employs.

The biggest loser here is eBay. It lost just over $1 billion last year, which is a 104 percent downturn YoY; that also equates to negative $72,057 per employee. In other words, eBay loses the equivalent of almost an average software developer salary for every single person it employs, no matter what their actual pay. Ouch.

While Facebook is easy to loathe, its efficiency is mesmerizing. According to this data, it is absolutely raking cash. If you work there, or are interviewing with Facebook, please feel free to use this data to argue for a bigger salary.

2 Responses to “This is How Much Tech Companies Profit From Employees”

  1. wageSlave

    Facebook is missing the boat. Look at the net worth of the queen of pink slips who’s stewardship helped lead EBay to those impressive numbers. In the world of fungible widget IT worker management, some management cultures are just better than others.

    Seriously, Facebook management should be ashamed to show their face at shareholder meeting. Cut the rock star salaries and give it to the shareholders. Every billionaire knows rock stars are fungible commodities like all IT workers. Everyone is replaceable with cheaper foreign workers. It might take two or three, but think of the cost savings. They are fungible commodities after all.

    As any ex rock star can tell you, it is all just a game of what have you done for me lately. Last year you made a half a billion-dollar revenue stream in perpetuity, but what are you going to do this year to justify your six figure salary to the shareholder gods? In the empires of lies, this is known as an ode to the beans and the bean counters that worship them. Counting beans are fungible commodities just like EBay IT workers.

    Yes, I know sarcasm becomes me.