U.S. Plans to Limit India’s H-1B Use Due to Localized Data Storage

Two of the more interesting tech issues, immigration and the cloud, are aligning: A new report suggests the United States is planning to limit the number of H-1B visas granted to Indian citizens over localized data storage.

Localized data storage (or data localization) is the practice of storing cloud data in the country where its users live. It’s part of the reason large firms such as Google have trouble providing services in places such as Russia and China: Those countries demand the data its citizens generate be stored at a datacenter within their borders. Currently, India only mandates that payment system data be stored locally (credit card info and transactional data, for instance).

Data localization laws are sometimes viewed as protectionist. Another thing widely viewed as protectionist: tariffs, a topic India and the U.S. are slap-fighting over ahead of the G20 summit this month in Japan. India instituted tariffs on 28 unique products, including agricultural imports, in response to President Trump revoking India’s “preferential trade privileges,” according to The Washington Post.

Indian officials claim the U.S. is set to make its tariff war about visas. From Reuters:

Two senior Indian government officials said on Wednesday they were briefed last week on a U.S. government plan to cap H-1B visas issued each year to Indians at between 10 percent and 15 percent of the annual quota. There is no current country-specific limit on the 85,000 H-1B work visas granted each year, and an estimated 70% go to Indians.

The Washington Post also points out tariffs have become President Trump’s favorite political weapon since withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Interestingly enough, the TPP included language to prohibit participating countries from demanding strict data localization. It’s also important to note that India hadn’t signed onto the TPP.

H-1B restrictions aren’t limited to India, either. Speaking with Reuters, a person familiar with the proposal said: “Any country that does data localization, then it… would be limited to about 15 percent of the quota,” adding, “It’s being discussed internally in the U.S. government.”

India appears to be scrambling: Its Ministry of External Affairs is reportedly asking for an “urgent response” from Indian officials on how H-1B restrictions may affect the country.

Just last month, President Trump proposed the H-1B visa program should be “merit-based,” and only open to those with “extraordinary talent.” The Trump administration has also begun to dismantle the H-4 EAD program, which grants spouses of H-1B employees the right to work in the U.S.

If these restrictions go through, they will bottleneck a talent source for tech companies, and severely limit how many Indian citizens can obtain an H-1B visa (which would be catastrophic for sourcing firms overseas). But that levels the playing field for other tech workers. Of course, like so many of President Trump’s other moves, this all hinges on the nuances of trade; the H-1B visa program is suddenly just a convenient bargaining chip.

Update: According to new information, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated during a three-day trip to India that no such restrictions are in the works.

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        • Same here. Even if I get one I find myself in hostile environment of 90% Indian inexperienced and ineffective but very confident. I lost my job in such environments no matter what I do to try to hang on. They speak their own language between themselves at all times in “English only” law. They do not care and respect American laws. They pushing back on all work, without initiative to learn and resolve problems. Always waiting for someone else to tell them how to do. Even when they are given the answer are still not doing things right and turning low quality code. They are arrogant and know how to complain but not work. Why USA imports these people? Why USA disrespects the citizens who have worked hard for building and maintaining the organizations and the country?

    • William Thomas

      Same here, can’t compete with the flood of inexperienced H1-B talent willing to work for half the customary pay. I place much of the blame on US companies disregarding experience in favor of saving money.

    • It’s not just jobs; but procurement and contracts in the Government upon which a lot of Indians have cornered the market at some agencies under the SBA 8a set aside program. The American sheeple are sleeping at the wheel.

    • Totally agree. It’s hard to have sympathy for overseas sourcing firms when I see so many American tech workers with education and experience forced out of work. This should have been done ten years ago. Instead, our American middle class was handed over to non-citizens by US business leaders. If American companies are ever “short” of workers, which is doubtful considering the massive amount of us without jobs, then educate citizens instead of educating foreigners to do our jobs cheaper. Companies that want to hire high numbers of foreign employees are greedy and lazy, they hide their greed under shortage claims. It’s total bs, there’s no shortage. Also, wasn’t it always unfair to allow India a whopping 70% of the available huge amount of visas? Don’t other countries deserve a shot at taking 85,000+ of our jobs annually?

      • Wow – not so bright – The US Population is 327 Million
        The number H1B Visa people residing in the US 419,000.

        I’m certain the .128% of Visa holders are not impeding your ability to get a job. Not even 1%….
        Companies who hire H1B Visa employees are not greedy or lazy – they recognize talent and intellect.

        • M. Bey

          The number of people in the workforce is 155 million.

          You seem extremely confused about the fraud that is in the H-1B visa program, or perhaps you are a propagandist for the Hindu Coaltion of Immigration Voice.

        • S.Doyle

          -Mary, I disagree with your statement. I was contracting for a large corporation that allowed an H-4 visa holder to have her FTE position back once she got her visa issue straightened out and then terminated my contract, all because she would work in the role for peanuts. Before my contract was terminated, I felt something was going on and I began applying to internal position in which I just had and one interview and I two more scheduled. My colleagues are appalled at how that was handled and it wrong. So my point that I am trying to make here is that it is not just the H-1B Visa, it is the H-4 Visa that are flooding our technology field.
          Also, I was told by an India native that marriages are being arranged so that the spouses can take advantage of the H-1B visa sponsorship and apply for the H-4 visas since the H-4 does not mandate specialty requirements.

        • The number of workers in the tech sector is about 7 million (source: internet, CompTIA, other).

          Mary gives a number of 419,00 (for 2018 ?) which is the number of H-1B’s issued for one year. In previous years the number was over 500,000 (source: USCIS yearbook).
          For the last 18 years, H-1B workers with an approved labor petition (first phase for Green Card) can extend their H-1B visas after the initial 2×3 years are “used up”.

          Other visas also give the right to temporarily work in the tech sector: J-1, J-2, L-1, L-2 and, under certain conditions, H-4.
          Additionally, a number of immigrants allowed in as Immediate Relative/based on Family Relationship, or a DV visa, will also find a job in that sector.

          I think that currently at least half the tech workers in the US are non-immigrants/recent immigrants.

          Please correct me if my arithmetic is off !

    • Harry

      Definitely US should spread out the H1B visa across more countries
      Definitely H1B vias should be spread across countries. It will lead to better future for H1Bs. Look at the long line of Indians waiting for green cards. If the H1B was spread out Indians would not have to suffer long waits.

    • Bay Area Resident

      Not only they compete with US citizens for available jobs with lower pay rates and longer hours killing our work-life-balance, another issue I have seen over and over again at many high tech firms I have been with, the Indian managers only favor hiring more Indian to work for them, lied and discriminated other races especially those that are naturally born here. Nepotism is a huge issue as I have seen again and over again. One even told me personally he (a H1B from India) is no longer going through interviews just because he belongs to a pack of Indian tech workers who move from tech to tech firms and only hiring their own kind in that work space. This is unfair and for the local tax payers here. Especially to the American college kids here…

  1. There must be country based Quota for H1b so that this madness of flooding the US job market with people from a single country should be controlled and local citizens can also get the jobs & get a decent living wage. This should have been done 10 years ago.

    • lot of good grads from US college are looking for jobs. we are not short on CS talents. I was forced to hire H1B while seeing lot of good resume from local schools.

      • Chandra

        This is completely not acceptable. Did you bring this with your HR or tried to escalate it?

        I see lot of people comment about under qualified Indian workers which I party agree and disagree. As much I blame them for providing falsified information about their qualification and work experience, I also blame current H1 process. If it is just a lottery that decides who will be in, what good that system is? I know people whom I never imagine to qualify for H1 are getting them. On the other hand, some of my other friends/co-workers who are very talented and working for excellent tech companies with great salaries don’t make the cut.

        Under qualified people are everywhere. I’ve seen lot of my American friends who are no good at all but paid equally well. I’ve also worked with some brilliant guys, gems actually. Your perception is based on the majority you have seen.

        I absolutely don’t think this is a good move. I would rather push for introducing the point system and then introducing per country quota.

        I see lot of people also comment about cheap labor. What surprises me here is, how could everything be cheaper when everyone needs a premium pay? Look at the medical expenses here. I’ve seen lot of Americans in Indian cities for their treatment which use to surprise me back then. After moving here it all made sense. I don’t understand why people don’t see it as an equally important issue. While immigration is an important issue, there are bigger fishes to fry like fixing education system, and health care.

    • So what if my people only want to our own. We Indians are better than most of you. Soon we there will be an Indian guy in every IT department of an American company. Mark my word!!

      • Standing on the corner

        Amir, there is already an Indian guy in every IT dept in America’s companies. Not because they are better but because they will work for slave wages.

      • Michael Feeley

        They are not better talent wise, only in lying. They lye on their work experience. They come out of school and claim school experience as actual work experience. If found out, this is a reason for termination. I have personally experienced this situation. And when something doesn’t work, they say it didn’t work like that in class. They are clueless when working in the field. They fly by the seat of their pants. Do you ever wonder what they are saying when they don’t speak English? They are covering up their inexperience.

      • AR Libertarian

        That’s just silly grand standing Amir. I’ve worked with many Indians over the last 30+ years, some good, some not so much. It’s the same mix of talent we have here in the US.

  2. This is welcomed news to US tech professionals!! We must put a cork in the bottle with the H1b visa program. It has caused terrible damage to the US in many ways; systematically replacing Americans from their jobs, hourly rate decay for US independent consultants, erosion of US technical knowledge where we once had an edge but we gave it away to India and other foreign countries and much more. The H1b visa program was horribly abused by American companies to replace fellow Americans with cheap foreign labor. American companies have been abusing their own countrymen for far, far too long and now it’s time to give US companies a chance to make amends.
    Perhaps now, US technical professionals can get paid what we’re worth!!!

  3. Russell A.

    I am overjoyed that my government is finally limiting H1B visas or at least scrutinizing them closely. I have had a long IT career, but I have abandoned it because Indians, particularly those from southern India, are very difficult to work with. They discriminate against non-Indians, create hostile work environments, constantly lie on their resumes about knowledge and work experience, and much more. My Indian friends have confirmed this with me. I used to question if perhaps I was being too tough on my expectations of IT workers from India. But after being provided examples and information from my Indian friends, it only made things clearer to me as to how I have been made a victim along with my IT colleagues from Africa, Pakistan, the Middle East, and South America. Not all Indians lie and not all are guilty of corrupt practices. But the percentage is significantly high enough to warrant action to limit Indians from further poisoning the IT industry in the US.

    • They are even worse towards female professional in IT positions. I have been sexually discriminated against outright with treatment and salary. I have been lied to often so I no longer trust any companies run by Indians from India. In addition, they treat professionals like sewer workers and run their companies like “Body Shops”.

      • How does treatment and salary, amount as sexual discrimination? This isn’t about feminism. Issue is about barring people from a particular country from flooding United States.

        • Michael Deal

          Gender based disparities in treatment and salary are at the heart of any sexual discrimination. I suggest that you read the cases instead of forming your opinions on what you think the law should be but isn’t.


      Don’t get too excited this whole thing started when Visa Master card demanded that real President Kushner do something when the gov’t of butcher of Goodjerat Modi moved to both protect local small firms (what a concept! We should demand USA small IT firms be so protected) and that data be kept in india. This cut out google, aws, aszure, MC, wallmart’s online biz, and Visa in short names of big $ donors campaign $ whores pols listen to and always obey. In response they booted india out of a no import duties program on $5B+ of imports. Also india proposed 170% import duties, but settled on 75% duties on USA AG goods imports. Don’t look for either of WA’s loser senators or it’s indot governor to demand Trump put on 75% taxes on indian outsourcing firms anytime soon. It’s really the magian and the lovely Zilda as bush the dumber gave us the OPT which has no limit, no payroll taxes and a gateway to the H1b. Only one brave senator has put forth a bill to end that program so what is lost on the H1b front will be more than made up on the OPT back door.

  4. Katherine

    Its a vicious circle. Companies need to make money to invest in future & also expand and hire. If some companies can outsource better,other lose out and will eventually go out of existence. Basic corporate strategy. The problem is not H1B system but abuse due to corporate greed. American corporate greed. Lets say we protect all american jobs, we only hire america but for that everyone takes a 20% cut in salary but in long term it will be good bcuz we will have american worker. Will you do that for your fellow Americans?
    Same with Manufacturing going outside America – I say we bring it all back to America. Will you pay $1500 for an iphone made by american workers in America?? The other problem which i am scared of is if Silicon valley companies cant get the right workers for cheap they will just setup offshore centers. There is not need to bring folks in H1B visa, they will all be sitting in offices outside of the country and still doing the job. It will mean more jobs lost for Americans. Americans buy stocks and make tons of profit but also dont want outsourcing etc. Not outsourcing will reduce the company’s stock value which they are not OK with. So much corporate greed and hypocrisy. Its just sad.

    • If the jobs come back to America, why wouldn’t I be able to pay $1500 for an iPhone? Those high-paying factory jobs that were supposed to be our birthright paid enough for our grandparents to buy houses and pay off the mortgage in three years, in the 1950s.

      The alternative is to have all our electronics–including components for military equipment–manufactured in enemy nations like China, who have presumably already put remote-control OFF switches into the new F35 jet fighters, which are made almost entirely of Chinese components, especially the electronics.

      But then I suppose greedy CEOs have no loyalty to the US anyway. They never did, and are only doing what the government will allow them to get away with.

      As for setting up offshore centers, that’s a simple problem to solve also. A ten thousand percent protective tariff on all services performed outside the US would do it, just as a ban on the import of manufactured goods from outside the G8 nations and an appropriately high tariff on those manufactured goods from the G8 nations would solve this.

      I am tired of hearing “You can only go broke immediately or on the installment plan.” I am tired of hearing “we have to give Goldman-Sachs and General Motors a trillion dollars to bail them out, so pay up.” I am tired of hearing “We closed the factory and sent it to Mexico, so learn to code” followed shortly by “This is Pajeet. You’re going to train him to do your job at a quarter to pay, and then we’re going to fire you.” I am tired of hearing about “competitive advantage” and “one-time bailouts” and “embracing change.” I am tired of hearing the giant sucking sound of my children’s jobs being sucked away to India and China. I am tired of seeing a conquering army of three million a year march across our southern border to colonize us, while our elected representatives smirk and say “nothing can be done about the illegal aliens, so let’s talk about this war with Iran we’re planning for your sons.”

      Enough. ENOUGH!

      • 90% here celebrating that limiting h1b for India will provide them jobs, either they are delusional or live in a fairy tale world, the only thing will happen is all those jobs will be outsourced to either Indian offices in Canada, Mexico or India, Philippines. also on the above note about that iPhone cost, looks people not good in math and need a job in IT, if you compare an average American minimum wage between $10-$15 vs overseas $1-$2, it will end up costing you more than $3000, leaving that aside, the only thing US will lose is taxes generated by all the h1b as more than 60% of seats will be left open and uscis will lose the money generated from fees, and at the end again Americans will lose jobs who work at uscis which is only operated from the majority of fees received by H1b. remember the good old days between 2003- 2011 when only half of the h1b seats were getting filled each year and uscis was begging by sending reminders every day to file h1b to people. since the boom in IT infrastructure after 2011 the h1b starting getting popular and especially in the last 3-4 years it has really reached its peak and these people instead of encouraging and helping fellow human beings they are being salty. I mean you guys have been mooching on forever and if a person from a less developed country comes and try to make a decent living you start passing distressing remarks. hope you all find some peace in your life.

        • What is delusional in here is that you are talking non-sense. If you do that math correctly even if the iPhone cost more than what is right now and if it is being manufactured or being made in the USA. Economically it is far more beneficial to the American economy than if it is outsourced or manufacture outside the USA. For one if you can comprehend this, jobs will be added even if it is only a few. When you create even only a single job that will create another job and another job and so on. It is like a chain reaction. Let me give you an example so you can better understand. This assembly tech guy has a family and working for apple with his job he was able to support his family, able to send her daughter to music class and other activities other than school. With the daughter going to the music school it helps to pay for the teachers salaries. Most of the teachers in that school are working college students who are taking part-time jobs to support their education. These college working students also helps pay for their professors salaries who in turn might have their own families to support. These chains of events help keeps making the American afloat. And what’s more for each job that was created, the taxes generated is going back to the also to the American economy.

          So with sincerity I hope you understand this.

        • Donna I

          I wish you were right Patel, but you are wrong per my own practice.

          Arrogant, unethical, unqualified and dishonest – this is exactly the characteristicts of 70% of H1B visa holders occupying 90+% the work environments I worked in the past few years.

          I don’t see how there will be a good fit for capable, dilligent, qualified and ethical workers in those environments.

    • There are strict rules governing the use of electronics (or almost any component, down to screws and bolts) that go into DoD equipment. Your comment on the F35 is nonsense. As is your comment about people paying off their homes in 3 years in the 50s. I do agree with some of the things you mentioned; but try to not do a “Trump” and spout whatever nonsense comes to mind as long as it supports your argument. It undermines your credibility on the things you’re correct on.

    • terrence golden

      Nope the problem is uncontroled ceo pay coupled with no limits to wall st greed. Reality check big corps x mergers rarely invest, they buy back stock so the ceo can cash out his stock options like a card counting casino cheat knows he will get his chance real soon. It also has the benefits of hiding declining earnings performance as each yr the salted numbers look better when in fact they look at least the same or hide a decline (e. g. $100 profits ’17 / 10M shares = $10/share $90 ’18 / 8M shares == $12/shares 20% ovo growth buy buy 401k suckers).

  5. Charles G.

    Restrictions on India’s H1-B visa monopoly are long overdue.

    Tech sector job rates in my field have gone down about 20% in the huge Washington, DC IT marketplace. The flood of H1-B workers is the exact cause of this wage depression.

    India does not supply the US with especially talented IT workers.

    Just workers whose job mobility is very restricted, and who cost less.

    That combination is usually not a plus to US companies, in actuality.

    Chuck – Dice member since 1999.

  6. Vasanth

    Without other countries help Americans can’t do on there own.They need people to fix and clean their mess.They spent time mostly on vacation and partying ..other countries has to supply the product and intelligence in cheap price for them in the name of dollar.we need make newer system to accept gold as currency.once their need not much then they throw out of the ship and blabbers and cries other countries are taking their job.Rember before crying unless you allow they are not going to come

  7. Beavis

    Shame that in the UK, they are doing the opposite. Web Developers have just been added to the critical skills in demand list, so the numerous onshore Indian companies can just bring over yet more cheap labour rather than investing in the British workforce. Sad really as this short sited plan, is already stripping the UK of talent and lowering our standards.

  8. ABOUT FREAKING TIME! So sick of 70% to 80% of our tech jobs being handed over to India and their people whether out sourced or bringing them in on work visa’s! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! =)

  9. ScrapH1

    Our H1B policy has been discouraging US high school kids to pursue careers in Science, technology and math. and encouraging Indian firms to import cheap tech labors. It’s time to change the current H1 madness

  10. The problem with H1B is with the staffing companies and third party contracts who gravely abuse H1B visas and lie on the resume, but the Trump administration is so superficial to understand that.

    It needs to completely ban staffing and contractors from filling H1B visas instead of going against single country or creating limits for each country as that would further aggravate the problem with outsourcing and further creating the problem with American job loses

    Secondly it needs to review which US colleges and universities can be eligible for allowing international students to come in. The problem starts here because there are dubious college and university which are setup primarily as an importing hub not for Merit but for fraudulent people to come to the US. I do not understand why they aren’t even talking about this problem

  11. D Mart

    Two countries China and India had over population and associated poverty issues. China imposed Family size restrictions. India established a structure to send their young minimally skilled overseas. They are NOT primarily highly skilled or degree Holders. Their qualifications are certified by the H1B Vendor that does the placement. Domestic workers are just looking for the restoration of an even field to compete for the jobs. In the public sector as more Indians get into management positions in State and Local agencies you see priority being given to their fellow countrymen. They canvas domestic workers but they are rarely given even an interview

  12. Carol Sorsoleil

    It is easy to forget those long nights on call. Indian workers take the night calls and it is daytime where they are. Also from a the standpoint of large multinational companies headquartered here a large pool means a larger group of talented individuals. If this is done, it makes sense to phase it in gradually and think more than about cost savings. I find Indian workers about the same as American workers, most of both are hardworking, competent and helpful. I have known good American programmers lose work to foreign workers simply because of the desire on the companies part to save loads of money. They probably did realize savings but I doubt they saved as much as they thought they would. I too believe in a leveling of the playing field but if outsourcing can be done with more planning and thought, I think American companies, American IT workers, Indian companies and Indian IT workers and the general public in both countries can all prosper. I see the biggest problems in this world as being solvable if all interests are considered and we work together. I am sure any of you can think of things about this series of processes that could be done better. We need to stop gouging others to get a bigger share and instead work smarter in my opinion. The forces in this country that have been so devisive to the American public are springing up across the world to divide people.

  13. IT Worker

    Working as a temp worker in a fortune 500 company, I have run into H4-EAD workers from India
    1) They cannot speak good english and able to communicate
    2) Cannot even use Microsoft EXCEL or other MSFT Office products
    3) They get hired because the manager is an Indian also on H1-B visa
    4) Paid over $120K

    Whilst a US worker who has multiple degrees from a US Institution is not HIRED. The Corporations CEO and its managers need to be made aware of this.

  14. Finally big corporations will pay fairly and not H1B rates of 40 per hour for 10 years experience. Even in Australia they pay 120 p hr to locals

    Trump gets my vote!!

    • No matter what Trump does, these big companies find a way around it! Some Big 3 Automotive companies hire Indians in India to do the IT jobs! Save even bigger that way Because they pay in Rupees! Over 45 percent IT workforce is in India! I wish Trump will go further and somehow stop this practice!

  15. Jade Ivy

    As long as companies can go and get talent outside the country and pay them 1/10 the going rate in country why wouldn’t they? Every company i have worked for has outsourced high skill jobs due to the fact Indian’s need to make a fraction of what a US employ does to support him/herself in India. Lot of them take the money back with them or send it back to India. I have worked with a lot of them and find them pleasant people but have seen entire departments outsourced that where fully staffed with competent american workers. Skill was not the issue saving money and moving your “headquarters” outside the US to avoid taxation was in all 3 instances. Even though they just had a shell building jointly owned with a few local Indians in that headquarters.

  16. Andrew Scott

    I’m not nationalistic and I don’t have the slightest thing against Indians. If we’re all going to compete in a global market, that’s fine. Just pay us all the same. Pay them what a developer should earn. Then I’ll have to compete in the marketplace using my skills. I’ll have an advantage here in the US because it’s easier to work with someone local. The same will be true for them.

    Actually, the whole thing just makes me sad. Everyone in every country who works a full time job should earn enough to live, and we shouldn’t have to fight over the smaller number of jobs that provide that. Do we, as a civilization, need janitors to clean our toilets? Then we should pay them enough to live and have a home and a retirement. If we don’t want to pay that then we should just clean our own filthy toilets or live with them.

  17. Bhargav

    I am an Indian and I understand the frustration of an average American tech worker. I did my Master’s from a reputed college just outside of D.C and spent around $50,000 to get a degree in Information Systems. I spent $1000/month on rent and $400/month for food and fun. I had an on campus job that paid me $1000/month after taxes. Doing the math I spent $60,000 in 2 years in the US without an actual job. That’s a lot in Indian rupees and my Father loaned me all of it. Just like you all I graduated school with tons of student debt and no real job. It would only be fair for me to ask for good paying job here in the states to payback that student loan. This is where I ask for a level playing field. I have a US degree, I didn’t plan on reaping the benefits without actually putting money, time and effort and I will be paying taxes just like any other US citizen. All of this without the flexibility to switch to a NON-IT job ( it’s a VISA restriction not our choice to just work in IT ).

    So yea it’s fair for a US citizen to ask to get rid of this visa but what most people from this country don’t understand is that there is nothing you can do about it. Reason being immigration is your weapon. Immigration is your selling point. And immigration is your tool to negotiate. I think everything Trump says and does is actually beneficial to the people of United States. After all “Make in India” campaign by PM Modi is literally what Trump wants for Americans with “Make In America”.

    I would encourage Trump to fulfill all the promises he made to the American people by losing Super Power status to China now and to India in the later half of this century. You will lose the power to go a middle eastern nation and ask them to do things you want to be done. (They will give you the middle finger). You cannot ask Australia to not do business China because those two economies are more dependent than US-Australia. You won’t be able to patrol the South China Sea with the help of Japan like you do right now and you will not be able to stop China from building silk road to Europe and Africa. You literally dethroning yourself as the commander in chief of the world and making it easy for China or India ( if the world wants a Democratic country to take the wheel). If Trump does everything he said US will become like one of those Scandinavian countries nobody even talks about.

    So yea if Trump has really got some balls I would encourage him to get rid of this Visa and deport us all out. The next generation Americans would know what a big mistake it will be. After all the internet and container shipping are leveling the playing fields and the countries with more people win. More People = Bigger Market = More Business = More Money = More Weapons.

    • Standing on the corner

      @Bhargav this is not about students like you who come to this country and study and spend their money to get ahead. You deserve to stay and get jobs. This is about Indians who are trained basic coding in India and then sent here to take our jobs. As a matter of fact, you and many legal residents of Indian descent, may be faced with same issue in the future. H1B is just a cattle farm to make Indian consulting companies wealthy

      • Bhargav

        Sadly, even for students like us to work here in the States we have to apply for an H1B. Out of 85,000 H1B processed each year only 25,000 are assigned to student quota which I think is unfair but nothing’s fair when it gets political

    • @Barghav – first – nobody forced you to go to a US school and nobody owes you a job because you came here and second – many of us would like to have jobs at school, too. An OPT visa allowing that work also allows the school to skip paying employment taxes – an unfair advantage over US students. Go find a way to be entitled somewhere else.

    • My father could not afford $60000, so I joined a real job in India and traveled to US client location with real work experience. I do not have a student debt. Only difference between you, the MS guys and other H1ers is: you guys fake everything in your resume to find a job after spending $60000 for a masters degree. We travel to the US without the massive debt and with rich work experience. We pay same taxes in US like you MS guys do. We deserve a job with real work experience bringing in years of expertise which you guys lie to have in your resume.

      • Bhargav

        @milly I’ve never said I’m entitled to anything. If you read carefully I just asked for a level playing field. Seems like I have to teach you how to read. You make it seem like you don’t have what it takes to compete on a global scale and need somebody to protect you ( in this case the government). You’re weak. In natural world species like you die or get killed. I think that’s what is happening. You either adapt or get yourself crushed. I don’t think your Gene is worth passing on so I’d recommend you don’t copulate. You probably don’t have a real job anyways and that’s why you’re complaining.

        It’s your elected representatives that drafted these bills and made it a law. If you think it’s unfair, blame the people responsible for it. Your companies can’t get access to 1.4 billion people without sacrificing few jobs here. You’re the lab rat here so just accept the fact and move on. Can you ask the government to force the companies to just hire Americans while doing business elsewhere? The answer probably would be something like “GMC to lay off 10,000 workforce and closing plants to move production to Mexico”. “Harley Davidson says the motorcycle market is saturating here in the USA and wants to start building motorcycles in China and India”. When it comes to business money > people. Nobody gives a fuck about American pride if the entity is not making money ( In this case Harley Davidson ). Get yourself schooled on economics and politics to understand the bigger picture of this H1B scam.

        @H1er. I don’t know when you moved here and which company brought you here but it’s people like you that are the root cause of the problem. You get trained on a particular task for 6 months or so and work on a similar project for your entire life. You don’t know what it’s like to struggle to get a B+ or above in a computer algorithm class (mandatory class) to even stay in the school even though one’s interest lies in Data Analysis or Cloud Computing. The point I’m trying to make is you might have “7 years” of experience at what you do but a 7th grade mediocre student from East Asia probably has better analytical and mathematical reasoning than you. And you might be stupid enough to think a 24 year old with 4 year bachelors degree and 2 years masters degree would have 5 years of experience but not all HRs think so.
        I understand most people who want to get higher education can’t afford it but if you think companies bringing you in and exploiting you out day and night is the treatment you deserve for not being able to pursue higher education then you probably only care about the financial value that degree was going to bring to you rather than the awareness that is intended for.

        • @Bhargav, stop posting stupid comments and be respectful to the country that allowed you to study here and to the folks that allowed both of us to work here. You came to US, not to study Cloud Computing or Artificial Intelligence. That’s just an excuse. You wanted this life style. Instead of waiting for applying H1 through an Indian MNC, you took the shortcut to study here (at a debt of $60K) and then apply H1 while you are on OPT, while enjoying a well paid job and life style. Yet, you blame the other H1ers who travel here. MS, Cloud Computing, Green Card are not your (and mine) birthright. If there is no level playing field here, we both should go back to India or elsewhere, instead of bitching about people.

          Geo-spatial Analyst

          • Bhargav

            @H1er You sound ridiculous when you say ” you took the shortcut to study here (at a debt of $60K) “. Again, Hari form TCS, your American Dream seems to be white chicks and vacation clicks. You are delusional if you think they will let you stay here for taking their side. They take you as seriously as the fact on the Snapple bottle cap, educational for a moment but still going in the trash.

          • Hello PhD, Cloud Computing does not teach you how to give and get respect from others. While giving that $60K loan, your father should have taught you some basic life lessons on how to respect a fellow human being.

        • I am an Indian. I find this comment really rude. I guess rude Indians like you are the reason why we have such H1B issues. Because our own Indian economy is poor and heavily dependent on USA IT companies, I guess it will not take us long before we bow our heads to *both* US and China if the current situation continues.

    • Donna I

      @Bhargav, You are outnumbered by many more who are unqualified. US Citizens like me striving to be higher than “average tech worker” have put a lot of money in education, time and effored to develop skills and certificationa, worked for 20+ years in IT and experience problems. We also have families to support. It is unfair.

    • Standing on the corner

      Joe B, I doubt the wall would cut the H1-B Indian migration. Like anything else, you need solid immigration policies, which Trump has no clue of. Even this is wishy washy. Anyone but Trump 2020!

      • @standing – surprise, surprise. There have been people from many countries trying to sneak in through our porous southern border. Even from India, Pakistan and Africa. A wall would still make a difference. But the big thing is visa enforcement – with the biometric visa processing we have a better chance of eliminating visa overstays. There are a lot of H1b visas that are expired but the workers won’t go home.

  18. David Straley

    Thank God, at last! It’s hard to believe that there’s actually someone in Washington who cares about American IT workers. The big wheels in American industry certainly DO NOT CARE about American IT workers … not if they can get similar skills from overseas for $1.00 /hour less. No kidding, it’s insane. Could speak much, much more about this. Thank you, President Trump & Cabinet!!

  19. Guest...

    I see a lot of hatred here. Hate can only break things. To have more opportunities, we need to make things.

    It’s ok. I believe in Darwinism. Survival of the fittest.

    At least with this visa, the people spend major share in this economy, money stays inside the country. If not, capitalism will basically take money out.

    More innovation will be made to automate and definitely robot will take over repetitive work. Anything that can be automated or done remotely will be outsourced to a cheaper place in capitalism.

    Instead of fighting this may be we can learn new technologies and start being innovative. Also may be become an entrepreneur, create more small scale industries…

    Any ways, it’s all a cycle. Don’t forget, “This too shall pass”.

    • Donna I

      @Guest I do not see hate on this forum. I only see facts.
      Why Europeans fight non sense and American’s don’t.
      I worked in saturated Indian Tech workers environments and I don’t have a job – multiple times. I am sure there is a problem and I have proof that is a lausuit.
      The law is clear – only qualified workers. It was a high effort to to manage releses and assign work and be responsible to turn in a quality product with Indian workers and I had to depend on a few really talanted once. When I was a developer in all American work environment the team members had initiative, motivation and pride to be innovative and not just get a pay check. Why US Citizen Tech workers like me should be the once who do not have a job now when I knowwe are being replaced by someone less qualified and potentially not paid less?
      We have paid for education and we have worked hard, possibly harder.

  20. Varun Berry

    read all the post on this, as it can only be deemed anti ethinicity, 1st of all let me say that performance is the key to all projects and if anyone fugdes their resume they are asked to walk out of the project so H1B canidates who fake their resume do not survive and they taking the job or a qualifed candidate is bleak.

    let us take fresh grad coming from US Universities, the STEM program has more foreign student than americians – by americans i mean asians (india and china included) , hispanics and Caucasian , african american etc.. in short US Citizen or GC Holders. I run Data Consultng organizarion and when i have interviewed these fresh grads and even asked them simple SQL queries the answer i have got is I use google, really is that the reason i will hire you to use google to solve complex business problems. Very sad that this is the standard.

    I also don’t disagree there is a GAP in the demand and supply, also the Companies hiring talent don’t want to pay the $$’s , and if this gap continues more projects will be outsourced not only to China, India but other overseas countries. Philipines now host more out sourced call services than India or China. So calls now origniate from Philipines than India or China.

    Question to American Federal Govt. the fees being charged for H1B and major portion which needs to go for cross trainig of Americans so that the GAP is Bridge, i have yet to see any state or federal program being given to its citizen to cross train them, which are free or subsidised, is there any infrastructre build by taking these fees? Federal govt has made it the business. Also understand US Consultate if the richest consultate general generating revenues by issuing VISA, where is the money going , do you know Infosys and Cognizant have hired over thousands Fresh Graduates in US tobridge this GAP.

    Other evils associated the GC process do you know it takes 15+ yrs for India and Chinese citizen to get their GC as compared to others countries ,let not talk about the illegal immigration. Congress are spending billion of dollars for illegal immigration , have the fedral done any studies to project the skill set gap and then determine how much of H1B or other VISA needs to be process for next 5 years. Political parties demo and repubs don’t want to solve this issue but make it political agenda to drive votes.

  21. Ken Snyder

    Amen. Its about time. So many companies abuse H-1 visa holders. They should be compensated fairly. Furthermore, there are too many H-1 visa holders, companies obtain the Visas then “shop” out the workers for work knowing the visa holder have no control over their pay.

  22. Rich h

    Let’s see if it’s more than a bargaining chip. I’m 60 with 30 plus years as a software engineer. So I have agism and people coming in and working for peanuts from India to deal with.

    This limit has been discussed for over 15 years but in the land of “We The Corporations” and NOT “We The People” – nothing will change.

  23. Anonymous

    Nothing will happen, in fact quite the contrary and many more will come, another feel good propaganda by this administration, don’t blame them, blame yourselves.

  24. ManInTheStreet

    The threat to move those jobs to India is pure BS. Go ahead and move them. There is no value in keeping H1-B jobs in the US anyway, because the Indians live eight to an apartment and send every penny back to India in the form of remittances, as opposed to re-investing their pay in the US, thereby draining our GDP. The reasons the H1-B jobs are kept in the USA, are due process, sanctity of contract, and no corruption. US corporations know dam well that they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in heck of operating in India with any semblance of profitability and legal protections. As to the “skills shortage” argument, as attested to on this thread, there is plenty out there if you are willing to pay market rate, and if not, consider sending your employees to coding school for a couple weeks, for Pete’s sake.

  25. I have a friend that’s an experienced IT PM. He has a wife, a child, and is 3 months behind on his mortgage because he can’t find work. He’s now taking a job as a tow truck driver. Great work US government and tech companies.

    • IT Manager

      I did. And if Boeing cut cost and sacrificing safety – I will not step on a 737 Max again. I heard other models are affected. Airbus had the same issue with one of their planes too but got it fixed before it was two incidences.

  26. Susan Shepherd

    Amir, Indian workers are not any smarter than any other country or demographic in a given industry. Your brethren have been spouting that nonsense for years. That’s like saying only Indian people enjoy good food. I have worked with Indians in tech extensively. Having both cleaned up their messes and been on the short end when something goes wrong.
    Many (My experience, most) are dangerously incompetent because they are definitely greedier. Focusing only on as much money as they can get, as fast as possible, and sacrificing professionalism and teamwork in the process.

  27. Susan Shepherd

    Amir, if the situation were reversed. And were in your country, you would be on the front line with torches and pitchforks calling us the “ugly American.” Frankly, get over your smug self righteousness. Indian workers are not any smarter than any other country or demographic in a given industry. Your brethren have been spouting that nonsense for years. That’s like saying only Indian people enjoy good food. I have worked with Indians in tech extensively. Having both cleaned up their messes, or tried to. And been on the short end when something goes wrong.
    Many (My experience, most) are dangerously incompetent because they are definitely greedier. Focusing only on as much money as they can get, as fast as possible, and sacrificing professionalism and teamwork in the process.

  28. anonymous

    Its not fair for other countries that 70% of the H1 Visas go to Indians. There is nothing special about Indians, they are poor and willing to work for 16 hours a day and get 1/4 of my salary. I know 8 Indian tech workers that live in a two bedroom apartment, its sick. I don’t feel safe in my job any more because this Indian is always looking over my shoulder to learn my job. Its a big slavery monopoly where an Indian company sponsored this guy for 54K annually but he only gets 30K and he is happy working 16 hours a day. My salary is 98K so I know that my day is coming, how am I going to compete??????????????????.

  29. Quovadis

    When and I started in IT, entire field was comprised of white American males. Now look at it… it is 99% Indian. They took over the entire IT industry. Headhunting, interviewing, hiring, firing, etc.
    They hold every technical position and most managerial. Corporate America systematically and deliberately pushed out all the white males over the age of 50. Bank of America, Chase, FRB, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and all others…everywhere you look, you see Indian. You are strangers in your own country.

  30. Barry Lynch

    Grew up in the “Silicon Valley” and my professional career almost 30 yrs has been in IT Tech Staffing and project outsourcing. The H-1 issue has been going on for over 20 yrs. The basis for the use of foreign talent is because supposedly the talent does not reside in our Country.

    That may have been when anyone who could spell Java got a Visa and job (English not required). Besides anyone worth a darn is already here and our educational system is finally catching up.

  31. IT Manager

    With changes not certain within, it makes it very difficult for me to hire anyone with H1B. If India is limited to 10-15%, will other countries like Vietnam and Philippines now coming online with technology workers fill the void? Will I continue to have the same challenges if other countries fill in the void?

  32. Harish

    I’m not sure why US citizens would think H1Bs are competing with them. Companies will always try to get things done for cheap. Most of of the work (especially in the coming years, even truck driving) is automated. If the companies can get things done for cheap even by means of automation or by outsourcing to India (or Canada for that matter), they will do it “PERIOD”. The fight here should not be with H1Bs but rather with creating more jobs, tightening pay scale, scrutinizing H1B candidates before giving them visa. Trump is exactly doing that and I (being Indian) appreciate and happy for US. Putting a country cap on H1B is a welcoming move, because US can then meet the demand and supply of green cards offered to H1Bs that also has a country cap.

    Revoking H4EAD and tearing apart the families as the spouse needs to work in a different country or stay home and not do anything. Not offering citizenship to children of these H1Bs even if they lived for 20 years in US, H1Bs not knowing when they will be kicked out –> So many issues that these H1Bs face while working in US. Their lives are always unstable and stressed. So, any changes that US administration makes are always welcomed!

    • Donna I

      In my recent experience and it get worse every year, H1B visa holders are way more secure than 40+ year old US tech workers. Not having a job for long time and as someone said wait on Indian workers to hire you and then fire you is absolute insecurity.

    • Indians are killing diversity in this country. So many Indians are already in the US. You can’t expect the US citizens and other immigrants welcome Indians to kill the diversity here! I am tired of my co-workers speaking Hindi at work and ignoring the warnings, simply because they feel there are so many of them to respect the norms or rules.

  33. iCode

    I saw this stated above, but it could not be overstated.
    This is about 10 years too late, but it is wonderful!
    Maybe US colleges will do their part, but I doubt it.

    • grumpyoldman

      H1b was created to bring outsourced jobs back, but not for citizens. Outsourcing has always been about $$$. Income taxes. H1b only works if there is a disparity in wages paid to the visa holders. There is no global economy when everyone is earning the same wage. No reason to import help or export jobs. Cheap labor will always be the Holy Grail of all industry. There never was a shortage of tech labor, just resistance to paying them what they are worth. THAT is what drives Globalism. If companies want to outsource, let them. And tariff them as if they are a foreign company. Because for all purposes that is what they will be. Norman Matloff proved the “shortages” were phony. End the importation of cheap labor across the entire economy, and put citizens back to doing the jobs they trained for. Rant over, Thank You!

  34. Donna I

    Germany does very well without letting entire country take on its tech sector. Its capitalists do not target extensively high profit margins, do what is useful and makes sense for the business and the people and contribute to a community of happy citizens in safety and less stress.

  35. bb-john

    I completed 2 IT certificates from my graduate studies at Harvard, I have very extensive experience. But, I cannot find a job because these Indians from India are discriminating.
    They just interview to make it look like they tried, but for sure they will turn down a Harvard trained like me and it happened many times. It’s been 4 years since I cannot find an IT job but
    they make it look like there’s a shortage in IT so they can get more from India.

  36. The fact is that more than 95% technician/ engineer in any level in any big name high tech and IT organization are Indian, and most of them are H1B visa holders. The large amount of Indian working population in the every company almost control everything from interview, and promotions. It’s ridiculous !

    For our country, It’s so dangerous as they are involving with our pioneer high tech technologies but they are non-citizen foreigners. Think why India can make a rocket recently ? What will happen when you know all the US high technologies are mainly handy working by Indian ? Trump government should help to stop from leaking our technologies to India and other countries via H1B worker.

    Actually there is no shortage of high-tech engineer, we have hundred thousand of freshman graduated from college here every year, we have many mid-age American lost their jobs because of H1B visa holder who holds low/ no skills with low salary than American.

    Welcome to our Trump government to make a change ! To make American strong not Indian. OK!

  37. There are already so many Indians in the US, especially in tech companies. They are killing the diversity!
    There are many Chinese here too but they understand the importance of diversity and never complain about the visa issues. Indians have been abusing the H1B for years and still keep complaining about the time it takes to process their immigration applications! If they come to the US with same rate, it won’t take more than a decade that the US becomes the United States of India!
    Please reduce the H1B and green card cap for indians

  38. I cant agree more

    As a foreigner, works in IT, I am american, proud one. Love Trump, hard work and respect I can’t help to see this sad reality. They control the whole IT, it’s all rigged, many of them scammers. Letting others do the job, all they do is politics. Not even trying. Some are nice, some can code, but many are only there since they are Indian, some americans are like that too… white ones born and raise. So yes, there is an issue, but I think there is an issue with the industry not respecting hard work/quality code vs Indians taking jobs. I say it’s a mix of both. Hard work in IT does NOT pay off, sad reality.