Here’s the Easiest Job You Can Land at Google

In theory, getting a job at Google is even harder than getting a job at an investment bank. Google receives something like three million applications every year, but only hires 7,000 people, making its application ratio 438 hopefuls to every single job. (Banks, however, seem to have application ratios of between 100 and 200 to one for entry-level positions, suggesting that even hard-to-get banking jobs are highly achievable by comparison.)

Despite the strong chances that your application to Google will be one of the millions that are binned, it seems there are some jobs that even the world’s most ubiquitous technology company struggles to fill. Google’s own job site inadvertently reveals those positions. Coincidentally (or not) some seem to be the sorts of jobs open to non-technologists who’ve spent their careers in banking and finance IT.

In New York City, for example, Google’s been advertising around 70 jobs for at least two months and presumably has yet to find anyone to fill them. These include an agency sales role working with advertising clients, a new business manager, an account strategist, and a ‘strategic partner developer’ to persuade new clients to adopt various solutions. There are also longstanding vacancies for a sales engineer to work on Google Cloud (including someone to sell Google Cloud to the government), as well as for data engineers and developers to work on the Cloud product. 

In London, Google’s just released a stream of new sales vacancies for its Cloud product (per last month’s promise by Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud’s new CEO, to land new clients). As we noted at the time, these are the sorts of roles that banking technologists can fill. However, they’re pretty new and the company is unlikely to be that desperate… yet.

By comparison, there are at least 50 other London jobs that Google’s had open for two months or more, and presumably also can’t find candidates of the right caliber to occupy. Again, these include various sales roles, including an ‘analytical consultant’ (must have ‘experience with analyzing large and complex datasets’), an ‘entity controller for DeepMind‘ (must have an accounting qualification), and a ‘strategic negotiator’ (experience working with C-level clients in a finance context helpful).

Basically, you might conclude that Google isn’t as overwhelmed with talent as commonly thought. That being the case, it might also be supposed that the search-engine giant would like to receive applications from bankers with itchy feet… particularly if they have previous experience selling to clients.

This article originally appeared in eFinancialCareers.

15 Responses to “Here’s the Easiest Job You Can Land at Google”

  1. Michael Longoria

    Shhhiitt give me a job a Google I’d be happy to take the cloud sales job. I’ve been selling product all my life with 20 years experience. I’m only 31 but I’m young at heart and great when it comes to closing a sale. Last job I had was a Johnson Spce Center on site at NASA. I was employed with Jacobs Technology and position I held was Electro Systems Development Technician. I loved it until President Obama was elected and he started budget cuts. Later on that year I was laid off. What I’m getting to is I’ve had plenty of experience in the technological aspect. Plus like I said Google has always been my dream job. I know nobody will probably read this but just thought I’d put it out there. You know it is every techies dream job. Google might look over this one of these days and give me a shot on pure luck. But most like the shot of that happening is like winning the POWER BALL.

  2. Buck Rogers

    I’m 78 years old. If I am to leave a legacy at all, I hope it is for the lessons I have learned from my life’s experiences, as summarised here:

    Lesson 1: “Success follows value”. That as a given, the formula for creating new and/or added value is Value2=(Knowledge+Practice+Time). Lesson 2. Employees’ value contributions are directly related to their level of their support. Lesson 3. The value of Knowlege is in its’ use, not its’ availability. Lesson 4. While others may recognize your accomplishments, the true feeling of success is a gift that only you can give yourself.
    Clearly, Google holds the keys to adding Value with your clients’ existing knowledge. Put me in coach and let’s focus on competing by creating new value opportunities for your customers with a repeatable process. Random & anecdotal evidence are not compelling enough to justify enterprise change. Systems that create new and added value are the gifts that keep on giving and thus, the justification for driving enterprise change.

  3. Google interviewee

    Having positions open for a couple of months on the Google site means nothing. My experience interviewing with Google and what I’ve heard from others is that their interview process is absurdly long. I personally have been in the process for over 2 months now and still not done.

    So this article is clickbait and just shows that the author did minimal research on the Google interview process.


    While Google is not finding takers for some of the jobs, here, in India, many people like me are not getting jobs ostensibly because their age is beyond 65 years. This is happening due to world not being a single entity for jobs market though the commodity market is otherwise open to all.