Survey: What Is Your Biggest Office Productivity Killer?

Offices can be distracting. Sometimes it’s just cool decor and open office plans making your attention wander, but there are other productivity killers far more widespread. So what’s ruining your workday?

For many, meetings really drag down productivity in an office setting. You have to focus on finishing a project, or avoid starting a new one, while making sure everyone knows you’re unavailable while in the meeting, and focusing on whatever the meeting is about, and then going back to your desk to try to pick up where you left off… all while hoping someone didn’t dump a fresh load of work in your lap while you were in the meeting room.

Also, meetings rarely accomplish much. In the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 41.3 percent of developers say meetings are a core productivity problem (it was the highest-percentage response to a question about productivity-killers).

Your office environment may also be toxic. Snide co-workers, cliques you’re not part of, managers routinely warring with one another and asking everyone to choose sides. It’s terrible, and having to consider what hot garbage your office will throw your way on any given day is a massive distraction.

And speaking of distractions, what about, you know, distractions? Random people talking too loudly in open spaces, people you sit near constantly goofing off, in-office TVs blaring, ping pong tables in-use near you; sometimes, the small things start to add up to a generally distracting office. Your company might be trying to cultivate a “cool” culture, but it’s backfiring.

Your team may also be killing your productivity and output. This is especially noticeable when there’s no clear direction, and your product roadmap is a catch-as-catch-can before shipping. This allows some team members to throw their hands up in the air while others bury their nose into a keyboard to get something out the door.

A big part of poor team structure is management. Your boss’s intentions may be honest, but their execution can kill productivity. This is especially noticeable when you sit through meetings with no resolution, and have a team with no true aim. Rather than keep the trains running on time, your boss might be micromanaging or ignoring you and your coworkers altogether.

All these productivity killers ring true, but we want to know what you feel is the worst of the bunch. Vote in our anonymous survey at the top of this post; we’ll be publishing the results in a future article on Dice Insights, so stay tuned!

One Response to “Survey: What Is Your Biggest Office Productivity Killer?”

  1. “The first-priority in the typical job scenario, whether in the office or elsewhere, is not about either productivity or profit—it is about ‘Egos’. The lowest common denominator is unprincipled self-interest! The truth is usually, but not always, cloaked meticulously in pretense and prevarication; other times it is hidden behind a curtain of ignorance. Either way, the work-world is an unrelenting, unabashed, kill-or-be-killed, War, without respite. And that my friends and colleagues is why this day is such a peerless personal joy. I am finally free of this previously inexorable and excruciating burden, amid a landscape teeming with an abundance of eager shameless and callous clandestine assassins.” So said the conscientiously candid gray-haired employee at the retirement ritual.