These Are the Perks Companies Offer H-1B Visa Hires

As H-1B application processing opens for 2020 this week, you might wonder why foreign-born workers want to come stateside. As it turns out, the allure of citizenship is not the only reason H-1B candidates are applying for the visa.

Many companies are making it really attractive to work in the United States via the H-1B visa. We know 80 percent of companies offer green card processing as part of the H-1B hiring package, but new hires often get even more.

According to Envoy Global, a company focused on helping companies sponsor and manage work visas globally, companies are including a diverse selection of perks for all visa candidates, including the H-1B visa. For instance, 38 percent of firms offer housing, which is often corporate housing (if a company reserves an apartment specifically for H-1B hires, for instance) or paid temporary housing until a new hire gets acclimated to their surroundings. (We’ll note Envoy Global’s study is relative to all visa types and geographical placement, not just the H-1B visa or visa holders moving to the U.S.)

Meanwhile, 34 percent of companies offer relocation assistance, which can range from paying for extra luggage down to moving an entire apartment’s worth of furniture overseas. Thirty-two percent of companies offer “destination services,” which can be anything from setting up bank accounts to scheduling school and housing tours.

Another 29 percent offer to pay visa or green card fees for family members of H-1B visa hires. One visa program, the H-4, allows spouses of H-1B visa holders to work stateside. (The current state of H-4 is tenuous; the government wants to remove H-1B spouses from the “class of aliens eligible for employment authorization,” saying it would be “economically significant” to do so.)

H-1B hires get homesick, too, and 28 percent of companies report they offer to pay for air fare for new hires and their immediate family members to return to their home countries for visits during their stay in the United States. And 27 percent of companies will pay for ‘transportation,’ which ranges from car services (like Lyft) to rental cars for H-1B visa holders, and can even include a company car. That same percentage (27 percent) pay for “cultural assimilation training” for H-1B candidates.

And those aforementioned green cards? Twenty-three percent of respondents say they will sponsor an H-1B hire for permanent citizenship “immediately”; 18 percent of firms offer ‘overseas’ assignment opportunities. This ties into firms moving jobs to Canada as the U.S. government toys with the H-1B visa program and related initiatives such as the H-4 visa.

As the percentages suggest, companies offer these perks as packages, so a qualified visa candidate might receive paid transportation, corporate housing, and paid visits back home. It also extends beyond visa hires; 47 percent of companies say they pay for the relocation of spouses and dependents of visa holders, and 39 percent will pay for their green card(s) as well.

Thirty-eight percent pay for language classes, and the same percentage helps spouses and dependents engage in social or networking opportunities; 34 percent will pay for some or all of the costs associated with the H-4 visa (for however much longer it lasts).

Not all companies offer these kinds of packages, though: 22 percent report they don’t present H-1B candidates with any sort of additional perks.

42 Responses to “These Are the Perks Companies Offer H-1B Visa Hires”

    • Haha. You are funny. But being funny doesn’t qualify you to take up technical jobs. You need a technical degree for that and most of the H1b employs have that. Now these foreign nationals spend a lot of money on getting that technical degrees in USA and even after landing on a job they pay about 30% of their income as taxes. This money goes back to the US citizens as food stamps and other benefits. With all due respect make yourself eligible for the jobs and then make such foolish comments.

      • Anon for this one

        You do realize US Citizens also pay the same tax rates? In fact, higher often times (in cases where two spouses make similar income).
        We also pay the same tuition costs international students do at American universities.

        Get off your high horse.

      • “Now these foreign nationals spend a lot of money on getting that technical degrees in USA”.

        They get only a master degree (where they cheat at exams and tests most of the time), after getting some sham undergraduate degree in India or China. Nowhere close in quality or payment to what the Americans get, undergrad and master (many times) without cheating.

      • Ahbi –

        Remember, you were born and raised in a poor third world country that wishes it has the resources like the U.S. to take care of its poor.

        Instead you and your fellow countrymen come here with fake degrees from Indian Universities that are not verify by the U.S. Government but is relied on Indian in/outsourcing companies to verify and certify in which you people pay thousands of dollars to just to take American jobs.

        Also, 1 million Americans graduate every year here in America with engineering, science, technology and math degrees.

        Go back to that poor shit hole country and make it better. By the way, I do not believe people like you that come here on H-1b/H-4 visas should be allowed to apply for a green card because the work is only supposed to be temporary. If you people want a green card ho back to India and apply.

    • Don’t worry, the jobs are going to Canada or India if there aren’t enough skilled people available. Apply Darwin’s theory and may be you can learn some skills and find a job. Ranting and crying foul over H1B will not help you.

  1. Tech Wienie

    OK, we all know that H-1B people make 40% less than the Americans they are replacing. After adding in all these perks, is it still cheaper than hiring Americans who don’t need these perks?

  2. John Doe

    Why stop with H-1Bs? If Traitor Gates and our corrupt politicians love H-1Bs so much, why not let every business replace every single citizen with a cheaper foreign worker? You know, like twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary advocates. Get rid of the minimum wage and replace everyone. Sure, it would mean less tax revenue and more crime, as well as more food stamps and welfare doled out to citizens, which we’ve already been going in the direction of, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see Traitor Gates to hit that 100 billion mark?

    • Lay off the kool aid, kid. I’m against H1-B visas too but Hillary lost the election over two years ago. You’ve got a bit of an obsession and it isn’t healthy.

    • Exactly, I’d say the majority of US citizens are not even aware that this practice is taking place, or how bad it has become. If they started replacing business professionals and health care workers the public would get loud about it real quick. Unfortunately not enough US citizens in this field stand up and let their voice be heard. Best thing to do is let everyone know this garbage is going on. I know many new graduates in CS with excellent GPAs from accredited universities that have been looking for work for over a year!!!

      We should make it a requirement to pay the H1B workers more, say $100,000 minimum, annually. If companies really needed the workers, rather than cheap labor, they’d pay it.

  3. So wait, companies claim they need H1-B hires because ‘they can’t find qualified people’ and yet they don’t provide the same incentives for citizens/legal residents? Sounds like companies are setting it up so they won’t find qualified citizens/legal residents but hey, haven’t we known that for years?

    • This is absolutely redicleous . Look st all the board members Almost ALL are from India. How dare these companies come here and screw Every Qualified American and leave them without a job? The President and his committee I could say his doing it’s job by randomly granting these visas for a short period of time. In fact I would say it should be less than 3 months if Not do Not grant any more H1B Visa’s . What freaking non sense? Apple and Salesforce? Writing to the President? Ask them to first seek out citizens and give them jobs, or if necessary train them in the respective opportunities that may be coming up for the following year. STOP All H1B Visa’s until every qualified citizen is employed and given the first opportunity for jobs. If not this country will be conquered. You know the saying “they came, they seen they conquered “ that is what is happening with the night tech companies in the US

  4. So companies offer all of these perks to H1-B workers, probably in lieu of salary. This drives down the hourly rate for US workers. What do citizen workers get? Screwed is the only reasonable answer.

  5. I have worked in many companies, I have never seen perks like that. I have seen “perks” like the H1Bs being forced to worked at least 11 hours for a salary of 8 hours.

  6. I was one replaced by managed services. Now please understand these companies are not replacing US workers. The company hiring managed services GAVE away the jobs. The managed services are simply filling a contract that company sought.

  7. These perks are absolutely necessary, given the competitive state of the economy. Unemployment is at 3.8% and will surely go down, proving that H1B not only does not affect the economy, but makes it thrive.

    A big thank you to those thousands and thousands of H1B workers supporting the US technology business!!

  8. Richard Spadoni

    In 2001 I got laid off from a job in IT ( I had just turned 50) and replaced by a kid from India for 1/2 my salary. To make it worse, they wanted me to train him. These people have some nerve. I told them to stick that where the sun don’t shine. I’ve never worked in IT again because they don’t hire over 50’s, or at least they didn’t back then. After 100 resumes sent out and 15 interviews, most expressed “concern” that I may not be up to date on technology, even though I had an MCSE and a few other certifications. After I finally figured out that I wasn’t going to get a job in IT, I stood up told the last punk kid interviewer, “You’re a f’***** ing liar You won’t hire me because you think I’m too old! You don’t think I haven’t noticed that there’s nobody over 30 in this office? You’re just too much of a chickens**t to say so cause you know I’ll sue your lying a** for age discrimination! ” And this was at a time when good old Johnny McCain was telling the public that we needed H1b’s because there weren’t enough qualified IT people in America. There were hundreds of thousands of unemployed IT people, they just didn’t want to pay them for their knowledge and experience.
    I swore I’d never vote for him for President even if Satan was his opponent. Turns out it was.
    And I didn’t, to my eternal chagrin. Congress and the multinational corporations have sold America down the river. They stole our jobs and sent them overseas for cheap labor and even cheaper product quality and forced us into unmanageable debt just to be able to have a house or car, and then call us lazy when we try to collect the benefits we’ve paid taxes to support. I’m retired now so I’m out of that particular rat race. But trying to find a part-time job when you’re over 65 in Florida is fun too. And Walmart has stopped using seniors as greeters, if anybody has noticed. The one in my area has a cute little girl (sorry but at my age she’s a girl) with a large chest at the door now. Welcome to the American employment world. Drop your drawers and bend over for the nice man. Prepare to get your just reward.

    • @Richard – all this time I have been contacting my senators and congressman to get this fixed. – please do your part and call your representatives and the White House. Follow up whenever you see articles about this. We MUST speak up.

    • Agree with your sentiments, Mr. Spadoni. I think the biggest culprit with the situation is the average American who wants cheap foreign consumables but doesn’t realize all the ramifications tied to cheap consumables (cheap labor, lower wages, higher taxes, age discrimination, low quality, etc…).

    • @Mr. Spadoni. Agree with your sentiments, Mr. Spadoni. I think the biggest culprit with the situation is the average American who wants cheap foreign consumables but doesn’t realize all the ramifications tied to cheap consumables (cheap labor, lower wages, higher taxes, age discrimination, low quality, etc…).

  9. This is a real issue in America. Just as an FYI, their degrees have NO comparison to a degree in the US. They are certifications that really do not even qualify them to do the jobs for which they apply for in the US. Just as patient infringement is an issue with countries outside the US, so are their degrees (They tend to lie about their qualification…speak to a few American based companies, and you will find out what I am saying is true!!!). The real point here is companies NEED to hire Americans first like they do in the European countries. Then hire H1-B employees. I have been in the technical space for over 10 years and find getting a position extremely challenging due to the FACT that companies are NOT hiring Americans. Also, if the project is headed-up by someone from off-shore, they WILL discriminate towards us to hire their own, which is a real issue (Just say here, the FACTs ARE THE FACT!!!). Better controls needs to be in place to handle situations like this. Besides, if what you are saying is true about them providing places for them to live, they should be willing to pay the hire price for hiring Americans.

  10. I guess all these idiots claiming that H1Bs are brought in “to save money” are wrong…

    Companies only offer these kind of incentives if they are desperate to hire competent folks. Which they clearly are not able to do if they can only consider those who happen to be born in the great US of A!

  11. Makes you wonder what’s in it for these companies. Why do they hire any foreigners knowing that Americans with better educations, experience levels, knowledge, and ambition are looking for work?!

    Do the leaders of these companies get off on treating H1Bs like trash, maybe? For every decent, hard-working H1B employee, there are three that are serious butt kissers bc they’re here under sponsorship. Many are also really sneaky and back-stabbing. I often had the feeling that my job was being sized-up for a “friend” back home. They love to run to the boss and report on even the smallest shortcomings of their American co-workers, while grossly minimizing their own incompetence.

    I don’t have anything against foreigners, I’m far from being ethnocentric, but when I hear them literally laughing at us because they are taking our jobs, and telling each other how superior they are compared to “Americans” (which is how they explain their being hired over US citizens) I get really disgusted.

    Maybe hiring H1Bs makes some leaders feel superior, yet charitable?

    There’s obviously more to this type of decision than just greed. What would make anyone, in their right mind, step over a fellow citizen who is homeless, or hungry, or without a job and offer food, work, and shelter to a foreigner?!

    If American leaders of American owned companies had any guts or national pride, they would make it their business to hire qualified Americans first. Many of these companies and leaders support tighter immigration laws, yet hire un-American!

    Another thought. Why are we struggling to send our children to college when the rich only support nepotism and foreigners educated elsewhere? No other country does this and justifies it as some twisted type of charity, (except Canada right now, and they will soon have a wake-up call).

  12. The one question that no one is asking is the first that should be asked: Who wants them here? Sure, the corps do, for purely mercenary reasons, benefiting them and them, alone, but what about Joe Citizens? I seriously doubt they do, and that is the real issue, here.

  13. It’s funny to see right wing people demanding for more regulation and less profit in name of xenophobia. Seriously you are focusing on the wrong target, to hide your racist agenda.

    Most of IT jobs don’t even require that you set foot on America ever. You can do almost anything remotely this days. I’ve being working remotely since 2006 paying no direct tax to the US Economy I contribute to that. Also companies can move their factories and call centers or whatever overseas. And if you choose the cheapest product in the shelf, you are voting for companies that cut costs by hiring foreign instead of Americans.

    Companies like to sponsor a H1-B visa, so than can control that employee. If they try to look for another job, those employees will have to get another H1-B sponsorship, which won’t be that easy. They will stay like indentured servitude, which may be better than their homeland conditions, but still. An American worker probably will leave for another job if the company next door offers them a dime or two more.

    An H1-B has to be willing to leave all behind (family, friends, culture, etc) to get a “better life” in a foreign country. They may have to endure to be treated sometimes a sub human species, and still stay.

    They a 50 yo experienced employee that is a COBOL developer to hire a 15 yo IOS app developer for 1/5 of the price in a blink of an eye. And if you got a free university degree to every American that desires so, you would have a bunch of graduated Americans doing those jobs that only illegal immigrants are willing to take. To an American get an average paying job it would be required them to have a MBA,PhD, speak 4 or five foreign languages, etc.

    The tech word is cruel, and since nowadays every profession rely on some tech, one day truck drivers, MC Donald’s burger flippers will be soon replaced by robots. If you are pissed with Indian workers, imagine how whip makers felt about those pesky cars.

    The reality is that if companies could hire slaves, and if it was legal they would!

    So an H1-B visa worker, will be working in America, paying taxes in America with some labor rights much better than their original countries and spending at least some of their money to buy food, housing, and clothing in America is much better than a robot.

    A robot, won’t pay taxes and won’t require no perks. And if you think that AI can’t code, just wait. It is happening as you read this!

    So unless you want some REGULATION that force companies to hire people and ban ATMs they will do whatever they can to lower down their costs. Until a worker from India cost less than automation, they will hire these people. If India gets too costly they will to look to Rwanda, Philippines, Haiti, whatever until they can automate everything and pay no one.

    And I have no idea who will buy those products and services if no one gets a job. I think some crazy eew REGULATION, to pay a 🤮communist welfare to everyone.

    • It’s funny to see right wing people demanding for more regulation and less profit in name of xenophobia. Seriously you are focusing on the wrong target, to hide your racist agenda.

      Assuming an awful lot about me, aren’t you? The validity of my question remains, and you have not addressed it. This is not about a purely economic matter, nor can it be reduced to one (as you apparently have). I do not suffer from such evident myopia. This has to do with the character of a nation, its society, culture, etc.

      Many of these imports tend to congregate into enclaves and have no intention of ever assimilating. They instead often seek to convert the areas they live in to accommodate their own cultural mores, which all too often are in conflict with those held by their American neighbors. In fact they – and the corporations who import them – are contributing to exactly what President Teddy Roosevelt warned about a century ago, turning this country into a ” polyglot boarding house” for the sake of mercantilism.

      My concern is for the future of this nation, not the profit margin of the next 6 months. Those who will have to live with people imported from culturally alien lands with equally alien mores have every right to demand a say in who enters, particularly those who seek to enter to stay. Corporations facilitating that process are in effect making domestic and foreign policy, instead of abiding by it, and that bears more than a little scrutiny.

  14. From my own experience I think is correct to say there is a shortage of engineers in US that are citizens. Try to attend a graduate class at an engineering school in US, there are almost no US citizens attending, maybe 1 or 2 for each class. Most students are from other countries.

    I have a masters from a top 10 engineering School in US, and I can also say that my undergraduate engineering degree from my home country in South America was much more demanding. I don’t know why US citizens think education in other countries is not good. I had a valuable experience during my masters in the US but it was not that difficult to get a 4.00 GPA comparing to my home country….

  15. I read on a glassdoor review for infosys a while ago that before the higher cost of H1B visa’s, he was told to not proceed with american candidates after their interview. Note this review was back in 2014-2015.

  16. No, No, my friends, Indians don’t pay a dime to study here in the US. They have their Indian advisors who bring them in on assistantships. Even their, undergraduate degrees are questionable. They make fake resumes, and then their buddies across different US companies interview them and hire them. It is a mafia, and a corrupt Indian Mafia indeed !

  17. These “perks” are not real perks, they are money from the H1-B Visa workers own pockets. The math is simple: TCS gets the contract at 40% of what an American worker would get. TCS will take half of it. The other half will be used for these so-called perks and salary for the Visa holder. Indian workers are willingly to come here for peanuts!

  18. Im not sure why people are complaining . So funny story I am a non american citizen and was hired into an American firm along with 6 american citizens and 5 non american citizens so a total of 12 people. A year later only 6 of us are still with the company and the other 6 american citizens who joined with me left the company within a year saying the company was “garbage”,”pay too low”, “terrible benefits”, “horrible management”……So moral of the story people don’t stay hence the H1B workers ….:) . So companies turn to H1B workers because people don’t stay.

    • You just answered your own question. The companies don’t need H1B workers, they just want cheap workers. The H1B crowd allows companies to lower salaries and the quality of life in the workplace.