H-1B Premium Processing Reopens. Is An Applicant Flood Coming?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) plans on resuming premium processing this week for all H-1B petitions filed before Dec. 21, 2018. Affected petitioners need to submit a premium processing request to the relevant processing center, along with a copy of the transfer notice and any request for evidence (RFE).

This follows on the heels of USCIS re-opening premium processing for fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) cap-subject petitions, including those eligible for advanced degree exemption. “We plan to resume premium processing for the remaining categories of H‑1B petitions as agency workloads permit,” reads a note on the USCIS website. “We will continue to notify the public via uscis.gov when we begin accepting premium processing for other categories of H-1B petitions.”

The general suspension—originally enacted in early 2017—made it more difficult for petitioners to obtain H-1B visas, and for H-1B visa holders to jump jobs or move to new company offices. At the time, USCIS claimed that the suspension would give it the time necessary to process a backlog of petitions. It also kicked off much angst amongst companies used to relying on premium processing to meet their staffing needs.

While processing was suspended, the Trump administration made other H-1B moves, from changes to processing paperwork (the U.S. Department of Labor now requires employers that apply for H-1B visas to name any subcontractors where H-1B workers may end up on a contract basis) to attempting a ban on the H-4 visa.

But those changes could pale in comparison to the administration’s much-rumored plan to completely retool the H-1B lottery system. Under that proposed reordering, H-1B applicant pools will have all applicants (including those with advanced degrees) enter the annual “general pool” of 65,000 visas. After that, remaining applicants with advanced degrees will enter a 20,000-visa “master’s cap” pool. In theory, applicants will have two good shots at actually landing a visa under the new system.

Whatever changes are coming in 2019 and beyond, it’s clear that USCIS is re-opening the gates to speedy applications, which suggests that the agency has handled its purported backlog. Does that mean the Trump administration will begin processing H-1Bs even faster in the future?

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  1. Lacey Sheridan

    This entire process should be eliminated. It is nothing but an excuse for companies to hire people who will work 60 hours a week and make no demands, all for the opportunity to come to America. Suggesting that they have training that Americans don’t is senseless; none of their schools educate as well as American schools. When they can, they attend college here. Moreover, like many visa holders, they never go home. The migrants coming over the border rarely take jobs from Americans; more often, they do jobs that Americans won’t do. Not so the visa entrants. The answer isn’t for these people to come to the US. They should work on bringing their countries closer to the American standard.

    • I do agree on some points you have made.
      Also that American colleges are really good however……I cannot agree on American schools being better or educating better.
      Do you actually believe that tests prepare or teach children to think or strive to learn? I don’t think so! Those tests promote mediocrity along all children and is killing children’s hunger to learn and know more.
      Schools don’t teach but just pass knowledge which is useless considering that every child could do same using Internet, I am afraid.
      Whole school system has to be rethinked and changed. Putting more money won’t resolve the problem.
      Schools teach our children to waste their time on useless, boring and not interesting topics. The system kills every attempt of a child to be something more or wanting to learn something new. Students are not allowed to talk, discuss and etc. Same schools do not prepare children for what is to come meaning AI and robots! None of this!
      Instead it should focus on things where machines will never be better than a human!

      • The Universities in the US are generally accepted as better than the ones in India – home country the vast majority of H1b visa holders. About 10 years ago there was a Wall St Journal article titled something like “India graduates millions but few are fit to hire”. The story talked about degrees being awarded where the school did not have the required facilities, where students would put their cell phone #s on their exam booklets so the testers could call and negotiate a price for a passing grade. The corruption is so bad, the diplomas have serial numbers on them.
        There are definitely those who haven’t earned their educational qualifications at foreign universities.

    • I come from Kosovo. Kosovo is considered 3rd world country. I finished my bachelor’s degree and I was almost done with master’s degree. When I came here I started master’s degree from the beginning. I was/am far far far away better than anyone on all the classes that I’ve taken. Really strange, I was paying 150euros per semester back there I paid $11000 here. And, quality is spuriously way worse. I do not want to sound racist but most of Indians in my classes aren’t good enough to be allowed to go to PhD studies. Also, Chinese students are working mostly with Chinese professors. My robotics professor refused to work with me since he accepts only Chinese students. And I come with a huge background from robotics field(My master’s back in Kosovo was on field of “Computerized Automation and Robotics”).

    • Capatalist

      Try running a business for once and you will see why you will not want to pay 2x for the same service that other can offer you for X. And regarding quality not at par with American schools etc., I guess Microsoft and Google are run/CEO by Indians who came here on H1B 😀 And they are making tons and tons of money for a lot of American as we speak. I think it is not corruption it is just Capatalist economy which has made America so great. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Maha Guru

    The claim is that we have big “STEM crisis”… First, we know that it is baloney invented by the rich greedy tech owners with able help from politicians of both parties, Second, and most important from my perspective, is that the most H-1B (and that means from India) are not the high quality we need! We get quantity but not quality and because of that wages are depressed for everyone. Works perfectly for greedy rich tech!

  3. It really is a shame that Americans have been thrown to the street by the very politicians who are supposed to represent us. Americans are very capable of leading the technology field. We invented it to begin with. The problem is that, with the help of greedy politicians, big business “leaders” decided that the bottom line was more important than quality of product and the well being of their employees. They flooded the market with available labor and as a result wages dropped significantly. Following on this, is the lack of desire by bright individuals to enter the tech field because the salaries did not compensate for the expense, time, and energy of advanced schooling. As a result, there came to be an apparent shortage of STEM educated Americans and a viscous cycle began, all the while lining the pockets of the CEO’s and Politicians. This issue is bigger than the bottom line of these companies, many of them producing hack job products flawed with tons of issues. For all his faults, Trump at least has taken on this issue and at least says he wants to fix it. Time will tell.

  4. Vannessa Phrigs

    There is no benefit to the American tech worker for H-1B. WHY isn’t there a crackdown on these work visas from India and china? Why aren’t they (H-1B) fixing their employment issues in their own countries. Why are labor markets grab on the lowest bidder for contracts? When they are here they do not create jobs. Look at Cognizant: (They employ their own and give the lowest wage, lowest positions, dead-end work to temporary contractors). They bring sickness and bed bugs from their countries into the workplace.

  5. H1b Holder

    I am an H1b holder and a senior manager at a leading US based travel company. I have been hiring since last many years and have always faced a lack of resumes coming from the US citizens or green card holders. Just for record, we don’t discriminate for compensation between H1B and US citizens. Infact hiring H1B is always an expensive decision, but often we are left with no choice. So the argument that US has no shortage of skilled people is a hoax. Companies are forced to bring talent from abroad because of lack of skilled talent in US.

    • Stuart522

      To say H1B’s are not paid less than Americans is pure BS! Why pay an American with 20+ years of experience $100/hr. when you can pay a 25 yr old from India with 0 experience $60/hr, and not pay for their expenses, so they move in with 10 other workers to save money, while Americans who have a house already, require expenses paid to go work in a far off state for the ‘Benefit of the Hiring Company’! if they didn’t need skilled workers, they wouldn’t hire either. The problem is recruiting companies who think a degree means experience, it is quite the opposite, if you haven’t worked at several companies at the highest positions for 20 + years, YOU ARE NOT A CONSULTANT! Yes, Indians are nice, yes they are educated, yes they are smart, that doesn’t mean they know anything. and they are LAZY! We need to get over this idea that because someone is from India, they are super smart…lol. yes some are, i hate to generalize, but this is how the game works. Indian recruiter calls with top level job, wants you to solve all the worlds problems, cure cancer, invent flying cars..Cool, yes i’m ready, i’m qualified what’s the pay? um, we can pay 35/hr. LAUGHTER, goodbye, this allows them to get H1B workers,.. “we can’t find any Americans for these jobs”, NO you can’t find any Americans willing to work for janitor pay, we already had 6 figure incomes before becoming consultants, why would we work for less and live in nasty hotels? we could sleep in our own beds and make more than you’re offerring. 1 problem or issue that i will blame Americans for, is they expect to live in the same house in the same city that they grew up in AND expect the perfect job to be right next door…it is not, it may be in another city, another state, Indians are ok traveling to other states, because their home is very far away already, IN INDIA! as well Americans don’t realize they can make 150-250k a year as an engineer, just by traveling, they sit unemployed waiting for the 65k a year job to come home to Pleasantville, USA.

      • These people commenting here are ridiculous. Stop commenting on processes you don’t know. People with 10years of experience applying to mid level jobs expecting a 100/hr should not be applying in the first place. People with no experience are not really subjects to H1b processes. Whoever says take it down should probably read before typing anything. The reason this process exists is because some us professionals do know know how the job market works. Janitor jobs tend to be paid minimum or just above minimum wage ( if you are somewhat competent and read the us minimum wage is nowhere close to 35/hr. All the comments so far from this post hating on the process show one of the reasons why people hire from other countries… People are not even reading and understanding the process before they comment.

    • FORMER Employee of Large US Based Travel Co.

      My job was taken over by an Indian H1B who had to be trained by an American U.S.-based contractor (because it was cheaper than keeping the US citizens who were already working in our office). 3 US citizens (including me) were laid off, so that the US-based Travel Company could hire 3 Indian coders (who had zero experience maintaining a companywide ERP system) at a cheaper rate. These guys were all living across the street from the office in a 1 bedroom apartment, and they were being paid a meager wage by an Indian “consulting firm” that was exploiting them. One of these people did move on to become a manager at the company. Maybe that was you?

      How does it feel to displace workers in the US, and then rationalize your “success” by claiming to have more appropriate skills and education. You are absolutely delusional, but that means you’re gonna do just great here in the greedy US of A.

    • … Just for record, we don’t discriminate for compensation between H1B and US citizens. Infact hiring H1B is always an expensive decision, but often we are left with no choice. So the argument that US has no shortage of skilled people is a hoax. Companies are forced to bring talent from abroad because of lack of skilled talent in US.

      personally I do not mind if companies hire “talented” or “not talented”, “skilled” or “unskilled” workers from abroad but for this to happen, H1B and other similar work visa rules need to be changed so, that the company hiring the people, talented, skilled, or not, has to pay the equivalent, or at least half of the wage (minimum capped[1]) into SSA.
      This means, that if the individual is being paid a salary of $10’000.00 / month a minimum of $5’000.00, preferably $10’000.00 though to be paid into the Social Security pool.
      This would a) cause the companies to prefer domestic, equally or less skilled/talented individuals to be employed, but with assurance that our SS doesn’t get depleted by poachers.

      [1] minimum capped meaning, that the company MUST pay a minimum salary of a certain amount fixed regionally, by industry, by equivalent high paid positions as already set by H1B visa rules (if I’m not mistaken)

    • artc10509

      Oh, PLEASE!!!! To say you can’t find qualified American workers is such BS. I was the CTO of a division of GE and was ordered to fire 125 domestic programmers and bring in Indians. They weren’t nearly as good as the American workers we fired. We needed more Indian workers than Americans – even just to manage those brought onshore and those working in India, PLUS after having some Indian workers come to the USA to be trained, the outsourcer actually reassigned the people back in India, put different untrained people on our account and told those people to just say they were the same person we trained. Unbelievable.

      Just kill the whole program and train Americans to do the job

    • That’s interesting, because I have 30 years of experience. 800 job submissions and no interviews….hmmm. I won’t get into the debate of the H1-B program, but my anecdotal evidence agrees with many of other poster’s opinion on this thread.

    • Kalpesh Patel

      H1-B visa has caused a devastating impact on the job prospect of American citizens. Numerous very qualified US citizens are looking for job but out of luck. Meanwhile, H1-B keep pouring in from South Asian countries particularly from India. You go to visit any US companies and you see huge number of Indians are roaming around in the building. Most of them came to this country on H1-B and L1 visa. They are more than you can’t count. Now, USCIS resumed premium processing meaning thousands more will be on the way to the US to grab the job from US citizen. People can’t realize how bad the situation is. Politicians are corrupt. I can only wait for divine intervention.

      • DStone

        Why do you think you are entitled to something special in life just because you were born in this country? instead why don’t you focus on upgrading your skills, less vacation and more focus on your job, less hate and more productivity. Stop taking things for granted just because you have US citizenship. Teach your kids to work hard and be more competitive. The US you are dreaming of does not exist anymore, unless you want your kids also to suffer the same way as you. Peace.

  6. wageSlave

    H1b Holder, shortages can only occur at a price point. To see what the real problem is all you have to do is finish your sentences with “at the price point we want to pay.” For instance, “I have been hiring since last many years and have always faced a lack of resumes coming from the US citizens or green card holders” at the price we what to pay. Again, “Companies are forced to bring talent from abroad because of lack of skilled talent in the US” at the price we want to pay.

    My heart actual goes out to the H1b holders. A $90,000 dollar salary must look really good from India, but the cost of living in places like Silicon Valley are very high. Thus the term a $90,000 minimum wage. US citizens will not apply for a job when the price point is to low. H1b’s don’t know any better. They get here and then they find out the hard way. Six people making $90,000 dollars all living together in a one room efficiency apartment. It is a harsh reality. How many H1b’s go back home with a pile of money? Not many.

    The problem is the price points being set too low for prevailing conditions. Fortunately, the H1b’s are subject to the same forces when they get here and then it is too late. H1b’s are pons being used to push US workers to a geographic minimum wage and the good ones don’t have to take it. No resumes in your pile. Wages adjusted for inflation have been stagnant for decades. Now, it has crept up to the Tech sector. Believe me there are a lot of displaced IT workers at the price being paid.

    See you at the long race to the bottom.

  7. AmericanSTEMWorker

    Under the guise of appearing “progressive” and “competitive” the greedy Tech Companies recruit slave labor from Asia that could easily be filled at home. Every company I have been to in the last 10 years has a ridiculous amount of Indian tech workers, usually doing trivial tasks that Americans could do. The question is not “if” but it it is “at what price”… I don’t even apply to jobs in San Francisco anymore, every company there is an Asian Sweatshop run by corrupt Indians.

    • I’m an h1b holder making over 160k a year so I don’t think I’m an slave. Unfortunately now a day around the world most people don’t study stem so there’s a shortage. There’s also the ones doing a mediocre job that get laid off and blame foreigners, but well, no point to argue on that.

  8. AmericanSTEMWorker

    The whole program needs to be eliminated. The program was meant for a handful of specialty occupations, not for wholesale replacement of american workers. I graduated from a top-20 US State School in a STEM major and do not even have health insurance now because every company is reliant on Asian slave labor. There is no STEM shortage, there is a lack of companies to pay American workers a fair wage. Indians bring over corruption, and favoritism for other indian applicants. Gates and Bezos act like they are “progressive” and being globally “competitive” while passing over American resumes for slave labor.

    • Each year 100,000 visas are issued , they have spouse and children, so over 20 years over 8 million people came here on h1b visas (100000×4 per family x20 years)
      In addition they also use L1 visas ( inter office transfer from India to US office)
      The demographics of this country is changed beyond belief.
      On L1 visa the spouses can work as well.crazy

  9. Indian Friend

    I’m a h1b holder. Trust me, life and weather in India is much better than in America. There is decent public transport system, affordable health care and less expensive higher education. Its just an experience for which some of us come here.. Some continue and some go back. Regarding jobs, I also found that many of my local American friends don’t want to pursue these jobs, mainly abstract computer sciences. There is demand, but not enough supply.. Hence h1b are filling the shortage. H1Bs are helping American economy.. Pls realize this

    • Why don’t you go back if life is better there. The fact is H1B visas are abused by Indian IT companies like Cognizant, wipeout, tcs, hcl

      They are going to clients and promising that they can do IT cheaper by bringing on cheap labor on visas.
      I have first hand knowledge that the employees at those IT outsourced companies are not skilled, many of them work as qa testers , business analyst, project managers and administrators which doesn’t need too much talent or skill

      • Looks like the solution to all this is to increase the H1-B wages or scrutinize the applications from the IT companies a lot more thoroughly. Which is what Trump wants to do. This is all common sense reform.
        Shortage of qualified engineers is very true and I’ve seen it first hand but that doesn’t mean you can exploit foreign workers with lower pay.

        Overall if implemented correctly H1-B Visa is a really great program. I don’t blame the Indian companies for exploiting the program, there will always be someone taking advantage of the system. The program itself needs to change.

    • AmericanSTEMWorker

      Please just go home! You don’t bring anything useful to this country. If you are so bright and prosperous, please try fixing the sewers in your homeland instead of using the streets for a toilet. We have heard enough corrupt nonsense and do not need trivial computer workers.

  10. Francine Webb

    What about the e3 Visa from Australians? My son is acting as a SAP Service Delivery Manager in Australia and want to come to the US and join me who is an American Citizen. When he applies for a job he mostly is connected to an Indian Recruiter who doesn’t seem to know about the e3 Visa and think he is a H1b Holder and doesn’t accept it. We were in contact with someone from Dice who doesn’t know what steps to take. Can someone give advise how to go about this? Thankful for some help.

    • AmericanSTEMWorker

      It is next to impossible to get a job in the IT Sector without dealing with the results of Indian and Asian outsourcing. The last interview I had I could not even understand the two interviewers I was on a conference call with. The call ended early because I was tired of asking them to repeat themselves. Apparently communication skills are not part of the “specialized” skillset these H1B’s bring.

      Yet, even scoring a 0 on communication, I am supposed to believe that they are brighter, more studious, and bring some highly coveted skillset that Americans do not have. More lies from Bezos, Gates, Google, Apple and Facebook to recruit indentured servants.

      If Australia listens to its citizens, I would recommend your son to stay there, unless Trump actually decides to deliver on his promises.

      We do not want your third world corrupt and nepotistic politics in our country! Go Home!

  11. Wages in IT have been returning since DJT threw a monkey wrench into H1-B. Thank you.
    DJT: Don’t let this scam resume. You have been surrounded by advisors from the swamp. You/we would be better served by random folks from the rallies. Just appoint each a lawyer so they don’t run afoul of ‘ethics’ laws created to ensnare the naive and keep the little folks out.

  12. JustLaidOff

    Corporate greed is the name of the game. Why pay 1 American engineer when you can get two or three to work in India for the same pay. The H1b’s take the local jobs and enable way more work to be sent to India. I just got laid off while my job is now done in India. My two best friends are also laid off. This corporation opens minimum wage call centers here but sends the higher paying work to India.

    • Sorry you and your friends lost the job but IT companies don’t owe you crap. companies have to look out for their best interest and profitability. Why do you think you are entitled to something special in life just because you were born in this country? instead why don’t you focus on upgrading your skills, less vacation and more focus on your job, less hate and more productivity. Stop taking things for granted just because you have US citizenship. Teach your kids to work hard and be more competitive. The US you are dreaming of does not exist anymore, unless you want your kids also to suffer the same way as you. Peace.

    • Charlie

      Well isn’t that better for the company. More quality work done at a shorter period of time with less drama. If you owned this company tell me what would be your approach in this competitive and high demanding market ? Like for real. Stop complaining and get back to work.

  13. Shortages in the job market are a lie. They been yelling for years about a teacher shortage. My daughter graduated last year and all she can get is a per diem temp position with no benefits. We need a wall with India.

    • Data Analyst

      Andy – Thank goodness you’re not an economist or data analyst. Try to stay on topic. That 4% unemployment rate you’re throwing around is meaningless and inconsistent with what’s going on in the real world. Do a little digging into the data, read a variety of news sources, and most importantly, wake up!

  14. I do not believe that. If you really want hire in USA there is lot of skilled and talented workers are in USA also you can train people and hire but you do not do that in USA but in India you do that. I am in IT field but nobody wants hire me but same time they are hiring from India without any skills nor talent . This is all BS

  15. Thank the power hungry Clintons for H1B go reckless and then the guy who came after that spent 3+ trillion of tax dollars in foreign nation building and didn’t have a clue about domestic issues and concerns. Then came politically correct holy-man Barack. Thank God for DJ who is doing something about this.

    • Simeon Martins

      If we really wants to help our US citizens to take over the IT, we have to start technical training from high school to colleges.
      The HI-B has been completely abused and need to be reduce to the nearest minimum.
      American have people that can do these jobs. All the IT consulting companies are using the lack of skill workers in US as an excuse because our politicians are greedy and corrupt.this is wickedness.
      They get returns form the offshore companies that is while they don’t care.
      We really need to start focusing on our younger one and help them to take over instead of depending on offshore talents.
      Charity begins at home.

  16. I came here in the 90s on a H1B visa. My employer was a ‘body shopper’ who used to get us here from India and then put us on contracts with their direct clients and sometimes subcontracts through other vendors. In those days, the entrance was tough. You had to undergo a lot of interviews by the body shopper, then the client and then you were placed. The body shopper used to keep most of the earnings and the standard salary was 45K/yr while they were easily making 100K/yr minimum

    I realized their game and made an offer – file my green card or I will go to someone else who can. I explained that green card takes 3 years (yes in the 90s it used to take 4 to 4 years max) so I would be slave labor to them for those many years and they could recoup the lawyer fees plus make much more money off my work. They agreed and I finally got my green card after 4 years.

    Though I am Indian, I am ashamed that most of these ‘consulting companies’ like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL, etc etc are all slave keepers. They want to pay the minimum taking advantage of the H1B visa. Many H1B visa holders are stuck in their Green Card process owing to the ever lengthening processing time. These ones are the most abused by these ‘consultants’.

    Then there is this whole concept of ‘blended rate’ where the body shopper offers to keep 2 to 3 H1B employees on site at the client office and team of 10 or more back in India. They charge the same rate for the entire team – i.e. very low as majority of team is in India. This undercuts the market rate so much that even a genius like Linus Trovalds would not get the appropriate rate were he to compete with H1B body shoppers!

    Its not just American tech companies but big Indian ‘body shoppers’ who are in it together. Till mid 2000s, I used to come across good developers on H1B. Now, the quality has been consistently poor. Earlier you had about 20% good candidates but now its like 2% to 3% tops.

    Now there are some tech companies in Bay Area who want the best developers, but there are many big companies who do not care. There is a reason for it. These body shoppers have penetrated the lower and mid management which hires consultants. They are given, shall we say gifts, to hire contractors. And who else can provide contractors at very low rates? Offcourse, your friendly gift giving neighborhood ‘consultancy’ firm!

    I have experienced and seen these abuses and corruption in big companies up close and personal. The H1B was a good idea many years ago, but it has been exploited and abused to no end. Time to make drastic changes to it.

    • It’s disconcerting to read your post, however you’re not the only one from whom I’ve heard similar story. I repeat the point already mentioned above: There is absolutely no STEM shortage in the US, only an illusion to benefit the few in power, be it the government or corporates.

      • To continue on how this corruption works. Many Indians who got their green card took up permanent/full time jobs with many big companies in the Bay Area. Then after establishing themselves, they rose up the ranks to manager, senior manager, etc positions. The body shopper companies started courting these fellows. And a nexus was formed. It happens even now. And you might wonder what about the ‘gifts’? Well, since we Indians still have a base back in India, and the body shoppers are Indian companies, such gifts are easily given back in India. No records of anything here. And this happens even today. I too was approached once, but I flatly refused. My senior manager was pretty upset that I was not ‘open to hiring contractors’. Anyway, I left that job soon as I alone could not fight the system. I needed to look after my career and progress.

        I do not wish to name names but I can tell you with examples names of companies and individuals who have been part of this ‘gift’ scheme.

        Another place these body shoppers penetrate is the ‘central vendor management’ company which all big companies have. They manage to ‘gift’ these companies and get on the approved vendor list. For every contractor hired, these companies get ‘gifts’. And again, its not just Indian origin managers who are into this, but many others too. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

        I do not think US has a shortage of STEM professionals. But then companies want to pay absolute low rates and get the work done.

    • Data Analyst

      Finally, someone from the “inside” confirming the scandalous practices that have taken place in Tech: India (with the assistance of greedy American companies) has completely hijacked the US Tech Industry. Thank you for your very articulate post re: a travesty that no one seems willing to openly discuss. Why…? Because all of the American recruiters and tech companies are in on it too.

    • US-ctzn-from-india

      I came straight with a green card from India in 91. After graduating from computer school and with a lot of student debt, I landed in a I/T job in 95. Finally was able to slowly pay my debt and get pay raises until they invented H1B. My company brought more than 10000 contractors from India in L1 and H1 visas. Very few were really skilled in the job they were doing and I and other American workers were training them. Some of them were lazy and couldn’t know right hand from left hand and we ended spending lot of time training them as that was required by the company. We even trained the so called I/T skilled worker living in India. Nobody dared to ask WTF do I train someone in India due to fear of their job in jeopardy. Laws were not favorable to an American employee asking that question. Many of them as I was an Indian assuming that I was an H1B would openly say that all they knew was to spell Oracle and was brought to USA without any interview. Some would even say these Americans are so dump that they are allowing these companies to let skilled Americans train them or another Indian that was already trained by a skilled American worker train them and get their jobs replaced. I even called one of the senators office about this and was told globalization is more important than Americans having job security as that is the path of the future and that workers will eventually learn other skills and with unemployment benefits they will get back on their feet. Politicians at that time were interested in taking my tax money and build Iraq. Didn’t have care about domestic issues.
      There is no H1B worker that I know of have or want their children go into I/T school or career. They know their own children will be victims of this American h1b policy and will have a go-nowhere career or even have their jobs taken by another h1b or L1 worker or by the thousands of Indian I/T workers who were trained here in L1 and sent to India and are supporting/developing systems/applications from there.

      H1B is needed but not the way it is allowed to be abused that the Americans jobs are replaced. And the ones who are not replaced are stuck in a dead end career. Wake up America. Thanks to Trump who has brought attention to this issue. But after his presidency corporations will lineup the pockets of the politicians and slowly go back to the old policy. Lookout for your children America. That is where charity starts.

    • AmericanSTEMWorker

      Go home! We don’t care about your opinions! We don’t need your lies and corruption and inbred politics! Stop using the streets for bathrooms if you want people to take you seriously!

  17. Indians flock to USA (or another developed country) wanting a better social life. But, huge number of H1Bs issued in the past years, have really started changing the USA demographics. San Jose, Milpitas, Cary, Raleigh, NJ/NY area, Atlanta, Columbus, Detroit, etc., are some of the major cities/states colonized by Indians. For example, tenants in apartment communities around these areas are majorly Indians. With a decent pay, they’re able to afford healthcare, housing and other benefits. While the person that lost the job to an Indian will suffer without all these benefits. It’s really time for Americans to step up the game against H1B.

  18. The H1B program has killed the American dream for Americans. I finished my master’s degree in technical writing a decade ago and have been unable to find any full time work in my field in spite of having several years of relevant writing and software coding experience prior to my advanced education. One employer once told me they prefer to hire foreigners for technical writing positions because professional American writers are “unable to identify subjects and verbs in English sentences”. Another employer gave me only two hours of work per week correcting the grammar in documents written by their H1B workers. All the arguments in favor of bringing over more H1B’s are just bogus. It’s all about greedy employers and politicians who listen to corporate money rather than common citizens. The American dream has been taken from American citizens and given to H1B workers. Now I am unable to pay back my student loan and having to live off of welfare just to survive.

  19. Data Analyst

    Forget about changing this egregious fiasco through the political process. That will never work. It’s time for us to come together as a group and fight this corporate abuse via the court system. I’m quite certain that we could file cases of discrimination (based on the protected class of national origin —> U.S. Citizens vs non-US Citizens). The burden of proof would be on the corporations to prove that they do not engage in discriminatory behavior in hiring (when it comes to national origin). Additionally, I’m sure that companies could be investigated on other EEOC issues such as age discrimination… and then there’s the abuse of the United States visa system. This should be a class-action against all U.S. based companies who are engaging in any illegal behavior that is related to bringing in foreign workers.

  20. The H1B program has killed the American dream for Americans. I finished my master’s degree in technical writing a decade ago and have been unable to find any full time work in my field since graduating. This is despite having several years of relevant writing and software coding experience prior to my advanced education. One employer once told me they prefer to hire foreigners for technical writing positions because professional American writers are “unable to identify subjects and verbs in English sentences”. Another employer gave me only two hours of work per week correcting the grammar in documents written by their H1B workers. All the arguments in favor of bringing over more H1B’s are just bogus. It’s all about greedy employers and politicians who listen to corporate money rather than common citizens. The American dream has been taken from American citizens and given to H1B workers. Now I am unable to pay back my student loan and having to live off of welfare just to survive.

  21. You are all thinking about your jobs..agreed. At a big picture, America is a global leader for long time. China is snapping at Americas heels. Quantum computing, space research, infrastructure development. Artificial Intelligence…can you compete with China? Creamy layer of Indians are there to help America to stay atop. Americans are adored by Indians as the best of the best. If you think they are replacing you, either they reached your standards or you fell to their standards. A big bag of oranges is expected to have its share of bad ones. Good way is to have better process to identify the bad or rotten ones rather than throwing the whole Orange bag. Abusing language used by a STEM guy here is very surprising. Using that energy in improving the STEM skills will make him another Zuckerberg. Calling India a third world…means you are getting yourself away from 1/6th of the world without knowing a bit of it. I pity you. Studies in America is not at all good. Information loaded by videos and internet without experience. MBA degrees are offered by Universities just by uploading a bunch of motivational videos. It’s time to introspect than generating the mediocre mindset citizens. Remember, division always weakens, makes things small. Get out of extreme ends. Either you embrace too much or hate too much. Not sure what good is it bringing to you, your family and society. Find a better way to stay healthy and union! Good luck to all those looking for better careers.

  22. You would be surprised how American policies treat Indians compared to other country citizens. While it boasts for non-discriminating based on color, age, region and religion, Indian has to wait for 20 years to get green card. Majority are turning back home anyways as 20 years of career is a generation. A Mexican, Pakistani, Palastenian gets it in 1 year if they apply for GC. Same thing is done by Arab countries to pay less for Indians for the same work compared to other nationals. From Indian side, whole world is is exploiting them and discriminating them while using their Human Resources. Indians or Chinese are your 60 inch TV for 300$, your flashy iPhones and 2 day amazon shipping. Some are exploited overseas, truly. It’ll be on our hands indirectly. You can’t deny it. Is whole America ready to go back 15 years compared to where world is today by removing all Indians? It’s not at all good. You’ll be happy only if all of your family members are hale and healthy. Not while one is sick all the time at home. Knowledge without wisdom is cruel. Blend American scientific knowledge and economic richness with Indian strong multi culture diversity and rich spirituality. You’ll see heights world has never seen.

    Home to 100s of religions, 100s of languages and 100s of colors, India is true diversity country. Looted by the ancestors of British, Muslims for over 2000 years, mother India is still surviving with its own diversity. India never invaded any country in the last known 1000 years. You read about Egyptians, Babylons, Latins, Romans and Jewish as the oldest richest cultures. But where are they today? Hardly handful. Don’t boast of current richess, it won’t last forever. Recent lessons are USSR and UK. UK had kingdom that had never seen sunet, struggling for its own border on BREXIT today.

    Having said that, Americans are the smartest minds and best managers in the world. Look into the long term of generations. Embrace anyone with patience, knowledge and blend with all cultures. Don’t be a frog in your own well. Innovate, compete, struggle and win… this should be American slogan for every citizen. May America lead way for the World! Hail America!

    • AmericanSTEMWorker

      India is an impoverished third world country that provides indentured servants for greedy corporations. Why do we need your innovation? You have not even mastered 19th century plumbing. You are one of the most corrupt countries in Asia, with your lies, bribery and fraud, do not bring this to the USA.

    • AmericanSTEMWorker

      Your politics are racist, nepotistic and corrupt. You do not mention the rampant corruption that has brought your country to the point of begging for USA scraps. When there is an indian interviewer and and indian manager, they will pass over americans for indians.

  23. Premium Processing is just make money for the government because anyway CIS has to adjudicate the petition once received. But where is buy american and hire amercan act! is it gone? If Trump made false promises and restore all rules from past favoring F1/L1/H1/EAD, chain citizenship, import refugees, 140,000 free green cards year etc what would be life of US Citizens? Social Security Fund, Natural Resources everything is slowly exhausting. We see single lane roads with heavy traffic for hrs these days, growing constructing apartments, schools in narrow spaces because of excess population. No government is caring about US citizens.

    • AmericanSTEMWorker

      At this point it looks like Trump made false promises. Why do I say this? Check the share price of Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, two of the biggest corrupt labor offenders, they are at all-time highs.

      • DunkinDonuts

        Neither trump nor god can save you. Stop wasting your time whining and crying in these forums and concentrate on upgrading your skills and technology. Some of these consultants are the best US has even seen and they are helping us keep America on top and competitive with the rest of the world. No wonder you are job less.

  24. David Rupe

    H1B cost me my job of 11 years in software engineering. My previous employer moved to an all India worker model which involved both insourcing India software engineers via H1B and setting up India shops for other work such as Quality Assurance (QA). These were high paying good technical jobs for my fellow Americans and now they are going away. This model exists because of the H1B program. Without that program my employer would have had to continue hiring Americans as those were the folks that created that company in the first place. It is a slap in the face and any politician that speaks positively about the H1B program is a traitor in my eyes.

  25. AmericanSTEMWorker

    When I say corruption is rife in India, I can give you a recent example here in this country. Try googling “Farmington University”. You will see what Indians do when they get to this country, set up a fake university, enroll with fake credentials to undercut American Workers. If this is the top that India has to offer, I shudder to think what the bottom has in store for the USA.


      • DunkinDonuts

        Unfortunately they are. I don’t think you have a god damn clue of what you are talking about. It is these consultants who are keeping the US IT on par with the global competition. They are hard working and don’t spend most of their time whining and crying in web sites begging for a job.

  26. ReadBeforeYouJudge

    My two cents on the H1B Sentiment:

    I would say only 40% of the H1B holders are really fit enough for the VISA and are talented.
    25 out that 40% either are a level apart and will be innovaters soon or wants to go back to India after boosting their career. They are an appreciating ASSET to America.
    Most of the fake / ethically ineligible candidates are the ones who come in an intention to settle down here.
    It is tough to generalize the Indians due to their diverse nature, You have the top smart people of the world at the same time you the most lazy/fraud/corrupt people as well.

    My stand:
    They should not replace talented and ethical american workers for cheap Asian labour.
    Non productive american workers might need to be replaced with more talented (preferrably American) if not doesnt matter talented foregn labor.

    Produce more local STEM manpower and encourage STEM jobs.
    Make the H1B salary equivalent to local salary, then companies will take them only if really really needed and really really talented.
    Simplify H1B process and should start focusing on pure merit (not necessarily based on degree) and intentions.
    GC should be even more merit based and not a mere formality based on number of years.
    Filter the fake ones and all problems will start getting fixed automatically.
    Family chain of migration needs to be stopped or kept under check only for real situations.

    Lets learn from each other and enjoy travelling across the world taking the positives and tackling the negatives.
    First rights should always to be the locals in any country.

    – An Indian who sees both sides of the coin.

  27. HighlyPaidBrownTechWorker

    1.Dice has been taken over by JohnTanton, CIS, FAIR, red hats MAGA, Breitbart type zombies.

    2.Bunch of entitled losers whining about their jobs “taken away” by perilous brown and yellow h1bs

    3.Same people were celebrating capitalism and market economics before the same phenomenon bit their sorry asses

    4. Instead of whining why don’t you make yourselves a bit attractive by updating your tech skills by taking a course or reading a book instead crying foul and whinning all the time. Ohh but wait…whining is the easier option for you MAGA zombies so I guess that’s what u will do. Keep doing what you know best (whinning) but you will all be swept away into the dumpster of history.

  28. To all those asking for indians to leave the country, I would say you know nothing about them. I’ve been a senior analytics manager at a tech company for 12 years now and currently have have 15 high ranking direct reports, among which 3 are from India. Let me tell you this, these are some of the most hard-working and dedicated lot I’d seen in the 35 years of my career. They always step up to work when there’s something that needs to be done, unlike my fellow countrymen who blatantly refuse to do anything that isn’t a part of their job description or if it’s a weekend. While I understand that it’s unfair to ask someone to work during a weekend, there are times when things go wrong and need immediate attention. It’s always those employees from Asia who step up. I agree that not many indians are actually skilled and are still hired because they’re more affordable for the company, it is also equally true that they always go above and beyond to learn quickly and adapt. So if I happen to have a more affordable and reliable option, why would I as an employer think about another option? I don’t say that american workers are not skilled, but it is undeniable that we do benefit a lot from indians.

    Those who are commenting against communities of people based on their race, religion, ethnicities or background, this is precisely why you’re either laid off or not hired in first place. Learn to accept other people. And more importantly, learn to accept that someone out there is better than you so get up and do something about it by improving yourself.

    -A proud American.

  29. Negro in tech

    I will address this problem in a couple of paragraphs;
    Americans are as much as capable a any other people in doing this IT jobs. we might have a shortage in skills for a few areas of the industry but not in the share numbers taken by one country. If the indians were that good and could innovate as much would they need to travel 10k miles to do that? The IT industry has ran amock and now the outsourcing firms have found a goal mine in collaboration with the politicians. Indians for the most part are nice people but we seem to have fallen into this circle in which soon as one gets hired in a company, there seem to be a take over slowly the first of the company changes. i am not a proponent of quotas, but when the office does not represent the population outside then everyone should look @ the mirror what they contributed for it to be that way.
    secondly many companies use the indians as they can mark black or AA on their application as a diversity ploy. One thing for sure is there are only so many dollars to deal with the unemployed American and sooner or later we shall reach a tipping point for which many more people are unemployed and dependent on that welfare than it can provide.
    USCIS if Indians alone are using 70% of the H1B visas, 2 things must be clear either they are the smartest people and don’t not like their countries enough or your the people issuing the visas have decided to turn a blind eye on reality.

  30. As to why they come to the U.S, isn’t that obvious? They are paid a lot more here than in their own country. I do believe that they are a smart people, but they are also among the most populous countries in the world, ranking only next to China. So their country is still not able to cater to the needs of its growing population resulting in unemployment. Those that are a little fortunate to have some sort of financial backing yravel overseas in hopes of earning what they actually deserve. This is especially true in case of Indians and Chinese. While they’re at it, seeking for opportunities and desperately trying to survive here, they seem to to be clear in their minds about it. So even if they are paid lesser wage than what most of us Americans would demand for our skills, they still accept the positions and give their 100% just because they’re paid more here than in their home country. The companies here woupdn’t blame them, infact embrace them with open arms because they’re cutting costs for them. This indirectly is also positively affecting our economy even if we might not be able to directly see it.

    You just have to know that the world is much more open now than it was ever before. And that being said, it’s just the concept of Survival of the Fittest as Darwin’s theory rightly said. So if you’re aren’t willing to work for something and just want it because of your race or gender, that’s not going to happen in today’s world.

  31. Hey American STEM worker,

    When your father’s sperm united with your mother’s egg, you arrived on this planet earth in the US.

    When my father’s sperm united with my mother’s egg, I arrived on this planet in this land called India.

    Lets not make the land we were born into our identity. Do not forget that your forefathers were not born in the USA.

    No country including the mighty US can survive for even 1 minute without depending on other countries. So cut your H1 folks taking away US jobs crap. US is not doing fukin favor to anyone by depending on people from other countries. Europeans migrated to the US and replaced Native Indians. How can you talk as if you guys are living in the US here since since the beginning of time!

    Shame on you.