Microsoft, Uber Employees Among Those Most Positive in 2019: Survey

According to a new survey from Blind, three-quarters of tech pros think 2019 will be a good year for their employer, with Salesforce, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber, and PayPal leading the charge.

In the survey, a whopping 93.6 percent of Salesforce employees think their firm will do well in 2019. An almost-as-impressive 92.8 percent of Microsoft employees feel the same, while the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn brand is a close third, with 92.3 percent of staff saying 2019 is looking good.

Uber surprised us with a full-throated 92 percent staff endorsement, showing its trials and tribulations from the Kalanick days may be behind it (however, we will note that Uber is believed to be filing for an IPO in 2019, so perhaps everyone is just eager to see how their equity turns into real money). PayPal rounded out the top five with 90.8 percent of staff looking forward to 2019.

On the other end of the spectrum, only 58.9 percent of Oracle staffers think 2019 will be a good year for the company, perhaps hinting it’s been truly snared in a data-privacy trap that’s affecting the bottom line. A mere 52.7 percent of Intel staff feel 2019 will be a good year for the company; unsurprising, as Intel finished 2018 with a whimper while navigating the waters of a CEO shakeup.

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Snapchat only has 46.9 percent of employees positive about 2019 – a sign its ho-hum earnings call for Q4 2018 may be indicative of something larger amiss in Venice Beach. And eBay, which is apparently still around, checks in with 41.2 percent of employees reporting good thoughts. Verizon Media (née, Oath) is the worst for wear: only 37.2 percent of staffers are positive about 2019; we’re not surprised, considering it just laid off seven percent of its workforce and has yet to compete on profitability.

That leaves the rest of the pack on shaky ground. Only 79.5 percent of Facebook staffers think 2019 will be positive, though we must admit we’re still dubious of any self-reporting from Facebook employees, especially when you consider they stack-rank staff (and being negative can get you fired).

Around 77.1 percent of Googlers are looking forward to 2019. Amazon has a healthy 89 percent of its over-worked-force positive about 2019, while Adobe and Cisco hover around the 85 percent mark; 72.3 percent of Apple staffers think 2019 is going to be a good one for the company.

2019 hasn’t given us much to look forward to yet, so it’s hard to know whether there’s anything for these folk to be excited about. It seems as though the tried-and-true workhorses in tech are still reeling from a rough 2018, a situation that won’t remedy itself any time soon.