9 Top States for Tech Pro Salaries


Salary: $99,191
YoY change: 3.3%

Year after year, Minnesota has remained a consistent presence on these kinds of lists; going back to mid-2015, for example, it topped topped Dice’s list of the fastest-growing states for tech jobs, with year-over-year workforce growth of 8.36 percent. Cities such as Minneapolis-Saint Paul boast a combination of startups and major corporations, as well as a healthy pipeline of local talent.

Minnesota (as with other states in the Midwest and South) has a notably low cost of living, which attracts tech pros leery of the high prices you find in places like California and New York. Your $99,000 goes a lot further here than in other states.

New York

Salary: $98,219
YoY change: -6.6%

For years, New York City fought aggressively to attract tech companies of all sizes, even branding itself as “Silicon Alley” in an attempt to attain marketing parity with Silicon Valley. For example, former mayor Michael Bloomberg told Stanford’s graduating class in 2013 that New York City offered all the same benefits as the Bay Area… plus stuff to actually do at night aside from going “to the Pizza Hut in Sunnyvale.”

New York City succeeded in its mission, although many of its citizens are debating the cost. When Amazon announced that it would plant one of its “HQ2” headquarters in Long Island City, a neighborhood across the East River from Midtown, it sparked a massive amount of pushback from a community anxious about the strain on local resources.

But that sort of debate hasn’t stopped Amazon, Google, and other firms from adding local jobs at a steady clip. Meanwhile, outside of New York City, the state government is trying to make areas such as Central New York most hospitable to tech firms, with very mixed results.


Salary: $96,928
YoY change: 6.5%

Oregon is the beneficiary of several tech-industry trends at the moment. A recent LinkedIn study named it a prime destination for folks fleeing San Francisco in search of better cost of living; and a 2018 study by Zippia placed it ninth among the best states to launch a startup. The state’s combination of schools, well-funded startups (Puppet being arguably the most notable), and really good friggin’ coffee make it a great destination for tech pros.