Trump Administration’s H-1B Visa Changes Proven Effective in New Study

When we talk about the H-1B visa program under Trump, the conversation is almost always around governmental policy changes or proposals. Now we have a better idea of how all the maneuvering is actually affecting tech.

In the most recent HackerRank DevSkills report, tech pros were asked about the impact of U.S. immigration policy on them or those they knew. A large percentage (43.74 percent) found the questioning not applicable, suggesting they were simply U.S.-based candidates with no connection to the H-1B visa program (or any other visa program tech pros may take advantage of), and didn’t know anyone involved in such programs.

But almost 25 percent (24.48 percent, specifically) said recent U.S. immigration policy has discouraged them or someone they know from applying to jobs in the United States. Nearly one-fifth (17.20 percent) were unable to get a visa to work in the United States.

These two figures, combined, show that roughly 40 percent of tech pros have been affected by U.S. immigration policy changes. While this data isn’t unique to the H-1B visa, that visa program is most often used by foreign tech pros and U.S.-based tech companies that hire talent from overseas.

H-1B Affects Tech Recruiting, Too

When it comes to recruiters, the same two data points are relevant.

U.S.-based hiring managers report hiring tech talent has been “more difficult” with immigration policy changes. Around 30.43 percent insist the changes Trump’s administration has set in motion make things difficult; only 14.36 percent of global hiring managers report the same, which suggests domestic changes are helping foreign tech recruiters find and retain their local talent.

Around 12.56 percent of U.S. hiring managers say policy changes have discouraged them or someone they know from applying for jobs stateside. This data-point isn’t dissected further, but it suggests many people who would otherwise apply for an H-1B or similar visa no longer wish to.

Globally, the percentage of hiring managers who report they or someone they know were discouraged from applying to a U.S.-based job skyrockets to 27 percent. We should point out that HackerRank asked the same question of tech pros and recruiters/hiring managers, and it’s more than likely recruiters are offering details on candidates more than their own, personal experiences with U.S. immigration policy changes.

A third data-point that stands out is the number of candidates unable to obtain work visas in 2018. Only 5.56 percent of U.S.-based recruiters and hiring managers say they’ve experienced candidates having issues obtaining work visas, which is relevant to those candidates already here who are simply renewing their visa.

Globally, 18.41 percent of hiring managers say they’ve experienced candidates having issues obtaining work visas. This category follows the same disparate ratio as those workers reportedly discouraged from seeking a visa to work in the United States.

While the Trump administration’s H-1B stance has been reliably polarizing, this data shows it has also been effective. Foreign tech pros are discouraged from applying for visas; and when they do apply, they’re often unable to obtain one. Recruiters are finding it harder to discover talent, which many tech pros stateside will point to as evidence of a flaw in the system; those who feel slighted by tech recruiters often feel they’re simply being overlooked as recruiters hunt for overseas employees.

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  1. This is baloney. I don’t know where these numbers came from, but those percentages are nowhere near enough they are very very low. The H1B program has simply got to stop PERIOD. End of comment.

    • Art Carapola

      I couldn’t agree with you more. This has been the most devastating program for US technology workers ever. Also, the people brought in on this program are just terrible – almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

      The worst part are the money hungry companies that lay off American workers to teplace them with H-1B imports. When I worked at GE I was forced to lay off 125 domestic IT staff (programmers) and bring in Indian workers. I soon after resigned in protest.

      That move was predictably a disaster. The IT worker shortage is a complete BS fabrication. In almost every situation where I have seen H-1B used, there were many super qualified American candidates available. The job goes to an Indian, the manager gloats about how much money was saved, the staff is stuck trying to train an unqualified worker, and then the Indian moves on for $5 an hour more ince he/she develops a bit better skill set.

      Shut the program down!!!!

      • Innotgeorgel

        Why do you think government is doing it? Could it be because of all the companies lobbying for it and all the money and lobbying we allow in our political system that outweighs voters and citizen’s wishes so big company owners can make fatter profits?

    • Johnny Daniel

      For at least seven years now I have been doing contract work and I have traveled from east to west , north to south. Every industry you can think off. The one constant in every instance is the group considered to be the minority. If you are thinking Middle Eastern, Far East or Hispanic you would be wrong. The minority (smaller group of individuals) were to my surprise, AMERICANS. The ratio was at least twenty to one. Meaning, twenty middle easterners for every one American. It baffling to me to see that we were the minority in our own country. Some would say that the Middle Easterner are better prepared than Americans are. B S we are just as good if not better than they are in every aspect of the IT arena. True there can be some that are very good at what they do, but the great majority is average at best. The only thing they have in their favor is that they get paid a lot less than we Americans did. Worse yet it is impossible to compete with this people regarding the salaries because they pool their resources together. Case in point, when I traveled I had to pay for my room and board. In the same city (DALLAS Texas) in the same extended stay hotel I would pay $400.00 a week while the middle easterner would fit 5 or more in a room sharing the room and board expense among all five. How is this arrangement good for the industry? It is not as it drives the consulting rates down. In short, the only chance we as Americans have to get a contract is if one of the individuals cannot return to the states for whatever reason. BTW, that is how I got most of my contract work. Someone was not able to make it back to the U.S. hence the position became critical and available overnight. I do not know what can be done or how to fix this problem other than establishing some sort of whistle blower program that sheds a light on companies that are engaging on this practice of not hiring American only because it is cheaper to hire H1B Visas holders.

  2. Ernest timpy

    I believe we need to stop companies like opentext who hire off shore and uses Canada as entryway into our us market! We need to give jobs to our next generation of tech workers in the US!

  3. Kill the Visa program for IT tech workers. It has been totally abused by all..from recruiter to corporation. Unqualified Indian workers and their spouses undercut wages and steal jobs from Americans. If you are a US Corp and enjoy that privilege then hire US workers. No debate!

    • You don’t need to end it. Specially when you consider the amount of open jobs and unemployed IT professionals. What is a more sensible way of dealing with this problem is raise the required salary necessary to hire a foreign worker. If for an H1B a minimum salary is 120K, you will:
      1 – Discourage bringing unqualified professionals (too expensive to risk it); and
      2 – Prevent using the program to undercut salaries.

      • Sergio -In a proper world you would be correct and the H1-B program could be adjusted. Unfortunately the level of corruption in Republicans and Democrats means the program needs to go. Republicans want cheap labor for their donors. Democrats want want cheap labor for their donors and immigrant future voters. The donors want to flood the market with low wage immigrants — driving our wages down.

        Right now, there has been a “slight” improvement, but what is to prevent the next administration from doubling H1-B’s by issuing F-4 visas — that was what the last guy did – and we got crushed by it. There are many other ways to “adjust” the visa programs, to get the desired results. Meanwhile the tech billionaires just got richer, while IT pros got poorer.

        When we had a real shortage, you got hired the day of the interview and managers could not afford to be petty. Now it takes weeks to interview, more weeks to on-board ( if they decide they want you ) , and lots of petty nonsense to make the day longer.

        The current guy, is the only one who seems to looking out for us (American IT pros), but he can only operate within the law.

        • Plus don’t forget the employees who get overlooked for career advances! Three women in the department were well qualified for the Managers position. One even had degree in IT management, company brought in a man from India

      • Sergio: That is the first constructive response I have seen in this H1-B battle. It makes perfect sense. Which of course means it will never be adopted! Yet it is such a simple answer. BRILLIANT!!

      • John Pittway

        Sergio you are on to something. Every region has an average wage for talent of any kind. If the H-1B or any imported talent is to be hired, then their wage, including benefits, should not be less then a U.S. citizen’s. The employer benefit cost should go the visa holder in cases where the benefit cannot be extended to non-citizens.

    • send this letter to President

      Please reform our immigration system to benefit the American people

      President Trump made it very clear that illegal immigration hits working class Americans the hardest: “No issue better illustrates the divide between America’s working class and America’s political class than illegal immigration. Wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards. “Meanwhile, working class Americans are left to pay the price for mass illegal migration — reduced jobs, lower wages, overburdened schools and hospitals, increased crime, and a depleted social safety net.” Illegal aliens cost American taxpayers roughly $116 billion each year. This is $116 billion that won’t go toward healthcare, education, social services, or other programs that benefit working Americans. This is a travesty that cannot be allowed to continue. However, I disagree with the president’s call for more legal immigration. Legal immigration to the United States is already far too high and needs to be reduced. The majority of foreign workers in the U.S. are less-educated and lower-skilled and compete directly with America’s most vulnerable for jobs. Congress needs to follow the president’s clarion call to make an immigration system that benefits all Americans and legal immigrants. You need to pass legislation that secures the borders, makes it difficult for illegal workers to take U.S. jobs, and penalizes employers that hire them.

      • Imnotgeorgel

        You are completely off topic here. H1-B visas are LEGAL immigration and no H1-B holder comes in over the southern border outside a port of entry. Also, low skilled undocumented workers don’t take jobs from Americans. They fill jobs Americans won’t do for the most part. That is completely different from H1-B which depresses salaries for high-skilled workers and has been a program that has been abused for profits (to pay management more) by big corporations and high-tech entrepreneurs.

  4. Gene Delfino

    This whole thing has been setup for the benefit of large corporations. It was called the American competitiveness act signed into law by Bill Clinton for the dirty Republicans and espically for geedy mr. Bill Gates, mr greed said he couldn’t find qualified USA IT persons for 40k per year. So this law said you don’t have to hire Americans.
    Thank you President Trump for attempting to fix this but the only fix is get rid of the current law that allows this nonsense.
    Ps to all those dirty politicians who said Americans were not educated enough and lacked the skills I have one question for you idiots. Which country put a man on the moon and brought him safely back to earth?
    Adding to that thought, our first pilot in rocket travel was a monkey! So you deficent genious, do you think you can train humans to do this work. Here’s a thought, Maybe we can train monkeys to be politicans, this would save us the cost of their health care and retirement salary for life.

    • 40k what a joke while non techie tool operator is making 120k I know that first of hand. And tool learned programmer which in this day and age in US it’s no big deal . In fact they should review all the application they already working on to give green card and charge all the corporate who are involve soon they will all behave. Their are too many qualified American and I don’t understand this visa processing unit don’t they see for one position more then 200 applicants locally that we don’t need H-1 stop this period

  5. I doubt that it discouraged foreign workers to come to the US. I’m still working with and seeing same H1-B people in my shop. They just keep low profile and don’t be cocky like they used to. When Trump is out of the office they will come out of woodwork and brag how good they gamed the system. US corporates created and promoting this problem and they are not going to let that go to undermine their bottom line.

    • I agree with 150k they will be able to hire the genius they are searching for. But I think they want to hire a genius paying minimum wage. Salary for software engineer in India is around 10k us$/yr or 5k us$/yr(for entry-level) a year so that is our bottom line. In China goes around 25k us$/yr (increasing very fast, because local demand), that is just for you to have an idea of who you are competing with.

  6. systemBuilder

    Wow what a load of horse BS. The real question is not the quantity of H1B visas or the paperwork to get them, but rather, average quality of successful H1B applicants. There is no evidence this has gone up, and due to the tremendous hassles of getting a visa, to these highly mobile talented people,they might actually just choose another country or stay home. This is a known outcome of teacher union certification (necessary to teach in public schools.)

    • I love these comments. I am going to say almost all of it is true. Trums should stop H1B sh..t. it only benefits the top 1%. Oh by the way they are 1 ruling the country; so unfortunate. .. we need young president.. all of these half dead politicians should retire and should be removed from the ofgice when they reach 62..

  7. Look what I haven’t heard here is the corruption that exists in these transactions! They have been paying some of these foreign workers as much as 275/hr to the company and this went on for years, but what also is going on is the Consulting firm’s are kicking back to someone in the corporation. This is why many of the American consulting companies have disappeared, not because there isn’t enough American talent or how much we charge. They (American Consulting Firms) are held to a different standard.
    I was listening to a Accounting consultant PHD reporting to Budget committee that we have a shortage of people in the work force he reports. And they will need to tax us 10 to 30 % more to make a dent in the deficit! I wonder if they calculated the lost taxes from foreigners receiving there pay in their home land thus not paying their fare share here in and to the USA where they work. Although I agree 200% with our President that we need walls in the North and South, but that is not our biggest losses, where the USA and its people suffer is in the lost revenues resulting from the monies going out of country without being taxed???
    So we lost our jobs to foreign nationals and we have to train them, in order to get our severance. We lose the taxes paid to the USA, for the economy and this has happened at many LARGE corporations and small. Does that sound financially fiscal.

  8. Michael G Deal

    It should be remembered that certain H-1B visa applicants also require a “deemed export license” from the Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) at the US Department of Commerce if they are going to have access to controlled unclassified information (“CUI”) and technology subject to the Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”). Note that CUI is neither classified “secret” information (controlled under NISPOM) nor military technology (which is separatedly controlled under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations known as “ITAR”); but, is commercial “high technology” that includes not just IT, but aerospace, materials, chemical processing technology and a broad swath of other technologies. See the Commerce Control List (“CCL”) in the EAR codified at 15 CFR Part 772.

    The “deemed export rule” also applies to employees of the foreign subsidiaries of US companies who have access to US origin technology.

  9. I’m an european engineer with 9 years experience in the IT (C# .NET, C, C++, SQL Server, Oracle, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc..) and I’ve been looking for a Visa Sponsorship in the last 5 months.
    Most of the time when i was just mentioning the word “sponsorship” for a job offer in the US, the recruiters didn’t even reply to me anymore. I’ve searched for job offers in all main US job portals and 99% of the job opportunies cannot provide a Visa Sponsorship (unless you have the skills to work at NASA..)
    Every few days some recruiters contact me for job offers in the IT (because of my CV), so it seems there are many open positions in the US, and even if there are many great american tech talents, maybe they are not enough to cover all the available positions.
    Anyway since recruiters now are only looking for american citizens or green card holders, I’m really curious to see how many H1B applicants there will be this year..

  10. Asa very liberal american i can only say this:
    There are many talented citizens in the USA who need to work, this is all about the glorified dollar and getting people from outside the USA to work cheap.

    • Bill L – I can say that you are 100% correct. Please remember Republicans and Democrats are equally corrupt in this. They both want cheap labor for their donors. The current guy in the White House is the only one trying to look out for you and your family.

  11. CerpherJoe

    Well now we know for sure… Dice doesn’t give a sh1t about American job-searchers – just their own ‘hiring professionals’ whose jobs are getting more difficult now that they can’t sell out their American compatriots as easily as before.

  12. Why can’t we hire talent from US. I am a recruiter and I receive calls from companies here who are all really based offshore trying to market talent. In many cases they don’t even have candidates but they will get them later. They offer them at low rate that some companies would be taken by those rates. It is so funny to receive emails from 20 to 30 companies for the same position but different candidates who are surely not based in US. This has to stop. When will companies wise up and hire local. When you hire local you help the local community and that improves the neighborhood. When will that be clearly defined/explained and implemented?

    • I don’t agree with everything Trump is doing, but with this, I do agree. I also agree with you that A LOT of Indians do not deserve to be here. When the H1-B program started, there was a diverse pool of talent from all corners of the world. Then the system became insanely corrupted. The majority of IT companies are at least 80% Indian and the require continuous training and are god awful.

  13. Johny Boy

    You remember that whole fiasco a few years ago how Disney effectively got rid of all their seasoned and very experienced professional IT workers for cheap overseas labor because of the expansion of the H1B under the previous administration. That is why I believe changes to the H1B program needed to the done, its not that in that example we had a lack of people and a need to fill jobs, it was corporate greed that as the problem and the H1B provided the fuel. Unchecked immigration and loose regulations can lead to unchecked greed and loss of jobs for domestic workers.

    • Johny Boy – In a proper world you would be correct and the H1-B program could be adjusted. Unfortunately the level of corruption in Republicans and Democrats means the program needs to go. Republicans want cheap labor for their donors. Democrats want want cheap labor for their donors and immigrant future voters. The donors want to flood the market with low wage immigrants — driving our wages down.

      Right now, there has been a “slight” improvement, but what is to prevent the next administration from doubling H1-B’s by issuing F-4 visas — that was what the last guy did – and we got crushed by it. There are many other ways to “adjust” the visa programs, to get the desired results. Meanwhile the tech billionaires just got richer, while IT pros got poorer.

      When we had a real shortage, you got hired the day of the interview and managers could not afford to be petty. Now it takes weeks to interview, more weeks to on-board ( if they decide they want you ) , and lots of petty nonsense to make the day longer.

      The current guy, is the only one who seems to looking out for us (American IT pros), but he can only operate within the law.

  14. And not one word in this article about how H1Bs affect the us domestic IT labor pool. In the last 10 years I have yet to step in to an IT shop that was NOT dominated by H1Bs. This program definitely needs to end or severely curtailed.

  15. And not one word in this article about how H1Bs affect the us domestic IT labor pool. In the last 10 years I have yet to step in to an IT shop that was NOT dominated by H1Bs. This program definitely needs to end or severely curtailed.

  16. I’m not sure if I find this study even remotely accurate. I have over 20 years IT experience, and my BS degree as well as NUMEROUS high-end certs. I live in rural Northeast and currently have to fly to California for 3 weeks at a time due to layoffs here (I’m currently in CyberSec). At my new job, I am one of 3 Americans out of 100’s of people in the department. I feel like a foreigner in my own country…..I am appalled by this. I don’t believe the skillset they possess is greater (isn’t speaking / writing FLUENT English a prerequisite skill???)

  17. i support trump.
    almost all the companies i worked for with indian workers. the first person they eliminate is American workers. it does not matter how hard or how better American workers are. They replace them with Indian. Chase citibank, Southwest.

  18. Francesco

    Dear friends .. lot of comments were utterly stupid and overprotective if you need protection and want to avoid competition is bad for you and your country …
    If you don’t let talents enter you will lose your edge in technology FULLSTOP
    The simplest rule should be everyone entering with H1B should have the SAME salary as an american worker … this will stop indians to send unskilled worker to cover jobs with lower salary
    America is all about people moving for a better future .. you want to become a bigger england ?

      • I completely agree with you. They are the absolute worst. There is some good offshore talent, more recently in Poland and Israel, but India is the absolute worst which is why I’m astonished by how many of them are in top level management in FAANG companies – but make no mistake they did not make those FAANG companies, they were handed the reigns, so they had a foundation of success from predecessors.

  19. This is literally fake news. Title says “Trump Administration’s H-1B Visa Changes Proven Effective in New Study”.

    No changes in H1-B.
    And also no “study”, just an online and subjective poll… (“someone I know may have been discouraged”.)

    Furthermore, there has never been a time where every single person who wants to come to work in the US has been able to finally come. There’s always a big percentage of people who just can’t and for many reasons.

  20. I quit my job and tried for 2 years to create an American-based consulting firm, butI was continually blocked…not by foreign competition. I was blocked by major US corporations retiring me to show in excess of $200,000.00 cash flow. Right. Who has that kind of cash paying around. I still have the business plan, organizational structure, etc., bu I can’t get anywhere. The game is rigged, and whoever mentioned the kickback, you are right. Along with the income-flow threshold, bulk money is passed along behind the curtains. I have worked as an IT consultant for 18 years, and I commend Eastern Indian consultants and companies, because they gave US competition My thrust with starting my own company was NOT to do away with them…rather, it was to compete with them…the American Way. I know how to compete with them reasonably and fairly, but I exhausted myself and my resources in trying to compete. What blocked me was a seemingly quiet agreement among major corporations to work with foreign-based companies through a slightly lower wage…and kickbacks, legal or not. I felt, and still believe, that we can compete with them…readily. I also architected a business plan to hire local US citizens in struggling US rural communities for customer-service & support opportunities. My plan would bring jobs, revenues, and taxes to struggling US rural communities…, but no one is listening….! We don’t need laws or regulations or bans…we need to be allowed by major corporations to compete with these companies and demonstrate our greater value overall. I know how to accomplish this as well as I know how t mow my lawn. I have studied this and lived this for almost 20 years. We can be the best option, right here in America. If I had the revenue, I could compete with these companies within 2 months. I am blocked by US corporations who limit said competition.

    • But you are not considering, that all these 1000s and 1000s of super qualified IT guys, had to become 3 years unemployed before they took their realtor position, or their Hertz Rent A Car driving position. They had to file away their really high level skills, and call on their 16 year old high school skills, and get paid nothing, in order to be employed. It is a joke. And unfortunately, you are not making conclusions with facts. Their family’s had to lose their home, and they had to go on food stamps. It is a slap in the face to red-blooded Americans. So you really don’t know what you are saying.

  21. Companies will set higher limits on education for a position than is needed. This will edge out the American worker who can do the job. Then they will say they can not fill the position and bring in a H1-B worker. H1-B should be temporary not and permanent entry way into country. The H1B workers get lower wages and perks from tech companies that affect the pay in the market. Some companies supply housing and transportation for H1B workers while they do not do that for regular workers. Look at the Silicon valley that is flooded with H1B workers. The influx of H1B has cause the cost of housing to soar.

  22. IndianITGuy

    I cant help but agree with most of the comments here. But I would like to tell you something though. I came to the US and got my MBA and my Masters in Information Systems. I shifted from being a programmer to a Business Analyst and it took me more than 1000 job applications to find a job as an Analyst. A lot of these annoying Indian consultancies called me up to offer me a programming job and salaries were north of 80,000 USD (I dont know if that’s minimum wage for a tech worker) but I still decided to work as an analyst for a lower pay because that was my area of study. We need the United States to step up and shutdown these consultancies that ruin the Industry for qualified americans. Before you guys get mad at me, I’m going to leave this country by the end of 2019. I will not stay where I’m not wanted 🙂 Peace

  23. if stoping h1b program or foreigners entering usa. how about stopping u.s.american companies or stopping or blocking all western european companies british, french, german, spanish, italian companies complete stop doing business in India. take out all your companies and usa products making license money and selling products in india, from these foreign countries we will see how all those american european corporations will make more american jobs in homeland usa? all american companies [uniliver, gsk, p&g, cola, pepsi, google, ibm, intel, disney, fox 21 century, boeing, scjhonson, allstate, liberty mutual, citi bank, ford, merc, sanofi, general motors, ge, … ] . Also stop selling american and european defence equipment to india we will see how many usa american jobs will be created and maintained?? Please take you h1b visas program back no worries but at the same time be prepared to take out all your american products and business to moon!! FULLSTOP. Indians do not have to come to usa to work as slaves, we can develop our own industries and products, we do not need USA a just 200 year old country show the way to 8000 year old India civalization. Good luck USA. By the way withing 200 years how a country becomes richest and powerful country on this earth, let me guess taking short cuts and 20 wars, bullying, sabotaging, slavery,….. I’m sure breaking some human and gods laws!!!

  24. It is so sad that that amount of damage is so deep that even if H1B is abolished today(will never happen), it won’t take affect in next 2-3 generations. And we have these so called high skilled imports from sub substandard Universities in India (where a lot don’t even have a technical a degree)and tuition is basically nothing and American parents who spend hundred of thousands of dollars, that we spend half of our life to re-pay and these people take our jobs.

  25. Scott Lary

    I don’t see anything in this proposal to stop the abuses of the H1-B program. What is in this proposal that stops employers from replacing US employees with alien ones? What stops employers from forcing terminated US employees from having to train their alien replacements? What stops employers from blackmailing terminated US employees into signing nondisclosure agreements in order to keep their severance packages and/or pensions? What is eliminating the rampant age discrimination occurring in this industry that is artificially creating shortages? What’s certifying that the alien employees are being paid at the rate needed to replace them with US employees. The answer is nothing. This is about money flowing from the tech industry into politicians pockets.

  26. Looking at the comments above, in general I see that those who are angriest about the H1B situation are those who would appear to have the poorest written English. What is the correlation here?

  27. Can I go to another country and take away jobs from that countries natural born citizens? Of course not, so why is this allowed in the US? The result of this is going to be the birth of nationalism amongst older more experienced IT professional who will start businesses and walk away from big US companies who will fail due to a lack of loyalty from their employees. You get what you give. IT professionals are not lacking in intelligence, they just need to develop a back bone and take their rightful place as leaders in this modern tech era.

  28. The Indian groups need to change their culture at any working place. They will never share ideas to non Indians working as a team is not essentials with Indian as long that you are not from their culture . I praised Trump for his action. I am encouraging Trump administration to increase funds to workforce group to training American on IT

    • yurakm

      In my experience, this is far from true. I worked with many Indian colleagues, and we exchanged ideas and opinions all the time.

      Most probably, you did not like the colleagues and they felt it. Though, possibly, you worked in bad teams.

  29. H1-B needs to be stopped completely. Saying we need ANY foreign employees is bs. There are enough Americans to fill every single tech job. There are many Americans that were laid off any need to get back to work. Maybe some will need training, but oh well. That will be investing in Americans.

  30. And the beat goes …..Four years ago my IT department was 98% American workers, today I’m one of five still standing out of fifty IT personal. Replaced by all Indian workers. A couple days ago while on the train heading downtown I noticed that all but five people on the car I was riding in was NOT of Indian decent. Not Good !!!!

  31. The H1-B program is a scam abused by Indian and Pakistani companies to import cheap labor to displace workers then convince the American Company to outsource all IT to India. I have seen this personally first hand at the company Eversource (where I worked) where American workers were forced to train their replacements at risk of losing their separation packages. It’s a criminal effort by US companies to drive down the wages in the IT community. There is no need for importing workers until we are 100 percent employed.

  32. I have been doing this for 25 years. I watched as they flew guys in from India for Y2K. Just the clothes on their back. Gave them apartments and all of the things needed to live and work. The 2 guys didn’t have a clue. I carried them for 2 weeks and quit. I then worked for a big company for 8 years. I traveled to client sites weekly for about 4 years in Professional Services. I had enough of travelling soon after and went to Client Services doing exactly the same thing from home. They gagged me with severance and required that I train 2 guys from India. They lost the account about 3 months later. Outsourcing devastated the market. I was making more 20 years ago than I am today. I am FTE now, but I know what my skills WERE worth. I am thrilled with the H1-B cutback, but my boss now is from India, so it’s borderline a case of racism. The preference for Indian workers is all to obvious, but it doesn’t seem they are being paid on the low end. They make more than I do, and I have had time to evaluate it myself. What’s going in California now and in many big companies will never stop. What Trump is doing will help, but a couple generations of damage will take a couple generations to fix; and I don’t think we have that. It would have to be investigated, or maybe just the threat of one. There’s at least a light shining on it now. I am cool with limited H1-Bs for very qualified individuals. 99% of the emails for open positions based on my posted resume are from people who’s names I cannot pronounce; and in most cases, it doesn’t seem they have looked at my resume (or, maybe they can’t read it). A keyword search is OK for personal googling use, but not in a professional USA market. 80% of the help desk lines for big companies are manned (or womanned. Ha Ha) by people I can’t understand. I always ask for someone that speaks fluent English, but I don’t always get one.

    • TechWienie

      You won’t get someone at the help desk who speaks fluent English probably because there aren’t any. Much help desk work is outsourced to India. This was true of the last 2 places I worked. Outsourced Indian staff speak worse English than H-1B people, because they need to speak English only at work. At least the H-1B people get to practice their English with supermarket cashiers, bus drivers, etc. The last place where I consulted, the help desk staff were so bad that I couldn’t understand their English. They also seemed to know nothing, making it worse.

  33. The H1b program needs to end.
    The government provided some statistics on beneficiaries of H1b visas – every country was under about 3,000 people until the huge number of Indian citizens – over 250,000 Indians under H1b in the US in 2017. This is the cumulative number of those on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd years plus the ones who have applied for green cards and does not account for the ones who simply overstayed their visas. This also does not account for the ones who are trying to work as a spouse of an H1b visa holder. This imbalance is NOT providing a healthy diverse society.
    NOTE: there is currently HR1044 which is proposing the removal of PER-COUNTRY caps on Green Cards – Considering the huge imbalance in the numbers of H1b visas, I think we can all guess what would happen if the PER-COUNTRY caps were lifted from green cards.
    CALL your congressman/congresswoman and senators and the White House to express how you feel about this.
    In my area I am beginning to feel like I am in a ‘colony’ of India – the US is built on diversity and the gaming of the immigration system needs to stop. We cannot shut out all other countries simply because people from one overpopulated area want to come here.

  34. A lot of this tech companies hiring managers have this notion that once they see an Indian name on a resume, they believe they knows their stuff, which is a great lie from the kingdom of hell… You will found that out of 5 on a team only one of them knows the job and he would be the helping the others on the project… There are a lot of well qualified “Americans” out here but they are not given the opportunity. To make things worst, during interviews they have them interview the “Americans” for the position. They ask you questions that has nothing to do with the position just to make the candidate fail because they already have someone from Indian to give the position.

  35. These comments make me so angry. My boyfriend is a British citizen and he lives here in the states with me. He’s getting his masters degree right now in Human Factors Engineering. Thanks to this, he likely won’t be able to find a job here. Whatever happened to the American Dream? Whatever happened to diversity here in America? He’s so intelligent and the US could benefit from his ideas and could bring a lot of good to companies, but Americans hate foreigners, so I guess he’ll get shipped out after contributing to this country for 2 years. What a joke!