10 Top Cities & Metro Areas for Tech Salaries in 2019


2018 Salary: $103,271
Year-over-year change: 6.5 percent

Buoyed by a thriving, established healthcare community, Minneapolis has grown into one of the destination spots for tech pros. Its $103,271 average salary is well above the national average for tech pros, and it saw a 6.5 percent uptick year-over-year.

But that’s not the best news. Minneapolis, fourth on our list for gross tech pro income, tops all other metro areas when we consider cost of living. Your $103,271 adjusts to $100,949 in Mill City. This is one of the best income to cost of living adjustment ratios on our list.

In addition to major tech firms (many of which intersect with healthcare), Minneapolis has a deep startup scene. Many factories (which earned it the ‘Mill City’ moniker) have turned into incubators and office space for small tech firms. So long as you can brave the cold, Minneapolis should have your consideration as a major tech hub.

Minneapolis Dice


2018 Salary: $103,106
Year-over-year change: -2.1 percent

Boston is the first city on our list to see a decline in income, but it wasn’t too steep. Down 2.1 percent versus last year, Boston tech pros still earn north of six figures, with an average income of $103,106. It seems the cloud-heavy tech scene in Boston is seeing a slight decline of late.

Unfortunately, cost of living also dings Boston; it ranks just below Silicon Valley with an adjusted income of $92,805. The upside here is the gap between gross income and the adjusted cost-of-living data isn’t nearly as wide as Silicon Valley.

Washington D.C./Baltimore

2018 Salary: $101,235
Year-over-year change: 1.3 percent

Great news for the D.C/Baltimore area: The average gross tech pro salary in this area grew 1.3 percent last year, and now checks in at $101,235 annually.

The bad news? This combined metro area’s cost of living is disparate to its income. Living here comes at a nearly $20,000 premium, as your $103,106 dips dramatically to an adjusted income of $85,000.

This metro area is ripe with security- and cloud-based tech roles, which don’t always spark competitive pay. Coupled with the high cost of living (and lengthy commutes), it’s a recipe that keeps the cost-of-living gap wide.

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6 Responses to “10 Top Cities & Metro Areas for Tech Salaries in 2019”

  1. Darcy Carpenter

    I believe these reports are way under inflated. Maybe the salary is only listed for junior level employees or does not include other perks? Employees working for the “big” tech companies make north of 200k when bonus, stock incentives etc are all added.