10 Top Cities & Metro Areas for Tech Salaries in 2019

While our 2019 Dice Salary Survey shows an overall trend of plateauing tech pro salaries nationwide, we see variations amongst metro areas. And some cities offer average annual income levels far above the national average.

Some of the cities on this list are expected. Silicon Valley, which is rich in talent and opportunity, naturally leads the way. There are also several other massive metro areas with established tech hubs topping our list.

But there’s another key factor: cost of living. Tech salaries in some of the major metro areas on our list actually dipped slightly, and many with growth enjoyed only an incremental uptick. As we reach a “soft ceiling” for tech salary, cost of living is fast becoming a major consideration.

With all that in mind, which cities are best for tech pros? Read on to find out.

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6 Responses to “10 Top Cities & Metro Areas for Tech Salaries in 2019”

  1. Darcy Carpenter

    I believe these reports are way under inflated. Maybe the salary is only listed for junior level employees or does not include other perks? Employees working for the “big” tech companies make north of 200k when bonus, stock incentives etc are all added.