Which Tech Employers are Making the World a Better Place?

Do you think your company is making the world a better place? According to a recent Blind study, most tech pros do – and it may have more to do with job satisfaction than anything else.

When asked, “Is your company making the world a better place?”, 66.8 percent responded in the affirmative. (Blind pulled from a pool of 10,589 respondents.)

The company with the most true believers is (perhaps unsurprisingly) Tesla, with 91.2 percent saying the electric-car company is indeed helping create a better planet. A more surprising development is Uber’s second-place rank: 91 percent of the ridesharing giant’s employees say the company is making the world better. Cruise Automation, Google, and LinkedIn round out the top five.

But many staffers at major tech companies know they’re not part of the solution. Oracle ranked last in this survey, with only 27.2 percent of its employees saying it’s making a better planet. Snapchat is just above Oracle with 29.67 percent. Verizon-owned Oath, a cobbled wreck of failed companies such as AOL and Yahoo, only has 30.4 percent of its staff thinking the world is better as a result of their collective work.

Booking.com and Groupon round out the bottom five with 32.6 and 39.2 percent, respectively. The full list is below.

While the question posed to respondents was simple, it has some subtle nuance. You or I may think Uber does little more than disrupt the taxi industry to an alarming degree, but its staff may think hiring contract drivers to shuttle drunk tourists around Manhattan is making this world better. You may also think Tesla is little more than a proof-of-concept that will allow major auto manufacturers to go electric soon, but its staff – who would likely push back on that assessment – would argue that’s it’s also improving the environment for everybody.

We should also consider this study a glimpse at employee job satisfaction. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to discern what makes one company more a catalyst for good than the next (is Spotify really doing more to make the world a better place than Groupon?). While some firms’ results (and contributions to the planet) are obvious, these results may just as easily be regarded as a “shadow poll” of employee satisfaction with their companies; if you like where you work, you’re more inclined to think it’s making a positive contribution to humanity.

With that in mind, if you’re applying to Oracle (or another lower-ranked firm on this list), take a step back and think twice. Or at least make sure your sign-on perks package is excellent.

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