Dice Survey: Do You Feel Valued at Your Company?

Do you think your company truly values you and the work you do? Do you feel valued?

It’s a simple question, but answering it isn’t always so straightforward. Many tech pros equate their “value” (at least in a professional context) with how much they’re paid, and studies show most tech pros don’t feel they’re paid enough. As a binary query, it’s always a bit simpler to answer whether or not you’re being paid enough.

But “value” isn’t always realized in dollars. Our Dice Salary Survey shows tech pro pay is plateauing of late, with the mean income hovering at just under six figures per year. We all want better pay, but it’s not always about money, either: Better benefits are quickly becoming a method for employers to sweeten a hire without shelling too much out of pocket.

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Even then, “perks” and “benefits” are something of a gray area, and mean different things to each of us. Salary data gives us a better idea of what “good” pay is (relatively speaking), but perks are contextual. A company may have its own gym, but what if you’re not a workout fanatic? That’s not really a “perk” for you.

Indeed, maybe you’d rather work from your home office, and your company has a very flexible remote working program. Or the health benefits are incredible, and you’re ready to start a family. “Perks” are contextual and personal.

So rather than ask if you’re paid enough, we want to know if you feel valued at your job. As pay and perks go hand-in-glove, we’ve framed the answers for our survey to better reflect what value may mean to you individually; maybe your pay is lacking, but the perks are incredible.

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who is paid well, has excellent benefits, and loves the job. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of feeling valued by your employer, we want to hear from you!

Our surveys are always anonymous, so don’t hold back. We’ll be publishing our findings in a future article, so feel free to share it to your social network of friends and colleagues!