Tech CEOs Issue Open Letter Over H-1B, Immigration Concerns

Technology leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff recently signed an open letter, addressed to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, that argues against changes in immigration and H-1B policy.

You can find the full text of the letter here, released by Business Roundtable, an association of the CEOs of leading U.S. companies. It kicks off with a familiar argument: “Changes in immigration policy… are causing considerable anxiety for many thousands of our employees while threatening to disrupt company operations.”

From there, it breaks its criticism of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) into four parts:

Inconsistent Immigration Decisions

The letter attacks the recent USCIS decision to potentially reject applications and petitions without asking for either a Request for Evidence (RFE) or Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID): “Now, any adjudicator can disagree with multiple prior approvals without explanation.”

Uncertainty About Required Information

“Companies now do not know whether a work visa petition that was approved last month will be approved when the company submits the identical application to extend the employee’s status,” the letter continues. “This challenge is particularly acute for companies that hire H-1B professional workers where the government has narrowed eligibility criteria without issuing guidance to adjudicators or the public.”

Revoked Status for Spouses

The letter also criticizes the Trump administration’s decision to ban the spouses of H-1B visa holders from obtaining the H-4 visas that would allow them to find and hold jobs in the United States: “Other countries allow these valuable professionals to work, so revoking their U.S. work authorization will likely cause high-skilled immigrants to take their skills to competitors outside the United States.”

Commencement of Removal Proceedings

Under new policy, USCIS may deport certain workers whose applications are denied. “Our employees are concerned that they will face removal proceedings even if they have complied with immigration laws and intend to promptly depart the country,” the letter states.

Policy Battles

When President Trump took office, some pundits assumed that his administration would move quickly to reform the H-1B program, perhaps by radically curtailing the number of available visas. However, the administration’s changes have largely been incremental, such as giving USCIS more leeway for rejections.

And even as USCIS has tightened some policy aspects, the number of H-1B petitions and approvals has only continued to rise. The National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), a Virginia-based policy research group, found that companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google enjoyed double-digit increases in the number of approved H-1B visa petitions between 2016 and 2017.

Based on this letter, though, it’s clear that some of tech’s most prominent CEOs are concerned about the government’s more recent policy changes. The big question is whether their criticisms can actually sway future policy.

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  1. Carol M Goolsby

    I’m pleased something is being done about the H-1B workers. I’ve been IT professional for over 18 years,I’m a black female. until the last few years I have not had any issues obtaining work and/or working in a consultative capacity. The climate has changed,most shops have nothing but H-1B workers, most H-1B workers stick with their own kind, in hiring, in collaborating, and in given opportunities to their own. Their culture dictates that women, their own and especially other minorities be treated as second rate citizens, and do not adhere to any US discrimination laws. Worst of all,they obtain advance degrees very cheaply ($5,000 for a Bachelors Degree)

    • R Millz

      100‰ true. These Indians practice reverse discrimination. As soon as one is able to hire, the entire village is then working there within 6 months. They didn’t say a damn thing while they were displacing Americans did they? Now that their walls are closing in, they’re shaking in their boots. Good bless this administration for doing what’s right. If you think these CEO’s complaints aren’t driven by the fact that they can save money by hiring this slave labor, you’re insane.

      This of course doesn’t mention the fact that many many times, their qualifications, skills and resumes are totally falsified. I SEE IT EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

      Companies like Cognizant and Infosys have abused the system for years and now cry foul when they’re exposed. HAHA… ENJOY, SCUMBAGS!


    • If they raise the base pay to twice the minimum IT salary for H1B visas it would fix the problem. H1B visa should only be issued if a worker can not be found in the USA. If it costs more to hire an H1B visa from outside the USA then corporations will hire within USA first. The problem is with the minimum salary of 60K. If the minimum was 140K or 200K then the greedy companies will hire first in the USA. That is the correct way to do H1B visa, but the companies have the pockets of the politicians so no one will simple raise the salary of the H1B visa. Too easy of a solution

  2. Well its sad that many of H1b’s are abused. I dont know why Trump administration is confusing soo much. I really appreciate atleast someone is trying to clean up the big mess. They can just check the Date of birth with years of experiences mentioned in the resumes when the applied the h1b and there it ends many h1b abuses.

  3. The President is putting American citizens before foreigners who are being imported to take their jobs? That’s great news! It’s about time!

    When those CEOs give up their own positions to foreign guest workers, we can reconsider.

  4. First, H-1B’s have been a problem since the tech revolution began.

    Second, their usage was way down under Trump (I can’t say if they’ve made a comeback or not).

    Third, there’s no shortage of tech workers, these companies just want their labor cheap and they know that they can bring these jobs back to the applicants country for less money.

    My final point, if the future of our country and our leadership on the world stage depends on technology, then these H-1B visas are severely hurting our country as a whole.

    These companies need to start hiring American workers and building up at home.

    • I suspect that the fear of losing some H1b is more about cost than anything. I have heard in the news that there is a shortage of talent on shore which is driving the need for H1B. That may be true to some extent but I can tell you as a job seeker with 18-20 years of database background, employers are looking at candidates with too narrow a lens. 20 years ago when I entered the tech workforce, if you had a background that was near to what the employer wanted, you would get consideration. In this current low unemployment market, I am not seeing the same as I had seen before. If the candidate is not a 100% match the applicant is rejected instantly. Not sure why there is no incentive to retrain employees these days. Much of the talent that corporate America is on shore and should be utilized first before looking offshore. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Onthe Wall

    I am/was a Mainframe COBOL PROGRAMMER/ANALYST. I say do away with the H1B VISA’S ALTOGETHER. I worked steadily from 1976 thru 1st quarter of 2001. There was a small stock market meltdown at the time and after that is when MOST COMPANIES started to send work to India or wherever else over the internet. I could find no work except the new Net work, which I am not trained for. There are billions upon billions of COBOL code still in use today and they will still be in use when my great grand children hit the job market. Stop the HIB visas because it is much to easy for companies to say they cannot find people with the IT skills they require. As an example 1 company had the balls to list the types of IT skills they were looking for in months, when you added up all the months worth of skills it came around to 80 YEARS. No one has all those skills in the amounts they look for so it’s a perfect reason to get the H1B visa’s or just to send the work OFFSHORE(OUTSOURCED). The loss of assignments in 2001 was my first loss to outsourcing. Since then I have had 3 other PROGRAMMING POSITIONS and each case I was let go before a year was up because the job was OUT SOURCED.The OUT SOURCING AND H1B visa’s are destroying the HOME GROWN IT JOB MARKET IN THE USA. These IT jobs have to be protected just as MANUFACTURING jobs are trying to be protected to save them for OUR US CITIZENS FIRST.

  6. The H-1B program has been grossly abused by corporations across America and their executives are hard at work defending their criminal actions. Many of the tech giants in the USA such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, HP, Intel, and so many others arrogantly flaunt an employee base of 90% Indians. Yes, Indians primarily from Hyderabad. Based on the Immigration laws and the discrimination laws of the United States, it is impossible for a company like Microsoft or Intel, for example, to have 90% of their employees be Indian foreign nationals here on an H-1B work visa. But this is exactly what we have today. And these Indians have become so numerous that they have literally taken over the IT industry, making it extremely difficult for American citizens to find work.

    How do I know this? Because I am one of the Americans struggling to find work. I have also worked for many of these tech giants and have witnessed first hand the massive numbers of H-1B employees who are Indians. Hence, 90% is a very solid figure.

    The big question is, why has the federal government allowed this to happen? Why and by what authority did corporate America decide to betray the American work force by replacing them with foreign nationals? Is this not evil? This sadistic process began in the early 90’s, and we all saw it happening. But none of us understood where this train-wreck was heading. We had no idea that what appeared to be a money-saving scheme by corporate America would end up replacing American citizens and covertly handing over our rights and privileges to H-1B Indians so they could enjoy the American dream, that was meant for us, at our expense. In the name of God Almighty, why would the federal government, American corporations, and their managing Executives betray the American people by robbing of them of the very source of income (a job) that allows all other blessings of prosperity to fall upon their heads so they may enjoy the American dreams that were meant for them???

    I am a descendant of one of the founding fathers of this nation. His name is George Ross, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. His daughter-in-law, Betsy Ross, made the first American flag. And yet, at 60 years old, I have lost almost everything and I am basically homeless. Why? Because Indian nationals here on H-1B work visas won’t hire me, on the one hand, and on the other hand, American hiring managers and their millennial staff don’t always hire me because, at my age, with 38 years of IT experience, they view me as a threat and they find reasons to NOT hire me — age discrimination. Sadly, if something isn’t done to correct this criminal behavior, I may pass away in sorrow, poverty, and homelessness in the very land where our forefathers fought and died to preserve our liberty and independence from tyranny.

    Why hasn’t Donald Trump put a stop to this H-1B invasion scheme? Why are we still bringing in more and more H-1B’s when we should be sending them back to Hyderabad, India? Why isn’t the federal government charging and prosecuting numerous corporate executives for breaking the H-1B and Discrimination laws? Why don’t all these criminals feel guilty and shame for what they have done?

    • Paul – you must hold your Senators and Representative accountable to cooperate with the White House on this! There is only so much Trump can do – he has done it and it caused the letter from the Tech CEOs complaining about it. We MUST get our elected representative in Congress to move on this to support Americans. Call and email them!! Tell them you will be able to demonstrate about this. Don’t just write comments – demand they act one this.

    • Ross speaks the truth and from the heart. Age discrimination is prevalent because they see a senior IT person for even a contract role, the Indian IT manager doesn’t want to hire to hide their weaknesses from his boss. The number of skills they ask nowadays in this good job market is ridiculous – example: You need to know Oracle MS-SQL Server, good at SAP HANA integration, know JavaScript, System Admin and work for $45/hour and Train the Outsourced team in India!

  7. I’m glad that there are changes to the program. I would like to see it eliminated entirely. If it’s true that companies can’t find qualified Americans, which I think is nonsense, then train people to take these positions. Work with educational systems to address this issue so there are Americans trained for these positions. When I was young, the community college trained people to take programming positions and they were successful. Of course, things have changed but colleges should be able to adapt. Plus, there is a lot of online training that can get people up to speed.

    Once there are a number of H1B workers in a company, they only want to hire people like them so Americans can lose out on these positions.

  8. Norman Wroblewski

    I totally agree with Carol’s comment.
    I have written the same statement on multiple occasions.
    The American IT worker faces extreme work descrimination from H1B’s.
    As noted by the author they only want their own nationality as fellow workers.
    I have been in IT for a long time.
    It has become near to impossible to penetrate shops that are heavily staffed by H1B’s, also, there are companies and government agencies especially in SC. that refuse to follow the law regarding timelines.
    Indians on ‘work visas’ work for years without following the law.
    So, ultimately they have gained a foot hold that’s not being taken away.
    They also speak their own dialect most of the working hours.
    The visa program and H1B program is rigged and the American IT. worker is SOL!

  9. I watched as the wages of IT professionals went up through the 80s and 90s until the H1B program came in big time. It ramped up corruptly throughout the 90s. Wages have been flat, enrollments in US computer science programs declined, and the quality of work has declined – but it’s cheap. The program should be eliminated and and Americans should be trained for those jobs.

  10. joe brix

    Trump has done a great deal of talk on H1 but has done nothing so far. He went a few US factories and worked on saving a few blue collar jobs. I’ve seen no changes in the tech industry.

    • He’s tightened up the rules – did you read the article???
      He is having trouble getting things through congress – call your stinkin Senators and Representatives! Tell them we NEED this. Keep after them – they won’t do anything unless we PUSH them. Be aware they are getting a lot of money in donations to their re-election campaigns by these Tech CEOs and the PACs that they fund. We have an uphill battle and we must put up a strong front!! CALL and EMAIL!

  11. Standing on the corner

    Was laid off by huge multinational bank and they hired H1-Bs ITs from India. I am an over 60 IT guy and so were most of the others laid off. Had nothing to do with my performance, as I have great reviews (and the proof). They said they were cutting back expenses in their data centers (lies). They gave me couple of months severance on the condition to give up my rights to sue them for discrimination. I took the pill, because who is going to fight a bank with Congress in its pockets? 9 months later still looking for work.

  12. Tom Sizzle

    DICE, in case you haven’t noticed, nationalism is rising within the US. Why print a story like this when these “leaders” of tech are so out of touch with the rest of America?

    Americans want to work with Americans. Plain and simple. Black, white, yellow, purple, doesn’t matter as long as you are American.

    We will elect Donald Trump again in 2020 because he is putting our needs first! We don’t care if Apple, Google or any of the other abusive big tech companies are having to pay more for workers.

  13. I was a contract worker at a prominent bathroom fixture company with a Quality Control Manager position. I was slated to become full-time at the end of the contract, but they found that could hire one of their Mexican employees to fill the position on an H1B Visa for a lot less money, and he really did not know very much about how to do the job. It was a company decision, but in this case, they got what they paid for. A foreigner taking another American job, and not even doing as good of a job. It will probably take a politician to remedy this problem since our companies are only looking at $$$$

    • I am an IT professional (US Citizen) of 25 years also lookiing for work …again. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and nearly 15 yrs. experience in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Just over two years ago, I was out of work for 7 months before finding a position. It took a toll on me and my family. I finally and reluctantly accepted a job working for TCS, a decision for which I will likely always feel shame. But, I did not have a choice. I worked for 2 years surrounded by H1B Indians speaking a language I could not understand. I was the only non-Indian on a large team. I attended a picnic for all TCS employees at the company where I worked. I was the only non-Indian there out of roughly 200 people. After a brief two year stay, I was systematically rolled off the project, put on the bench while zero effort was made to place me on another project, then let go. The discriminatory practices of this company toward non-Indians is open and obvious yet little is being done about it. NONE of the H1B Indians on the project had specialized skills. All the skills and expertise were very common IT professional skill sets. There were even H1B Indians occupying roles as st general non-tech Project Managers. Certainly not specialized skills. Every one of the roles on the project could have been easily filled by an American IT professional. Whatever side of the aisle you are on, the collective goal of the American IT workforce needs to be to come together to END the H1B visa program. Since I first read the article this morning, there were ten additional responses speaking out against the H1B visa program. Keep them coming.

  14. I say open up the H1 program and make it unlimited – with 1 caveat. If a company wants an H1B worker and cannot find a qualified american then I assume these folks are worth more since they are so skilled. Therefore a company should be required to pay them 125% of the average wage earned by an american. Surely such an in-demand and supremely qualified candidate should be worth that. Or better yet, pay the extra 25% to the government to lower our debt/taxes. If companies were forced to pay more for these folks, I wonder what effect that would have on the demand

  15. Why is this insidious process continue? Sometimes desperate times require desperate truth.

    a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

    And as Ghandi said, “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth”.

    And the real, bottom line, actual, root cause truth, is because of the traitors in the Federal Government, not to mention the traitorous moral turpitude of the so-called “Tech Giants”. I for one have lost all respect for these so called Giants of industry. They may be giants of industry but they are the miscreants of America. Compare these traitors to Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie et al.

    The current crop of Giants put themselves,their over the top hubris and their megalomania over and above everything else, including what America is all about. They have succumbed to the oldest of all the amoral values – greed, raw power, love of Mammon (as Clint Eastwood said in Pale Rider, “You can’t serve God and Mammon”). So they have chosen the lowest path of human existence, disregard for the country, the culture and people who made it possible for them to succeed.

    What is the saying, history repeats itself?

    This process has been known for over 2000 years :

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
    But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at
    the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries
    his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those
    within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through
    all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents
    familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,
    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of
    all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and
    unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he
    infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.
    A murderer is less to fear.”

    Marcus Tullius Cicero, born 156 BC

    And the beat goes on …

  16. H1-B visas should be eliminated! Period. There are plenty of Americans with the skills, but get passed on because they can hire H1-B’s for half the cost. It needs to stop, now! It’s time for the CEO’s to lay in the bed they’ve made.

  17. Keith W

    These same companies crying foul are the same ones who have created engineering departments composed 80% or more by Indians. Their EEOC surveys sent to the labor department, and published by the Wall Street Journal prove it, and show that each H-1b season increases this by 4%. This is nothing more than open, systematic discrimination against Americans.

    This is RACIST!
    Indians ar RACISTS!
    Tech companies are RACIST!

    Where are the lawsuits?

    You are RACISTS!

  18. Since the sociopath in the White House is so keen to fight a trade war, how about a Trump tariff on either the countries or companies supplying the H1-B workers? At the very least, it could go some way to covering the Unemployment Benefits paid to displaced workers.

  19. Johnathan O'Colmain

    The horrors! In a time and place where CEO pay has skyrocketed from 22x median employee to now 400 in a few presidential term, paid in part by plundering the public corporations, but mostly by mass importation of cut rate counterfeit mindlessly obedient techies to fill the fraudulent narrative’s STEM shortage, how dare a real president reverse the wave of indentured servants to impoverish our best Americans and make trillionaires out of the mere billionaires in executive corporate positions! Had this treasonous act been done to public school teachers (bottom 1/3 on the SAT, BTW) or cops, DMV workers, etc, there would be riots in the street. The only US STEM shortage is of practitioners willing to work for a bowl of rice and to sign off “OK to use as is” on defective heart catheters. The treason of these executives goes beyond just impoverishing good, even our best citizens who worked hard and followed the rules to get technical degrees with the promise of being able feed themselves, but they are training competitors and even enemies in exactly what it takes to guarantee the US looses WW3, and making sure that WW3 happens.
    These visa pumping executives are traitors of the worst sort.

  20. The Tech CEOs have NO BUSINESS complaining about the removal of work authorization for family and spouses of H1b visa holders. There is NOT labor demand for such workers – they never had the expectation of being able to work and they most definitely were being requested as a way to further ‘game’ the H1b process. Looking at the comments when the rule was under discussion during Obamas’ administration they were quite open about the ‘two for one’ deal when this authorization would be available.
    No tears from me – they should not be allowed to work.

  21. The Tech CEOs are exploitative and ruining our careers by demanding H1b visas.
    Each and every commenter here has elected Senators and Representatives in Congress. We all need to contact them and tell them to get on board with this. You can be very sure these tech CEOs are using everything they can – financially – to influence our government leaders. We don’t have the cash but we have the votes – remind your representatives WHO they work for! Especially the ones like Orrin Hatch who keeps trying to put his “I-squared’ plan out there – he wants to DOUBLE H1b visas. Fortunately, Hatch is retiring voluntarily, but others are not – make sure they know our votes can force THEIR retirement.

  22. Stephen L. Day

    I can corroborate all of these stories. The company I worked for acquired an “India arm” – I continued to get assignments until the staffing function moved to India. When that happened, I sat in on phone calls where H1 and L1 candidates were coached on how to answer USCIS interview questions untruthfully so they could get their visas. With India doing staffing, I don’t recall a single staffing request filled with a non-Indian.

  23. Hard to feel any sympathy for H1B workers after what I’ve seen in IT over the last 10 years. I’m approaching 50 and am reminded that ageism is a thing, and of older coworkers that have been forced into early retirement because of cheap labor. I would like to work until I’m 70, do what I can to stay current on development tools. But I know it may not matter as long as companies are able to easily replace me with younger and cheaper models.

  24. Reading all of these comments, I was struck by how many people have shared my experiences in IT, as a person of color, a woman, over age 50 with 20+ years of IT experience. I want to be clear that this is not about hiring from India: Companies continue to make millions (or trillions) off the backs of the cheapest labor. As soon as that country grows its economy and starts demanding more money, these companies will move on to another country and start the cycle all over again (like a virus). Meanwhile, the people right here in the US are pushed out or excluded. These companies do not care that they are destroying the US labor market. Many students refuse to major in IT because they feel it is a waste of time. I may not be a Trump supporter, but I very much support this initiative to put an end to this greed, and put American workers first. Does anyone know of a petition or grassroots movement to support this?

  25. If you observe in the job market condition today, the recruiters are NOT even accepting H1B’s anymore they are preferable accepting applications with H4-EAD or with Student visa OPT’s or L1/L2 – for sure the are milking the cows again from these loopholes.

  26. I very much welcome the Government’s decision to overhaul the H1-B program. Being an International student (proud Indian and advocate of great US work culture) with top quality skill-sets and strong academics, my only reason to stay in the US is for a temporary basis to get an exposure of the diverse work environment here and contribute the wealth of knowledge, curiosity and intelligence I have gained over the years. Not boasting, but have to mention this as the feedback I have received from all my Managers who are Americans.

    But in all this brouhaha, People have seemed to overlook the wealth of really exceptional International Student population the US has. And many of them are unable to work/concentrate on their deliverables due to such policies not considering Value, backed by Data points. I have once been abused on a lower salary as well but I have now refrained and try to curtail this BS by taking ownership and cracking interviews directly with the Full time companies instead of with these “Professional Services” middle-men.

    Doing that I can now proudly boast of 2 offers with companies leading diverse industry sectors in the US and the World. If only the Government prioritizes H1-B petitions by the actual skill-sets and prioritize exceptional talents like us students having MS and/or PhD from Top US-World Universities (I know of some friends who had to leave US and their elite FTE jobs due to lack of getting an H1-B acceptance, I am/would be one of those too probably next year).

    My philosophy is to also have a good balance of Local and International talent on merit-basis and stop these middle-men staffing companies from artificially filling up the H1-B petition quota.

    P.S. I have also witnessed people who don’t deserve to be in these highly-skilled positions (both local citizens as well as few folks directly from an H1-B from other countries).

  27. I very much welcome the Government’s decision to overhaul the H1-B program. Being an International student (proud Indian and advocate of great US work culture) with top quality skill-sets and strong academics, my only reason to stay in the US is for a temporary basis to get an exposure of the diverse work environment here and contribute the wealth of knowledge, curiosity and intelligence I have gained over the years. Not boasting, but had to mention this as the feedback I have received from all my Managers who are Americans.

    But in all this brouhaha, People have seemed to overlook the wealth of really exceptional International Student population the US has. And many of them are unable to work/concentrate on their deliverables due to such policies not considering Value, backed by Data points. I have once been abused on a lower salary as well but I have now refrained and try to curtail this BS by taking ownership and cracking interviews directly with the Full time companies instead of with these “Professional Services” middle-men.

    Doing that I can now proudly boast of 2 offers with companies leading diverse industry sectors in the US and the World. If only the Government prioritizes H1-B petitions by the actual skill-sets and prioritize exceptional talents like us students having MS and/or PhD from Top US-World Universities (I know of some friends who had to leave US and their elite FTE jobs due to lack of getting an H1-B acceptance, I am/would be one of those too probably next year).

    My philosophy is to also have a good balance of Local and International talent on merit-basis and stop these middle-men staffing companies from artificially filling up the H1-B petition quota.

    P.S. I have also witnessed people who don’t deserve to be in these highly-skilled positions (both local American citizens as well as few folks directly from an H1-B from other countries).

    • Venktha

      When someone will say that that there’s no intent to stay as permanent in the US and it’s only for cultural and learning opportunities is all BS! The competitive and critical thinking of so some called international students graduates in the US education system that are comparing to a local or a US citizen is another BS. American are the true innovators, the outsiders are taking advantage to be part of that by claiming that there is a “shortage” of skill sets and talent – nope!

  28. H1B Guy

    2 cents from an H1B ..

    Read all comments and each one is 100% true . Replacement of job should be completely stopped whatever it takes . I have seen all this happening and feel very bad about it how the greed of these corporate giants is creating a divide and bringing bad name to Indians and changing the fiber of the country which is based on peace,humanity and love. I would blame these corporate only for incidents like Kansas shooting.

  29. H1B Guy

    2 cents from an H1B ..

    Read all comments and each one is 100% true . Replacement of job should be completely stopped whatever it takes . I have seen all this happening and feel very bad about it how the greed of these corporate giants is creating a divide and bringing bad name to Indians and changing the fiber of the country which is based on peace,humanity and love. I would blame these corporate only for incidents like Kansas shooting.

  30. Nordonia Nate

    Quite frankly, I have been in IT over 30 years and from the day companies chose to use cheap labor over domestic labor it has been spiralling down hill .. Watched data center contracts voided after 18 months because the promises made were never delivered. I watched offshore incompetence result in lost money, time and opportunity.

    Because of these greedy Silicon Valley companies… Domestic IT opportunities were damaged. When you think of the nonsense these CEO tell us about the great opportunities very talented people… How young women can earn high wages and achieve leadership goals …. BALONEY… HOGWASH… MALARKEY…

    Train the domestic talent and eliminate 90% of the over dependence on H1-b visas. The results will be far better for EVERYONE..

  31. Saurabh

    Completely agree that body shop/low salary petitions or those which replace American workers should be outright denied. Low salary petitions are being denied since last year and that is a very welcome change.
    However, that is not the concern called out in this letter. The vast majority of people on H1B, are people whose immigration petitions have been approved in EB2 but are waiting in the queue to get the green card because of the current mess in that system. They are either people who have done their Masters or higher in US or elsewhere as you need an Advanced Engineering degree plus acknowledge from Labor that the skillset is uncommon in the country to get EB2. approval. All of them have 3-digit plus salaries. The spouse work permit rule also is for spouses of people with approved immigration petition.It is shortsighted to have rules which make it difficult for them

  32. Unemployed Fred

    The article showed that the following top business leaders signed the
    letter to express their concerns.

    Chuck R, Patricia K, Ajita R, Doug P, Carlos R, Stephen S,
    Michael B, Tim C, Roger N, Eric F, Randall S, James Q, John H,
    Francisco D, Tom L, Brian M, Harold Y, Laurence F, J. Michael L,
    Rich L, Mark W, Mike G, David S, Scott F, Richard A, Deanna M,
    Arne S, William B, Ajay B, Dion W, Ginni R, Omar I, Alex G, James G,
    George O, Adena F, Jamie D, Mauricio G, Mark T, Indra N, Marc L,
    Jim K, Daniel H, LeRoy C, John S, Richard T, Douglas P, M. Troy W,
    Marc B, Peter D, Dr. James G, Tom H, Lowell McA, Maurice G, Alfred K,
    Hikmet E, Abidali N, James K, Anders G

    It is my fear that these people have forsaken God for money. Please
    pray for these people. I know two things to be true:

    1) Eternity is a very very long time and
    2) Hell is a very very nasty place

    Pray that they change their ways.

  33. I am doing bit differently these days when a recruiter contacts me for an opportunity. I first ask whether the prospective employer is considering only US Citizens/Green Card Holders or are they willing to hire H1b, EAD etc. Some recruiters will never reply me back to this question thinking that he/she is dealing with a bit smart guy. Only a handful of responses may say that their client (prospective employer) is hiring only USCs and CGs. I don’t even respond to emails or ads which shows the position is open to H1bs, EADs etc., in addition to USCs and CGs as they are not going to hire me for sure. Don’t want to waste my time. BTW, I am an USC.

  34. I’ve got 15+ years IT experience and have been ‘between contracts’ for 9 months. But “…something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. One prescient quote, from Marshal McLuhan is that “Faced with information overload, we have no alternative but pattern recognition.” I’m seeing another pattern that seems very suspicious. I’m all over Monster, DICE, Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs but 90+% of the recruiters calling and emailing me opportunities are from India. I suspect that they are simply sitting on my resume while waiting for candidates that will accept lower wages. Or worse, are they culling resumes from prospective employees and systematically misrepresenting to their superiors that there are so few qualified candidates that they MUST be able to justify their H1B visas.
    Are the many, many Indian recruitment ventures systematically supplying the leaders of Tata, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant and the other outsourcing H1B factories with false information?

  35. Its all hype about rejections. Initially USCIS sends questions and attorney’s know how to respond to get approval. It became very easy for attorneys to approve any cases H1,L1,J1,E1, F1 or any kind of immigrant visa or save illegal entries. only 5-10% visas or less may be rejecting. The non-profit organization number are growing up and their visa filings also growing, fake colleges, easy F1’s a lot need to be restructured in the system to get rid of fraud in visa system. There is no shortage of employees in any field. save current and future students of US schools and colleges.

  36. Norman Wroblewski

    Another kick in the face from the H1B and Visa program is these foreigners complain that their wives are unable to work in the US.
    Let’s take two jobs away while we are at it.
    The CEO’s complain that they cannot get enough H1B’s and Visa people from India, including allowing their wives to work here.
    It’s become all about the bottom line.
    I’ve worked for the SC. Department of Education State agency where one person was incompetent and would go off in Hindu to get help.
    He also would back out my changes behind my back.
    Both individuals are still working in the same department four years later.
    And allowed work continuously even though Federal Law states that Visa individuals must leave for two months every 18 months prior to working for the same company again.
    Everyone ignores US. Labor laws and they get away with it.

  37. Salomon Gilles

    Thank DICE for bring out this key issue. I have been denied employment in most shops where 90% of the hiring managers and interviewers are holders of H-1B visa. I was beginning to wonder how many high tech companies are there in India as compared to the United, that India will have a steady stream of these so-called sophisticated experts with the many years of experience while the United States is not producing any!

    Something is not right!

  38. Truly sad stories from American Workers here. I urge you all to call your congress members — House and Senate — and urge them to vote No on HR392. It was co-sponsored by Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS), & will open the floodgates to more visa abuse & more American job losses. There are groups you can join & organize against this atrocity. #NoHR392 Please fight with us! #StandWithAmericanWorkers

  39. Foreclosure




  40. All of these comments are so negative. I have a friend on H1B. She is a tech worker. Yes, she is from India, but she is skilled and works hard. She pays more taxes than I do and can rarely change jobs because of all the paperwork involved and needing company sponsorship. Immigration needs to be fixed so it doesn’t take her 18 years to get a green card.

    Why would you want to remove H1B and have the whole industry outsourced to another country where we would receive local no tax benefits?

    I can understand the argument of reverse discrimination, but if that is a worry, we need different laws on discrimination. We shouldn’t be forcing skilled workers, who add to the community, to leave because of racism.

    • Of course the comments are negative. When you’ve lost your job because a company is abusing the H1B program you’re entitled to be bitter. The purpose of H1B visas is to bring in skilled workers where there is a shortage. Instead, companies are using the H1B visas as a cost cutting measure which is NOT the intent of the program.
      I’m sure your friend is hard-working and skilled but that’s not the issue. The real question is was she hired because the company truly could not find a qualified USC or permanent resident or was she hired to cut costs. If the answer is the former than then that’s fine; if it’s the latter then that’s an abuse of the H1B program.

    • Jason,
      You must be young and/or a recent college graduated. I’ve been in the high tech industry for 35 years and started in Silicon Valley with a well known company. Back in the day, the majority of designers, Fab, test and validation engineers were home grown Americans. Throughout the years, I have seen a sufficient change where those engineering disciplines are mostly H-1Bs. It’s a bit shocking to see and to hear the stories from America engineers that have been affected by this huge change. It doesn’t paint a good picture for American intellectual properties with the Asian competitors are surging past or have surged past the US in the technology arena.

      In the early 80’s when America’s technology, specifically the fab processes, microprocessors/controllers and chipsets, were approaching the golden age, other countries overseas were slowly coming out of the stone age in technology. America was world class and was driving the leading edge. While working in the valley in the 80’s, there were a lot people, mainly foreigners, being apprehended for stealing IPs from the high tech companies. It was common to hear or read about this weekly.

      This lead to the point of having too many foreigner in, and controlling the engineering and management layers in the corporate space. 1) it ceates nepotism, 2) it creates a glass ceiling for local talent, 3) it poses a major issue to our leading edge and 4) it’s threat to the national security.

      I was recently told that our world class manufacturing sites can’t develop the 10nm process but Asia can. NOT GOOD!!

      I’m not a Trump fan but I commend him and his administration for the immigration policy and seeing this trend and is making attempts to close some of the loopholes and doors. To me, it’s important for the future of this country.

    • Jason – are there really NO Americans who could have been doing that same job? Her tax deductions notwithstanding – ask her how much she had to pay for her university, for example. And exactly WHY should we allow a flood of immigration? Have you considered how many people would be at the border if we allowed in as many as wanted? The US already has more than any other country – the immigration system does not need to be ‘fixed’ for the convenience of those who want to immigrate.

      • In the 1980s, businesses to train coders with quick courses flourished. I enrolled in one o those. John Hancock in Boston had a two-month COBOL course where they trained new employees, with pay, after which the newly-trained employees had IT jobs at the firm. Of course, no one needs to bother with these anymore. Opportunities for citizens are at their lowest and dropping rapidly.

        By the way, post 46 was meant as a response to Jason, but ended up in the wrong spot.

  41. Why stop at your friend and her fellow H-1B workers? Why not let any business in the US replace any citizen employee for half price, just like twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary and former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan are advocating. Just like in the EU, someone lives in Italy and decides to work in Germany, he travels to Germany on his EU passport and applies for work and gets the job. No problem. No need to be a citizen of Germany.

    No need to be a citizen of the US anymore if we have it your way, right twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary?

    I’ll tell you why this would not work out well at all. It is because we would end up with 150 million unemployed Americans, and the hit to the government for vastly increased welfare, food stamps, earlier retirement benefits, and increased crime would be a disaster.

    How close to that are we now, with IT and trade workers and more replaced by illegals? I say ‘illegals’ because it has always been illegal to hire an H-1B if there are qualified citizens available. Again, it is illegal to hire an H-1B if there are qualified citizens available.

    How close? 10 percent there? 20 percent there? No one knows.

    Outsourced to another country? No, that has not worked well in the past and never will work well.

  42. Agree with all commentators here who have witnessed rampant abuse of the H1B visa system. American corporations sitting on *historic, unprecedented* levels of cash, revenue and market valuation continue to enrich the coffers of corporate profits at the cost of American jobs. Apple and now Amazon are valued at a mind boggling 1 trillion $ each, yet they continue to sacrifice good solid American s/w engineering and coding processes and practices in favor of hiring cheap coders – some of which appear to have learned to code from a “Coding for Dummies” book, going by the quality of their work – I speak from experience in my job at a high tech company on the West Coast. In my experience as a Scrum Master and Systems Analyst, perhaps 1 out of 20 such H1B employees is truly excellent – as in, comparable to their American counterparts by being equipped to provide a robust end to end technical solution as opposed to churning out code, and that too done mostly shabbily. From personal experience again, an HCL developer wrote buggy code by using a bad loop in the code that ended up bringing down the system for multiple days, and business users had to scramble to avoid a revenue loss to the company. Unfortunately increasingly in my department/company, key applications and components are being turned over to these coders for hire who have neither the skills, ability or long term stake in producing high quality, extensible solutions.
    I fervently hope that American politicians (Republican and Democrat) realize that STEM and IT jobs are the ‘blue collar’ jobs of the present and future, in that they pay a decent living wage and provide the American middle class with a path to upward socioeconomic mobility. I wish the
    idiot in the White House would focus on bringing back STEM and IT jobs, instead of focusing on coal mining as a means of job creation which is truly a thing of the past. With the coming AI revolution, the need for specialized technical skills will only increase. Those coal miners and even factory workers ought to be retrained to take up IT jobs. American companies should hire American workers, regardless of color, race or gender. And it is false and misleading to state that not enough Americans are available to fill STEM/IT jobs – again in my professional experience, I have just recently seen prominent Silicon Valley companies hire a Project Manager and a UI/UX expert on H1B – are you really going to tell me there are not enough American project managers and UX experts?
    For the record, I am a woman of color working in IT and an American citizen. I am not racist or anti immigrant (I am married to one).

  43. The US immigration policies has to be diverse NOT by two largest population on earth, India and China. It has to be spread according to the country of origin to a certain specialty of skills. Indian nationals are heavily lobbying to change the rule in congress about the the visa cap per country which only for their own advantage. We don’t support that.

  44. I say, the best thing to do is abolish H1, or any kind of temporary work visa BAN ALL VISAS. Only one thing Green card and then citizen ship, it would save everybody’s time, money and hopes of both US and non-US folks. If US wants to hire alien, they will do a rigorous vetting of application form once for all and if approved directly give green card. If no Green cards available for current fiscal year then apply next year, and stay in the queue, meanwhile US employers have to hire local people only. Whenever the alien applicants queue number gets current he has to prove that he has a Job offer and he satisfies the Job and qualification, along with USCIS regular rigorous vetting process for approval once approved GC will be awarded. This way every one will be happy. No more cry over H1 extensions, H4 EAD revokes, or stranded decades for GC. Alien will stay in their country and will do Job locally without getting frustrated over anything, On top of that we Americans would have 100% employment. Everyone will be happy.