H-1B Visa Petitions, Approvals Rising Despite Trump Policy Tweaks

The number of H-1B petitions filed in fiscal year 2017 exceeded that of previous years, despite rumblings from the Trump administration about curtailing the visa program. The number of petitions approved also hit a four-year high.

In fiscal 2017, employers filed some 403,675 petitions for H-1B visas, and 365,682 were approved, according to a recently released report (PDF) by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The vast majority of these petitions were filed by companies with 26 or more employees; over 67,000 were employers filing a second (or subsequent) extension of stay for an “H-1B nonimmigrant.” Compare that to fiscal 2014, when the number of petitions stood at 318,824 (with 315,857 approvals).

Some critics of the H-1B program assumed that President Trump would take quick action to curtail the visas once he entered office. “[H-1Bs] should be given to the most skilled and highest paid applicants, and they should never be used to replace Americans,” Trump told an audience in Kenosha, Wisconsin in early 2017, right before signing an executive order that directed the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Labor, and State to review current H-1B policy.

Although the administration hasn’t undertaken sweeping reforms, it has made some minor policy adjustments that, cumulatively, have made it somewhat harder for immigrants to obtain visas. For example, USCIS now requires that H-1B applicants prove they are filling specialty roles; there’s also additional scrutiny around visa renewals. The White House is actively working to prevent the spouses of H-1B visa holders from obtaining the H-4 visas that would allow them to work in the United States, a move that has provoked a public response from six members of Congress.

But such moves aren’t enough for some critics, who believe the system needs to undergo radical adjustment. The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently filed a lawsuit against USCIS, asking for data on the top 20 employers (and top 100 nonprofits) using H-1B visas, including salaries, visa approval rates, and more.

“While H-1B employers are required to pay foreign workers at market value, the fact is that flooding the labor market serves to drive down wages and limit opportunities for American workers,” Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI, wrote in a statement accompanying that lawsuit’s unveiling.

Now that the Trump administration’s smaller reforms have taken effect, it will be interesting to see if H-1B petitions (and approvals) plateau or even decline in 2018—or if the numbers continue to rise. Business owners will continue to push for the visas. “The restrictions on H1-B visas hurt the economy, my business and other businesses,” Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft and a 27-year veteran of software industry, wrote in a statement sent to Dice. “Why wouldn’t we allow the brightest and best into the U.S. to work for U.S. companies? With the prospect of these employees becoming U.S. citizens and contributing to society, we should embrace them and not restrict their access to the country.”

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  1. But most of these h1b holders will never become citizens. They will just bring more people to drive down the economy. The CEO just wants labor he has more control over.

    • Colin

      When skills are scarce, jobs go where the skills are – it is that simple.

      This is not theoretical – huge companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM and Apple have already opened campuses employing thousands of workers in India, Russia and Canada. You say that I “want more labor to have control over” – well, yes I want to grow the company, but I want to grow it using US workers. I want those jobs and the tax revenue to remain in the US.

      Incidentally, less than 20% of our staff are immigrants and I earn less than twice as much as our average employee. Of course Silicon Valley wages are so high that this is still a pretty good salary.

  2. Too many India workers

    I watched for more then 15 years as i see the bank i work for increasing the India population and the more they come in the more they bring with them. I am an american tech worker who now reports to an India manager and our group is now being replaced by you guessed it India workers if this continues there will be no american workers and soon those temporary workers will return home then these companies will really have a dilema

    • I’ve been in IT professional for 22 years now and I saw the trend really increase in the early 2000’s. Now, the market is saturated with H1B workers that clog the interviewing process and, even, worse act as recruiters who constantly call with positions that ware poorly suited for the individual they are contacting. It has put a strain on the American workforce.

      • Jhony

        You guys are dumbo. Just remember if H1-B get killed. American industries get killed. Go look around every where in all industries in usa the back bone of American success lies h1-b visa true intelligence, smartness and R&D all comes from these h1-b workers not from Americans much. You guys grow up with silver spoon in your mouth watching American idols don’t want to work hard. Because of these multicultural people brain 🧠 america is successful

          • krish

            Gabriel : if we were mess, why would we have bagged jobs in your country ?? We are here to clean mess and improve your economy.. don’t forget that… We pay tons and tons and tons of millions of $$$$ to your economy boost.. respect that.. we work hard.. really really hard.. if at all you wanna fight about this, come.. lets do it..

          • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

            So where do those $$$$$$ come from? The last time I checked the India currency was not the $$$$$.

            By the way, it is easy to invite me to a fight with providing your address.

        • Don’t be ignorant. North America needs of everything and everyone to survive !!! They even need of illigal immigrants to work hard and pay tax !!! With out everyone and everything a country is nothing but an empty town. Think about everything !!

        • If Indians or other foreign guest visa workers are such smart techies and gods of the universe then why don’t they go to their own country and create their own versions of Microsoft or DELL or Intel to compete on the world market instead of coming here and displacing American workers who are every bit as skilled and more so than the foreign guest visa workers?

  3. American Joe

    It is a Fact: Today, most if not All mid-to-large American corporations have IT departments that are overrun -usually from from the top down- by personal from India. Unfortunately since they highly favor their own; the American worker (which is there only to satisfy the govt. requirements) is at an extreme disadvantage with respect to advancements, opportunities, and is usually the first one to be let go.

    Rather then promote the training of Americans to satisfy these Hundreds of Thousands of positions, corporations along with the American govt. choose to allow this to abuse to continue.

  4. Francesco

    As an European willing to migrate in US on top IT skills (currently working in an American company in Switzerland) i am not seeking any H1B where i am fundamentally in employeer hands with a lower salary . I would like to get a green card based on my skills and career records. My intention is not based on salary and such (here my salary is higher and taxes lower) but on my will to live there
    To be honest Is quite humiliating and stupid to bet with the lottery and the green card should be based on the people prospect to improve American economy and competitivity
    The same for H1b , it should simply not be allowed to give H1bers lower salaries then americans and this should avoid the companies to push for H1b if not for skilled workers shortages

    • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

      This is exactly what the problem is. Those H-1B should be getting paid market wages and they don’t. Companies have simply used this program to flood the market and lower salaries. Also, The program is supposed to bring the brightest and best. If their spouses are also brightest and best, they they should also be under the H-1B program and not the H-4. Waltmart does not need this kind of workers to be stacking products.

  5. Robert Broderick

    Mr. Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft is not even close. All the software houses, including the BIG one I work for ship their software requirements offshore where the pay is much less. They do not need the visas. 10 years ago, my company employed 360,000 employees. Today that is 440,000 with a 27% reduction in US employees. Tell me what is wrong here?

    • Colin

      I totally agree! In fact that is exactly my point – they are shipping the jobs overseas and this is much, much worse than importing talented workers from abroad.

      I would add that while importing labor is better than exporting jobs, it is not the right long term solution. That would be to invest in American education so that we do not need to import labor to address the skill shortage and this should paid for by increasing taxes on the top 1%.

  6. My company has a huge office in India and every time we are on a call, they have more people there. And, now, they are adding Indians to each of our products. They say it’s to help us out but it’s really to learn the product so they can take it over. They even complained on Glassdoor that the company wasn’t paying them enough! It’s really nonsense because there are so many qualified American workers but companies do not want to pay our salaries and benefits. I never expected Trump to do anything because he is full of himself and will say anything to get elected and it worked.

    • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

      Hey JR, I am sorry to hear that. That is actually the strategy. They are planning on moving the operation to India and this is how they ask you to provide the training for them. This is one of the reason why I just don’t train anyone. Especially if it is for free. What I have in my brain belongs exclusively to me and nobody can require me to share it. My suggestion, start updating your resume and looking before they give you the boot.

      • David

        Since a president can not legally make a law, there still may be a light out there. We just need to go back to when Clinton signed this into law and see who the author was.
        There are a few other directions I am working on right now. I am not an attorney just federally cited paralegal. There may be Larceny by trick? There may be Treasonous acts? the Government is persecuting American’s but not illegals which is prejudice at the least. So the work visa may weak legs if we can just find them. Since the Attorney General won’t file on the stuff I’ll need to file a 1983 action if I can nail down damages. Again not an Attorney so the damages have to be personal.

    • Ron S

      I agree with you guys! But it’s not going to change no matter how much we complain and all of our complaints, regardless of how justified we are, have been, and will continue, to fall on deaf ears. Their business lobbies and immigration law lobbies have it all sewn up, lock, stock and barrel!!

      Case closed. End of story.

  7. Dreamer the disabled vet

    trump is a business man so he’s looking out for his friends. These jobs should go to Americans first. Plain and simple. If these ceos doe t like it they should take themselves and their companies to a 3rd world dump. I don’t buy this bull crap that we lack tech workers in the US. Bull!!!! Trump is all talk and a liar

  8. Robert Waldron

    To all that care, please stop this! I understand everyone has the right to work. We as U.S. citizens be it from birth or earning it through the proper studying should come first. Corporations such as IBM,AT&T and all the other AMERICAN companies are forgetting that if not for US they would probably have not been as successful. I’m going on 62 so maybe I’m at the end of my working years but what about our children! Stop allowing desperate people from outside of our shores to continue ravaging our job market. They will work for almost free and almost always do not own anything. Corporations of America you are screwing yourselfs to save s penny today but in the long run we will not be able to afford the $1000.00 phone and the rest of the junk you selling. These people will return back to India and never really care about us. Please help

    • H1B is only a part of the problem. I am from India and I just graduated with an MBA and a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Arizona in Tucson (ranked 3 in the US for Management Information Systems). I had to go through more than 1000 job applications before I got a job. The companies are blindly outsourcing the jobs to consultants, who in turn bring on unqualified people on board. Also, there are tons of Universities in the US that’s taking on international students without the need for a competitive exams. Northwestern Polytechnic University, for example, does not require its Masters candidates to take the GRE. Lazy people predominantly from India flock to these schools, graduate with a so-so degree and drag well qualified workers down while saturating the job market. Oh, and I care more about USA than I do about India fyi. I don’t speak for the majority but I left my country because I was not valued and opportunities were taken away from me.

          • Cheryl

            tsnh: oh yes he is ….

            he is supposed to be “special” with these degrees and we are expected to feel guilty because he is “discriminated” against in India and let him into the country so that he can TAKE AMERICAN JOBS

            I am tired of the bull

          • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco


            I know this is a very touchy issue and some of us have a little of a sour taste, but I would like to kindly request that we tune down the language a little. Would everyone be OK with that?

      • Hillary

        I have worked (HR Legal) with immigration attorneys for years when at companies that hired H1-b visa holders. Only saw three with a so-called “advanced degree” (MS) out of 500. We do not have enough room for all the foreign tech workers in the SV. American citizens are entitled to the jobs over foreign workers who need to go home and improve their own countries. While I do not like Trump, he is correct about limiting the H1-b visa holders and touting “America First.” And why not? This is our country.

        • Ron S

          Trump is turning a deaf ear to Americans even tech industry especially IT.

          He made lots of promises but the CEOs already gave him an education on H1b and L1 visas. They already got to him.

          Nothing will change. If anything, the numbers will increase!!

  9. The truth of the matter is that there is a shortage of skilled workers. In my current company, we have several unfilled tech positions not because we don’t want to employ Americans, but because we can’t find sufficiently qualified people. Same was true at my previous company. My current position was unfilled for close to 1 year before I was hired.

    Hiring people on H1Bs is actually a hassle many employers would rather avoid. These articles are filled with comments about foreigners replacing American tech workers, but any decently skilled American can easily find employment far more easily than say a foreigner seeking an H1B.

    • Francesco

      fundamentally agree with you .. however being a skilled experienced IT worker wishing to come in America to work and live an H1B is not an option i would like to pursue and would greatly prefer a permanent move and not being enslaved by a single (:)) employer or such.Obviously from the gov point of view it should be taken cautiously (would say a Green permit can be revoked etc and the permit should be given to someone that effectively can help).
      However US is loosing positions because of this shortage and is a shame (low skilled Indians to replace Americans is a very bad move)

      • I think this whole notion of replacing Americans with low-skilled Indians is a myth. Most Americans perceive sharing knowledge about their tech to new employees as akin to “traning” them. That is not true. Every new employee into any tech job needs a debrief of operations, network topology and the like. Some people perceive this as training the new employee, especially if said new employee is an H1B person, but it is not. Do you really think companies are willing to accept sub-bar employees to save a few dollars? That is nonsensical. Every employer wants the best employees because in the long term, it pays.

        • Francesco

          To be honest my experience is totally different and i do not think in America is anything except identical.
          A big telco company outsourced many services to India with ilarious results loss of revenues multiple service disruptions.The savings were not for a few dollars but near hundred million of euros.We instructed low skilled indian workers and few months after completing the outsourcing the telco company reverted it since it was loosing more than saving.
          This is about executives and bonuses with a short sight policy and crowds of nearly slaves in underdeveloped countries.If as a nation you want to remain on the edge you should not do this

          • I think you are confusing outsourcing with hiring H1Bs. Outsourced jobs are done by people in India, who may or may not be very skilled. H1Bs, on the other hand, are supposed to be more skilled than average. It’s for skilled workers. Most of the H1B applicants are foreign students who have just completed advanced degrees in American Universities. There may be a few H1Bs who are not very skilled, but most of the H1Bs I know are well worth their visa.

          • Dou Cheb Ag

            Confused much. H1B =/= outsourcing. Your inability to grasp such a basic concept shows your lack of logical thinking. And “your experience” is a sample set of 1.

          • Francesco

            no sir your inability shines and looks not so intelligent however this is just my opinion with no interest at all . i suspect you have interests and your comment is based upon it .. sorry for you we are not discussing anything except our opinion

            beside that i suggest you offend someone else .. thanks

          • Francesco

            btw my experience is not a sample set of one (eg it was an example i am reasonably sure you can understand it) .. just you can do such assumptions .. quite dumb .. sorry

        • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

          You train of though it idealistic. I really wish it was like that. But it simply is NOT. Companies are run by executives and executives want their bonuses no matter what. A good portion of them only focus on lowering costs. A good example of this is WellsFargo Bank. How many illegal things they have done to inflate their books and get the bonuses. How many companies have sent their work to India la later have to bring it back to the U.S. because of the low technical skills and the poor ethics. Another example is CapitalOne which did just that.

    • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

      If this is the case, then why did they take so long in hiring you? This is not hate against H-1B. It is the fact:
      1.- Tech industry obeys the laws of supply and demand. The more the demand, the higher the salaries. The higher the supply, the lower the salaries.
      2.- U.S. IT workers salaries has been in a constant dive since year 2000
      3.- Most companies where the IT manager is from India, prefer to hire people from India.
      4.- If U.S. people don’t have the skills, they why not get them trained? After all, we have the best universities in the world?

      These are just the facts.

      • Uhmmm, they took so long because they couldn’t find a qualified person? As I said, we currently have several unfilled IT positions, and have interviewed several American and foreign workers, but have not found suitable candidates. This is true with many companies in the US. In my last two jobs, there were massive cash bonuses for employees to refer their colleagues to apply for open positions. These jobs were not limited to H1Bs. On the contrary, employers would prefer to hire Americans and skip the long process of applying for H1B visas.

        You say America has the best universities in the world, but have you studied the proportion of Americans doing advanced degrees in these universities? In many universities there are more foreigners doing advanced degrees than Americans, so it would stand to reason that companies would tend to hire such graduates.

        I can’t comment on the salary trend as I have no insight into it, but I suspect it has more to it than H1Bs.

  10. Selling out America

    The average Indian IT worker makes approximately 20% of the average American IT worker. That’s why many American companies are sending their IT departments down this path… the almighty dollar (and greed) simply win out over the American worker. Big corporations don’t really care what this is doing to America. Only max profit and shareholder earnings count…

      • JD Mirwani

        The comment is more general knowledge and not too far out there to require a confirming source. I mange programs, size projects, and create business case. Indian resource at 1/5 an USA worker is pretty accurate in my experience. Worse elsewhere. China 1/10, Vietnam would probably be 1/20. That is why banks and tech firms salivate over TPP

        • This article is about H1Bs. Unless you’re saying H1B holders earn 20% of the wages of the American IT worker (which would be false), I don’t see the point you’re making. Many people are confusing outsourcing with hiring H1Bs. Currently, employers are supposed to pay H1B employees a minimum of 60K a year, and I’m sure the average wage of H1B holders is higher than this. Most H1B holders have an advanced degree and are definitely qualified for their roles.

          • Francesco

            Not true the story is about replacing people with H1b workers employed in outsource companies or to replace perm inside companies,These H1b workers are hurting americans and companies level of service .. If sometime they are skilled usually they are less and they are underpayed and lower american employees wages
            is so simple i can’t understand where your opinions are coming from

          • JD Mirwani

            So what if people tend to blend outsourcing and H1B. The figures were more for offshore resource. The issue is that American workers are being displaced as a result over abuse of the practice in order to suppress wages.. No doubt H1B are mostly qualified, but not to the extent that no equally qualified american worker can fill the position in violation of spirit of original law to augment missing skills. The 60K limit was added later by lobbyists so corporations would not have to justify displacing American worker. While there may be an unlimited demand for exceptional developers or engineers wherever they were born, the idea that a skills gap for every technology position is largely a myth used to perpetuate the deception.

          • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

            This is part of the problem. They are required to pay a minimum of $60K per year. Most IT worker with 5+ years of experience would make $60/hr. Also, most companies hiring H-1B’s take that minimum and the de facto salary and dont’ pay much more than that. After they get their H-1B visas then they apply for the H-4 visas for their spouses, because they realize supporting a family with $60K per year is not so easy. Most of the time, their spouses don’t have the skill necessary to get an H-1B visas and end up working and Walmart or in a Consulting company such as Infosys or IDC as recruiters. Now you tell me, aren’t these american jobs? Do any of these positions require specialty skill? or is it that in India people go to school to learn how to stock the shelves at Walmart?

    • Dou Cheb Ag

      Spoken like a person without any knowledge about H1B. Are you even in tech bro? Your terrible and broken English makes you sound more like a Russian bot.

    • david

      Absolutely!! Send them packing! AND since it is illegal to profit through fraud or through criminal activity in America, confiscate everything from illegal immigrants as the ill-gotten gain that it truly is and report them. The rest will have a fire-sale to keep as much as they can before they flee America.
      Spend the funding on American’s and stop the prejudicial dogmaof teaching “English as a second language” cut all grants and educational funding fornin Americans to attend American schools of ever kind until every America has had an opportunity to gain a college degree. Philippines have made college a free feature and they are 3rd world, but actually surpass America in Morality and compassion.

      • Cheryl

        the American economy was fine before -1B, opt, L-1 and will be fine afterwards

        India however has had 4,000 years to get it’s act together and is the biggest polluter on the planet among numerous other issues

        please leave and fix your own country – we certainly don’t need input from a failed state

          • Cheryl

            Dou Cheb – how dare you address a female in America like that

            go home to India where woman cannot even walk down the street safely due to harassers like you

          • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

            This is exactly why we need to get this stopped. For them, the U.S. is now just a colony. Once they get enough people here, they will try to impose their customs and habits and take the U.S.A. we know today, to the way their country is run. We already see signs of these when we see Managers from abroad hiring only candidates from their countries of origin.

        • J Spears

          Cheryl: If the earth manages to survive another 4000 years (based on your claim of Indian existence so far), what makes you think the US will not be in the same situation as some of the countries that have been around for a long time? Also, if you don’t already know, the US is still the second largest polluter in the world after China (which only recently claimed the spot from the US after their economy started growing). India by comparison is at 4th place (recent addition to this spot due to a growing economy) and has a per capita pollution level of 1/10 that of the US. So, you alone are polluting the environment by an equivalent of 9 people in India. So, not too bad for 4000 years, I would say. Given that the US has only been around for 250 years, you have managed to pollute the environment enough to get us to a dire situation where the mere existence of humans and the planet itself is in jeopardy. Give yourself a pat on the back for the astounding feat. Look at yourself in the mirror and most importantly be aware of the actual facts before you start talking.

          • Cheryl

            J Spears – I am sorry that your nationalist self loathing and fatalism cause you to give up on your country

            For those of us who still care about America below are California Reps who need to be VOTED OUT of office for sponsoring H-4 visas

            Anna Eshoo
            Doris Matsui
            Jimmy Panetta
            Barbara Lee
            Julia Brownley
            Ro Khanna
            Zoe Lofgren
            Alan Lowenthal
            J. Luis Correa
            Linda Sanchez
            Jerry McNerny
            Mark DeSaulnier

          • Cheryl

            J Spears : it is sad that your self loathing and pessimism cause you to give up on America

            for the rest of us who believe in America below is a list of California reps who are in favor of H-4 that need to be voted out of office

            Anna Eshoo
            Doris Matsui
            Jimmy Pannetta
            Zoe Lofgren
            Ro Khanna
            Mark De Saulnier
            Barbara Lee
            Alan Lowenthal
            Julia Brownley
            Jerry McNerney
            J. Luis Correa
            Linda Sanchez

          • david

            Thanks. I’ll make sure to share the names. We need to vote out any politician who is selling out America. The sh-t was supose-to stop via Trump, but that conflicts with his business and profits. How many times has Trump filed for Bankruptcy now?

      • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

        Absolutely YES. It can put close to 2 millions of jobs back into the Job market, Salaries would increase and training would be provided to those who don’t have it. This is how things were before 2000. IT worker earned sufficient salary to support their families and pay for their kids college. They used to travel a lot, which improved sales of airline tickets, hotels, car rental, etc. This, at the same time, improved the jobs of those in those industries. Since 2000, congress has been fighting to continually increase the number of H-1B and look what has happened to the industries related. I remember prior to 2000 Delta used to have 14 flights from Atlanta to Jacksonville. Now the number of flights on the same route is close to 1/3.

        In short your answer is an unequivocally and absolute YES.

  11. H-1B is a cost cutting move. Been working at intel for over 21 years. In 2016 intel did a huge layoff. Now I constantly get head hunters calling me. To come back and work for intel as a contract worker for about 2/3 of my original pay with no benefits on a 12 month contract. It is all about saving money. Looking for a full time job now. You hear the term say you are overqualified – That is code word for too old. Or we do not feel you will be a good fit. I’m sure that is code word for too male and too white.

    • David

      Wow! Isn’t the standard amend all evils: using the race term, the sky is falling too.

      Clinton sold out Americans in his goal for one world power. Now we have Communist active in our nation calling our racist. And who does America have the greatest debt with? Communist China. Which is okay because the debts will never be paid. And since the greatest majority of electronic devices are manufactured in Asian countries under China’s guidance, they don’t need to hacki to any system. They build in a back door and have programmers here to facilitate the scam.
      Not Uneducated. I know of what I speak. I worked for DOD and we had to update programming language’s about …every now and then.
      As for the reduction in wages. Clinton started it then Obama f—ed America bringing in “refuses” who couldn’t find work in their country. They came here and work for pennies which brings the living wage down. In 2015 an illegal Mexican immigrants was interviewed in LasVegas saying he was headed back to Mexico where he could earn more money.

  12. Dou Cheb Ag

    So many ill informed, under educated racists on this forum. Filing an H1B costs money, takes time and has a 1 in 3 or 4 probability. Large companies thirsting for talent are willing to take that risk. H1B direct hires at Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM etc, are paid equal or more than their american counterparts because they have the required skills. Look it up morons, LCA documents are public and have salary information. Stop peddling your idiotic bullshit.

    • Amazing, isn’t it? Some of these comments are unbelievable. Companies don’t go out of their way to hire foreigners over Americans. They hire H1Bs out of need.

      • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

        If this is the case, then why are the IT worker salaries lower and lower everyday? I am sorry to say, my friend, you are wrong. Companies try to flood the market to have this effect and they are getting away with it.

    • Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

      It is hard to say that we are ill informed when so many of us have seen our positions being given and H-1B’s that we have to train ourselves. I am one of these people who have had to train new workers from India and don’t have any idea what is going on and takes so much effort to get them to understand. This happened to me at CitiCorp, Department of Labor and Industry, and, more recently at Fiserv. Every time our supervisors come up with the idea that we have to cross-train everyone, but you are the only one training others you have to brace yourself.

    • Michael

      A dead give away that someone is making a straw man argument is when the person resorts to name calling and attacks.

      Lets see. “ill informed, under educated racists”, “morons”, “idiotic bullshit”. Lots of name calling and ZERO facts. That’s the exact kind of argument a “moron” makes peddling his “idiotic bullshit”.

      Companies do NOT hire H1-B people due to shortage of applicants. They do it as they don’t want to pay market price. The H1-B visa is a trap as the worker is beholden to the company and companies regularly demand that these workers work long hours and evenings and weekends. The worker has no choice as leaving the job means leaving the country. The older IT workers who are permanent residents take the hit. They won’t be hired as they can’t be made to work like slaves to the IT companies.

      Equal pay? The outsourcing companies that bring IT workers here on H1-B visas may charge the corporations high prices but they do NOT pass it on to the workers. Typical IT developer from India is paid between $50-$75 an hour in the bay area. A typical developer’s total compensation would easily exceed $100 an hour (counting salary, benefits, stocks and bonuses).

      The H1-B system was set up with a good intent of bringing highly qualified foreign workers. Its been exploited by the US and the outsourcing companies. It needs to be fixed.

    • Jackie Boy

      And how many H1-B workers accepted into this country are over the age of 40? Just another racket, replacing older, experienced American workers with youngsters from the third world. BTW, that white rolled up paper — for those who have never seen it — it is used to wipe your brown a$$.

    • David

      Bull shit! this was instigated by Clinton to lower the wages in America and remove borders. to sell out Americans! hell, his wife murdered the Americans even though she wasn’t convicted.

    • David

      Really?!? Wow did you buy the ocean front property in AZ? The US population grew from 309.3 in 2010 to 325.7 in 2017. Wanna bet the largest portion were not Americans having children. Americans have slowed way down on babies because of careers and personal life choices. So that’s close to 25 million new people and most likely 20/million are looking for jobs or have American jobs but they aren’t Americans (I am speculating in the work Numbers)

  13. wyattb

    Basically the chart shows 366,000 American jobs lost to mostly Indian H1-B workers. I have been laid of from the multinational bank I worked for a couple of months ago, even with excellent reviews. Actually they laid off a lot of older workers in the name of downsizing. I am highly qualified, keeping up to date, but an older programmer, I have hard time getting interviews now. Not even for lower salary. I am overqualified (read too old).

    The bank I worked for hires thousands of H1-Bs. They have campuses for them. It’s not their fault. Whose fault is it? The politicians and multi nationals who invite them.

    It’s not just Trump who lies. Its all politicians who have been scamming American workers for lobby money from the likes of Tata Consulting and other ‘consulting companies.

    I would advise American workers to stay away from IT jobs altogether. You will be kicked out in favor of H1-Bs because they work for much less, and because politicians get paid lobby money.

  14. Gabriel Lobo-Blanco

    I agree that the number of people going to graduate school who are USC is lower, but this is exactly the same issue. They don’t go to graduate school because is so expensive and the salaries are now so low. It is very difficult to justify. However, I don’t think the degree is the issue here. I have a Master Degree in Computer Science and I find very difficult to get a job that pays me my standard salary. I am current in technologies such as Oracle and Sybase, MongoDB and MySQL. I am very competent in Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and Windows Servers. I am also very experienced in SAN, NAS, and Cloud technologies. When I let employers know my salary requirements, they shy away about 90% of the time. The other 10% is what forces me to do contract work as they know they need a person with my skills but are not willing to hire me. By the way. I have the following certifications: OCP, Solaris, MSCE, AWS Developer Associate.

  15. NJDude

    I am in IT industry for 20 years now and see the degradation in quality with the inundated h1bs. I had been let go off more than a couple of times with me forced to train h1bs and then let go off. IT managers are mostly Indians who favor their ilk and demographics. These Indians hate others and worse they vilify even American Indians.
    I have seen this first hand in BNY Mellon and is the same all around Wall Street IT depts. IT Managers are Indians mostly and off late out sourcing companies like cognizant and tcs push their candidates to these positions for full time roles. Once hired full time with the bank these guys are loyal to the outsourcing companies and not the bank. Once a position open up in the team, they don’t publisH it open but the Indian manager calls the consulting firm for placement. A candidate will be prepped with his resume matching requirements. If the position is in open market then non Indians are filtered out or given tough interviews. If a non Indian aces all these and joins the team it is office politics to encounter and will be the first to let go off. It is no longer worth to work in IT witH them. Indians do challenge me wrong. It is BS to say theRe is no skilled labor in US.
    I am currently working with 30% less salary sfter being laid off. My indian manager whose roots were in cognizant and became full time witj bank wanted to cross train and it was only I who did it and not vice versa. I was replaced with a half skilled Indian.
    All Eoe laws are a joke.

    • Cheryl

      I have empathy for H-1, L-1, OPT, etc – the majority of the world lives on less than $2 / day however …..

      When colleagues are forced to train and then laid off and become suicidal that is enough – I have seen this too often

      It is best if these folks return home and improve their own countries – China is a shining beacon on how this can be accomplished

  16. OSCAR

    As I have stated before on this subject – it is not just IT but also Engineering positions. I worked for one of the biggest names in the world and they sponsored engineers that only covered for each other because they did not have the education or experience to be in their positions. Not one met the equivalence of education. From the Engineering Manager to both Engineering Team Leaders under him, all had only high school educations and were all making deep six figures with very limited technical or other skills needed for their positions. The part that is the biggest shame to American Engineers and higher educational institutes is that their written reasons states that “no one on these shores can perform these task.” Virginia Tech, Old Dominion, Florida Tech, MIT, Rochester Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, Cal Tech,……come on. I worked with these Engineers for 5 years and it was brutal because they were well paid and well covered for and didn’t value learning. They are pompous believing everyone else needed education but them all while they totally guessed in meetings and argued their responsibilities in this air as I didn’t see a completed project by ANY of them in five years. NOT ONE.